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Amy's name tag Cloud 9 Superstore logo.jpg Store ID
Owner: Amy DubanowskiFirst Appearance: "Pilot"

Nope, that is not my name. I just don't like random strangers using my name like we're buddies.
— Amy to Jonah, "Pilot".

S01E11-Amy real nametag.jpg
Amy's name tag with her real name.
Amy's name tag is a running gag on the show. She doesn't like strangers using her name so she wears name tags with a different fake name in nearly every episode. She's worn a name tag with her real name "Amy" in three episodes and also worn "Louise" and "Ruby" twice. Its first appearance is in the Season One episode "Pilot".


S01E01-Amy Jonah price gun.jpg
Featuring: RAMONA

Amy explains why she wears name tags with fake names to Jonah. At the end of the day, she tells him her real name.

   "Magazine Profile"
Featuring: DIANA

Amy tells Glenn that Cloud 9's corporate magazine "Stratus" is misleading propaganda.

S01E03-Amy asian impression.jpg
   "Shots and Salsa"
Featuring: BEATRICE

Amy's name tag is often covered with her hair. In order to sell salsa, Mateo wears a name tag with "Jose" on it.

Featuring: SHEILA

When Jonah dresses up a blonde mannequin to get back at Amy, he puts her real name tag on it.

Featuring: ALLISON

Amy helps Dina interrogate suspected shoplifter Julie.

   "Secret Shopper"
Featuring: SYLVIA

Jonah also wears a fake name tag. In celebration of his perfect score on a Cloud 9 employee test, he wears a name tag with "Ace" on it.

   "Color Wars"
Featuring: ESMÉ

Amy leads the Gold Team to victory in the store's sales competition.

S01E08-Amy Roxy nametag.jpg
   "Wedding Day Sale"
Featuring: ROXY

Again, Amy's name tag is often covered with her hair. The name tag is recycled for recurring minor employee Roxy.

S01E09-Amy Elana nametag.jpg
Featuring: ELANA

Amy wears her name tag only at the start of the episode.

Featuring: MOLLY

Amy listens as Dina announces she is accepting a demotion to attend to "personal matters."

S01E11-Amy real nametag.jpg
Featuring: AMY

Amy wears her real name tag for the first time as she's now the store's assistant manager.

Amy-Digital Exclusive nametag Vicky1.jpg
   "Training Video (Digital Exclusive)"
Featuring: VICKY

While wearing a virtual reality headset, Amy screams as zombies attack the store in the video "Garrett Uses VR."

Featuring: GEMMA

Amy meets her hero Missy Jones.

S02E01-Amy real name with Jonah.jpg
Featuring: AMY

Amy again wears her real name tag before changing into a "Barbara Bush" pant suit and then the red strike t-shirt, neither of which she wears a name tag on.

S02E02-Amy and guacamole.jpg
   "Back to Work"
Featuring: LOUISE

Amy doesn't wear her name tag when Marcus cut his thumb off.

   "Guns, Pills, and Birds"
Featuring: RACHEL

Amy tries to placate a customer who is angry with the way Jonah is running the gun counter.

S02E04-Amy nametags Ella and Heidi.jpg
   "Spokesman Scandal"
Featuring: ELLA and HEIDI

Amy wears two different name tags. "Ella" when she's trying to change the TVs from showing the news story on Kyle the Cloud 9 Cloud and then "Heidi."

S02E05-Amy Patti nametag.jpg
   "Dog Adoption Day"
Featuring: PATTI

Amy advises Cheyenne to look at other options to Bo which she regrets.

S02E06-Staff in costumes.jpg
   "Halloween Theft"
Featuring: none

Amy and several of the staff don't wear name tags. Instead, they wear Halloween costumes.

   "Election Day"
Featuring: MILLIE

Amy wears an "I Voted" sticker on her name tag.

S02E08-Adam and Amy in photo lab.jpg
   "Seasonal Help"
Featuring: JOANNE

Amy has sex with her husband Adam in the Photo Lab while wearing a name tag.

