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Tomorrow is gonna be just like today, and I know that because today is just like yesterday.
— Amy, "Pilot".

Amelia "Amy" Simms(nee Sosa) (Formerly Amy Dubanowski) was the floor supervisor, then progressed to store manager. Later on Amy got promoted to the Director of Customer Experience. Amy has worked at Cloud 9 Store 1217 since 2003. Of Honduran descent, she became pregnant with Emma in high school and was married to her baby's father, Adam shortly after. Amy was accepted into a good college but didn't go because of the pregnancy and had to work to support her family. In 2018, she had a boy, Parker, with her ex-husband Adam. Her parents are Ron and Connie Sosa. She is portrayed by actress America Ferrera. Her brother is Eric Sosa.


Amy has a tendency to want to take care of others often at her own expense. She takes on too much responsibility and often meddles in other people's business which usually ends badly. She sees her younger self in Cheyenne's situation and gives her advice that she wishes she would have taken herself, such as not marrying too young.

Amy is often a little bossy towards the employees of the store, but unlike Dina she is always fair and really cares about the employees. Amy gets very defensive and awkward when her co-workers bring up her flirting with Jonah. However when she is having fun around him she lets her guard down and shows a very fun and playful side of herself.

Character History

Season One

S01E03-Amy Mexican outfit.jpg

Amy meets Jonah on his first day. She is tough but understanding when he makes several mistakes including a big pricing error for which she had to shut down the store. She confides that each day and year is like the one before for her at the store. She won't tell Jonah her name but after Jonah creates a moment of beauty for her with ceiling stars she does. Amy teases Jonah after it's revealed that he made out with Cloud 9 reporter Cynthia. She refuses to work a salsa sample booth as it would take advantage of stereotyping her Latina heritage, however she's forced to after injuring Carmen. She teases Jonah by dressing up a mannequin that looks like him but overdoes it. She helps Dina with a suspected shoplifter leaving Jonah to watch over her daughter Emma who is at the store. When a secret shopper visits, Amy battles with Jonah over product placement and they end up creating a mess in the Warehouse. Amy leads Team Gold to victory in the store sales competition but Jonah convinces her husband Adam to make purchases they can't afford. While searching for Bo, Amy and Dina bond at the Firing-Line. Locked in the store all night, Amy gets drunk and gets closer to Jonah. Amy tries to help Glenn find a new assistant manager and reluctantly takes the job. After Cheyenne gives birth in the store, Glenn gives her paid suspension and is fired. Jonah and Amy lead a walk-out in protest over Glenn's firing.

"Pilot": Amy meets Jonah on his first day. She is tough but understanding when he makes several mistakes including a big pricing error for which she had to shut down the store. She confides that each day and year is like the one before for her at the store. He attaches stars to the ceiling which look like the night sky when the lights are turned out which makes her day.

"Magazine Profile": Amy helps a very nervous Glenn prepare for the arrival of Cynthia, a reporter for Cloud 9 magazine "Stratus". After Glenn fails to impress Cynthia and Jonah does, Amy comforts Glenn and teases Jonah that Cynthia doesn't like him for his ideas but because he is cute. After security footage that Cynthia and Jonah made out in the Stock Room is shown, Amy really teases Jonah. In the parking lot, Amy watches Jonah get into Cynthia's car to head to her hotel room.

"Shots and Salsa": Amy refuses to work a salsa sample booth and doesn't like that fellow Latina Carmen is affecting a fake Mexican accent to stir sales. She struggles with Carmen and Carmen twists her ankle and has to be taken to the hospital. Mateo mans the booth and also affects an accent which Amy has issue with. To show Mateo how offensive his accent is, Amy affects an Asian accent just as an Asian family walks by. This results in the staff having to watch a training video on racism starring Corporate Woman. After the video is done, Amy tries to explain she was not being racist but trying to demonstrate racism. Amy tries selling the salsa without an accent but the customers ignore her. Dina says customers need to think the salsa is authentic. Dina does an accent and mentions the salsa is for charity which Amy didn't know. Amy still thinks her dignity is worth more than charity until Dina shows her the salsa labels. The charity is for disabled orphan children in Mexico which makes Amy feel guilty. Amy is now doing brisk business and is joined by Mateo who also speak with an accent. Amy and Mateo have now embraced the role fully and are dancing while Dina plays guitar and Glenn claps. Carmen has returned from the hospital on crutches and looks at Amy angrily. In the parking lot, Amy is sitting at a patio set eating salsa and chips and is joined by Jonah.

"Mannequin": In the store, Garrett and Amy look at a mannequin which they think looks like Jonah. In the Break Room, the staff have dressed the mannequin to look like Jonah complete with vest and name tag. After Jonah calls Amy the "responsible one", she re-doubles her efforts to prank him and to show she is fun. She starts by taking the mannequin and posing it with bananas in a manner Jonah described earlier. She continues dressing the mannequin in various costumes and poses. These become increasingly insulting until the mannequin is seated on a toilet reading a magazine. Amy tries to get Jonah to admit he destroyed the mannequin because her fun pranks got to him. Garrett catches Amy dressing up another mannequin and points out that things are falling apart in the store without her direction. He calls what she is doing a "work flirt" which she takes exception to. Garrett and Amy catch Jonah in the Break Room dressing up a sex doll that looks like Amy. The doll is partially naked and Jonah looks like a pervert. The situation is worsened when other employees come upon the situation. In the parking lot, Jonah catches Amy and shows her a return receipt for the sex doll. He says he knows why Amy was dressing up the mannequins - it was an initiation. Amy is relieved Jonah doesn't think she was flirting with him and says he passed.

"Shoplifter": After an old man dies on a couch in the store, Glenn asks Amy to say some "secular words", she proceeds to read details from the man's ID. Jonah is loading cans and is told by a girl he's doing it wrong. The girl is Amy's daughter, Emma who's at the store because her babysitter cancelled. Employees are not allowed to have their children at work so Jonah is sworn to secrecy. At the jewellery counter, Emma is hiding while Amy works. Glenn asks to see Amy in his office but she is reluctant to leave. Jonah takes over the counter while secretly assuring Amy he'll watch Emma. In Glenn's Office, Glenn talks about death with Amy and wonders what his legacy will be when he dies. To calm Glenn, Amy suggests they send a card to the deceased man's family. Amy returns to jewellery to find Emma gone but before she can look for her, Dina pleads with her to help interrogate a shoplifting suspect, Julie. Dina's tactic is "good cop, bad cop" but when they enter the room with Julie, Amy finds that she is supposed to play bad cop. She tries to play the role but isn't very good at it. Amy tries to intimidate Julie but isn't successful. Julie insults Amy and is about to be set free when Amy learns which camera produced the faulty footage. She suggests footage from another camera. The alternate camera footage shows that Julie is innocent. However, both Amy and Dina have taken a dislike to Julie. Jonah and Emma are seen playing a video game. Amy joins them and Emma casually mentions Jonah taught her to use a maxipad.

"Secret Shopper": With reports that a secret shopper may visit the store, Jonah says he received a perfect score on a corporate test which astounds Amy as she considers him bad at his job. Jonah proudly shows Amy a framed photo of him in the hallway commemorating his perfect score. Amy asks Jonah to stock charcoal in the Patio department but he points out that corporate wants this in Grocery. Amy disagrees and doesn't care that it goes against policy. Jonah stacks charcoal in Grocery while Glenn worries about the secret shopper. Amy asks Jonah why he disobeyed her and Glenn vouches for putting charcoal in Grocery not wanting to make any mistakes. Glenn lauds Jonah's knowledge, test score and comments that Amy hasn't done anything impressive in a while. In Patio, Jonah gives Amy a jar of olives as a peace offering. Amy tells Jonah not to go over her head to Glenn and to hang up signs in Patio that charcoal is now in Grocery. Jonah says there's a policy against that which exasperates Amy. Amy returns to Patio to find Jonah hasn't hung up the signs. Over the P.A. system, Amy asks Jonah to report to Patio and they proceed to have an argument over the P.A. for all to hear. Finally Amy swears at Jonah and hangs up. In Glenn's office, Amy is rebuked by Glenn and told to get along with Jonah unless she wants to work moving inventory. Amy is next seen moving large boxes. In the Warehouse, Jonah seeks an apology from Amy but isn't successful so points out they need some toys that are stocked on a top shelf. Amy gets in a forklift but is unsure how to operate it. She refuses Jonah's help until she crashes into some boxes. Jonah and Amy take turns trying to operate the forklift and proceed to damage a number of items. Finally, Amy topples over a whole shelving unit which dumps many boxes and their contents onto the floor. Amy and Jonah are laying on the floor throwing stuffed toys and start to open up to each other. Amy is taking college courses and found it annoying that Jonah was talking about his perfect test score.

"Color Wars": Glenn divides the staff into two competing sales teams and offers a pizza party as the prize to the winning team. Glenn is disappointed that no one is working harder and complains to Amy. She indicates that pizza isn't much motivation. Glenn says that each member of the winning team also gets $100. Amy volunteers to tell everyone but gathers only her Gold team in the Break Room to tell them. Jonah is having a hard time selling customers things they don’t need so Amy takes him aside to tell him the Red team now knows about the $100 prize and he needs to step it up. Jonah sells a BBQ and TV to Amy's husband Adam, not knowing he is Amy's husband. Jonah finds out who Adam is and he tries to talk Adam out of his purchases and offers to pay for them himself until Amy catches them. Adam and Amy argue and Jonah slips away. Later at the pizza party, Amy opens up to Jonah about her marriage.

"Wedding Day Sale": Cheyenne and Bo are shopping at the store for their wedding. They run into Amy and Bo asks where some expensive items are which he intends to buy and destroy at their wedding. Amy asks if they are going to save any money for their baby which brings confused looks from the two. As Bo is playing a video game, Amy again brings up saving money to Cheyenne. She then has Bo "shoot" essential baby items with a pricing gun so they can see how much it costs. As Amy continues to talk about the life change a baby brings, the weight of the responsibility hits Bo. He panics and runs out of the store. Since Bo ran off with the pricing gun, Dina intends to hunt him down and has a taser. Amy goes along to ensure Dina doesn't get out of hand. In Dina's truck, Amy finds Dina has open bean cans and no radio. Dina offers to sing a song to pass the time but she doesn't know any songs Amy names. Amy and Dina spot Bo riding his bike. Amy calls out to him but he pedals faster and they lose him. Amy and Dina are eating lunch on the tailgate of Dina's truck and talking about Bo. Amy knows what Bo and Cheyenne are in for having been married and had a child in her teens as well. Dina still doesn't want to go back to the store so as Amy looks at a beauty salon, she suggests they pamper themselves. Dina has other ideas and they go to the Firing-Line. At the Firing-Line, Dina starts to review gun basics and is surprised when Amy loads, cocks and hits her target's bulls eye with a tight grouping. She explains her favorite uncle was a cop and bought her a pistol for her quinceañera. Amy looks into the gun store and finds Bo there handing out his résumé. He didn't abandon Cheyenne, he's trying to get a job. Amy and Dina return Bo back to the store to find Cheyenne in a beautiful wedding dress. They make up while Amy and Dina wonder how long their marriage will last. Dina warns Amy to not speak of the work flirtation she confided. Amy assures her it will stay between friends.

"All-Nighter": The store is closed and the staff are waiting for a customer to leave. Amy is anxious to get home to study for a mid-term. Glenn announces that the staff have to stay late to hang new signs when suddenly the lights go out. Glenn says that corporate controls the lights and locks. Amy is frantic and tries without success to open the front door. At the front door, Glenn explains to Cheyenne and Amy that they'll need to wait for his wife to arrive to get the codes from the car. However, they see a man walking by outside and wave him down. They write instructions on cards to the man but he gets a key from above a wheel on Glenn's car and steals it. Locked in the store, Glenn starts a party. Stories are shared and Amy tells her about the Photo Lab and its unofficial name the "bang room". Jonah catches Amy walking on a checkout belt and she tells him she got into a good college but got pregnant and had to support her family. She then throws up. In the bathroom, Jonah gives Amy some water while she mentions she doesn't regret getting married. About to mention what she does regret, she throws up again while Jonah holds her hair. In the morning the store opens and Amy tells Jonah she's going to her college mid-term hung over and on no sleep.

"Demotion": After Dina steps down as assistant manager to pursue a relationship with Jonah, Glenn calls Amy to his office and asks her to be assistant manager. She declines as she is too busy with night college. Glenn's first choice for assistant manager is elderly Myrtle but Amy talks him out of this and offers to assist him with interviews. After interviewing many candidates, Amy doesn't see anyone qualified which leads Glenn to imply she should take the position but she walks out. Amy sees Glenn trying to do his job and the assistant manager job and reluctantly agrees to be assistant manager. Glenn mentions to Amy some of the perks that come with the assistant manager position, one of which is that the company will pay for half of her college courses. She wonders why he didn't mention this in the first place. They enter the Break Room to find Mateo dressed as Uncle Sam with sparklers and his presentation playing. Glenn says Amy has taken the job and that he didn't know that Mateo was interested.

"Labor": Pregnant Cheyenne screams that the baby is coming. Amy lowers her to the floor while Mateo runs to get towels but the contractions stop. The next day in the Break Room, Cheyenne is having difficulty breathing but won't go home as she needs the money. Amy tries to figure out ways Cheyenne can be at home and still get paid until Jonah convinces her they should call corporate and ask about paid maternity leave. They call and employee services says no but when Jonah mentions that other companies with unions do have it, they are immediately transferred to the vice president. He asks them to "step back from the ledge" and when Amy says no one is forming a union or going on strike, that makes things worse and many corporate staff are invited on the call. They are told that someone will be visiting the store first thing in the morning. After Steve gives an anti-union session, in the Stock Room, Jonah is showing a sample union card to Amy. They argue about the practicality of forming a union until they realize that Cheyenne is having her baby on the other side of the door. Glenn "suspends" Cheyenne with pay which results in his firing. Amy approaches Jonah and they lead a walk-out of the staff.

