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Marcus, is that your thumb?!
— Amy

"Back to Work" is the third episode of Season Two of Superstore, and the fourteenth episode of the show overall.


A workplace accident threatens Amy's job, Glenn acts as a strict boss, Jonah tries to help Dina's relations with others.


The corporate monster out for blood.

Jonah and Amy are clocking in, discouraged over being back at work. Glenn is glad that corporate is gone until Jonah points out that district manager Jeff Sutin is still on site. In the Break Room, Jeff greets everyone with flowers, sympathizes with what everyone has been through and wants to know what corporate can do better. Pretending to be a "hard ass" boss to impress Jeff, Glenn walks in full of threats and admonishments. However, he gets tangled in an overturned chair and has to be helped out of it. In the store, Jonah and Amy start talking to Jeff about grievances but he interrupts them and says he wants to see the store at normal operations and then they can talk about how everyone can improve. Amy takes exception to this.

Not the guacamole, it’s all slimy.

At customer service, Amy complains about Jeff to Jonah and Garrett and wants everyone to be at peak performance. Glenn is displaying his fake strictness to Jeff and won't let Janet go to the doctor but Jeff allows it. Toni works cash and the receipt won't stop printing. (♫ Nick Glider – Hot Child in the City ♫) Mateo tries to get Jeff to notice his work performance but Jeff is distracted, doesn't remember him and mispronounces his name. No one is working the deli so Amy and Marcus go in back to set up. Marcus wants to work the meat slicer and on the first pass cuts himself. He thinks it is just a nick until Amy shrieks and sees his thumb on the floor. He and Amy run around in a panic. (♫ Pat Benatar – We Belong ♫) Amy puts Marcus' thumb in a container of guacamole and tells him they are going to the hospital.

Dina has more mugs if you have gay friends.

Dina catches a number of staff grumbling about her lack of loyalty during the strike. They pretend not to hear her so she says that Peter's wife has died. He says he's gay and not married. In triumph, Dina says she knew they could hear her. Jonah witnesses this, offers to help Dina get the staff to like her more which she says she can do herself. Amy tries to get Marcus out of the store and to the hospital but runs into Jeff and Glenn. She puts down the guacamole in a basket and distracts them but forgets the guacamole on her way out. In the Break Room, the staff discover that their lockers have been broken into. Dina has put condescending gifts in for them. This includes razors for Mary's moustache, deodorant for Mateo and a mug that says "Gay Guy" for Peter. They all walk away in disgust.

Henry takes the guacamole.

Cheyenne visits the store to show everyone baby photos but Amy blows by her in the parking lot to take Marcus to the hospital. Amy realizes they don't have his thumb. Henry has taken the guacamole and put it in a "go backs" cart. A customer thanks Mateo for helping her and seeing Jeff in the area, Mateo drags her over to repeat her praise in front of Jeff. The praise turns to derision and Jeff rebukes Mateo. Dina reads a draft of her apology letter to Jonah which is devoid of any remorse. Jonah suggests some changes so Dina tells him to write it. Cheyenne is showing photos of her baby to a group of staff who Amy grabs to help hunt down the guacamole with Marcus' thumb in it. She says they have 45 minutes to find it when they are interrupted by Jeff and Glenn so Amy pretends she is giving a tornado preparedness talk.

I'm not sorry and you are all garbage.

Jeff asks Amy to gather the staff in the Break Room which delays them from looking for the thumb. He says that things look good in the store and asks what corporate can do better. Jonah tries to make suggestions a number of times but Amy cuts him off pretending she wants to get back to work but really wanting to find the thumb. Dina stands up and reads the apology letter Jonah wrote but she hasn't pre-read it. Cheyenne opens a check-out counter for herself but this attracts a line-up of customers. Dina finds the apology letter weak and criticizes it to everyone's confusion. She ends up saying she's not sorry and insulting everyone. She tells Jonah that she doesn't need to be liked and doesn't care if he or others do have that need. A man and woman reach for hemmorrhoid cream at the same time and smile. (♫ Backstreet Boys – All I Have to Give ♫)

I've definitely noticed you.

The staff scatter and try and find the thumb. Jeff and Glenn happen on a group discussing the search when a customer walks up with the guacamole and thumb. Cheyenne tries to juggle working checkout while talking on the phone to her baby but angers a customer. Amy is worried Jeff will fire her for the accident but Glenn says everyone will walk out to support her which Dina overhears. Dina finds out Jeff intends to file a report on Amy but Dina says she'll tell corporate that an untrained worker cut off his thumb while Jeff was in the store. Jeff doesn't file the report and says he hates Dina. Red-haired twins are putting on makeup. (♫ Berlin – The Metro ♫) Mateo confronts Jeff and expresses his frustration that Jeff hasn't noticed his attempts to impress him. Jeff holds Mateo's arm and says he's definitely noticed him.