   "Black Friday"
Featuring: BRITTANY

Amy watches Jonah film his first Black Friday.

   "Lost and Found"
Featuring: BOBBIE

Glenn cheers Amy up by listening to her marriage problems.

Featuring: MARGARET

VP Rex shakes Amy's hand in several different ways.

S02E12-Amy Connie nametag.jpg
   "Ladies' Lunch"
Featuring: CONNIE

Amy and the ladies don't wear name tags for much of this episode as they are out for lunch at The Charhouse.

   "Valentine's Day"
Featuring: PEGGY

Amy's hair is now shorter, eliminating the problem with her hair covering her name tag.

   "Super Hot Store"
Featuring: KAREN

Amy and Jonah lead a group of employees in unloading a Cloud 9 Delivery Truck after the Warehouse staff walk out.

   "Wellness Fair"
Featuring: LUCINDA

Dina tries to get Amy to admit she faked being sick the day before.

S02E16-Amy Cici nametag.jpg
   "Integrity Award"
Featuring: CICI

Amy doesn't wear a name tag for much of this episode as she is out of the store helping her parents Ron and Connie Sosa move.

   "Mateo's Last Day"
Featuring: MARLOW

Amy doesn't wear her name tag when she goes to Tim's Apartment to confront Tim the internet troll.

   "Glenn's Kids"
Featuring: SUSAN

Amy tells Glenn that Leo is drawing on the back of Mateo's head.

   "Spring Cleaning"
Featuring: JEANNE

Amy and Garrett try to figure out the employee whose picture is in a packet of photos.

S02E20-Amy Hailey nametag.jpg
   "Cheyenne's Wedding"
Featuring: HAILEY

Amy is at Cheyenne's wedding for much of this episode and doesn't wear a name tag.

Featuring: DOTTIE

Amy's name tag survives the tornado and the store being destroyed.

S03E01-Amy nametag Phoebe.jpg
   "Grand Re-Opening"
Featuring: PHOEBE

Amy doesn't wear her name tag when she and Jonah pick up the Minions costumes nor when she's dressed in a Minion costume.

S03E02-Amy nametag goof.jpg
   "Brett Is Dead"
Featuring: MADELYN

Amy's name tag isn't visible during Brett's memorial service as it is covered by her raincoat. A Goof occurs when it disappears and re-appears from her vest several times starting at 3:02.

S03E03-Amy nametag Christy.jpg
   "Part-Time Hires"
Featuring: CHRISTY

Amy is delighted Emma shares a secret that her ex Adam doesn't know.

S03E04-Amy nametag Scarlett.jpg
   "Workplace Bullying"
Featuring: SCARLETT

Amy is put off when she finds out all the "cool" employees hang out after work at a "trivia night" except for her.

S03E05-Amy nametag Selena.jpg
   "Sal's Dead"
Featuring: SELENA

Amy dresses as Selena for Halloween and accidentally matches Jonah with Kelly on an app on Jonah's phone.

S03E06-Amy with signs.jpg
   "Health Fund"
Featuring: MEGAN

Amy asks Jonah's opinion on a collection jar sign for Mateo's ear infection.

S03E07-Amy nametag Grasiela.jpg
   "Christmas Eve"
Featuring: GRASIELA

Amy relates stories of her high school antics and that "Craymie" (crazy Amy) is going to be loosed.

S03E08-Amy nametag Caroline.jpg
   "Viral Video"
Featuring: CAROLINE

Amy learns from Kelly's Instagram videos that Jonah is sleeping with her.

S03E09-Amy nametag Yolanda.jpg
   "Golden Globes Party"
Featuring: YOLANDA

Amy only wears her name tag at the start of the episode as she hosts a party at her home for most of the episode in non-work clothes.