Season Two

S02E20-Amy at wedding.jpg

The attraction between Jonah and Amy grows during his second year at the store and her marriage to Adam becomes increasingly strained. Amy meets her childhood hero, Olympian Missy Jones but learns that Missy's motivational techniques are hard to duplicate. After he and Amy lead a walk out in protest over Glenn losing his job, they are the staff representation in dealing with district manager Jeff Sutin. They lead the staff in a strike but ultimately go back to work and get Glenn his job back. Back at work, Amy deals with Marcus losing his thumb and is nearly fired by Jeff but is saved by Dina. She assigns Jonah to the gun counter which results in an NRA protest and is disappointed by Adam's selfishness. Jonah and Amy have a series of increasingly edgy dares that ends when Jonah walks into the store wearing only an apron and is caught by Adam. During the 2016 election, Amy and Jonah team up to get a pro-worker candidate elected and she is jealous to learn Jonah is dating Naomi. Adam is hired as a seasonal worker and he and Amy have sex in the store to try and show her co-workers that her marriage is OK. On Black Friday, she goes through a pregnancy scare and along with the rest of the staff, gets food poisoning. Amy finds over $900 in a lost and found item but won't spend the money on herself much to Jonah's annoyance. After the staff learn she's in marriage counselling, Dina kidnaps her for a ladies' lunch after which she dyes her hair blonde. Amy meddles in the love triangle between Mateo, Jeff and Sandra which ends up revealing many secrets. Jonah meets Amy's parents and he teaches her to let others take care of themselves. Amy meddles in Jonah's new relationship with Glenn's daughter Kristen. At Cheyenne's wedding, Amy realizes her marriage may be over. When a tornado hits the store, she shelters with Jonah and kisses him. |episodes = "Olympics": Amy meets her childhood hero, Olympian Missy Jones but learns that Missy's motivational techniques are hard to duplicate. She discourages Cheyenne and others from using the "dream card" technique as they believe anything written on a card will come true.

"Strike": After the staff walk out in protest over Glenn being fired, district manager Jeff Sutin comes to the store. He has Dina asks Jonah and Amy to meet in the Break Room. Amy and Jonah talk to the staff and he suggests that they ask for more than getting Glenn his job back. Jonah and Amy march into the store and change into business suits. After meeting with Jeff, he mocks the walkout which results in Amy and Jonah leaving and announcing a strike to the staff. The next day, Amy and Jonah admire the staff in a picket line, dressed in red "Boycott Cloud 9" shirts. A news crew shows up and a reporter interviews Amy as to the reason for the protest. A number of other protests have gathered on the parking lot and she is slow in getting to the point. Amy is interrupted by Maggie who is protesting transgenders using bathrooms. As Amy says this is not the issue, another protester wants statehood for Puerto Rico. Amy finally gets out that Cloud 9 is a rat and points towards an inflatable teddy bear, which was supposed to be a rat. This ends the interview. Customers are still shopping so Amy suggests the strikers go into the store and stop them. Amy stands on a table and asks customers to support their boycott. The strikers exit the store enthused. The strike peters out until only Amy and Jonah are left. They agree to end the strike...for now.

"Back to Work": In the store, Jonah and Amy start talking to Jeff about grievances but he interrupts them and says he wants to see the store at normal operations and then they can talk about how everyone can improve. Amy takes exception to this. No one is working the deli so Amy and Marcus go in back to set up. Marcus wants to work the meat slicer and on the first pass cuts himself. He thinks it is just a nick until Amy shrieks and sees his thumb on the floor. Amy puts Marcus' thumb in a container of guacamole and tells him they are going to the hospital. Amy tries to get Marcus out of the store and to the hospital but runs into Jeff and Glenn. She puts down the guacamole in a basket and distracts them but forgets the guacamole on her way out. Cheyenne is showing photos of her baby to a group of staff who Amy grabs to help hunt down the guacamole with Marcus' thumb in it. She says they have 45 minutes to find it when they are interrupted by Jeff and Glenn so Amy pretends she is giving a tornado preparedness talk. Jeff asks Amy to gather the staff in the Break Room which delays them from looking for the thumb. The staff scatter and try and find the thumb. Jeff and Glenn happen on a group discussing the search when a customer walks up with the guacamole and thumb. Amy is worried Jeff will fire her for the accident but Glenn says everyone will walk out to support her which Dina overhears. Dina finds out Jeff intends to file a report on Amy but Dina says she'll tell corporate that an untrained worker cut off his thumb while Jeff was in the store. Jeff doesn't file the report.

"Guns, Pills, and Birds": Amy assigns Jonah to the gun counter which he objects to. Jonah catches Amy buying lots of frozen pizzas for the weekend as her husband Adam will be taking her daughter Emma on a camping trip. Jonah has a customer who is deranged and he seeks advice from Amy, she agrees he shouldn't get a gun. As Amy agrees to clean-up vomit for Sandra, she gets a call from Adam. He won't be able to take Emma camping, ruining Amy's weekend. Jonah starts refuses service to all gun customers so Amy tries to get him to be more reasonable. An irate customer organizes an NRA protest in the store which results in he and Jonah arguing. Amy finally boils over and she tells both of them that they are acting like children and need to accept that not everything will go their way. Amy then reveals that her weekend plans were spoiled and it's pointed out that she's throwing a fit. Feeling bad that Amy's weekend was spoiled, Jonah offers to work the gun counter properly. Amy realizes his offer is because he feels sorry for her so she doesn't want him to work the counter and they start arguing.

"Spokesman Scandal": After Cloud 9's corporate spokesman Kyle the Cloud 9 Cloud is arrested for murder, many Kyle items need to be removed from the store including a mural which Amy and Jonah paint over. In the Stock Room, Jonah and Amy are throwing away more Kyle items including an outfit. Jonah dares Amy to wear it into the store and when she refuses, calls her a chicken. She relents and walks into the store to the horror of the customers. Glenn tells Amy and Jonah that Kyle was killing people because he was high. They say that if this were true, half the employees would be killers. Amy has dared Jonah to stay in a freezer. Jonah now dares Amy to sing the theme song from "Charles in Charge" over the P.A. system in both English and Spanish. Amy and Jonah ride a kayak on wheels through the store and tell Jeff they are product testing. The final dare has Jonah wearing only an apron into the store. He shows Amy but doesn't notice her husband Adam is with her until it's too late.

"Dog Adoption Day": After seeing Cheyenne and Bo fight, Amy meddles and encourages Cheyenne to explore other options which leads to Cheyenne inviting Cole from high school to the store. Amy finds he was Cheyenne's high school teacher. He is middle aged, creepy and tries to dominate Cheyenne. Cheyenne cozies up to Cole so Amy pulls her away and tries to convince her to stay with Bo. Bo sees Cole flirting with Cheyenne and fights him.

"Halloween Theft": It's Halloween and all the staff are in costume except for Dina who they make fun of and Amy calls a "Booge" (Boo + Scrooge). Amy, Jonah and Glenn are handing out candy to kids when Dina interrupts and gives a wildly excessive warning to the parents about their kids accepting candy from strangers. Jonah and Amy distract her by lying that they saw "sketchy types" heading for the Warehouse. The staff sans Dina meet in the Warehouse and Amy tries to get the thief to confess to stealing fruit that Dina is hunting for so they can all go home. To ease things, she recalls how she shoplifted as a kid which prompts others to reveal secrets. Amy tells Mateo and Glenn that the Chesterfield Store hasn't thrown out their irregular produce so they can collect it and pass it off as being misplaced in their store. They arrive at Chesterfield and Amy and Mateo collect irregular produce. While driving back to the store, Amy gets a call from her daughter Emma. Emma wants to go to a friend's house instead of trick or treating with her Mom. Amy meets Jonah in the Break Room and is depressed that Emma isn't going trick or treating.

"Election Day": On election day 2016, Jonah and Amy enter the Break Room to find election pamphlets from Cloud 9 corporate. In Glenn's Office they complain to him that the pamphlets tell the workers to vote for a pro-business candidate and derides one who is pro-worker. They show the pamphlet to Garrett who doesn't care and and decide to create their own pamphlet. Amy and Jonah deliberate over the font to use in their pamphlets while Garrett mocks them. At a staff gathering, Amy and Jonah hand out their pamphlet and encourage the staff to vote for the pro-worker candidate. They approach more staff including those in the Warehouse and watch as they vote pro-worker. Amy and Jonah have a break and are practicing their Brooklyn accents. They complement each other and are having a good time. Amy is relating a story to Jonah when they are interrupted by an attractive woman who Jonah introduces as Naomi, whom he is dating. Jonah says he'll have to hand out pamphlets later and Amy appears a bit put off. Naomi leaves the store and Jonah goes back to help Amy with the pamphlets. However, she now has Marcus taking Jonah's place. When their candidate wins, Marcus tries to kiss Amy.

"Seasonal Help": Amy isn't happy that Jonah suggests Adam get a seasonal temp job at the store and is even less happy when Adam reveals personal details when introduced to the staff. Amy criticizes the way Adam is stocking a shelf causing tension between them. Amy asks Glenn if Adam can work a different shift than her. Glenn says he's not surprised since their marriage is in trouble which evokes disbelieve from Amy. After learning other staff think Amy's marriage is shaky, she overcompensates when around Adam and starts laughing and kissing him. Amy takes Adam into the Photo Lab to have sex but he gets annoyed that she didn't tell him the lab had a large format printer which would have helped one of his failed businesses. She entices him further and he forgets. Amy then brags to her co-workers that she and Adam had sex in the Lab. She then talks to Adam about the state of their marriage and tries to convince herself that it's OK.

"Black Friday": As Jonah films Amy taking inventory when she becomes nauseated and leaves. Amy calls her husband Adam indicating she might be pregnant. Amy goes to the Pharmacy to get a pregnancy test from Tate who is teasing her when Jonah happens to film and overhear them. Jonah is waiting for Amy when she comes out of the bathroom. She's not pregnant and he doesn't know how to react. Jonah runs into the bathroom and finds Amy is in the next stall. Jonah tries to make conversation but Amy tells him they don't have to. Both sit uncomfortably on the toilet. Amy tells Jonah she's relieved she's not pregnant. Amy is by herself and calls Adam to tell him she's not pregnant but she makes a slip and says she's not happy.

"Lost and Found": In the Warehouse, the staff are gathered around the lost and found bin. Amy draws a beautiful leather jacket which Mateo clearly wants so she trades it for the cargo shorts he drew. Amy is on the phone arguing with her husband Adam when Jonah models the cargo pants for her. Jonah starts to empty the pockets joking that the items are Amy's and are surprised to pull out a wad of cash. Amy wants to spend the money on necessities for her family until Jonah convinces her to pamper herself. Amy and Jonah enter the Break Room to be greeted by everyone wanting to know about the money. Everyone looks at her expectantly and she agrees with one of the asks – to spend the money upgrading the Break Room which disappoints Jonah. Amy and a few staff are shopping for items for the Break Room and Jonah is trying to make her feel bad for not being selfish. He makes several very unnecessary purchases to get Amy to stop trying to appease everyone. Later in the Break Room, Amy is angry at Tate for hogging a relaxation chair and is annoyed with Sandra for finding the owner of the money. Glenn cheers her up in the Warehouse by listening to her marriage problems.

"Rebranding": Amy is put off by corporate VP Rex and his enthusiasm but warms to him when she finds out he went to school with Jonah and has stories and videos to share about Jonah that are embarrassing. Rex mentions that Jonah's enrollment is still active and he can go back to school. This brings concern from Amy and Glenn.

"Ladies' Lunch": After Glenn tells the staff that Amy is in marriage counselling, Dina catches Amy in the Break Room and invites her to a ladies' lunch which Amy refuses. As Amy and Sandra are loading a dresser into a delivery truck, Dina closes the door on them and kidnaps Amy for a ladies' lunch. The restaurant Dina has chosen for Amy's lunch is The Charhouse, a very old school steakhouse. Cheyenne, Sandra, Carol, Justine and Myrtle also come. Dina lays down ground rules for conversation and as they order drinks, Amy makes it apparent she's in a hurry to end lunch. Dina is discouraged and admits this is the first time she's tried to organize such a lunch. Amy feels guilty, comes around and asks the waiter for another round of drinks. Amy talks about her marriage and is hopeful it will work out. However, she admits she is not good at change – she's had the same hair style since high school. Cheyenne and Amy walk into the store a bit drunk and Marcus approaches Amy and while leering at her says he'll be around. Jonah warns Amy that she might hear something about him wanting to "win" her and that it's not the case. When he finds out she is drunk he rebukes her and says she should go home. Instead of going home, Amy and Cheyenne go to the beauty counter where Cheyenne gives her a hair trim. Amy takes the scissors and cuts a big chunk from her own hair much to Cheyenne's surprise and delight.

"Valentine's Day": At the front door, elderly greeter Arthur is sweetly saying hello to a little girl. Myrtle walks by and Amy sees Arthur swoon. Arthur confesses that he has a crush on Myrtle. Amy hears Myrtle mention she'll feed the ducks later and asks if she dates anymore. Myrtle asks Amy to set her up. Amy sends Arthur to work in women's wear with Myrtle in the hopes they'll hit it off. In the Surveillance Office Amy and Glenn watch Arthur and Myrtle but it doesn't appear they are interacting. In the Break Room, Amy and Glenn are waiting for Myrtle having filled her locker with Valentines gifts which are purportedly from Arthur. She burst into tears and exclaims that Arthur won't leave her alone. In Glenn's Office, Amy and Glenn are on the phone with corporate who informs them that Myrtle has filed a sexual harassment complaint against them both and Arthur. Corporate relates Myrtle's complaint to Amy and Glenn and while the facts are essentially true, it misrepresents their well-meaning intent. Amy goes to the jewellery counter to apologize to Myrtle and she wonders if Myrtle mis-interpreted what Arthur said so Myrtle accuses Amy of blaming the victim. As they begin to argue, several customers join in the conversation and take everything Amy is saying to extremes. Finally, when Amy says Myrtle "asked for it" (a date), they all gasp. As a result, Jeff shows the staff a training video on sexual harassment starring Corporate Woman in the Break Room. At day end, Amy and Jonah work late and have fun destroying the Valentines decorations.