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Running Gags

  • Amy's name tag: Amy wears a different name tag in every episode. For this one it's "Louise".
  • Crazy Customers and music: For all customer interludes and music see Back to Work (music).
  • Glenn's tie: Large cartoon clouds.
  • I saw nothing: Introduction of this gag. Sandra finds a dead mouse on a sticky trap on the floor underneath shelving and slides it back under.
  • We're not in Kansas: Introduction of this gag which forebodes the season finale. As Amy is giving instructions to a group of staff on how to find Marcus' thumb, Jeff and Glenn come into the deli and she quickly changes her talk to advice that in the event of a tornado, you should go straight for the eye.


  • The apology letter that Jonah writes for Dina to say to everyone she offended during the strike starts with a quote from Mahatma Gandhi. It also has a reference to the movie Magnolia.
  • Dina says to Jonah that great leaders don't care about being liked, just as Cesar Millan doesn't care if dogs like him in The Dog Whisperer.
  • As Jeff and Glenn interrupt Amy, Jonah and Garrett talking about finding Marcus' severed thumb, Garrett covers by mentioning phrases he says came from the show Shark Tank.



I want to see that appendix on my desk tomorrow young lady!Glenn to Janet



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Directed by: Victor Nelli, Jr - Written by: Jackie Clarke

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S02E02-Marcus cuts off thumb.jpg    "Back to Work" September 29, 2016
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GPAB.JPG    "Guns, Pills, and Birds" October 6, 2016
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S02E04-Kyle standup.jpg    "Spokesman Scandal" October 13, 2016
Directed by: Ken Whittingham - Written by: Gabe Miller

When the company's spokesperson is accused of a crime, Glenn begins to worry he should know more about his employees; Amy and Jonah challenge each other to a series of dares; Cheyenne annoys Garrett and Sandra with her baby talk. (Viewers: 4.39 million)

Dog.JPG    "Dog Adoption Day" October 20, 2016
Directed by: Betsy Thomas - Written by: Josh Malmuth

Cheyenne and Bo fight, prompting Amy and Glenn to give them advice in very different forms; Mateo and Jonah oversee dog adoption at the store; Garrett taunts Dina when she refuses to adjust his time card. (Viewers: 4.18 million)

S02E06-Staff in costumes.jpg    "Halloween Theft" October 27, 2016
Directed by: Alisa Statman - Written by: Karey Dornetto

After an apparent theft, Dina launches a store-wide investigation interrupting everyone's Halloween plans; Jonah and Cheyenne attempt to bond; Garrett tries to defend himself in Dina's theft probe. (Viewers: 4.21 million)

Election.JPG    "Election Day" November 3, 2016
Directed by: Tristram Shapeero - Written by: Bridget Kyle and Vicky Luu

The store becomes an official polling place; Dina and Glenn are stuck in a cover-up; Mateo hides his undocumented status. (Viewers: 3.58 million)

Seasonal.jpg    "Seasonal Help" November 10, 2016
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S02E09-BF crowd.jpg    "Black Friday" November 10, 2016
Directed by: Victor Nelli, Jr - Written by: Eric Ledgin

The staff comes down with food poisoning; Jonah documents the day with home video; Glenn's disposition changes; Mateo and Cheyenne discover a lucrative Black Friday side business. (Viewers: 3.79 million)

S02E10-Lost and Found bin.jpg    "Lost and Found" January 5, 2017
Directed by: Jay Chandrasekhar - Written by: Sierra Teller Ornelas

Amy walks away with a huge wad of cash from the lost and found bin and is pressured to spend the money various ways; Dina and Garrett deal with their fling; Glenn tries to stave off staff depression. (Viewers: 4.43 million)

S02E11-Rex fingers up.jpg    "Rebranding" January 12, 2017
Directed by: Bill Purple - Written by: Matt Hubbard

VP Rex brings a rebranding and is part of Jonah's past, Dina hunts a snitch, Cheyenne hides discounted products. (Viewers: 4.33 million)

S02E12-The Charhouse.jpg    "Ladies' Lunch" February 2, 2017
Directed by: Todd Biermann - Written by: Vanessa Ramos