S03E10-Amy nametag Gail.jpg
   "High Volume Store"
Featuring: GAIL

Amy's listens to Jonah's idea to check out the Crestwood "Quad-A" store.

S03E11-Amy nametag Teresa.jpg
   "Angels and Mermaids"
Featuring: TERESA

Amy meets Cheyenne's mother Brandi who has been released from jail and domineers Cheyenne.

S03E12-Amy nametag Lynda Charlotte.jpg
   "Groundhog Day"
Featuring: LYNDA and CHARLOTTE

Amy wears two name tags. First "Lynda" and then the day after her date with Tate, she wears "Charlotte." Her hair is now brown.

S03E13-Amy nametag Claudia.jpg
   "Video Game Release"
Featuring: CLAUDIA

Amy and Jonah find a hidden recalled merchandise room and have fun with many of the items including spraying silly string on each other.

S03E14-Amy nametag Ruby.jpg
   "Safety Training"
Featuring: RUBY

In the Surveillance Office, Amy watches Dina spit in her hand. For much of the episode, her name tag is covered by an orange safety vest.

S03E15-Amy nametag Kelsey.jpg
Featuring: KELSEY

Amy watches a video on the store's TVs created by Sandra of Amy and Jonah's kiss which is a parody of the a-ha "Take On Me" video.

S03E16-Amy nametag Sam.jpg
Featuring: SAM

Amy swears when she sees a picture of the man, Walter, she turned down for a double date with Dina.

S03E17-Amy nametag Kim.jpg
   "District Manager"
Featuring: KIM

Amy and Jonah watch new district manager Laurie work and become engaged in a conversation with Justine, Marcus and Sandra about whether she is a bitch or not.

S03E18-Amy nametag Stella.jpg
   "Local Vendors Day"
Featuring: STELLA

Amy meets Alex in the store and listens to him speak Spanish without understanding.

S03E19-Amy nametag Daisy.jpg
Featuring: DAISY

Amy relates her lottery dream to embarrass sales ladies like in Pretty Woman but after hearing Sandra's wonderful philanthropic plans, she backtracks and mentions how she'd be charitable. She only wears a name tag at the start of the episode.

S03E20-Amy name tag and cafe.jpg
   "Gender Reveal"
Featuring: JUNE

Amy downplays the pain of child birth to comfort Dina while eating nachos at Coffee & Bakery. Lauren Ash, who wrote the episode, picked "June" in honor of her deceased grandmother.

S03E21-Amy nametag Malina.jpg
Featuring: MALINA

In the Break Room, Glenn puts Amy on the spot and she reluctantly tells everyone she's pregnant.

S03E22-Amy nametag Olivia.jpg
   "Town Hall"
Featuring: OLIVIA

In the Warehouse, Amy and Jonah tell the staff about Cloud 9's policy to fire older employees without cause and try to make plans to use the town hall to reveal this.

S04E01-Amy nametag Roz Emily.jpg
   "Back To School"
Featuring: ROZ and EMILY

When working at a diner while she's suspended from Cloud 9, Amy wears "Roz." On her first day back from suspension, she wears "Emily."

S04E02-Amy bad baby food.jpg
   "Baby Shower"
Featuring: ETTA

During her, Jerusha's and Cheyenne's baby shower, Amy plays a baby food tasting game but discovers the baby food has gone bad.

S04E03-Amy nametag Denise.jpg
   "Toxic Work Environment"
Featuring: DENISE

In order to get Garrett to stop questioning why she and Jonah are driving to work together, Amy tells Cheyenne she has a talent for logistics and should organize a store car pool.

S04E04-Amy nametags Harriet and Louise.jpg
   "Costume Competition"
Featuring: HARRIET and LOUISE

Amy wears "Harriet" when in Glenn's Office and "Louise" when in a wheelchair before donning a Mario costume with no name tag for the rest of the episode. She previously wore "Louise" in "Back to Work".

S04E05-Amy nametag Mila.jpg
   "Delivery Day"
Featuring: MILA

Amy wears her name tag at the episode start as her water breaks. She's then at two hospitals and wears no name tag.