"Super Hot Store": When the store's heating system malfunctions, Amy finds a pallet of yogurt leaking on the floor. She asks the new Warehouse supervisor Marcus if he can deal with it. As Amy helps a customer in the dressing rooms, Jonah brings in a customer who slipped on the leaking yogurt. Amy and Jonah enter the Warehouse to find out why Marcus didn't deal with the spill. His staff are really hot so Amy says she'll get one of her people to deal with it. As she's leaving, Marcus calls her a sourpuss and tells her to smile more. Amy announces on the P.A. system that the warehouse staff are responsible for cleaning the spill. Jonah mediates the dispute between Amy and Marcus but things escalate until Amy fires Marcus. The Warehouse crew walks out to protest Marcus being fired leaving Amy's crew to unload a truck. Amy is walking backwards carrying a large box with Jonah, slips and flies down a loading roller and hurts her arm. Amy and Jonah sit outside on loading bay. As they talk, both start feeling like themselves again and remember they fired Marcus. Amy and Jonah try to figure out how to get Marcus back when he returns and apologizes, blaming the heat. Amy cancels the firing and "warns" him.

"Wellness Fair": In Glenn's Office, Glenn is on the phone with Amy who is calling in sick. Dina overhears and tells Glenn she is faking. Amy is faking to see a movie with daughter Emma. Amy hides as she sees Jeff outside the theatre and to her surprise, watches as Mateo appears and kisses Jeff. The next day in the Break Room, Dina tries to get Amy to confess she was faking being sick. Amy tells Cheyenne and Garrett that she saw Jeff with Mateo. They already knew the secret and is adamant that she shouldn't get involved. Amy confronts Mateo and finds out the truth - that he has been dating Jeff all along and Sandra has been lying. Amy asks Cheyenne and Garrett why they didn't tell her the truth about Sandra. Amy thinks she can fix things if she gathers all the staff and tries to protect Sandra's feelings. Amy tries to change everyone's negative opinions about Sandra by lying. Cheyenne lies that Sandra is pregnant just as Glenn enters the room. Amy asks everyone to keep this quiet but Glenn wants to plan a baby shower. Mateo has found out the pregnancy lie and asks Amy and Cheyenne how they are going to fix it. In the Break Room, Sandra comes clean and many disturbing secrets are revealed for which Amy takes the blame. Amy teases Garrett about having sex with Dina so he tells Dina that Amy was playing hooky from work the day before.

"Integrity Award": At the loading dock, Jonah catches Amy grinding the gears on a Cloud 9 Delivery Truck. He finds out she's using the truck to help her parents move and offers to drive. Jonah and Amy arrive at Amy's parent's house. Jonah is excited to ask embarrassing questions about Amy but she says her parents are at the new house or else she would never have brought him. However, Connie and Ron are home and there's lots of packing left to be done. Jonah is getting way too chummy with Connie so Amy tells Ron that Jonah loves art. Ron has a room filled with portraits he's painted of celebrities. He tells Jonah he can take one which he reluctantly does, then Ron wants $30 for it. Jonah joins Amy in her bedroom which is decorated with many pictures of Scott Wolf. He notices they have a lot in common including being on the debate team and liking theatre. Amy believes the packing will never get done until Jonah says she should just leave it to her parents to do and go. They climb out the window. Now in the delivery truck, a weight has lifted from Amy and she and Jonah are singing as they drive back to work. They arrive back at the store to see it being evacuated. Amy says the staff can handle whatever the problem is and they drive away to have lunch and eat it in the truck and discuss their 90's celebrity crushes.

"Mateo's Last Day": Glenn reads some Yelp! reviews on the store but is concerned with a bad one from "Frenchfryguy81" that Amy tries to get him to ignore. Glenn has invited "Frenchfryguy81" (Tim) to the store and introduces him to Amy. Tim writes several more bad reviews on the store even though Glenn has treated him nicely so Amy confronts Tim at his apartment. Amy pushes her way into the apartment which she finds is cramped, full of hoarded items and rabbits. Tim describes the sad state of his life and says that the internet is the only place he gets to win. Amy can relate and shares struggles in her life. Tim offers to be friends and they shake. In Glenn's Office, Amy is incensed to read Tim's latest review in which he calls her names and a psycho stalker.

"Glenn's Kids": Glenn sees Jonah and Kristen flirting and flags down Amy. He confides that they dating would be a disaster. Jonah seeks advice from Amy on dating Kristen. Amy warns him that she is the boss' daughter but Jonah thinks Amy wants to keep him for herself. Glenn asks Amy to stop Jonah from dating Kristen so she lies to Kristen that Jonah smokes crystal meth. Jonah confronts Amy about her lie to Kristen. Amy explains that Glenn doesn't want him dating Kristen even though he said yes. At the photo backdrop, Jonah gathers Kristen, Amy and Glenn to find out the truth. Glenn and Amy both say the other is lying and argue back and forth until Kristen asks Glenn if he is meddling in her life. Seeing how anguished Glenn is, Amy relents and says she was lying and that she does have a crush on Jonah (even though she wasn't lying). As Glenn's kids gather for a family photo he invites Jonah to join them and Amy appears jealous of him teasing Kristen.

"Spring Cleaning": Amy and Garrett find photos that a customer never picked up. From looking at who is in the pics, they believe the pics belong to a past employee and go to extravagant lengths to try and find out who. They ask Tate, search on the internet and even try to figure out where the person now lives from clues in the photos. In the end, they see from posters displayed around the store that the person is a model.

"Cheyenne's Wedding": Adam and Amy are greeted by Jonah who is awkward around Adam and forgets to introduce his girlfriend Kristen. At the dinner, Jonah finds that he and Kristen are at the same table as Amy and Adam. Jonah sits as far away from Amy as he can but doesn't sit next to Kristen. The toasts start and Amy takes the mic from Dina and says congratulations to Cheyenne and Bo. She relates how much alike her situation was with Cheyenne's (married young due to pregnancy) and as her speech continues, it ends up being an uncomfortable relating on the sad state of her marriage. Dina takes back the mic and starts making fun of Amy's marriage. Adam looks uncomfortable and upset. Adam tells Amy he wants to leave and she should stay. She starts to apologize for the toast but he asks if they would have been married if she hadn't been pregnant. Amy wonders if Adam would have asked her to marry him. Neither reply to the questions and with finality, Adam asks what they are doing then. Jonah walks outside and finds Amy sitting on a bench alone. He tells her Kristen has taken a break from their relationship and Amy says Adam went home. Jonah turns to walk away and Amy says she thinks her marriage is over. Jonah sits down and says she'll get through this and jokingly describes her negative traits. They laugh and then he gets serious about her positive attributes. He goes bit too far and calls her sexy which surprises Amy. Amy ends the conversation and they go inside to watch the cake cutting.

"Tornado": Amy and Dina press Glenn to decide which six employees will be fired. Seeing staff getting squirrely, Amy goes to Glenn's Office and finds he's spread all the employee files on his office floor. Amy tries to help Glenn rate the employees but his rating system keeps escalating making it meaningless. When the tornado warning sounds, Amy and Jonah shelter in the Pharmacy. As the tornado hits the store and starts tearing it apart, Amy kisses Jonah. In the parking lot after the tornado abates, Amy thanks Jonah for comforting her, seems uncomfortable and is interrupted by the arrival of Adam and Emma.

Season Three

S03E05-Amy as Selena-long.jpg

Amy tries to deal with the store's re-opening and the fallout of her kiss with Jonah during the tornado. She makes light of the kiss when she and Jonah are both dressed as Minions. Amy gets Dina to address her post-tornado anxieties by opening up in the Storm Shelter. Amy's daughter Emma is hired part-time at the store and Amy tries to be the cool mom to win favor with Emma over her father Adam. This back-fires so Amy solicits help to discipline Emma. Amy realizes she has no social life and is jealous of those at work that go to trivia night. On Halloween, Amy is dressed as Selena and meddles with a dating app on Jonah's phone and won't address her mistake honestly until forced to. On Christmas Eve, Amy proves to everyone that she'll be "Craymie" (crazy Amy) in the new year. In response to Kelly dating Jonah and her Instagram videos, Amy creates her own videos which inadvertently reflects badly on her and the store. She throws a disastrous Golden Globes Party and admits her life is in shambles. Amy, Dina and Jonah prevent the store from being re-classified as "Quad-A". Cheyenne's mother Brandi visits the store and has conflicts with both Amy and Cheyenne. To prove she's still desirable, Amy sleeps with Tate. After Jonah gives Amy a hard to get video game, she admits to Dina that she has a crush on Jonah. A video of Amy kissing Jonah on the day the tornado hit the store is seen by the staff. Amy openly admits she had a crush on Jonah to which Jonah reacts awkwardly, causing him to apologize to Kelly and they agree to move in together. Dina sets up Amy on a horrible double date but she ends up meeting Alex. Amy and Jonah can't prevent Myrtle from being fired at Laurie's insistence. Amy feels her Latina identity is threatened when she doesn't understand Alex's Spanish. With Jonah's help, Amy seeks a raise and causes him to miss a date with Kelly. After discovering she's pregnant, Amy kisses Jonah and tells him. Jonah and Amy fight over their inability to discuss the kiss. Amy and Jonah have sex in the Photo Lab which is broadcast to Cloud 9 stores all over the world. |episodes = "Grand Re-Opening": Jonah and Amy have an uncomfortable conversation as they are stocking shelves and try to convince themselves that they don't need to talk about their kiss during the tornado. Glenn shares an email from Jeff that (to their shock) the store will open that afternoon with Amy and Dina and they argue over whether the wording is clear or not. Amy gathers some staff and emphasizes speed over quality. Glenn is berating Earl's work on stocking a shelf so in order to distract him, Amy asks how his speech for the store opening is going. Amy needs help unloading a truck and to avoid Jonah, picks Myrtle instead. Glenn listens to a recording of his voice with Amy and Jonah. He can't understand why his voice sounds high on the recording but they are interrupted by Dina who has found Minions costumes. She tells Amy and Jonah to pick them up and when they protest, she lists reasons why other staff can't. In Jonah's car, Amy comments how uncomfortable the situation is. While picking up the Minion costumes Jonah asks if he and Amy are still friends. She says yes but he wonders why they didn't talk in the car. She admits things are awkward and that she doesn't know how to act around him anymore. At the store, Amy and Jonah struggle trying to get into the Minion costumes. Later, Amy and Jonah are greeting customers while wearing the Minion costumes and Amy tells Jonah that she and Adam are getting divorced. Jonah offers to talk but Amy asks if he'd like to have sex. After a pause she says she's kidding.

"Brett Is Dead": At Brett's memorial service, Amy gives a eulogy which Glenn interrupts saying that Brett's death isn't a certainty as no body was found. Later, as Jonah talks to Amy about the service, he says that no one he's ever known has died or been in a major accident. He starts wondering how Garrett became disabled but Amy doesn't know. At the store front, Dina is staring out the window anxiously. Amy checks in on her, Dina admits she hasn't been sleeping. Amy asks Jonah and Garrett if they notice anything odd with Dina's behavior but neither do. A thunder clap sends Dina into a panic and she orders everyone into the Storm Shelter. Later, Amy catches Dina loading a shopping cart with supplies for the shelter. Amy can't dissuade Dina from fixating on getting supplies for the shelter so she goes to Glenn's Office and tells Glenn that Dina needs professional help. Glenn gathers the staff in the Break Room to address this which causes Dina to be upset with Amy. Brett appears and Amy and Glenn watch Brett bag items and she explains that he escaped the tornado by driving away in his car. In the shelter, Amy tries to drag Dina out and finally gets Dina to open up about her troubles. However, Dina goes back to her childhood and relates many tragic stories which she can't stop telling.

"Part-Time Hires": In the Break Room, Glenn welcomes Amy's daughter Emma as the newest part-time employee. Emma is embarrassed and questions Amy who had nothing to do with providing the pictures. Jonah tries to converse with Emma until Amy orders Emma to clean up the dressing rooms. Emma groans as she leaves which prompts Jonah to warn Amy that if she's tough on Emma, this will make her ex Adam the "good guy". Amy believes it is her role as a parent to instil disciple in Emma. Amy discovers that Emma and Adam have been spending a lot time together which prompts jealousy and a movie invitation which Emma declines due to plans with her Dad. Amy runs to Jonah for advice and agrees she needs to be nicer until Emma likes her better than Adam. Amy tries gossiping with Emma until a customer starts yelling at Emma. Amy shouts him down which Emma finds awesome. While mopping, Emma shares a secret so Amy lets her leave the floor wet. Justine slips on the wet spot and lands on her face. Amy tells Jonah she's angry with herself for trying to be friends with Emma and that it's OK for Jonah to be strict with her. Amy shares her concerns about Emma with Glenn. He gets her to realize that Emma's churlish behaviour is normal for a teenager so Amy can go back to being strict with her.

"Workplace Bullying": After the store is robbed, the staff are concerned for their safety so Amy hands out kazoos to act as rape whistles. She also has a draw for "parking lot buddies" for the staff to pair up when leaving the store at night. Amy finds out many of the staff go to trivia night without her. Amy tries to impress Cheyenne, Mateo and Kelly with her trivia knowledge. Amy approaches Sandra, Roger and others about an after-work activity and Myrtle suggests bowling. They respond with such great need and creepiness that Amy backs out and makes an excuse that she forgot that Emma has a "thing". Their shift over, Cheyenne and Mateo are getting ready to leave while Amy inquires about their plans. Kelly walks by and says she'll see them at trivia which provokes an outburst from Amy as to why she isn't invited. They explain she always said no in the past and invite her to meet them at 10:00pm. Amy realizes she's not used to staying up late and complains softly that she's so tired. In the parking lot, Sandra is waiting outside to be parking lot buddies with Amy who tells her she's going to trivia with Mateo and Cheyenne.

