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I think we broke Glenn.
— Garrett

"All-Nighter" is the ninth episode of Season One of Superstore, and the ninth episode of the show overall.


Great job Mateo!

The store is closed and the staff are waiting for a customer to leave. He deliberates on the purchase of a trash can with Jonah. Amy is anxious to get home to study for a mid-term and Cheyenne is going to her high school dance recital. To push the customer out, Garrett plays loud music over the P.A. system but it doesn't work. (♫ Sepultura – Roots Bloody Roots ♫) Mopping the floor, Mateo pushes the customer out the door to everyone's cheers. Glenn arrives and tells everyone they need to stay late to hang up new signs. Staff call their loved ones to tell them they'll be late including Dina who calls her birds and sings them to sleep. (♫ Lauren Ash – Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral ♫)

The bad news is we're locked in.

The staff hang signs that are nearly identical to the existing ones. Sandra is hanging a sign in the Garden zone and is stranded on top of a tall shelf when the ladder she is using is taken by Henry. Glenn displays his prowess with a drill and reminisces working at his father's hardware store until it was put out of business by a Cloud 9 that moved in up the street. He says he doesn't hold resentment against Cloud 9 as he doesn't waste his time being angry. Suddenly, the lights go out. Glenn says that corporate controls the lights and locks. Amy is frantic and tries without success to open the front door. Glenn and Dina go to Glenn's Office to find the lock override codes. Dina finds a memo that indicates that relationships between manager and staff are no longer forbidden. Glenn remembers he left the card with the codes in his car.

I hate Cloud 9!

At the front door, Glenn explains to Cheyenne and Amy that they'll need to wait for his wife to arrive to get the codes from the car. However, they see a man walking by outside and wave him down. They write instructions on cards to the man but he gets a key from above a wheel on Glenn's car and steals it. The staff sit in a circle and start talking about regrets. Cheyenne wishes she'd gotten pregnant at a different time so she could have danced in her senior dance recital. As other regrets are related, Garrett is glad that the muzak that's played in the store is off. Glenn says he likes the muzak so Garrett pushes back and says Glenn likes everything in the store. Glenn starts to list some things he doesn't like which escalates until he starts yelling, rips off his shirt, shoves a cart down an aisle and runs away screaming.

Myrtle's owning it.

Glenn damages some alcohol bottles and declares a party. Much more relaxed, the staff drink and play "never I have ever". When Dina declares she's never had sex in the store, everyone drinks except her. Amy tells her about the Photo Lab and its unofficial name the "bang room" which gives Dina an idea. Garrett puts music on the P.A. system and Amy says it's a party. (♫ Flo Rida – G.D.F.R. ♫) The staff start dancing and playing different games including chair races, toy dog fights and obstacle courses. Next is a fashion show starring Mateo, Glenn and Myrtle and then more staff dancing. (♫ The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face ♫)

I see your true colors...

Away from the dancing, Dina has Mateo put makeup on her. At the party, things have gone quiet as Cheyenne performs the dance routine she missed doing at her high school. (♫ Cyndi Lauper – True Colors ♫) Everyone admires her slow, graceful ballet while Jonah gets an anonymous text to go to the Photo Lab. He finds Dina there, made up and in a tight dress. Once Cheyenne is done the slow dance, she breaks into a faster, suggestive dance. (♫ Nicki Minaj - Anaconda ♫) In the Lab, Dina shows Jonah the memo from corporate and closes her eyes expecting a kiss. Jonah says he doesn't want to date his boss and lies that if she wasn't management he would. Dina is disappointed but understands.

Free at last.

Jonah catches Amy walking on a checkout belt and she tells him she was accepted into a good college but got pregnant and had to support her family. She then throws up. Glenn tries leaving angry voice mails for corporate but doesn't send them. In the bathroom, Jonah gives Amy some water while she mentions she doesn't regret getting married. About to mention what she does regret, she throws up again while Jonah holds her hair. Morning comes and the doors unlock. Heather, Elias and Travis enjoy the morning air while Garrett says he's going home to play video games. Mateo is off to his second job at a restaurant and offers Cheyenne free coffee. Amy tells Jonah she's going to her college mid-term hung over and on no sleep.