Glenn accidentally tells the employees the real reason Amy has been late to work lately. Meanwhile, Dina tries to cheer up Amy by kidnapping her for a "ladies' lunch". Jonah and Garrett invent a game to pass the time, tricking Glenn and Mateo in the process. Cheyenne helps Amy take a fearless step with a dramatic new look. (Viewers: 3.99 million)

S02E13-Miles dancing.jpg    "Valentine's Day" February 9, 2017
Directed by: Tristram Shapeero - Written by: John Kazlauskas

A well-intentioned Amy and Glenn get caught up in the Valentine's Day spirit, quickly learning what happens when you try and force love. Meanwhile, Jonah goes undercover to try and catch a serial shoplifter and ends up getting closer to her than Dina would like; Mateo begins to unravel as Sandra's relationship with Jeff takes a new turn. (Viewers: 3.54 million)

S02E14-Brett and Sam enjoy the cold.jpg    "Super Hot Store" February 16, 2017
Directed by: Michael Spiller - Written by: Joe Barrasas

A store-wide heater malfunction magnifies angry tensions between Amy, Jonah and the Warehouse employees after both sides refuse to clean up a spill; Dina and Garrett get close. (Viewers: 3.67 million)

S02E15-Amy and Emma hooky.jpg    "Wellness Fair" February 23, 2017
Directed by: Alex Reid - Written by: Owen Ellickson

Amy sees Mateo out on a secret date with Jeff; Glenn resents Jonah for outshining him on the store's Wellness Fair; Dina tries to prove Amy faked being sick; many relationship secrets are revealed. (Viewers: 3.51 million)

Integrity.jpg    "Integrity Award" March 16, 2017
Directed by: Linda Mendoza - Written by: Gabe Miller

Jonah accompanies Amy on a trip to help her mom and dad move out of her childhood home. Glenn desperately wants to win the new Cloud 9 Integrity Award but starts to worry that Garrett has a better chance of winning. Dina tries to take advantage of Mateo's relationship with Jeff to fix problems in the store and Cheyenne gets caught up in Glenn's self-serving campaign. (Viewers: 4.17 million)

S02E17-Mateo and Cloud 9 sign.jpg    "Mateo's Last Day" March 23, 2017
Directed by: America Ferrera - Written by: Jonathan Green

When Mateo faces complications with his transfer to a Cloud 9 Signature store, he becomes desperate to resolve his undocumented status. Amy helps Glenn battle an Internet troll, Jonah and Cheyenne try to give Mateo legal counsel, and Dina and Garrett take issue with corporate over their relationship. (Viewers: 4.15 million)

S02E18-Sturgis family.jpg    "Glenn's Kids" April 6, 2017
Directed by: Ruben Fleischer - Written by: Sierra Teller Ornelas

Glenn invites all of his kids to the store causing disorder among the employees. Jonah develops a romantic interest in Glenn's 25-year-old daughter, and Amy gets caught in the middle. Garrett, Dina and Cheyenne struggle to keep track of one of the toddlers and Mateo tricks the kids into working for him as he grapples with life after Jeff. (Viewers: 3.08 million)

SpringCleaning19.jpg    "Spring Cleaning" April 20, 2017
Directed by: Geeta V. Patel - Written by: Josh Malmuth

Amy and Garrett embark on an investigation as they sift through abandoned photos during the store's spring cleaning. Jonah goes out of his way to befriend Glenn in hopes of gaining his approval in dating his daughter. Cheyenne's fiancé Bo starts working at the store for some fast cash, taking advantage of Dina and Mateo's store knowledge. (Viewers: 3.15 million)

CheyennesWedding11.jpg    "Cheyenne's Wedding" April 27, 2017
Directed by: Michael Weaver - Written by: Vanessa Ramos, Bridget Kyle, Vicky Luu

It's Cheyenne and Bo's dream wedding, but not everything goes according to plan. Relationships unravel as Amy and Jonah confront their feelings. Glenn tries to change Jeff's mind after learning of upcoming layoffs, Dina talks her way into the wedding party and Mateo dodges Jeff throughout the wedding. (Viewers: 2.77 million)

S02E21-Brett and tornado.jpg    "Tornado" May 4, 2017
Directed by: Matt Sohn - Written by: Justin Spitzer

Everyone in the store is on edge as Glenn tries to figure out which employees to lay off. Jonah struggles with the fallout of an admission he made to Amy, Garrett and Dina spar, and Mateo forms alliances to keep his job. A tornado warning goes into effect at the worst possible time, forcing the staff into uncomfortable groups. (Viewers: 2.91 million)