"Sal's Dead": On Halloween, a construction worker asks what Amy's costume is, she replies she is Selena who she says was Beyoncé before Beyoncé. Kelly thought Amy's costume was J.Lo. At Customer Service, Jonah is looking at a dating app on his phone with Garrett. When Jonah finds a woman he's interested in, Amy grabs his phone and starts criticizing the women on the app. Glenn arrives and demands Jonah's help so he leaves his phone with Amy. Amy discovers that Kelly has a profile on the dating app and she accidentally matches her with Jonah. Garrett encourages Amy to tell Kelly what happened but Amy wants to "sneak up like a ninja" and steal Kelly's phone and cancel the notification. At the staff bathrooms, a ninja figure is seen trailing Kelly but this turns out to be Robin who Amy tells to get out of her way. In the bathroom, Amy asks to borrow Kelly's phone but as Kelly is typing in the passcode, she gets a notification that she tells Amy is good news. In the Break Room, Kelly sits with Jonah expectantly but is interrupted by Amy. In order to prevent Kelly from connecting with Jonah, Amy tells Kelly to end her lunch and work a cash register. Amy won't give Jonah his phone back and leaves. Kelly sends Jonah a wink on the dating app which Amy sees as she still has Jonah's phone. She texts Kelly that she's great but he shouldn't be dating right now. Amy shows Garrett Jonah's phone - she's made the situation much worse by continually responding to Kelly's texts and finally saying that Jonah is very ill. Amy tells Garrett that she might have figured out shift assignments that would keep Amy and Jonah apart. They hear Kelly yelling and find her confronting Jonah. She accuses him of playing mind games with her which Jonah denies. Kelly grabs a knife and threatens Jonah which results in Amy confessing to perpetrating the situation. Jonah asks Kelly to put down the knife which enrages her and she stabs Jonah. Amy and Garrett scream but then realize it's a ruse. In the Break Room, Amy, Jonah and Kelly are laughing. Amy thanks Kelly for being understanding while Kelly thanks Amy for breaking the ice for her with Jonah.

"Health Fund": In the Break Room, Mateo is groaning due to an ear infection. This starts the staff offering home remedies for various illnesses. Amy uses VapoRub. Amy is making a collection jar for Mateo and asks Jonah's opinion on the best jar sign. Amy flippantly says they can't collect money before it's needed as planning isn't the staff's forté. This gives Jonah an idea for a health fund to which Amy sarcastically says that Jonah has solved health care. As Jonah proposes a health fund to a group of staff, Amy pokes fun at Jonah. A number of staff are discussing looking forward to receiving health care and praise Jonah's efforts. After Kelly remarks that Jonah is so smart, Amy mentions that she had a part in the idea. Amy seeks out Jonah and mentions that it was her idea which led to the fund. She denies wanting credit but Jonah announces her contribution on the P.A. system and then tells Amy that the fund is a disaster. Jonah shows Amy that health claims worth $37,000 have been made in the first 4 hours of the plan and they see that certain staff have many health problems. Amy and Jonah meet with the staff who have made many health claims and diplomatically tell them that the fund isn't available to them and return their contributions. Sandra gets upset, won't accept she's out of the plan and tells them to figure out a solution. In the Break Room, Amy and Jonah meet with the staff and announce that they are not ejecting anyone from the fund but are dividing them into two groups based on projected health expenses. Amy and Jonah can't solve the health fund problem to everyone's satisfaction and after Isaac crashes into a vending machine, they are at the Pharmacy with him and Tate. They then hide out in the Storm Shelter where Kelly joins them which Amy doesn't appear to like.

"Christmas Eve": As the staff are helping Glenn with Christmas lights, mentions her divorce and her desire to be crazier in the new year which everyone scoffs at. Marcus and Corey are caught by Amy sneaking sips from a flask. They think she is going to discipline them but to prove she can be crazy, she takes several pulls from the flask. Staff are gathered around the cocoa station listening to Sandra talk about Jerry's condition. Amy arrives with Marcus and Corey in tow, spikes the cocoa urn and declares a party and herself to be "Craymie" (crazy Amy). At the party, Amy is telling stories of antics she pulled in high school which no one believes. She threatens to call Adam who will vouch that she stole a car in high school. When she calls using speaker phone, she finds to her surprise that Adam is at Bridgett's, the mom of one of her daughter Emma's friends. She hangs up in embarrassment and the staff feel bad for her. Amy, Cheyenne and Dina are looking at Bridgett's social media page. Having drunk more, Amy tells Cheyenne and Dina that she wants to go to Bridgett's house to confront Adam. Cheyenne and Dina offer to come and since they are drunk, they ride store scooters. The ladies arrive at Bridgett's house. Amy plans on knocking on the door to see the look on Adam's face until Cheyenne points out that she's stalking him. Amy realizes her mistake and tries to leave but the battery is dead on her and Cheyenne's scooters. As they try to escape on Dina's, Adam and Bridgett open the front door and confront Amy. Seated at the kitchen table in Bridgett's house, Amy makes an excuse that they are there to get Adam to confirm that Amy stole a car in tenth grade. After Adam confirms it, Dina confronts Adam as to why he's at Bridgett's and he announces that they are seeing each other. Amy is uncomfortable and wants to leave but their scooters are charging. Leaving Bridgett's house, Amy is embarrassed to have gone. The ladies hear music start up inside the house so Amy grabs a Christmas lawn ornament which Cheyenne and Dina copy. The ladies enter the store on the scooters and trumpet their stolen loot. Sitting in the store, the staff compliment Amy's antics. Amy notices that Jonah is missing.

"Viral Video": Jonah and Marcus are watching one of Kelly's Instagram videos on Janet's phone. Amy joins in and doesn't understand why they find it funny. Amy shows Justine one of Kelly's videos which Justine laughs at and then fakes that it's lame to match Amy's reaction. They then see Kelly is having breakfast at her place with Jonah which reveals to them that Jonah and Kelly are in a relationship. Amy lets Jonah know about her discovery and that she now gets why he likes her videos. Jonah genuinely likes the videos and bets Amy that she can't make one of her own that gets 100 likes by day end. The loser has to clean out the rat traps. Garrett and Jonah watch five of Amy's videos which are over-the-top. Amy shows one of the videos to Cheyenne and Dina who try to appear supportive. They conclude she's doing the videos because Jonah is dating Kelly. Jonah and Garrett watch Amy's latest video in which she's in the stores' kitchen and derides social media as she's gotten tired of how pointless and self-centered it is. However, Amy doesn't realize that there are rats in the baked products behind her. Amy flaunts her video to Jonah and that it got 15,000 views but she didn't realize the rats in the produce behind her. Jonah prepares to clean out the rat traps, having lost the bet to Amy. Amy offers to help but Kelly has already volunteered and she and Jonah begin joking around so Amy leaves in a foul mood.

"Golden Globes Party": In the Break Room, Justine asks where they'll be watching the Golden Globe Awards and Amy is surprised as she always hosts a party for it. Dina figures that Amy wouldn't host due to her divorce and Mateo believes Amy's life is in a shambles. Amy assures everyone her life is fine, that she'll host and will be BBQing. To Amy's surprise, Dina shows up for the party three hours early to help and is her usual condescending self towards Amy's appearance and the state of Amy's house. Amy cloyingly asks Garrett and Mateo if they are having a good time and insists they call the party drinks by names she's made for them from TV and other cultural references. Glenn introduces Amy to his wife Jerusha who hugs Amy and tells her that people are usually happier after a divorce. She then presents Amy with a needlepoint of a hummingbird which she does for many people using an animal that represents their personality. Glenn mentions they need to leave early as they are trying to have a baby. Amy checks on the BBQ but discovers to her horror that the propane ran out and the meat is raw. She asks for Jonah's help who tells her not worry about the food as everyone is there to watch the Golden Globes. Mateo interrupts them with news that the TV isn't working. Garrett can't fix the TV so Mateo asks Amy to call Adam for help but she refuses. In the kitchen, Amy tells Dina and Jonah that she's going to microwave the meat and tries to convince them that the party is going fine. Amy stops Glenn and his wife Jerusha from leaving (as they want to make a baby) by convincing Glenn to use her bedroom for sex. In the kitchen, Amy, Dina and Jonah scramble to get the food ready. Amy pours BBQ sauce over the microwaved meat to which Dina and Jonah can barely contain their disgust. Jerusha leads a prayer before the meal and Amy says to dig in but the sight of the meat puts everyone off. Amy admits that the party is a bust and her life is in shambles. Glenn, Sandra and Jerusha encourage Amy with stories of others who are worse off than her. Amy says her goodbyes to everyone at the door and apologies. Glenn and Jerusha take the sheets from Amy's bed to wash. Amy gets her TV working just as Dina appears from the bathroom in a bath robe having taken a shower. Amy thanks her for her help.

"High Volume Store": As the staff go into a sales frenzy to be re-classified as a "Quad-A" store and get a Pizza Hut, Amy meets Jonah and Dina by the whiteboard thermometer tracking the progress to $80,000. Jonah is suspicious of what will happen to the store if it is re-classified and convinces Amy and Dina to visit the "Quad-A" Cloud 9 Crestwood Store with him to check it out. At the Crestwood store, the associates act suspiciously. In the Break Room at the Crestwood store, the associates are comatose and crying. Amy gathers the staff for a meeting in the Warehouse to convince them not to become a "Quad-A" store. When she mentions the staff won't get to eat from the Pizza Hut everyone is on board to slow sales except Marcus who wasn't paying attention. Amy assigns staff to duties they'll be bad at including putting Kelly on a cash register which she's never done and Marcus who will "float". Amy high-fives Dina after she insults a customer but then they hear a siren go off. The staff run to the cash registers where they learn to their horror that Bo has purchased a hot tub which puts the store's sales over $80,000. In the Break Room, the staff sit depressed and try to accept the store will be "Quad-A". Kelly asks how to get money stains off her hands which makes Amy and Dina realize she's been accepting counterfeit bills. When they count the counterfeit money, it puts the sales figure under $80,000 so the store won't be re-classified. Amy hugs Kelly.

"Angels and Mermaids": Cheyenne asks Amy's advice on the best Green Day piñata for Harmonica's birthday. Amy suggests Minions or mermaids themes instead and then falsely compares Green Day to mermaids. In the Break Room, the staff help Cheyenne with items for a mermaid theme birthday party. Cheyenne introduces her mother Brandi to Amy. Brandi asks Amy if the store has a Green Day item for the birthday party and when Amy wonders what happened to the mermaid theme, Brandi politely tells her to mind her own business. Amy and Jonah watch Brandi make Cheyenne shop for Green Day items for the party and Amy expresses her anger towards Brandi. She believes that a mermaid party is objectively better than a Green Day party and walks away in disgust as Jonah says he likes Green Day and that she shouldn't butt in Cheyenne's relationship with her Mom. As they shelve items, Amy tells Cheyenne that a Green Day theme party is a mistake and that Cheyenne doesn't have to do everything her mother tells her to do. At Coffee & Bakery, Cheyenne tells Brandi she doesn't want to do a Green Day party resulting in admonishment from Brandi towards Amy for meddling. This starts Cheyenne on a tirade of bad choices including not going to college. Amy's tries to address the choices but can't get a word in over Cheyenne while Brandi glares at Amy. Brandi and Amy (who's now on Brandi's side) meet with Cheyenne and tell her she needs to make better life choices. Amy is surprised when Brandi says Cheyenne has to dump Bo. Cheyenne leaves and gives them the finger. Brandi and Cheyenne have worked out their differences and tease Amy for giving too much advice. Cody walks by and insults Amy's hair.

"Groundhog Day": The store has a live groundhog on display which Amy finds delightful. She talks to the animal's handler Devon while Mateo and Cheyenne look on. When Devon finds out Amy is divorced, he asks her out but Amy is so shocked she stammers and then accidentally puts her hand in the groundhog cage. The groundhog bites her and the cage is knocked over. At the Pharmacy, Tate treats Amy's groundhog bite while Cheyenne gives Amy kudos for Devon flirting with her. Tate makes derogatory comments on Amy getting back into dating and Mateo offers to set Amy up with one of his five single cousins. Amy declines as she is focusing on herself and mentions some of her activities which leads Tate to conclude she is boring. Hearing that Amy is back on the market, Marcus invites Amy to his apartment which she refuses under the pretence that she won't date anyone from work. Marcus offers to quit. Mateo pretends that his awkward cousin Castor wants to speak to Amy as a customer but Amy quickly gathers that it is a setup and leaves. In the Break Room, Amy objects to Mateo trying to set her up with Castor and suggests his more attractive cousin Rogelio is in her league and asks for Cheyenne's confirmation which she doesn't give. Mateo tells Amy that she's not a "10" due to her age, being divorced and having a child. Carol opines that Amy is out of practice sexually while Amy derides the attractiveness rating system. As Cheyenne and Mateo rate various employees including Tate as a "10" and Justine as a "3", Amy is aghast when Mateo says that Amy rates just a little higher than Justine. Amy helps a handsome customer named William with a suit and hypothetically asks him if he'd date her and what rating she'd be. He's married and believes he's being asked out for real, gets uncomfortable and leaves. Amy approaches Jonah to ask what rating he thinks she is but leaves when she realizes he and Kelly are happily doing announcements together. In disgust, Amy listens to Kelly and Jonah sing an announcement. She commiserates with Tate who dismisses the opinions of Amy's low rating as coming from idiots and tells her to hold out for someone good. Amy recognizes Tate is buttering her up but she can't resist when he invites her to a bar. Next, they're both seen making out and drinking heavily at the bar. The next day as Amy enters the store, Tate approaches her enthusiastically which Amy does not reciprocate. He's very happy about their night together while Amy wants to keep it a secret. Mateo tries to set Amy up with another cousin and when Amy passes, Cheyenne says she needs to start dating again. Amy reveals she hooked up the night before and she reveals it was Tate. Since they rated Tate a "10" she says they should "do the math" on her rating. Tate approaches Amy at electronics and asks her out again. Amy says no and admits that she went out with Tate because she was feeling down and that going out with a "10" would improve things. Tate is indignant and loudly expresses that he feels used. Staff and customers hear the exchange, gather 'round and Marcus confronts Amy. Marcus says he has "dibs" on Amy and believes that Amy has to have a one-nighter with him since Tate had one. Amy says she doesn't want to date anyone which William contradicts. This makes Amy look promiscuous which angers Mateo since she turned down dating his cousins. Marcus proposes a dating schedule while Cheyenne brings Jonah up to speed on the confrontations. Jonah expresses his surprise to Amy while Tate compares himself to a human vibrator.