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Running Gags

  • Amy's name tag: Amy wears a different name tag in every episode. For this one it's "Elana".
  • Bang room: Introduction of this gag. While playing "never have I ever", Cheyenne mentions that she and Bo had sex in the Photo Lab 7 months previously so Harmonica may have been conceived there. Amy says she's also had sex there and when she started working at the store, it was just called the "bang room". Dina comes on to Jonah in the Lab.
  • Crazy Customers and music: For all customer interludes and music see All-Nighter (music).
  • Glenn's Cars: Glenn's SUV is stolen.
  • Glenn's tie: Many clouds. A stain is shown on the tie in some scenes.


  • Die Hard 2 is mentioned by the lingering customer.
  • Dina's pet bird, "Pikachu" is named after the Pokémon. Another one of her birds is named FDR.
  • Dina mentions she was voted the third prettiest girl in her high school ROTC unit.
  • Cheyenne dances to True Colors and then Anaconda.


  • The Photo Lab debuts in this episode.
  • Coffee & Bakery, Glenn's office and Glenn's Car make an appearance.
  • This is one of few episodes in which the Break Room does not appear.
  • Goof 1: During the scene where the group is sitting in a circle sharing regrets, Glenn's tie flips back and forth with and without a stain, is tied tight and loose and, his right collar is buttoned and unbuttoned.
  • Goof 2: At 13:05 as Amy and Garrett crash into cardboard boxes while in rolling chairs, a cameraman and camera can be seen behind them.


But you know what I hate most of all? I hate Cloud 9!Glenn


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Directed by: Ruben Fleischer - Written by: Justin Spitzer

The main characters are introduced. Jonah is attracted to Amy but Dina thinks he is attracted to her. (Viewers: 7.23 million)

S01E02-Cynthia and Dina.jpg    "Magazine Profile" November 30, 2015
Directed by: Michael Patrick Jann - Written by: Matt Hubbard

A reporter from the Cloud 9 company magazine comes to do an article on the store. (Viewers: 5.35 million)

1x03-Shots-and-Salsa-Dina-and-Amy-superstore-39171382-1024-683.jpg    "Shots and Salsa" December 28, 2015
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Various staff man a salsa booth which leads to racial sensitivity training. Jonah helps at the Pharmacy. (Viewers: 2.62 million)

S01E04-Mannequin Mateo Amy.jpg    "Mannequin" January 4, 2016
Directed by: Victor Nelli, Jr. - Written by: Jonathan Green and Gabe Miller

Amy pranks Jonah with a mannequin who resembles him, Cheyenne considers giving her baby up for adoption, Mateo uses newly acquired power to exact revenge. (Viewers: 6.02 million)

Shoplifter.jpg    "Shoplifter" January 11, 2016
Directed by: Ruben Fleischer - Written by: Jackie Clarke

Dina tracks a shoplifter, Amy brings her daughter Emma to work even though it isn't allowed so Jonah helps out. (Viewers: 5.38 million)

Surveillance office-S01E06.jpg    "Secret Shopper" January 18, 2016
Directed by: Alex Hardcastle - Written by: Lon Zimmet

Amy feels competitive when Glenn publicly congratulates Jonah on his superb employee test results. Cloud 9 employees are on their best behavior in anticipation of a secret shopper. (Viewers: 5.66 million)

ColorWars10.jpg    "Color Wars" January 25, 2016
Directed by: Andy Ackerman - Written by: Jack Kukoda

The store is divided into two sales teams competing for $100 each, Jonah meets Amy's husband Adam. (Viewers: 4.93 million)

Wedding.JPG    "Wedding Day Sale" February 1, 2016
Directed by: Victor Nelli, Jr. - Written by: Sierra Teller Ornelas

Amy tries to talk Cheyenne and Bo out of expensive wedding purchases, Glenn tries to be tolerant towards a gay couple. (Viewers: 4.89 million)

AllNighter6.jpg    "All-Nighter" February 8, 2016
Directed by: Christine Gernon - Written by: Eric Ledgin

After working overtime to put up new signs, the staff are locked in the store. They find unique ways to amuse themselves and bond in the process. (Viewers: 5.19 million)

Demotion.JPG    "Demotion" February 15, 2016
Directed by: Linda Mendoza - Written by: Matt Hubbard and Lon Zimmet

Dina asks for a demotion in order to date Jonah, Amy and Glenn deal with finding a replacement. (Viewers: 3.09 million)

S01E11-Harmonica.jpg    "Labor" February 22, 2016
Directed by: Beth McCarthy-Miller - Written by: Owen Ellickson

Cheyenne is having her baby in the store but won't stop working because Cloud 9 doesn't offer paid maternity leave. To help her Jonah proposes a walkout. (Viewers: 4.68 million)