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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Mary Hollis Inboden
First Appearance: "Angels and Mermaids"
Family: Cheyenne Lee (daughter), Bo Derek Thompson (son in-law), Harmonica (grand daughter)
Episode Count: 1


Whoa, Oreo really upped its game while I was in prison.
— Brandi, "Angels and Mermaids".

S03E11-Cheyenne and Brandi
Brandi portrayed by Mary Hollis Inboden.
Brandi Lee is the ex-convict mother of Cheyenne Lee. She was incarcerated at the Boonville Women's Correctional Facility. She wants what's best for Cheyenne but is domineering. She is portrayed by actress Mary Hollis Inboden.

Character History

Season Three

Brandi visits Cheyenne at the store and wants a Green Day theme for Harmonica's birthday but Amy convinces Cheyenne to go with a mermaids theme. Cheyenne introduces Brandi to Amy. Brandi asks Amy if the store has a Green Day item for the birthday party and when Amy wonders what happened to the mermaid theme, Brandi politely tells her to mind her own business. Amy tells Cheyenne she doesn't need to do everything her mother says which results in a meeting at Coffee & Bakery. Cheyenne tells Brandi she doesn't want to do a Green Day party resulting in admonishment from Brandi towards Amy for meddling. This starts Cheyenne on a tirade of bad choices including not going to college. Amy's tries to address the choices but can't get a word in over Cheyenne while Brandi glares at Amy.

S03E11-Brandi side view
Cheyenne's Mom.
In private, Amy apologizes to Brandi for meddling and they bond over their mutual dislike of Bo. Brandi and Amy (who's now on Brandi's side) meet with Cheyenne and tell her she needs to make better life choices. Amy is surprised when Brandi says Cheyenne has to dump Bo. Cheyenne leaves and gives them the finger. Later, Brandi and Cheyenne work out their differences and tease Amy for giving too much advice. Cody walks by and insults Amy's hair. ("Angels and Mermaids") Cheyenne mentions Brandi broke parole. ("Aftermath")

S03E11-Brandi and Cheyenne on couch
Ooh, are you burning Amy?


  • Brandi is part of a Goof in "Angels and Mermaids". As she and Cheyenne are sitting on a couch talking to Amy, there is a soda cup on the arm on the couch by Brandi. It disappears when Brandi tells Amy she's not engaging and then re-appears when Brandi says Amy is pushy and manipulative.
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