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You know what? Like, life is crazy. I never thought I'd have so many nerds at my wedding. You know what I'm saying? Ha.

"Cheyenne's Wedding" is the twenty-first episode of Season Two of Superstore, and the thirty-second episode of the show overall.


Cheyenne and Bo's wedding brings several relationships to a head.


My sister's just so ugly.

In the Break Room, Jonah, Amy are discussing what to wear to Cheyenne's wedding with her. Dina overhears that Amy is a bridesmaid and guilts Cheyenne into making her one as well. They are also surprised that Amy is bringing her husband Adam to the wedding given the rocky state of their marriage. Jonah says he’ll be "super caz" around Adam but appears uncomfortable. Dina is overjoyed to be a bridesmaid and asks to see the dress in case she wants to change the cut or color.

I'm Kristen by the way.

At the wedding hall, Glenn is looking at the wedding gifts with Garrett and lamenting their cost. He reveals to Garrett that he's been told to lay off six workers and asks him to keep it a secret. Adam and Amy are greeted by Jonah who is awkward around Adam and forgets to introduce his girlfriend Kristen. Sandra runs into Jerry and they are clearly happy to see each other. He is at the wedding with Carol who immediately bosses Jerry around. The wedding cake has an erotic bride and groom. (♫ Jackson 5 - ABC ♫) The bridesmaids and Cheyenne are having their picture taken outside. Amy keeps commenting how nervous she was on her wedding day and wanted to run away while Dina upstages Cheyenne causing the photographer to repeatedly ask her to move.

I'm a be with you for life!

Bo thanks Adam and Jonah for coming to the wedding. Justine interrupts and points out that Amy's real husband and her "work" husband are together. Adam jokingly asks if he should be worried, Jonah's reply is not convincing. Glenn is still sad about the lay-offs as he looks at everyone gathering for the ceremony. He suggests to Garrett that he should invite district manager Jeff Sutin to the wedding in order to change his mind about firing staff. (♫ Pachelbel - Canon in D Major ♫) The wedding starts and as Kristen comments on Amy's looks, Jonah fakes indifference by saying he only likes tall blondes. He then recovers by including Kristen's body type to his likes. As the minister starts speaking, it appears that Bo is backing out of getting married but he and Cheyenne have planned a ruse. They don't say their vows, instead they rap them.

If her parents can't keep buying food for her, she'll die!

At the dinner, Jonah finds that he and Kristen are at the same table as Amy and Adam. Jonah sits as far away from Amy as he can but doesn't sit next to Kristen. Jeff shows up and Glenn drags him around to meet the staff that are at the wedding, emphasizing what terrible things would happen to them if they were laid off. Sandra and Jerry are seated at the same table and Sandra tells him she doesn't have a boyfriend and that the one mentioned to him at The Charhouse was made up. Mateo is horrified that Jeff is at the wedding having broken up with him. Jeff tries to leave but Glenn makes him hold Bo and Cheyenne’s daughter Harmonica. Amy, Adam, Jonah and Kristen hit the bar and see a monitor showing photos of Cheyenne and workmates. Kristen comments on a pic of Jonah and Amy smiling but Jonah says that usually she would be berating him. Adam joins in putting Amy down and Kristen is uncomfortable.

You heard it here first - marriage is fine! Yikes!

The toasts start with Dina unsuccessfully trying to get some laughs. A woman scribbles over Cheyenne's face on a picture of her and Bo. (♫ Earth, Wind & Fire – September ♫) Amy takes the mic and says congratulations to Cheyenne and Bo. She relates how much alike her situation was with Cheyenne's (married young due to pregnancy) and as her speech continues, it ends up being an uncomfortable relating on the sad state of her marriage. Dina takes back the mic and starts making fun of Amy's marriage. Adam looks uncomfortable and upset. After the toasts, the dancing starts. Jonah is dancing with Kristen and asks if she thinks Amy is OK. Kristen teases him that he is worried about his work wife. Jonah says no and then shocks Kristen by saying they should move in together.

Jerry comes back for Sandra.

Adam tells Amy he wants to leave and she should stay. She starts to apologize for the toast but he asks if they would have been married if she hadn't been pregnant. Amy wonders if Adam would have asked her to marry him. Neither reply to the questions and with finality, Adam asks what they are doing then. Jerry and Sandra are intensely talking when Carol interrupts them, wanting to leave. Jerry says goodbye to Sandra with resignation. (♫ The Crossing - Beyond ♫) Mateo runs into Jeff who is still holding Harmonica. Jeff expresses his hatred for Mateo and passes him Harmonica. Various wedding guests are shown dancing. (♫ The Weeknd – I Feel It Coming ♫)

…and you’re sexy and, uh, that didn’t…I wasn't trying…

Jonah walks outside and finds Amy sitting on a bench alone. He tells her Kristen has taken a break from their relationship and Amy says Adam went home. Jonah turns to walk away and Amy says she thinks her marriage is over. Jonah sits down and says she'll get through this and jokingly describes her negative traits. They laugh and then he gets serious about her positive attributes. He goes bit too far and calls her sexy which surprises Amy. Amy ends the conversation and they go inside to watch the cake cutting. Sandra is sitting on stairs eating when Jerry returns, walks up to her and kisses her. Bo and Cheyenne are in front of their cake and Cheyenne gives a thank you speech. Seeing Jeff about to leave, Glenn grabs the mic and in front of everyone, begs Jeff to not make him fire anyone from his "family".


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Running Gags


  • Dina considers wearing a Nancy Pelosi pant suit to the wedding which she won at an auction.
  • As Dina walks down the aisle, she complains that one of the groomsmen is wearing too much Cool Water cologne.
  • Amy likes a drink with Code Red as the mix.
  • Amy quotes from the movie A League of Their Own and then wonders why Madonna and Rosie O'Donnell aren't friends anymore.
  • Cheyenne's mom Skypes in from Booneville Women's Correctional Facility to see the ceremony.


  • Speciality drinks offered at the bar include the "Pink Cheyenne" (vodka, Code Red and 13 cherries) as well as "Bo's Playa's Cup."
  • Goof: A woman scribbles over Cheyenne's face in a picture of her and Bo. Later in the reception when Mateo runs into Jeff, the picture can be seen behind Mateo and the scribbles are gone.


Ooh! Drama. Amy's real husband. Amy's work husband.Justine
These people aren't cogs you can just throw away. They're a family. They talk. They stand around. I guess that's all they're doing right now.Glenn
The whole world's going gay.Myrtle


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