S02E08-Adam the dirt

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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Ryan Gaul
First Appearance: "Color Wars"
Family: Amy (ex-wife), Emma (daughter), Parker (son), Ron and Connie Sosa (ex in-laws)
Episode Count: 10


When we first got together, it was so cute, the way she'd sleep. Just like my little naked bean.
— Adam describing Amy to the staff, "Seasonal Help".

S02E08-Adam tan vest
Adam Dubanowski portrayed by Ryan Gaul.
Adam Dubanowski is the ex-husband of Amy and father of Emma & Parker. He was a wrestler and a football player in high school where he met Amy. At 19, Amy got pregnant and they were married. He is handsome but isn't very focused, responsible or realistic. He is portrayed by actor Ryan Gaul.


Unfocused and irresponsible, Adam is constantly jumping between different business ideas and ventures, all of which have failed due to his total lack of foresight. Despite this, his lack of self-awareness and unrealistic expectations causes him to commit the same mistakes over and over again, causing stress for Amy. Adam could be quite inconsiderate to Amy, at one point abruptly canceling his plans with Emma so he could pursue an entrepreneur conference, thus depriving Amy of her much needed free weekend. Despite his shortcomings, Adam does genuinely care for Amy and their daughter, and later their son and showed no signs of malice or ill-will towards Amy after the divorce.

Character History

Season One

Jonah gets into the spirit of the store's "color wars" sales competition. He finds Adam looking at grills and doesn't know he is Amy's husband. Adam has a YouTube channel focused on BBQ grilling videos done in real time. Jonah convinces him to spend $2000 on an expensive grill and video recorder even though he can't afford it. At the check out line, Jonah finds out who Adam is and tries to talk him out of his purchases. He can't so Jonah offers to buy everything for him as long as they becomes partners in his BBQ video endeavour. Amy happens upon them and argues with Adam about the purchases. Adam has tried and failed at many businesses including a kick boxing gym, a Reggaeton album and home brewed beer. ("Color Wars")

S01E07-Adam grill video
A lot of dead air on this video Adam.

Season Two

Adam is next heard calling Amy to tell her he can't take Emma on a camping trip weekend as a friend has tickets to an entrepreneur conference. Amy is very disappointed as she was going to spend the weekend alone watching videos. ("Guns, Pills, and Birds") On a dare, as Jonah walks towards Amy wearing only an apron, he then sees that Adam is beside her. He's there to drive Amy home and it's a bit awkward. After Jonah leaves, Amy explains that Jonah is weird and Adam says she should set him up with her brother. ("Spokesman Scandal")

S02E04-Adam checks out Jonah
Adam checks out Jonah.
In November 2016, Marcus visits the store to pick up Amy and runs into Jonah. Learning that Adam's BBQ video business has failed, Jonah says he should become a seasonal worker at the store much to Amy's chagrin. Adam is hired and reveals embarrassing personal details about Amy to all staff. He then won't follow Amy's directions at work. After Amy talks to Glenn about Adam, Glenn says he's surprised she wanted him to work with her given the state of their marriage. Amy then over compensates to show their marriage is OK with public displays of affection and luring him into the Photo Lab for sex. Adam sees a large format printer in the lab which Amy said the store didn't have. This angers him as he blames the lack of a banner as the reason why his travel agency failed but, sex makes him forget this. Later, Amy asks him if their marriage is OK and he cites the lab sex as proof that it is. Amy doesn't look reassured. ("Seasonal Help")

IMG 1904
Who do I call for help with this?

S02E08-Adam and Amy in photo lab
I remember this place.

Amy has a pregnancy scare (from their sex in the photo lab) and calls Adam to tell him. Later, she calls him that she isn't pregnant. ("Black Friday") Amy is on the phone with Adam complaining that he was supposed to cancel dinner with his parents and that she can't keep doing everything for him. Later, she talks with Glenn about Adam and admits that neither of them are happy and he is sleeping in the basement. ("Lost and Found") Glenn tells the staff that Amy and Adam are in marriage counselling. ("Ladies' Lunch") When Amy and Jonah return to the store after helping her parents move, she ignores an incoming call from Adam. ("Integrity Award") Adam has a very uncomfortable time at Cheyenne's wedding and he and Amy admit they probably wouldn't have married if Amy hadn't been pregnant. He leaves the wedding alone. ("Cheyenne's Wedding") After a tornado strikes the store, Adam and Emma meet Amy at the store and they are all relieved to see each other safe. ("Tornado")

Adam and Amy at Cheyenne's wedding.