S04E06-Amy nametag Tara.jpg
   "Maternity Leave"
Featuring: TARA

Amy uses breast pumps in a utility room while Sayid prays.

S04E07-Amy on bed with parents.jpg
   "New Initiative"
Featuring: GABRIELA

Amy helps an elderly couple try a mattress not realizing they are Jonah's parents Marilyn and Richard Simms.

S04E08-Amy nametag Louisa.jpg
   "Managers' Conference"
Featuring: LOUISA

Amy wears "Louisa" at the episode beginning and then wears no name tag while at the managers' conference.

S04E09-Amy nametag Nola Ruby.jpg
   "Shadowing Glenn"
Featuring: NOLA and RUBY

Amy wears "Nola" as she tells Glenn that she'd like to apply for the management training program. Later, she wears "Ruby" which she previously wore in "Safety Training".

S04E10-Amy name tag Amy.jpg
   "Cloud 9 Academy"
Featuring: AMY

Amy wears an adhesive name tag with her real name while attending the Cloud 9 Academy class.

S04E11-Amy's name tag.jpg
   "Steps Challenge"

Amy wears "Sierra" the first day of the steps challenge, "Cindy" on the second day and "Joanna" on the third day.

S04E12-Amy nametag Yemi.jpg
Featuring: YEMI

Amy only wears a name tag at the start of the episode while trying to convince Glenn to let the staff go home due to the state of emergency caused by the blizzard.

S04E13-Amy name tag Lucia.jpg
Featuring: LUCIA

While arguing, Amy and Jonah say that they love each other.

S04E14-Amy nametag Dani Hope.jpg
   "Minor Crimes"
Featuring: DANI and HOPE

Amy wears "Dani" while listening to Glenn make his goodbye address on the store P.A. system and then wears "Hope" for the rest of the episode.

S04E15-Amy nametag Melanie.jpg
Featuring: MELANIE

At Coffee & Bakery, Amy hires Myrtle to be her assistant.

S04E16-Dina nametag Bea.jpg
Featuring: BEA

Dina spots someone dressed as an Easter bunny while spying on the staff. Amy and later, Jonah, discover there's a camera in the Break Room with a microphone and both hear staff saying things about them that they don't like.

S04E17-Amy nametag Poot.jpg
Featuring: POOT

Amy convinces Jonah to attend Emma's quinceañera. She only wears the name tag briefly at the beginning of the episode and then wears no name tag while at the quinceañera.

S04E18-Amy yells at Glenn.jpg
   "Cloud Green"
Featuring: ROWENA

Amy yells at Glenn for disobeying her.

S04E19-Dina Amy on floor.jpg
Featuring: ADENIKE

Suffering from remorse over implementing staff hours cut-backs, Dina lies on the floor of Amy's office and Amy joins her.

S04E20-Amy folder goof.jpg
Featuring: GLORIA

Amy is part of a Goof in her office. As the camera quick cuts between her and Jonah, the pen on her desk moves and, the blue file folder flips between being open and closed at 6:00 to 6:02.

S04E21-Amy nametag Dwendyna.jpg
   "Sandra's Fight"
Featuring: DWENDYNA

In the Warehouse, Amy and Dina convince Jonah to help stop Sandra from forming a union to save the store from being closed.

S04E22-Amy nametag Aylin warehouse Mateo.jpg
   "Employee Appreciation Day"
Featuring: AYLIN

The staff try and come up with a plan to help Mateo evade the ICE agents in the store.

S05E01-Amy nametag Amanda.png
   "Cloud 9.0"
Featuring: AMANDA

Amy introduces Cloud 9.0 to the employees during a meeting.

S05E02-Amy nametag Maureen.png
Featuring: MAUREEN

Amy meets Ms. Liwanag and Mateo's immigration lawyer, Richard.