"Video Game Release": Inside the store, Dina announces the release of a new video game "Barbarians Gate 3" to the staff and asks them to be vigilant so that tramplings are avoided. Amy asks if a game can be set aside for her but Dina says no. Amy still wants the game and asks Dina again if she'll make an exception to the rule that employees can't buy products until their shift is over but Dina refuses. Dina leaves so Jonah encourages Amy to sneak a copy of the game out of the cage. Amy is reluctant but Jonah convinces her. Amy and Jonah are at the cage where the games are stored but can't reach them. They see a small door that leads into the cage and Jonah suggests they find the store plans and figure out how to get into the cage. In Glenn's Office, Amy and Jonah consult the store plans which Jonah reads incorrectly. Amy moves a filing cabinet and finds a small door. Amy and Jonah venture into the bowels of the store and find a ladder. Amy and Jonah are navigating a tunnel when Dina phone calls Amy asking for help control the gamers. Amy lies that she's right near Dina and is busy with a customer and hangs up. Amy and Jonah discover the recall room which is filled with merchandise that is dangerous or offensive. Amy and Jonah play with a lot of the recalled merchandise. As they play a racially offensive board game, Jonah recalls his first day on the job and gets Amy to admit that she's warmed to him over the years. They continue their quest in the tunnels and come upon a small door. They open it hoping it leads to the cage but find it comes out into a dressing room and sidle past Dennis who is trying pants on. The game sold out, Jonah surprises Amy with one that he traded for with a customer. Delighted, she asks Jonah if he'd like to see the game played but he has to meet Kelly. As he walks way, Dina sees how Amy looks at him and asks if she has a crush on Jonah which she admits to.

"Safety Training": In the Break Room as Marcus gives a presentation on human cheese, Kelly says she likes grilled cheese and Amy makes a snide comment to her. In the store Dina catches Amy watching Jonah and Kelly put up St. Patrick's Day decorations and kids Amy about her crush on Jonah. Dina warns Amy that staff are going to figure our her crush if she keeps being mean to Kelly. Amy doesn't think she's mean to Kelly so Dina has Sandra recall (using her amazing memory) various negative comments Amy made to Kelly. As Kelly is rushing to put up decorations, Amy makes friendly advances towards her. She tells Kelly that she considers her a friend and that her past comments were just jokes. Kelly isn't convinced and while they talk, a large hanging sign falls from the ceiling and crashes into a display. Kelly tells Amy she put up the sign and didn't know she needed to use bolts. Glenn discovers the mess from the fallen sign and as Kelly is about to admit to it being her fault, Amy takes responsibility. Glenn is surprised and tells Amy to clean the mess up. Kelly thanks Amy and as Amy downplays her selflessness and points out that no one got hurt, another sign Kelly put up crashes onto Mateo. In the Surveillance Office, Dina and Amy watch the video of Kelly improperly hanging a sign and Dina asks Amy why she took the blame for Kelly's mistake. Amy lies that she wants to show everyone she likes Kelly and Dina realizes it is due to Amy's crush on Jonah. Dina promises to keep the secret and vows to help sell the lie. As Kelly helps Amy clean up the mess, Dina interrupts and tells Kelly to stop as she shouldn't being cleaning up "Amy's mess". After Kelly leaves Dina whispers to Amy that she's helping Kelly not suspect Amy has a crush on Jonah. As Amy is about to re-hang the signs on a scissor lift, Glenn assigns Sandra to work with Amy and downplays the reasons why. On the scissor lift, Sandra is crowding Amy and writing down every small mistake she makes. In frustration, Amy grabs her clipboard and the lift starts to move. Sandra grabs Amy, cries out in terror and the lift crashes into a display. Glenn gathers staff who have had accidents (which include Amy) for safety training. The staff wear orange trainee vests and Glenn takes them through the basics of mopping in the middle of the store. As Amy is mopping, an acquaintance from the PTA offers her sympathy over her divorce from Adam. Dina interrupts asking for a urine sample to find out if drugs are the reason Amy is having accidents which embarrasses her. In the Warehouse, Kelly sympathizes with Amy and ponders admitting to her mistake but she's not sincere which bothers Amy. In the Surveillance Office, Amy tells Dina she feels she's overtaking the blame for Kelly's mistake. Amy wants Dina to show the video of Kelly messing up to the staff while she pretends to try and stop Dina. In the Break Room, Dina gathers the staff to show them the video of the sign falling due to Kelly's incompetence. Amy fakes that she doesn't want the video shown. Dina can't figure out how to work the playback and video of when the tornado hit the store is shown including Amy kissing Jonah. The staff gasp in shock, Kelly is stunned and Jonah and Amy are embarrassed.

"Amnesty": In the Break Room, the staff laugh at a video on a loop of Amy and Jonah kissing. Corey kiddingly points out where the condoms are to Amy and Jonah. Amy and Jonah are sick of the constant kidding which is made worse when Justine and Isaac arrive and tease them more. Jonah catches Amy eating her lunch in the Stock Room to avoid staff teasing. He relates that if they join in on the kidding, it'll stop. Sandra interrupts them and teases them with a sexual hand gesture which she gets wrong. Corey teases Amy and Jonah that he can leave them alone with a bed but they go along with the teasing and end up accidentally kissing so Justine runs off to tell everyone. A video created by Sandra of Amy and Jonah's kiss which is a parody of the a-ha "Take On Me" video is shown on the store's TVs which Amy admits is impressive. In the Break Room, Glenn introduces Pastor Craig to deal with the souls of the staff. He finishes his session which Glenn is disappointed with. Glenn recalls various things staff have admitted to which causes Amy to protest that kissing Jonah wasn't adultery and, that she thought they were about to die. Pastor Craig says everyone makes mistakes and looking at Amy and Jonah, that all have lust in their hearts. They deny any lust so he counters that he senses something going on with them. Jonah points out he's dating Kelly and admits he had a crush on Amy years ago. Amy admits she had a crush on Jonah which surprises him. They both awkwardly try to explain the attraction away which no one believes. Amy approaches a group of staff who are opining whether Jonah should be with Amy or Kelly. She tries to kid about the Jonah situation but it falls flat.

"Target": A going away party is held in the Break Room for Jeff. Jeff mentions he's a manager at a Target store. Glenn tells Amy, Justine and Mateo he's worried as Jeff knows all the store's secrets and will be stiff competition. Dina approaches Amy and tells her that she's having lunch with a guy from a pet store. The guy is bringing a friend so in a condescending manner, Dina encourages Amy to come along but she passes. In the Break Room, Amy catches Dina showing Justine a picture of the man she tried to set up with Amy. Justine enthusiastically wants to go on the double date but when Amy sees the black and white picture, she changes her mind and accepts over Justine's protests. The double date is at a restaurant and Amy finds out her date, Walter, is very old. Amy finds out Walter knows Dina's date (Hank) because Hank's sister babysat him. Amy sees a beverage supplier come into the restaurant and makes the excuse that she needs to talk to him for work reasons. She explains to the supplier (Alex) that she's on a terrible date and he agrees to pretend to talk to her so she can avoid the date. Amy and Alex start to bond and laugh over Amy's situation until Dina interrupts them and pulls Amy back to the table. At the store, Dina tells Amy that Walter likes her. Dina brags about the sex she'll be having later but Amy isn't paying attention as she sees Alex come into the store. Alex makes an excuse that he's delivering on a day he doesn't usually deliver because his boss told him to but Amy realizes he came to see her.

"District Manager": Justine, Marcus and Sandra watch Laurie work and make negative comments about her. Amy accuses them of misogyny. At Coffee & Bakery, Laurie asks for Amy's help with the personnel files beginning with Sal. Amy continues with the personnel review addressing Carol, Sandra and Justine. When Myrtle comes up, Amy jokingly insults her so Laurie indicates Myrtle will be fired. Amy tells Jonah that Myrtle is going to fired and after some questioning, admits its her fault. Amy and Jonah convince Laurie to not fire Myrtle if they can find enough savings to make up Myrtle's salary. In the Warehouse, Amy tries to help Jonah find some cost savings. Amy and Jonah enter the Break Room and tell the staff they need to take the coffee machine in order to save money so that Laurie won't fire Myrtle. Amy and Jonah present the savings they've found to Laurie but despite impressing her, Laurie still wants Myrtle fired. Leaving the store, Amy curses about Laurie to Jonah. They see the delivery truck on its side and Myrtle shouts it was her best day ever.

"Local Vendors Day": Alex walks into the store on a delivery and waves at Amy which Dina and Cheyenne see. Amy tells them she's been on a few dates with Alex. Amy discusses a burrito vendor with Alex which results in him kidding her that he'll have to take her "Latina card" as she shows some ignorance where burritos are from. This leads Amy to ask Cheyenne, Dina and Mateo to describe her. They quip many pejoratives until she points out she's Latina which they don't see her as. Amy speaks to Alex in basic Spanish and when he replies in English, she kids him. Alex replies rapidly in Spanish and poses a question to Amy to which she replies "no" without understanding what he's said. Alex continues talking rapidly in Spanish to Amy and when she replies "si" to a question, he exclaims in English that he is looking forward to "it". He walks away and it's apparent Amy doesn't know what she's agreed to. In the Break Room, Amy discusses her conversation with Cheyenne, Dina and Mateo. They aren't helpful in translating what Amy thinks Alex said. Cheyenne asks why Amy won't admit to Alex she didn't understand him but she doesn't want to appear less Latina. The staff question Amy's racial dating preferences and don't believe her when she indicates she doesn't have any. Jonah arranges a double date with Kelly, Amy and Alex. Alex asks Amy if she's OK going out that evening and starts speaking in Spanish. Amy admits she didn't understand what he said. He indicates he wanted to take her to a BBQ place and she lies that she understood what he said earlier in Spanish about his family.

"Lottery": Amy's relates that her lottery dream is to embarrass sales ladies like in Pretty Woman. In the store, Jonah sees Amy in a business suit and discovers she plans on asking Glenn for a raise. Amy is reluctant so Jonah encourages her. While stocking a toilet aid, Amy nervously tries to ask Glenn for a raise but is interrupted by a customer with a question on the aid. As more customers join the conversation on the toilet aid, Amy blurts out that she wants a raise. Glenn tells her that only Laurie can give raises. Amy tells Jonah about her failure with Glenn so Jonah encourages Amy to talk to Laurie. In Glenn's Office, Amy calls Laurie to ask for a raise but gets her secretary, Skye. Skye says Laurie isn't available and Jonah accuses her of lying which makes her cry. When Amy indicates she's calling for a raise, Skye says Laurie has a protocol for this. Amy attends Glenn's personal budgeting session and Amy asks why the company can't just pay everyone more. Jonah discovers through Laurie's social media that she's playing golf. Jonah talks Amy into going to the golf course and asking Laurie for a raise. She agrees but insists he come along. At the golf course, Amy and Jonah search for Laurie in a cart with Amy driving very slowly. Jonah talks about his past which included golfing, tennis and skiing. They see Laurie in the distance and creep slowly towards her. At the course, Jonah gives Amy some funny golf segues to asking for a raise. As they pursue Laurie, it takes them down a hill. The cart picks up speed and unable to control it, Amy runs into Laurie. A paramedic arrives and advises Laurie that although nothing appears broken, she should remain prone until help arrives. Against Jonah's advice, Amy asks for a raise from an incredulous Laurie. At a putting green at night, Amy and Jonah drink beer and Jonah kids Amy about her failed raise attempt. Amy misses hitting the ball so Jonah moves closer to instruct her. He holds Amy from behind and misses a call from Kelly on his phone. Kelly leaves a cheerful message for him about their restaurant reservation which Jonah has forgotten. Amy sinks her putt and she and Jonah revel in her victory.

"Gender Reveal": In the Break Room, Glenn and Jerusha show the ultrasound to the staff. Glenn has the sex of the baby in an envelope and is about to open it but the staff have various ideas how the gender should be revealed including Amy suggesting a cake that when cut reveals blue or pink filling. In the store, Amy and Jonah watch Glenn and Jerusha and make jokes in an Italian accent about Amy's life is she'd been born a boy. Dina tells Amy (who is eating many twinkies) and Glenn that she doesn't want to carry the baby anymore. In Glenn's Office, she panics and offers inane ideas of how to rid herself of the baby while Amy tries to calm her. At Coffee & Bakery, Dina expresses her child birth fears to Amy (who is wolfing down nachos) and Cheyenne. Amy downplays the pain and Cheyenne tries to. Amy mentions that she thought she was pregnant and evokes the wonders of having a baby. Dina points out there was a recall on the pregnancy test kit Amy used which causes her to leave with concern. In the Break Room, Amy sits in front of many positive pregnancy tests. She admits she doesn't want a baby while Cheyenne starts to make a whiteboard list of who could be the father including Alex and Tate. Amy admits it was her ex Adam. Amy tries unsuccessfully to leave a voice mail for Adam until Sandra interrupts her with a cart of fruit babies. Glenn asks Amy for advice on baby gifts for the party which pushes Amy's anxiety over the edge. Dina catches Amy trying to clock out and sympathizing with her situation, ushers her out of the store. Dina drives Amy around in her truck and asks Amy several personal questions which Amy doesn't want to discuss. Amy makes it clear she doesn't want an abortion. Amy bemoans that she won't be able to do all the things she wants now that she's pregnant. Dina tells her people can always find an excuse to not do what they want. Amy meets Jonah in the Warehouse cleaning up the trash. Jonah jokingly repeats the Italian accent from earlier but Amy looks deep into his eyes and moves closer. She kisses him and he responds tenderly. Amy pulls back and with tears in her eyes, tells Jonah that she's pregnant.

"Aftermath": In the Warehouse, Jonah tells Amy he doesn't know what to do now that she's told him she's pregnant. He finds out the father is Adam and asks Amy why she kissed him and told him she was pregnant. Amy says she wanted to before everything changes which confuses and angers Jonah who leaves. In the Break Room, Glenn gives morning announcements and puts Amy on the spot when he mentions Mother's Day is coming up. Amy tells everyone she's pregnant. Amy tries to talk to Jonah while he's stocking a shelf but Jonah refuses and walks over to Kelly. and Cheyenne try to give Amy some of Harmonica's baby items but she insists she's not a charity case. Outside at the store front for the group photo, Glenn asks everyone to put their arms around each other and has to force Jonah to hold Amy. Mateo leaves $20 on floor for Amy and pretends someone dropped it. Amy says she doesn't need charity and Bo tries to take the money and struggles with Mateo. At a checkout, Amy again tries to talk to Jonah who doesn't want to discuss their kiss. They are interrupted by Adam who doesn't know Amy is pregnant. Amy wants to talk to Adam later but they are interrupted by Bo who tells Amy he left the baby stuff by her locker and mentions her pregnancy. This shocks Adam who thinks Jonah is the father until Amy says it's his. Alex overhears Amy and is confused who Adam is. Adam tells Alex he and Amy are having a baby, offers to move back in with her and says they are getting re-married which Amy clearly doesn't agree with. In the Break Room, Amy tells Cheyenne how Alex took the pregnancy news. Justine offers to hang out more which Amy deflects by mentioning that Adam offered to get back together. This delights Sandra but when Amy says she doesn't want Adam back, Mateo is incredulous. Marcus offers to be with Amy which Amy politely rebuffs (but Marcus thinks he has a chance) prompting Janet to say she's running out of sympathy points. In the Break Room, Jonah comments that he and Amy aren't watching the video and he apologizes for reacting poorly to their kiss. Amy says she's had a rough day and doesn't want to discuss it which angers Jonah since Amy has been pressing him all day to do so. Jonah complains that Amy wants to discuss things when she wants. Amy cites the situation she's going through to which Jonah counters that everyone has problems. Amy belittles Jonah's problems to which he counters that Amy loves being the martyr and will give criticism but won't accept it. Amy can't believe her kissing Jonah has prompted such anger while he can't believe he waited two years for her and it wasn't until he was in a relationship and she was pregnant that she kissed him. She wonders why Jonah is still at the store and Jonah challenges her to leave but says she never will. Amy tells Jonah to go to hell and storms off.

