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Bridgett's House

Bridgett's House Cloud 9 Superstore logo.jpg The vulture's nest
Location: St Louis, Missouri — First Appearance: "Christmas Eve"

Maybe you should tell us why you're here, Adam with little miss tight sweater and her disgusting coffee.
Dina, "Christmas Eve".

S03E07-Adam and gf.jpg
Craymie the stalker is caught.
Bridgett's House is a cute bungalow and is very well decorated for Christmas. It is the residence of Adam's ex girlfriend Bridgett. Its first appearance is in the Season Three episode "Christmas Eve".


Season Three

Amy, Cheyenne and Dina go to Bridgett's house to see why Amy's ex-husband Adam is there. Bridgett and Adam catch the three ladies outside Bridgett's house trying to leave on store scooters. They are invited in and Bridgett serves coffee which Dina loves but criticizes in order to please Amy. Amy makes an excuse that they are at her house to get Adam to confirm that Amy stole a car in tenth grade. After Adam confirms it, Dina confronts Adam as to why he's at Bridgett's and he announces that they are seeing each other. Amy is uncomfortable and wants to leave but their scooters are charging. Leaving Bridgett's house, Amy is embarrassed to have gone there in the very place. The ladies hear music start up inside the house so Amy grabs a Christmas lawn ornament which Cheyenne and Dina copy. As they ride off on their scooters, Adam and Bridgett come outside and watch them leave. ("Christmas Eve")

S03E07-Group at Bridgett house.jpg
So I bet you guys are wondering why we're here.
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