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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Grace Parra
First Appearance: "Shots and Salsa"
Episode Count: 1


All right, I don't know who made you the Latino police Amy but I'm just trying to sell salsa.
— Carmen, "Shots and Salsa".

Carmen portrayed by Grace Parra.
Carmen is a sales associate at Cloud 9 Store 1217. She is of Latino heritage, is bright, cheerful and is from Kansas City. She is portrayed by actress Grace Parra.

Character History

Season One

After leading a vigorous morning cheer, Glenn asks for volunteers to man a salsa stand that is promoting Cloud 9's "Señor Cloud" salsas. He chooses Amy because she is of Latino heritage but Amy refuses. Glenn then "randomly" picks the only other Latino in the team which is Carmen. Carmen undertakes her duties with enthusiasm and is very successful at enticing the customers to stop and try the samples. However, she is speaking with a cliché Spanish accent that Amy describes as like Speedy Gonzales.

S01E03-Carmen Mexico Hat
Jess, Señor Cloud salsa is berry good for parties!
Amy is offended by Carmen's play-acting and despite a warning from Garrett, she interferes with Carmen's successful sales technique. While Carmen is trying to help an elderly woman, Amy grabs a bowl of salsa that Carmen is holding and a tug of war ensues. Salsa spills on the floor which Carmen slips on, twisting her ankle. Carmen starts to curse without the accent. She is led away to the hospital with help from Glenn and Dina while an apologetic Amy trails behind. Later, she is back at the store in crutches and glares at Amy who is now selling salsa using cliché Mexican idioms. ("Shots and Salsa")

S01E03-Carmen being led away
I am really sorry Carmen...
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