"Town Hall": In the Break Room, Laurie goes over the agenda for the town hall and also goes over forbidden topics. Amy asks why Myrtle can't be asked about at the town hall and Laurie's response leaves everyone suspicious that something is being withheld as to why Myrtle was fired. Amy catches Jonah in Glenn's Office looking for Myrtle's employee file. Brett stocks items while wearing a t-shirt from Jonah's bar mitzvah. Amy and Jonah discover that after 30 years with no disciplinary notes in her file, Myrtle was written up many times in the 6 months by Jeff before she was fired. There is tension between them as they both plan to question Jeff. Amy and Jonah talk to Jeff in his car which he's using for ride sharing. He reveals that Cloud 9 came up with a policy to falsely write-up any employee over the age of 70 as a pretext for firing them in order to save money. He offers to help with the situation which Amy takes him up on. In the Warehouse, Amy and Jonah share their discovery with a number of staff. They plan to have Jeff reveal the ageism policy at the town hall and steal Laurie's phone to retrieve an incriminating email on the policy from it. At Coffee & Bakery, Amy distracts Laurie by asking if she's a lesbian while Jonah searches through Laurie's bag for her phone. Amy mentions several prospects for Laurie to which Laurie says nothing until Jonah finds the phone. Amy and Jonah start looking through emails on Laurie's phone. Amy and Jonah find the email on downsizing legacy employees and print it off. Amy and Jonah try to get into the town hall but Laurie won't let them walk in front of the camera. Amy whispers to Jonah they can use the store's tunnels to get into the town hall and they leave. Garrett texts Amy and Jonah to hurry so they start through the store's tunnels. Dina stalls for time until Amy and Jonah arrive and give the email to Jeff. The town hall over, Amy and Jonah bring items including the flower stand with the hidden camera to the Photo Lab and complain about their management's corruptness. Amy can't believe she was naive enough to believe they'd get justice but Jonah thinks things will work out much to Amy's annoyance. Jonah asks Amy about their situation to which Amy suggests a fresh start. They smile at each other in agreement but as Amy turns away, Jonah kisses her passionately. As the Cloud 9 cameras in store are turned off, the camera Garrett hid in the flower stand activates and broadcasts Amy and Jonah undressing and having sex to the Cloud 9 global stores. Staff and customers at the stores stare in amazement while some film it.

Season Four

S04E05-Amy w baby long.jpg

Amy comes to believe she's being discriminated against when no one teases her for the sex tape she had with Jonah. Jonah convinces Amy to enter the store's baby registry which results in a large baby shower. In order to deflect suspicion they are dating, Amy and Jonah stage several mock arguments. Amy competes with Mateo in a costume contest for a paid vacation day. Jonah helps Amy through many difficulties, including Adam not knowing they are in a relationship, as she delivers a baby boy. Not eligible for maternity leave due to her suspension, Amy comes into work after delivering her baby. As Jonah tries to hide that he works at Cloud 9 from his parents Richard and Marilyn, Amy takes advantage and learns his embarrassing childhood secrets. Amy and Jonah attend a Cloud 9 manager's conference where Amy gets carried away trying to fit in with the selfish managers. Glenn puts Amy through unconventional management training of his own device but finally gives her a letter of recommendation for the Cloud 9 training program. Amy attends a Cloud 9 introductory management course with Cheyenne. Amy, Dina and a reluctant Jonah trick the staff into competing in a regional steps competition with other stores. Amy gives into blackmailing Laurie in order to be named store manager. On her first day as manager, Amy accidentally reveals her salary which causes resentment. Amy spies on the staff using the monitors in the Surveillance Office. Amy tries to manage a series of mishaps caused by Jonah at Emma's quinceañera. Amy deals with Glenn not accepting her authority as manager. Amy invites Jonah to move in with her which he accepts. After saving the store from being shutdown by corporate, Amy can't save Mateo from being taken by ICE and gives in to forming a union. |episodes= "Back To School": Working at a diner while she's suspended from Cloud 9, Amy serves a trucker who is Glenn in disguise. She doesn't let on that she knows it's Glenn who has been visiting every day. He's glad to hear Amy is going back to her old job and hints he'll be seeing her soon. At the store, Dina rues the "Back to School" sale while Amy anticipates an onslaught of teasing for her and Jonah's sex incident. Amy explains to Sandra that she and Jonah aren't together due to her being pregnant by Adam. As Amy hands out staff assignments she refers to the Photo Lab where she and Jonah had sex. Expecting teasing but receiving none, she intentionally makes several several sexual references and is happy the staff don't react. Amy tells Glenn that she's relieved no one is bothering her about the sex incident. He posits such an incident is more embarrassing for a woman to be caught in than a man which Amy finds sexist. Glenn quickly back-tracks and apologizes. Amy asks Jonah if the staff are bugging him about the sex tape which he says is happening non-stop. Amy believes she's being discriminated against, is jealous Jonah has a crude nickname and suggests one for herself which she regrets. Amy gathers the staff and says she's not embarrassed about the sex tape and announces she likes sex which Glenn supports and impresses upon Noam. In the Stock Room, Noam approaches Amy, expresses admiration for her speech and then asks if she'd like to "do it". She declines and he runs away crying. As a result, Dina calls a sexual harassment meeting. Sick of the insinuations, Amy takes the floor and challenges everyone to ask any question they want about the sex tape so it'll never be discussed again. In the parking lot, Jonah follows Amy to her car, congratulates her on completing her first day back and asks her what she wants for dinner. He leans in to kiss her but she protests and when they see no one is around, she kisses him passionately.

"Baby Shower": In the Stock Room, Amy is planning to take returned baby items until Jonah interrupts and points out she's stealing. They examine a high chair under a black light and finding multiple stains, it dissuades Amy from taking the returned items. Jonah proposes that he sign Amy up for the store's baby shower registry. Amy hates baby showers but when Jonah points out she doesn't have to have one to get 20% off everything on the registry and a free pack of diapers, Amy reluctantly agrees. Cheyenne and Sandra discover Amy is on the baby shower registry and her shower is that day. Angry they weren't invited, they confront her. Jonah tries to explain there is no shower but is cut off. Jonah convinces Amy to have a small shower in the Break Room. In the Break Room, Amy meets with Cheyenne, Justine and Sandra to plan a baby shower which she insists will be small and no-fuss. She's distressed when she hears their impractical gifts and suggests they use the registry and mentions she needs a car seat. At the shower, dozens of guests show which Jerusha attributes to adding her pregnant friend Diane to the celebration. Diane thanks Amy, kisses her on the mouth and tries to find her belly button. During the baby shower games, Jonah has a hard time wrapping Amy in toilet paper and and Amy tastes baby food but Jonah discovers it's gone bad. Amy becomes desperate to leave. When a deliveryman interrupts the shower, Amy sees her way out and tells everyone the delivery is for her and she'll have to leave. The man is a stripper ordered by Bo for Cheyenne who grabs Amy and dances for her over her protests. After Amy opens her presents, which were all disappointments, Jerusha points out she forgot theirs. To Amy's delight, Glenn gives her the baby car seat she's wanted.

"Toxic Work Environment": In the parking lot, Amy and Jonah arrive at work in Amy's car and as they argue who should go in the store first, Dina catches them. As Amy and Jonah wonder if others can tell they are dating, they see Justine eavesdropping so they start mock fighting. Seeing another opportunity to deflect suspicion they are dating, Amy and Jonah argue in Produce in front of Don, Joanna and Roger. In the Warehouse, Amy and Jonah stage a bigger fight, including mock violence, so that Heather, Janet, Gabbie and Ted can hear them, but not see them. Staging another mock fight, Dina intervenes and confronts Jonah over Amy's protests. Glenn gathers the staff for a toxic workplace talk in the Break Room and when he asks what could cause this, Amy and Jonah play up their mock dislike. Glenn asks for criticism which Dina really wants to express, but he picks Amy. Encouraged, Amy gives a mild rebuke which takes Glenn a while to get over. In the parking lot, Amy and Jonah continue mock arguing but once Jonah points out no one can hear them, Amy finds it hard to stop being combative with him.

"Costume Competition": Unsuccessful getting medical help for her swollen feet, Amy's in a wheelchair as Glenn announces that a costume competition for a paid vacation day will be held. Amy laments not dressing up while Mateo, dressed as a baseball player, insults her. Amy changes into a Mario costume and she and Mateo eye each other competitively with Mateo now in an elaborate movie character costume. Dina points out Cheyenne's sexy hula dancer outfit which she thinks will easily win the competition. In the garden centre, Amy and Mateo compliment Cheyenne on her costume but seeing her as a threat, they try to discourage her from wearing it. They fake worry that she's being objectified which Cheyenne doesn't care about and, that it might offend Sandra, who's Hawaiian. Amy and Mateo work on Sandra until they convince her that Cheyenne's costume is offensive to Hawaiians. Seeing an opportunity to knock more competition out of the contest, they convince Janet to take offence to Marcus' costume. Flush with success, Amy and Mateo manipulate Sayid, Gary, Paul and Tyler into taking offence to other's costumes. Amy receives a complaint about her costume so she accuses Mateo of complaining to win the competition. Mateo lies that he was genuinely offended so Amy gets Marcus, who is Italian, to sort of say he's OK with her costume which Mateo doesn't accept. As the staff argue about what is an acceptable costume, Mateo's objection leads Dina to threaten to cancel the contest. Faced with this, Mateo retracts his complaint which leads everyone to believe that it's OK to wear their costumes as long as they honor the cultures they're from. At the contest, Amy honors Italian with many inane references. Waiting for the competition winner to be announced, Amy and Mateo fake nice but when Amy wins, she rubs her victory in his face. Leaving for the evening, Amy finds out from Jonah that Cheyenne actually won the competition but he rigged the election so she'd win.

"Delivery Day": Amy and Dina are in the hospital to deliver their babies, Jonah's brought everything Amy needs and wonders if he should stay or leave. Amy wants him to stay, but not too close. Adam overhears Jonah when on the phone with Amy so she implies that he's one of many from work at the hospital. Amy hasn't told him that she and Jonah are involved. The hospital administrator, Lillian, informs Amy and Jonah that they don't take her insurance. They discover that Dina's is accepted because she's Cloud 9 management. Lillian tells them of a clinic that does accept their insurance. Amy and Jonah arrive at the Sunview clinic which is rundown and over-crowded. Amy's room is dilapidated and her elderly roommate is dead. Amy tries to make the best of her situation but Jonah's had enough and offers to pay to go back to Mercy Vale. When Amy refuses, he shows Amy her dead roommate again which convinces her to leave. Amy is thrilled to be back at Mercy Vale until Lillian visits and asks how they'll pay. They discover the total fees are much greater than they thought which results in them going back to Sunview. Jonah massages Amy while she looks at her dead roommate until the clinic's elderly doctor, Fogler, arrives. Uncomfortable with his age, it's made worse when Dr. Fogler seems forgetful. As Dr. Fogler starts the birthing process with Amy, his question as to Jonah's relationship with her starts them arguing. Amy is still discussing her relationship with Jonah as she's giving birth until Adam arrives. Amy gives birth to a boy and Jonah indicates Adam should cut the umbilical cord. As Amy cradles her baby boy with Adam beside her, Jonah excuses himself and Amy giving him a meaningful look.

"Maternity Leave": In the nursery at her house, Amy has just gotten her new baby boy Parker to sleep when the phone rings. It's Glenn who informs her that due to her suspension, she doesn't qualify for maternity leave. Haven just returned from the hospital and exhausted, Amy agrees to come in. Arriving at work in her pajamas, Jonah tries to encourage her. Amy tells Cheyenne and Mateo that Adam is watching Parker. They consider the name "Parker" strange and try to hide their puzzlement over her choice. Amy's so exhausted that she stocked firewood in the Toy Department, took a customer's cart by mistake and, Jonah points out she's lactating. Amy asks if she can use Glenn's Office to pump her breasts and while initially agreeing, he becomes more uncomfortable as his office is filled with pictures of his new baby. He tells Amy she can use the "lactation room" which turns out to be a utility closet. As Amy pumps her breasts in the utility room, Sayid interrupts to pray and insists that it can't wait. In the Break Room, Cheyenne and Mateo show Amy a presentation that compares the name "Parker" to a homeless person and a bad movie character. Working a checkout, Amy starts to cry in front of a customer. Bothered by a phone call from Adam while walking through the store, Glenn gives Amy a gift which pushes her over the edge. Ranting about all her medical issues and exhaustion, she screams at Glenn to kill himself which results in him running to his car in tears. In Glenn's office, Amy apologizes to Glenn who in turn says he's sorry, as he considers the gift he offered her inadequate. To make up for this, Glenn reaches behind his desk and gives Amy a puppy. Not wanting to hurt Glenn's feelings, she reluctantly takes the dog and leaves.