S05E03-Amy nametag Remeny.png
   "Forced Hire"
Featuring: REMENY

Garrett admits his attraction to Dina's archenemy, Colleen.

S05E04-Amy nametag Penelope.png
   "Mall Closing"
Featuring: PENELOPE

Amy unexpectedly sees Emma hanging out with a group of teenagers in the store.

S05E05-Amy nametag Khay.png
   "Self Care"
Featuring: KHAY

Amy gets exhausted from staying up late for the health inspection and Parker.

S05E06-Amy nametag none.png
   "Trick Or Treat"
Featuring: none

Amy as well as the staff don't wear name tags because they are wearing Halloween costumes. This year Amy is dressed up as RBG.

S05E07-Amy nametag Mariko.png
   "Shoplifter Rehab"
Featuring: MARIKO

Amy tries to impress the new District Manager, Maya, by acting tough in front of the employees.

S05E08-Amy nametag Olufunmi.png
   "Toy Drive"
Featuring: OLUFUNMI

Amy deals with the Samaritan guy, Kyle, who is doing charity in front of the store.

S05E09-Amy nametag Jackie.png
   "Curbside Pickup"
Featuring: JACKIE

Amy pretends to be amused by Eric's funny story which Amy forces Eric to tell.

S05E10-Amy nametag Courtney.png
Featuring: COURTNEY

Amy gets stressed out about the negotiation and decides to go outside for a break.

S05E11-Amy nametag Jamie.png
   "Lady Boss"
Featuring: JAMIE

"Is that their stance? Bacon?"

S05E12-Amy nametag Kimia.png
Featuring: KIMIA

Amy is surprised to meet Dina's father, Howard.

S05E13-Amy nametag Helen.png
Featuring: HELEN

Amy comes up with an idea to get Mateo to work as Amy's assistant but get paid by the vision center.

S05E14-Amy nametag none.png
   "Sandra's Wedding"
Featuring: none

Amy does not wear a name tag because she is only seen at Sandra's wedding during the whole episode.

S05E15-Amy nametag Lynne.png
   "Cereal Bar"
Featuring: LYNNE

Amy announces a "break room upgrade" done by Zephra, which turns out to be a cereal bar.

S05E16-Amy nametag Bern.png
   "Employee App"
Featuring: BERN

Amy helps Dina design her own avatar in the Zephra employee app.

S05E17-Amy nametag Kimball.png
   "Zephra Cares"
Featuring: KIMBALL

Amy shows the employees the care packages which will go to the Holloway House Women's Shelter.

S05E18-Amy nametag Mary.png
Featuring: MARY

Amy asks Jonah to do his "High Five" voice since Parker refuses to high five with Jonah in front of the staff.

S05E19-Amy nametag Effie.png
   "Carol's Back"
Featuring: EFFIE

Amy asks the security guy, Ken, to stick around so she'll feel safer when having a conversation with Carol in the office.

S05E20-Amy nametag Maggie.png
   "Customer Safari"
Featuring: MAGGIE

Amy is going on a lunch with Jonah and Jonah's family.

S05E21-Amy nametag Wunmi.png
   "California Part One"
Featuring: WUNMI

Amy is only seen wearing a name tag in her office before she heads out for the job interview. However, the name tag is partially covered with Amy's hair, making the full name on the tag unrecognizable. The name is likely to be Wunmi.

S06E01-Amy nametag multiple.png
Featuring: KARLA and ANH and ANNIE and KYLE and ELISE

Amy is seen wearing multiple name tags. First "Karla" (possibly, since her hair covers the tag all the time) when she announces that she'll move to California with Jonah in March. Then "Anh" a week after that. Then "Annie" in April, "Kyle" in June. Then "Elise" on a meeting with the CEO of Zephra.

S06E02-Amy nametag Lucia.png
   "California Part 2"
Featuring: LUCIA

Amy wears the name tag with "Lucia" on it, on her last day at Cloud 9 store #1217.

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