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Amy's house Cloud 9 Superstore logo Sad divorced woman's house
Location: St Louis, Missouri — First Appearance: "Golden Globes Party"

That's how you judge the success of a party. No fatalities.
Garrett, "Golden Globes Party".

S03E09-Amy's house photos
Family photos sans Adam.
Amy's House is a quaint 1970's style bungalow with a semi-circular driveway. Decor includes wooden railings dividing rooms, many pictures of Emma and Amy and trophies. A small patio in the back yard has a BBQ. According to Glenn, cell phone reception is poor there due to the presence of an old magnet factory. Its first appearance is in the Season Three episode "Golden Globes Party".


Season Three

Amy insists on holding a Golden Globes party at her house even though the staff think she isn't ready due to her recent divorce. Amy's TV and BBQ don't work prompting staff to want to leave but Dina yells at everyone to stay and have a good time. Amy stops Glenn and his wife Jerusha from leaving (as they want to make a baby) by convincing Glenn to use her bedroom for sex. After Dina eats microwaved chicken in the dining room and gets sick, Amy is forced to admit her party is a bust and that her life is in shambles. ("Golden Globes Party")

S03E09-Dina yelling
Dina's outburst.

S03E09-Amy's house kitchen
Yummy microwaved meat.

S03E09-Amy's house dining room
Prayer before Dina gets sick.

Season Four

Amy is seen with her new baby boy Parker in the nursery. Having just gotten him to sleep, Glenn calls to inform Amy that she doesn't qualify for maternity leave due to being suspended. ("Maternity Leave")

S04E06-Amy and Parker
Amy and Parker.


  • Amy's house is part of a Goof in "Golden Globes Party". An outside shot of the front of Amy's house shows a window on each side of the front door. However, an inside shot of the living room in which the front door can be seen has no window. Also, how did Garrett get up and down the front steps?
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