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Generic nametag Amber Cloud 9 Superstore logo Visitor

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Jolene Purdy
First Appearance: "Video Game Release"
Episode Count: 1


Oh hi. I came back with friends. Say hi. Say hi.
— Amber, "Video Game Release".

Amber portrayed by Jolene Purdy.
Amber is a visitor to Cloud 9 Store 1217. He is portrayed by actor Jolene Purdy.

Character History

Season Three

As Glenn and Sandra assert their authority around the store so as not to be treated like doormats anymore, they see Amber sitting in a store display breastfeeding her baby. They force Amber to vacate the chair since the display has a sign forbidding sitting. Amber returns with a group of breastfeeding mothers to protest her rude treatment. Glenn and Sandra try unsuccessfully to have the mothers move. Dina arrives with news that her implantation has worked which starts Glenn blubbering since he's going to be a father. As he mentions that he's going to call Jerusha with the good news, Amber and the other mothers express confusion with Glenn and Dina's situation. ("Video Game Release")

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I don't know.
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