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Cheyenne Tyler Lee, will you marry me? Or are you gonna be, like, a dick about it?
— Bo, "Pilot".

Bilbo "Bo" Derek Thompson is Cheyenne's husband and the father of Harmonica. He is a wannabe-rapper and was briefly a store employee. He is portrayed by actor Johnny Pemberton.

Character History

Season One

Bo proposes a second time.

On Jonah's first day at work at Cloud 9 Store 1217, 17 year old Bo buys an $8 ring and proposes to his girlfriend, store employee Cheyenne Lee. He feels obligated to marry her due to being the father of her unborn child. He proposes to her in the store but is interrupted by Amy who tries to convince Cheyenne to consider her actions (as Amy was married and had a baby in her teens). Bo comes back at the end of the day wearing a ski mask and waving a gun. After terrifying everyone, he pulls off the mask and proposes via a flash mob dance. As he is on his knee with the ring, Dina turns off the store lights to reveal artificial stars on the store ceiling, put there by Jonah to impress Amy. Cheyenne accepts the proposal and Bo is later seen in the parking lot having been arrested. ("Pilot")

Cloud 9, come inside...

When Cheyenne finds out that Cloud 9's magazine "Stratus" has a jingle contest, she has Bo come to the store to write one. Bo's first attempt is very aggressive and full of cliché political and social catch phrases. Cheyenne asks him to tone it down and to remember that they are doing this for their baby. Bo agrees. His second attempt is better at the start but again devolves into harsh clichés. He hates Cheyenne's description "catchy" and she has to plead harder for him to cut out harsh parts. Stratus reporter Cynthia is at the store and they play Bo's jingle for her that is now inoffensive. Cynthia calls it "not terrible" and then "catchy". Bo is upset when he hears the word but chokes down his anger and says thanks. Cheyenne can see him holding back and says that Bo isn't going to "sell out" even for millions of dollars. Cynthia tells them the prize is a $10 Cloud 9 gift card. They walk away in triumph. ("Magazine Profile")

I think Bo and I are gonna keep it.

Bo and Cheyenne consider giving their unborn baby up for adoption and both Glenn and Dina are interested. Glenn invites them to his office and tries to impress them with photos of him with his eleven children. Bo is more impressed Glenn's chairs have wheels and in slang, asks Glenn how much money he'll give them. Later, Bo and Cheyenne interview Glenn and Dina together. Their questions are bizarre but Glenn clearly gives a much better impression than Dina. Dina and Glenn start arguing. Later, they approach Cheyenne and say they've agreed to share custody. Cheyenne tells them they've decided to keep the baby and she and Bo shop for a crib. ("Mannequin")

Gotta make some paper yo!

Bo has a $5000 settlement from being hit by a car so he and Cheyenne shop at the store for their wedding. They plan to have many guests and want to make extravagant, pricey purchases. Amy tries to show them how expensive it is to care for a baby by having Bo "shoot" baby items with a price gun. When the responsibility dawns on Bo, he panics and runs out of the store. Cheyenne thinks Bo has left her. Dina and Amy take Dina's truck and go after Bo who is on a bike. They lose him when Dina stops to get a Cloud 9 shopping cart back from a homeless man. Later, Dina and Amy are at the Firing-Line gun store when Bo walks in. He's been handing out resumés trying to get a job. They take Bo back to the store where he sees Cheyenne in her wedding dress. He re-affirms his commitment to get married. ("Wedding Day Sale")

Season Two

At the store, Bo and Cheyenne are fighting. Bo feels all he does is take care of his daughter Harmonica. Glenn finds out that Bo and his family are living in Cheyenne's mother's basement. Glenn says he knows a realtor (Kathy) who can show him some places. Kathy shows them a rental home that has new carpeting and a washer/dryer. Bo was hoping for something grander but says he'll take the house. Kathy asks Glenn to co-sign the rental agreement which he initially baulks at as he has his own family to care for. After hearing Bo regret not being able to watch his child grow up in the house, Glenn agrees to co-sign. He catches his high school teacher Cole hitting on Cheyenne and fights him in the store. ("Dog Adoption Day")

Damn girl, you're too good for me.