"New Initiative": At the store front, Glenn and Dina explain a new Cloud 9 policy to the staff which is making small talk with customers. Amy derides the policy and then argues with Sandra about her cat. Mateo tricks Amy into serving an older couple who start telling many stories about their son who is in medical school. Seeing Amy with the older couple, Jonah panics and tosses his store vest away. Jonah greets them and as Amy is confused how Jonah knows them, the couple, Richard and Marilyn Simms say he's their medical school son. Jonah introduces himself to Amy like he doesn't know her and gives her a pleading look. As Amy teases Jonah by asking how long he's been in medical school, he hustles his parents away. In private, Jonah explains to Amy how he began lying to his parents about being in medical school. Amy decides to take the opportunity to learn Jonah's embarrassing childhood events. With delight, Amy coaxes stories about Jonah from his parents while he tries to defend himself. Glenn catches Amy and Jonah with the Simms and as he starts treating Jonah like an employee, the Simms become confused. As Jonah tries to explain without revealing he works there, he lets slip that the Simms are his parents. As Glenn introduces himself and is about to say Jonah is an employee, Amy yells at Glenn and hits him in the face with a yam. In private, Amy explains Jonah's secret to Glenn. Jonah arrives and further explains that he didn't want to disappoint his parents that he was working at a retail store which concerns Glenn. Amy tries to deflect Glenn's concern by citing the Simms' unreasonable expectations of Jonah. As Jonah leaves the store with his parents, they run into Amy. To show her that their relationship isn't temporary, Jonah admits that he's been working at the store for three years. In the parking lot, Amy catches up to the Simms and tries to defend Jonah's lie. Citing that his job doesn't define who Jonah is and that he's a good person, Richard agrees. However he mentions that Jonah has a fiancée who is an actress which concerns Amy. As Amy questions them about the actress, who she can see is famous, the Simms realize that he's been lying about her too. Amy then lies that she's seen the actress with Jonah and quickly leaves. At Coffee & Bakery, Jonah explains how his mother misunderstood that he was dating the famous actress. Vowing no more secrets except his relationship with Amy, they then both decide to tell the staff. Amy and Jonah are disappointed in the staff's response to their secret.

"Managers' Conference": Glenn offers tickets to a managers' conference to Amy and Jonah who initially aren't interested until they find out it's in Chicago and they get to stay together in a hotel. Later at the conference check-in, they're denied access as the tickets are non-transferable. Dejected that they can't get into the conference, their former district manager Jeff sees them and says he can get them in. Entering the conference room, Amy and Jonah are surprised at the opulence, food and amenities. Unable to leave the conference since Jeff is hovering at the door, Amy comments that all the managers there are selfish "d-bags" who don't care about their staff. Jonah disagrees and strikes up a conversation with Ted and Kent while affecting a southern accent. Amy is offered a free iPad and realizes that the staff in green shirts are all giving away free items. After getting an expensive coat, she and Jonah start drinking, get more swag and have fun at various booths. Jeff then joins them for a forced fun picture. Having drunk a lot, Amy and Jonah call two managers over to their table and start telling mean jokes about Cloud 9 workers. Amy jokes that a full-time worker could be replaced with two part-time workers to save on benefits. Liking the idea and calling a company lawyer over, Amy realizes she's gone too far and leaves. Amy comments on the low intelligence of the Cloud 9 managers so Jonah suggests that she become one.

"Shadowing Glenn": In Glenn's Office, Amy asks Glenn if he'll recommend her for the Cloud 9 management training program. Overjoyed, Glenn starts planning his own training program to impart his wisdom to Amy. The next day in the Break Room, Amy watches one of a series of videos Glenn made for her in his basement. In Glenn's office, Glenn has a yellow book with personal notes on all the store's suppliers. Amy can't see the point of knowing personal details which is affirmed when Glenn orders paper towels and the supplier hangs up as soon as Glenn places the order. Glenn then has Amy stand in the store blindfolded to "feel the rhythms of the store." Glenn's next test for Amy is finding violations he's set up in women's wear. Amy points out Brett isn't wearing a shirt and also many flaws that Glenn didn't set up. As Glenn launches into the next test, Amy indicates she doesn't want his help anymore and dejected, Glenn leaves. Unable to keep Glenn in his office, Cheyenne and Mateo follow him into the store where Justine is trying to sell ice pops by suggestively sucking on them. Gloating to Amy that he is taking his protégées to lunch, Amy can't stop Glenn from heading into the parking lot. At the loading dock, Amy is unsuccessful in getting the ice pop supplier, Donovan, to take back the order. Glenn pulls out his yellow book and blackmails Donovan, who told him he cheated on his wife, into complying. At the loading dock, while eating ice pops, Amy apologizes for the mistake with the order. Glenn gives her his recommendation for the management training program and tells Amy several mistakes he's made at the store over the years.

"Cloud 9 Academy": Believing they're at a Cloud 9 management course, Amy and Cheyenne introduce themselves to the class until the instructor points out they're in the wrong room as he's leading an embalming conference. Entering the management course, which has already started, they meet the instructor, Gary, and Cheyenne disrupts the class by moving her chair to sit near Amy. During a break in the management course, Terence tells Amy that he previously failed the class. Her anxiety raised, she bothers Gary until he angrily ends the break and throws his danish into the garbage. Amy continues to get on Gary's bad side by talking during class when Cheyenne asks for help and then laughing at a non-joke Gary tells as part of his lesson. After Cheyenne gives a ridiculous answer to one of Gary's questions, he tells the class to pair up and design a program to increase customer satisfaction. Amy is distressed when she's stuck with Cheyenne as her partner. Working on their assignment, Cheyenne's ideas are inane and she becomes frustrated when Amy won't accept them. Reluctantly, Amy includes Cheyenne's ideas in their presentation along with good ideas she has. After giving their presentation, Gary points out the good ideas, which are all Amy's. Cheyenne responds to the compliments which Amy sees as her trying to take credit for them. As Gary critiques the bad ideas, Amy makes it clear they were all Cheyenne's, which embarrasses her. Asked by Gary to role play, Cheyenne gets back at Amy by embarrassing her and faking hurt reactions to Amy's questions. Cheyenne continues to malign Amy during their role-playing which results in Amy responding in kind. At the management class, Gary tells everyone they passed and to pick up their diplomas. Amy and Cheyenne make up and one of their classmates, Sheila, tells them the embalmists have invited them out for drinks and to look at the cadavers.

"Steps Challenge": In the Break Room, Glenn hands out SuperCloud Step Trackers and tells the staff that they're in competition with other regional Cloud 9 stores for the most combined steps by week end for a chance to win a visit from the regional VP. Watching a real-time scoreboard that tracks the steps of the competing stores, Amy realizes that a chance to talk to the VP would help with her management aspirations. Seeing a message on the scoreboard from a hated rival at the Bel-Ridge store, Colleen, Dina joins Amy and decides to motivate the staff to win the challenge. Amy unsuccessfully tries to encourage Sarah, Heather, Freddy and Mateo to increase their step count. Jonah suggests that if they trash talk Colleen's store, Bel-Ridge, the backlash might motivate the staff to compete. The staff are gathered at the scoreboard to see messages from Bel-Ridge putting their store down which are actually sent by Amy. Everyone starts moving around the store in a frenzy, cheered on by Amy, Dina and Jonah. Seeing Mateo isn't into the competition, Amy manipulates him into thinking that corporate is tracking each worker's steps and he'll be viewed by them as average. Seeing that the store is in fifth place despite all their efforts, Amy and Dina agree that more drastic measures are required to push the staff. The next morning, staff find the store front has been vandalized and spray-painted, seemingly by Bel-Ridge. Jonah realizes that Amy and Dina are behind it but doesn't give them up. In private, Amy and Dina admit to Jonah they were behind the vandalism and dismiss his concerns they are taking things too far. Finding Sandra, Isaac and Marcus trying to fix a broken price scanner, Amy is able to convince them that Bel-Ridge is responsible for breaking the scanner and for other woes in their lives. Glenn reports that Bel-Ridge's Break Room was sprayed with hot deer urine. From a note and a Super Soaker left behind, Dina fingers Marcus for the vandalism which he admits to. This fuels more retribution plots among the staff which get wilder and wilder until Amy admits she was behind the spray-painting. The staff are aghast and trying to include Dina in the blame just makes them angrier at Amy. After the Break Room is trashed by Bel-Ridge, the staff initially blame Amy but Dina tells them it was Bel-Ridge retaliating and she's received a text from Colleen mocking the vandalism.

"Blizzard": During a snowstorm, Jonah tries to help Amy convince Glenn to let the staff leave early. Relenting, the staff leave the store but the storm is so bad, Amy says she can't see her car. As the staff gather in a circle in the store, Dina makes everyone tell how they lost their virginity. Amy says she lost hers to Adam and then relates that he lost a scholarship. Seeing Amy and Jonah settling in for the night on a mattress, Glenn is concerned that they aren't married and wedges a long pillow between them. In the morning, Amy and Jonah are greeted by Marcus who is wearing nothing from the waist down. At Coffee & Bakery, bored, Amy asks the most embarrassing way people hurt themselves which Jonah relates that he collapsed at the end of a marathon. Really bored, nerves get frayed and several staff critisize Jonah's mannerisms. Amy attacks Mateo's elitism and as Glenn tries to calm everyone down, Mateo and Amy continue to exchange barbs. Their fight spills over and as the staff criticize each other, a customer, Terry, injects and complains how loud Amy eats chips. Staring at him, the staff say he's a customer, he has no business opining on staff matters and tell him to leave. The tension burst, the staff start drinking. Amy and Jonah play mini-golf on an improvised course while Amy playfully tries to goad Jonah into being tired of her.

"Lovebirds": At customer service, Glenn makes a long announcement about stepping down as manager which Amy says he's been doing hourly so as many customers as possible will hear it. In the Break Room, Glenn gives his last instructions to the staff. Mateo wonders who'll be the new manager and while Glenn hopes it's Amy, he's doubtful as the district manager Laurie doesn't like Amy. Amy's attempt to impress Laurie falls flat and Laurie informs her that she already has a new manager. In Glenn's Office, Amy lists her qualifications but Laurie ignores her, watches a video on her phone and confirms Amy isn't getting the manager's position. In the store, Amy tells Dina about her "interview" and Laurie introduces the new manager, her young son, Blaine, who immediately shows his immaturity. After Blaine shows her and Dina that he doesn't understand what inventory is, Dina tells Amy to complain about his hiring to corporate. Instead, Amy seeks out Laurie in Glenn's office and catches her snorting cocaine. Later in the store, Laurie tells Amy that she'd like to make her manager. Only wanting the job based on her merits and saying she won't tell anybody about Laurie's cocaine use, Laurie thanks her but doesn't give her the job. When they learn that Amy could have had the job but would have had to blackmail Laurie, several staff make appeals to her. At Coffee & Bakery, Amy tries to appeal to Laurie about being better suited as manager than Blaine without success. When it becomes clear that Laurie won't make Amy manager unless blackmailed, Amy does so and swears at her. Having gotten the job, Dina puts a poor picture of Amy as the store manager up on the wall and calls her "boss."

"Salary": In the Break Room, Amy gives the morning announcements on her first day as manager until interrupted by Glenn, who has to be reminded that he's not manager anymore. In Amy's office, Jonah unsuccessfully tries to get Amy excited about her promotion. Dina asks Amy for money to upgrade the store security system. Asking for Jonah's opinion, he advises waiting. When Amy accepts his advice, Dina glares at Jonah and sarcastically thanks him. Amy is ecstatic when she learns her salary and that she can hire an assistant. Seeing Myrtle eating ketchup packets at Coffee & Bakery, Amy offers her a job as her assistant which Myrtle enthusiastically accepts. Amy accidentally gives Myrtle her employment contract which Garrett reads out over the P.A. In the Break Room, Amy apologizes and Marcus reveals that he makes more than Amy and it's discovered he's been being paid ten times his hourly wage due to an error. Amy tries to be humble by helping Sandra clean up vomit and deals with a customer on food stamps but it back fires on her. Jonah finds Amy discouraged over the events of the day. Saying she needs a drink, Jonah points out that she's the boss and they leave for one.

"Easter": In the Break Room after Amy announces no Cloud 9 stores will have anyone in a bunny costume. In the Surveillance Office, Amy is surprised to learn the Break Room as a camera in it with an audio feed. Questioning the legality of spying on the staff, she stops when she sees Mateo mimicking her. Talking to Mateo, Amy stops doing an action she heard Mateo critisize and he lies that he loves it. Amy speaks to Jonah about Mateo's lie and in the Surveillance office, Amy and Jonah listen to the staff make fun of her while Amy takes notes on what she should change about herself. Amy approaches a group of staff and acts in a manner to address all their criticisms. Confused about her odd behaviour, Sayid won't stop replying to Amy's "thank yous." Once Jonah leaves the Break Room, Cheyenne tells the staff she drugged Amy's coffee. Amy runs in screaming, revealing that she's been spying on them. Cheyenne says she didn't drug her coffee and Amy is caught. In the Break Room, the staff scold Amy while Glenn takes down the camera. In the store, Amy approaches a group of staff and apologizes for spying on them. Making a hand gesture which the staff had made fun of, Cheyenne snickers and sends Mateo a text. He snorts at the text, leading Amy to ask about it. Lying that the text was from his mother, Amy demands to see it so Mateo throws his phone on the floor, smashing it.

"Quinceañera": Jonah shows Amy various gifts he's bought for Emma's quinceañera and wonders if he should attend. Believing Emma's never accepted him dating Amy and that attending might make the event awkward, Amy convinces him to go. and Cheyenne compliment Amy on the party and seeing Amy choke up watching Emma, comment that they've never seen her cry. Finding Jonah keeping to himself, Amy encourages him to mingle. Calling her parents Ron and Connie Sosa over, Jonah's compliments to them fall flat and he excuses himself to go buy some ice for the party. Amy and Emma thanks Glenn for a creepy doll present. A relative makes a speech on chastity and passes the mic to Jonah whose emphatic refusal to speak makes it sound like he doesn't care about Emma. Amy has to stop him during his long-winded apology. Outside, Amy jokes with Jonah about him leaving but actually, wants him to stay but not be so noticeable. Using mics, Cheyenne and Mateo sing a sad song for Amy, interspersed with comments about Emma leaving her soon. The DJ clears the dance floor and announces the father-daughter dance. Afraid Adam will discover she's high, Emma refuses to get up until reassured by Jonah. However, walking strangely to Adam, she turns back and Jonah intercedes, saying he'd like to have a dance with her first. Adam, Amy, the DJ and Connie protest, but Jonah refuses to let Emma go. The party over, Jonah apologizes to Amy who reveals that Emma confessed to being high. Thanking Jonah, she says she wants to know right away the next time one of her kids is on drugs.