Season Three

Amy tells Jonah that she and Adam are getting a divorce. ("Grand Re-Opening") In the Storm Shelter, Amy tells Dina that she's scared now that Adam is gone. ("Brett Is Dead") In order to prove to the staff that she was crazy in high school, Amy calls Adam so he can confirm she stole a car in grade 10. She discovers that he is at Bridgett's house with Bridgett, one of Emma's friends mom. Jealous, Amy goes to Bridgett's with Cheyenne and Dina but she realizes she's stalking him. Adam and Bridgett catch the ladies outside and invite them in. After Adam confirms Amy stole a car in grade 10, Dina confronts Adam as to why he's at Bridgett's and he announces that they are seeing each other. Later, leaving Bridgett's house, Amy is embarrassed to have gone there in the first place. The ladies hear music start up inside the house so Amy grabs a Christmas lawn ornament which Cheyenne and Dina copy. As they ride off on their scooters, Adam and Bridgett come outside and watch them leave. ("Christmas Eve")

S03E07-Adam and gf
This is my crazy stalker face.
Everyone fondly remembers Adam's BBQ brisket when Amy and he would annually host a party. When Amy's TV doesn't work, Mateo suggests she call Adam to fix it. ("Golden Globes Party") Amy reveals that Adam and Bridgett broke up (Dina thinks Adam was dumped) and in a moment of weakness, she had sex with him and is now pregnant. ("Gender Reveal") Adam arrives at the store to discuss the voice mail Amy left for him, not knowing she's pregnant with his baby. Amy wants to talk to Adam later but they are interrupted by Bo who tells Amy he left the baby stuff by her locker and mentions her pregnancy. This shocks Adam who thinks Jonah is the father until Amy says it's his. Alex overhears Amy and is confused who Adam is. Adam tells Alex he and Amy are having a baby, offers to move back in with her and says they are getting re-married which Amy clearly doesn't agree with. Later in the Break Room, Amy says she doesn't want to get back with Adam and that he can't support her as he only works part-time at PetSmart. ("Aftermath")

S03E21-Adam and Alex
I'll move back in with you.

Season Four

Amy calls Adam from the hospital to tell him the baby is coming. He says he has to drop off a friend at karate and hearing Jonah on the phone, is taken aback. Amy try to make it seem that he's one of many from work at the hospital. He arrives and with Jonah, helps Amy deliver their baby. He high-fives Jonah and the doctors while the baby's being delivered. After Amy gives birth to a boy, Jonah says Adam should cut the umbilical cord. ("Delivery Day") Amy mentions she lost her virginity to Adam and that he broke his foot in the state wrestling championship and lost his scholarship. ("Blizzard")

S04E05-Team Adam

S04E05-Amy Adam baby
Not as squishy and purple as Emma was.

Jonah greets Emma and they are approached by a photographer who mistakes Jonah for Emma's father. Feeling uncomfortable, it's made worse for Jonah when Adam shows up and the photographer compliments his height and looks. Dina tells Adam that Amy and Jonah didn't fool around when he was still married to Amy but then somewhat back-tracks when recalling their kiss during the tornado and them having sex that was broadcast to all Cloud 9 stores. Adam compliments Amy on the party and tries to impress her with another get-rich-quick scheme involving drones. While high, Emma gets up for the father-daughter dance with Adam but Jonah intercedes to prevent Adam from discovering she's high. Adam and everyone at the party are exasperated with Jonah. ("Quinceañera")

S04E17-Adam and Emma
You're so beautiful.

S04E17-Adam and Dina
Sorry about that.


  • Adam is part of a Goof in "Seasonal Help". As he tells Amy that he cut too deep into a box of shampoo bottles, his shirt and vest are covered in shampoo. A little later, as Amy brings him into the Photo Lab to have sex, he is wearing the same shirt and vest which are now clean and stain-free.


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