With Cheyenne's help, Bo becomes an associate at the store in order to make a quick buck for the wedding. When he finds out how little the job pays, he starts looking for dishonest ways to make money. First, he checks out the Pharmacy and asks Tate how to sell certain medications. Cheyenne catches him and tells him how lucky he is to have the job. He next goes to the Surveillance Office and fakes an interest in store security so that Dina will show him its vulnerabilities. He finds a place to hide out for the night intending to rob the store. Cheyenne catches him and tells him that she doesn't need a fancy wedding so he doesn't need to go through with the robbery. Bo quits in a very showy fashion at the store front. ("Spring Cleaning")

I'm a be with you for life!

Bo greets guests at his wedding including Jonah and Amy's husband Adam. He says life is funny and he didn't expect to have so many nerds at his wedding. He re-affirms Justine's comment that Jonah is Amy's "work husband" in front of Adam. At the ceremony, it appears that Bo is backing out of getting married but he and Cheyenne have planned a ruse. They don't say their vows, instead they rap them. Garrett convinces Myrtle that due to Bo's flamboyant gold wedding tux, that he is actually a woman. As Bo and Cheyenne are going to cut their gold wedding cake, Glenn grabs the mic and begs Jeff to not make him fire "his family". ("Cheyenne's Wedding") When trapped in the store during the tornado warning, Cheyenne calls Bo and says that if she doesn't make it, she wants Bo to ensure Harmonica becomes an actress. ("Tornado")

Season Three

When Glenn thinks the reason Cheyenne doesn't want to be his surrogate mother is because of Bo's objections, Glenn invites Bo to the store which surprises Cheyenne. He's listening to music when she asks him where Harmonica and he indicates she's at the zoo. In Glenn's Office, Bo doesn't know why he's there but when he finds out Glenn will pay $20,000 for Cheyenne to be his surrogate, he's for it. Bo buys a hot tub with the anticipated windfall which pushes the store's sales figure over $80,000 for the day. This means the store will be re-classified "Quad-A" which isn't desired by the staff. ("High Volume Store")

It's like a pretty funny slam.

Bo and Cheyenne try to give Amy some of Harmonica's baby items they were going to give to Goodwill. Bo congratulates Amy for not getting an abortion and jokes that a pink onesie that has "Little Bitch" on it would be funny for Amy's baby to wear if it is a boy. He takes the $20 bill Mateo leaves on the floor for Amy and wrestles Mateo for it and tries to lick it. He interrupts Amy and Adam and mentions Amy's pregnancy before she can tell Adam. ("Aftermath")

Season Four

Cheyenne advises Amy that if she and Jonah have sex again, to do it on a green screen so they can superimpose themselves on any background they want. She indicates Bo did this for their anniversary. ("Back To School") Bo congratulates Jonah at the baby shower and believes that Jonah got Amy "double pregnant" since Bo saw the tape of them having pregnant sex. Bo yells out he's bored when Jerusha makes a speech so Cheyenne suggests they play games. Bo cheers Cheyenne on during baby bottle dunking and after losing to Glenn in a stroller race, he accuses Glenn of cheating and throws his stroller down an aisle. As Jerusha sings and plays guitar, Bo raps to it. Bo orders a stripper for Cheyenne who is dressed as a deliveryman. Desperate to leave, Amy says the delivery is for her and is surprised when the man strips down to a diaper and dances for her. ("Baby Shower")

You'd choose love, right?

Called to the store by Cheyenne when ICE agents do an on-site enforcement, Bo asks an agent if he can shoot his gun. He then asks the agent if he'd turn in an illegal girlfriend or not. Bo's among the crowd of staff and customers who watch ICE drive Mateo away. ("Employee Appreciation Day")



Blessings and riches.Bo to Tate, "Spring Cleaning"
Nah, I contain multitudes yo!Bo to Dina, "Spring Cleaning"
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