"Cloud Green": Amy announces what the store is doing for Earth Day and asks the staff what they do to help the environment. Glenn re-introduces Pastor Craig to Amy and Mateo, who he's really trying to impress. Saying Craig is setting up a booth to hand out plants for Earth Day, Amy asks Glenn to get permission from her next time. Dina warns Amy that Pastor Craig's booth could be used for religious purposes and encourages Amy to come down hard on Glenn. At Pastor Craig's booth, Amy finds that Craig is reading a book he's written about God to customers which Glenn is enthusiastically supporting. Taking Glenn aside, Amy unsuccessfully tries to get Glenn to see it's not appropriate but so excited to help Craig, Glenn ignores her and rushes off. Finding Craig in full sermon mode discouraging materialism to a group of customers, with Dina in tow, Amy tells Craig to stop. Saying Glenn gave him permission, Dina wants to get Glenn to cause more conflict. Amy asserts that she's the manager and tells Craig to leave. Confronting Amy in her office, Glenn demands she apologize to Craig. When she refuses, he says she can't be manager anymore and is frustrated when he realizes Amy is in charge and he can't get what he wants. Glenn holds a Bible study with Sandra, Earl, Sarah and Elias. Telling him that religious meetings aren't allowed at work, Amy tries to be reasonable with him but Glenn continues. Amy snaps and yells at Glenn, threatening to write him up which cows him. Glenn barricades himself in Amy's office and over the P.A. system, reads from Pastor Craig's book. Amy, Jonah and Dina run to the office where Dina is pleased with Glenn's meltdown. Amy threatens to write Glenn up again but he sings a Christian song in defiance. Dina gets a battering ram. Having knocked down the door, Glenn sits in Amy's office while she types up a disciplinary form on her computer. Offering to forget everything he's done if he apologizes, Glenn refuses. Amy tries to submit the form but it doesn't work. Glenn gives her some tips and then starts typing up the form himself.

"Scanners": In the Break Room, Amy shows the staff scanners that customers can use to pay for items and announces staff work hours will be cut. Janet complains to Amy and Dina about the hours cut-back as it'll deny her son, Jackson, entry into an academic program. Uncomfortable dealing with the issue, Dina tells Amy she can blame her for the work schedule. Dina shuts down Sandra's and Marcus' appeals for more hours which Amy supports. Feeling guilt and experiencing back pain, Dina goes to Amy's office and asks if there's any way they can give staff more hours. Saying no, Amy points out that if she changes the work schedule, staff will think Dina's been demoted. Dina promises Janet, Sandra and Preeti more hours, to Amy's dismay. Laying on the floor in Amy's office, Dina challenges Amy to take back the staff's hours. Aghast, Amy refuses to and is convinced by Dina to relax and lay on the floor with her. Seeing Jonah sitting outside the store on a bench, Amy sits beside him, exhausted. She informs him that almost all his hours the following week were given to other staff to fulfill Dina's promise. Joking that he'll be evicted, Amy invites him to live with her.

"CLOUD9FAIL": After a defamatory tweet about the store gets the staff more hours from corporate, Jonah proposes he and Amy tweet more in-store problems from fake accounts to get even more hours. Seeing Dina and Justine looking at more tweets, Amy and Jonah fake ignorance of them which Jonah almost blows. After corporate identifies that an employee is sending the tweets, they send Luanne who provides evidence to the staff. While Jonah shifts uncomfortably, Amy tries to get Luanne to back off but she indicates she's not leaving until the identity of the tweeter is found. In private, Jonah tells Amy that if caught, he'll say he acted alone. In Amy's office, Luanne tells Amy and Jonah websites the culprit visited on his phone, which match Jonah's interests. Amy and Jonah both lie that many staff could have done so. Once Sandra is wrongly blamed for the tweets, Amy tries to take responsibility but the staff's admiration for Sandra supposedly standing up to corporate makes her play the part of the abused worker.

"Sandra's Fight": In the Break Room, Amy tries to get staff to do work once they've clocked out. Carol asks why Sandra is still at work, after being fired, which Amy explains that due to Sandra's union activities, she's been reinstated. Sandra expresses her hatred for management which Marcus applauds. In the store, Amy and Jonah wonder if Sandra's union stance is just so she can get attention. In the Warehouse, Amy asks for Dina and Jonah's help in quietly stopping Sandra from speaking about unionizing which Jonah is uneasy with. While Sandra is handing out flyers, Amy and Jonah gently try to stop her. Telling her that corporate is viewing her activities as a threat spurs Sandra into climbing on top of a checkout counter and announcing a union meeting that evening. Amy learns from Jeff that the store is being shutdown but she convinces him to set a meeting with the corporate executives, so she can change their minds. Taking Dina with her to Chicago, she asks Jonah to attend the union meeting and ensure it doesn't get out of hand. At Cloud 9 Headquarters, Jeff meets Amy and Dina in the lobby and tells them that VP Claudia Lankow is the person to impress. In Chicago, Amy and Dina tell Claudia and the other executives that the union talk is only coming from Sandra, who is harmless. Told that the choice was to close their store or Bel-Ridge, Amy and Dina bad mouth Bel-Ridge. In Chicago, Claudia calls district manager Laurie on speaker phone and asks her opinion which store should be shut down. Not knowing Amy is in the room, Laurie starts to malign Amy but before she can say her name, on purpose, Amy spills a drink. Announcing herself to Laurie, Amy blames the spill on having too many Cokes (the beverage) while subtly making reference to Laurie's cocaine addiction. Sighing, Laurie says to close the Bel-Ridge store. Amy tells Jonah to give her details of who was most ardent at the union meeting so she can monitor them. Refusing, he accuses her of looking after her own job but immediately apologizes. He welcomes Amy back but she can see he's not happy.

"Employee Appreciation Day": In the store, Amy announces it's "Employee Appreciation Day" with perks for the staff such as free ice cream and massages. Jonah derides Amy's announcement as an attempt to stop staff from submitting union cards. Amy and Jonah watch the staff get ice cream. Jonah derides the attempts to squash the union while Amy defends her actions, having saved the store from being shut down. Concerned that the staff are signing union cards, in the Break Room, Amy and Dina show the staff an anti-union video starring MC Cool Cloud. Amy and Jonah argue their positions in front of the staff. Amy points out that unions aren't always the answer but when Jonah reminds her of the lack of maternity leave, she touts she's never having children again. Cheyenne calls Amy a hypocrite for siding with "the enemy", corporate. Amy gets a Skype from Jeff warning her about ICE's arrival. Running into the store, Amy yells at Mateo to get out of the store. In Amy's office, ICE Agent Robson goes through the store's payroll records while Amy watches. Leaving her office, Amy runs into Jonah and says she's done being loyal to corporate. In the Warehouse, Amy gathers a number of staff and asks for ideas to get Mateo out of the store. Jonah suggests they get the staff to call everyone they know to the store and hope that the crowd will allow Mateo to slip out. Amy gives direction to Heather and Marcus where to send their friends and is surprised to find Kelly there. Having brought many of her fellow associates from the Fenton store, Amy is concerned that Jonah and Kelly still keep in touch. Having reviewed the payroll records, at customer service, Agent Robson tells Amy, Garrett and Jonah they're looking for Mateo. Lying that they don't know him, Robson notices a picture of Mateo on the wall. Amy leaves while Garrett and Jonah still claim ignorance. Finding Cheyenne and Mateo walking through the store, Amy warns them that ICE knows what Mateo looks like. Trapped, Amy gets a call her walkie from Dina, who is in the Surveillance Office. Using the monitors of the store's cameras, Dina starts to guide them away from the agents. Amy and Cheyenne propose a last-ditch scheme to distract the agents but Mateo stops them and gives himself up. Outside the store, the staff and customers watch as Mateo is driven away by ICE. As Glenn puzzles what to do, Jonah can't think of anything. Amy proposes they start a union.


Adam Dubanowski

Amy tries spicing up her marriage.

Adam is Amy's ex-husband. They met in high school, he was a football player. Amy became pregnant, they married and Amy gave birth to their daughter Emma at age 19. Adam is a dreamer and not very realistic. He's pursued a number of failed businesses including making BBQ videos, a kick boxing gym, a Reggaeton album and home brewed beer. As a result, Amy is required to be the responsible one and she earns most of the money to keep the family afloat. Adam resents this and at Cheyenne's wedding, they have a moment of truth in which both reveal that they wouldn't have been married if not for Amy's pregnancy.

Team Adam!

During the store's grand re-opening, Amy tells Jonah she's getting a divorce. To her surprise, Amy finds out Adam is dating Bridgett, a mother of one of Emma's friends. In May 2018, Amy tells Cheyenne and Dina that Adam broke up with Bridgett and that she's pregnant with his child. Later, she tells Adam she's pregnant. He wants to get back together with her but Amy doesn't. She has Adam's baby, a boy named Parker, in late 2018.

Jonah Simms

The stormy kiss.

Jonah is attracted to Amy from the moment he meets her. Amy is slow to reciprocate as she is married and, she finds Jonah annoying. Over time, an undeniable attraction develops between them which fuels a friendship and a love/hate relationship. During Jonah's second year at the store, she develops respect for Jonah as he is instrumental in getting Glenn his job back and standing up for employee rights. Jonah is described by others as her "work husband" due to the many activities they do together. After meeting her parents, Jonah teaches Amy to let others take care of themselves. Both clearly have unresolved feelings for each other that are revealed at Cheyenne's wedding. When a tornado hits the store, she shelters with Jonah and kisses him. Afterwards, she feels awkward around him.

At last.

She divorces Adam and jokingly asks Jonah if he'd like to have sex. Jonah begins dating Kelly and it's revealed that she had a crush on Jonah after the tornado kiss is seen by the staff on St. Patrick's Day 2018. After discovering she's pregnant by Adam, Amy kisses Jonah and tells him. They have sex in the Photo Lab which is broadcast to Cloud 9 stores all over the world. They return to work after being suspended and keep secret that they are in a relationship until Jonah's parents visit the store. Jonah helps deliver Amy's baby boy, Parker. In May 2019, Jonah moves in with Amy. In April 2020 Amy is promoted to corporate, Jonah proposes he goes with her to California. In October 2020 they break up after Amy rejects Jonah’s proposal and they both realize they wanted different things from the relationship. However, when Amy returns to Cloud 9 from California, she realizes she made a mistake not accepting his proposal. They get back together and years later they are married with another son, Carter.


The creepy kiss.

Feeling unattractive and lonely, Amy responds when Tate asks her out to a bar. They both drink heavily and make out. The next day, as Amy enters the store, Tate approaches her enthusiastically which Amy does not reciprocate. He's very happy about their night together while Amy wants to keep it a secret. Tate approaches Amy at electronics and asks her out again. Amy says no and admits that she went out with Tate because she was feeling down and that going out with a "10" would improve things. Tate is indignant and loudly expresses that he feels used. Staff and customers hear the exchange and Tate compares himself to a human vibrator. In May 2018, Amy reveals that she never had sex with Tate.


Here you are!

Alex, who delivers beverages, is first seen in a restaurant where Amy is on a double date with Dina. Amy wants out of the date and recognizing Alex from his deliveries to the store, asks if he'll fake having a conversation with her. Eventually, Alex starts to bond with Amy and kids her about her bad date. Days later, Amy tells Cheyenne and Dina that she and Alex have been dating and taking it slow. Amy doesn't understand Alex when he speaks Spanish and is embarrassed. Sometime later, Alex interrupts Amy telling Adam that she's pregnant by him. Carol reveals that Alex and Amy broke up.

Amy's name tag

Amy wears a name tag with a different name in nearly every episode as she doesn't want strangers to know her name. Exceptions are in "Labor", "Strike" and "Cloud 9 Academy" where she wore her real name and "Halloween Theft", where she didn't wear a name tag. She also wore "Vicky" in the Training Video (Digital Exclusive).

See Amy's name tag for pictures and details.


  • She has some level of college education, whether or not she has a degree of any level is unknown.
  • Her married last name wasn't revealed until Cheyenne gave birth. ("Labor")
  • She dyed her hair blonde after the events of "Ladies' Lunch" and changed it back to black after "Angels and Mermaids".
  • The store had an Oscar pool which Amy won. Her 90's crush was Scott Wolf. In high school, she was part of the debate team and was in the musical Rent. ("Integrity Award")
  • If Amy had been born a boy, her name would have been Donald. ("Gender Reveal")
  • Amy is part of a Goof in "Shots and Salsa". After struggling with Carmen over a salsa bowl, the salsa is spilt on Amy and Carmen sprains her ankle. A few minutes later in the parking lot as Dina and Glenn are helping Carmen to Glenn's van, Amy is wearing the same shirt (and perhaps the same vest) which are both clean.
  • She's part of another Goof in "Brett Is Dead". As Jonah asks Amy how Garrett became disabled, her name tag is visible until the 3:02 mark when it disappears and then re-appears a few seconds later.
  • She's part of another Goof in "District Manager". After Amy puts the coffee maker down (which isn't seen), it is pointing right. When Jonah says "I just mean if we had true equality ...", it is pointing to the front. It flips between pointing to the right and front three more times during the scene.
  • She's part of another Goof in "Lottery". At 6:33, Amy is seen shelving detergent pods and three are visible in a row. At 6:37 the row has one pod, at 6:42 it's back to three, at 6:47 there are four, at 6:49 it's back to three and at 6:56 it's back to four pods.
  • She's part of another Goof in "CLOUD9FAIL". In Amy's office, as Jonah and Amy discuss creating tweets disparaging the store, Amy's hands are full with the work schedule. However, as the camera quick cuts between her and Jonah, the pen on her desk moves and, the blue file folder flips between being open and closed at 6:00 to 6:02.


Aaaah, da wittle panda finks he fought of somefing!Amy, "Magazine Profile".
Yeah, see, Latino parents are different. We don't really need our kids to like us. We just break their spirit so the world doesn't.Amy, "Part-Time Hires".
We're all becoming narcissistic attention whores!Amy, "Viral Video".
We can't just live our lives afraid to offend someone. I think that we, you know, as a society, we need to just lighten up a little bit.Amy, "Costume Competition".
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