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I can't be a single mom. I have never even driven on the highway before. What if the baby needs to go downtown?
— Cheyenne, "Wedding Day Sale".

Cheyenne Taylor Lee was a sales associate, who was recently promoted to Floor Supervisor after Amy left Cloud 9 Store 1217 who usually works at the jewelry or makeup counter. She is very bubbly and fun, but also a little dumb. She likes to gossip and bonds with Garrett and Mateo. She tends to laugh maniacally when she is uncomfortable and looks up to Amy, often taking her advice and calling her "old and wise." Her hair is dyed dark blonde with a hints of different colors (pink, blue, green) at the edges. She is married to Bo and has a daughter, Harmonica. She is portrayed by actress Nichole Sakura.

Character History

Season One

Can I run out for two minutes? This thing is kicking my bladder like it owes it money.

Cheyenne is seven months pregnant when Jonah and Mateo start their first day at store. Her boyfriend Bo, proposes to her in the store but Amy tells Cheyenne to consider the proposal before saying yes. Later, Bo stages a mock robbery to get everyone's attention and then performs a flash mob marriage proposal which Cheyenne accepts. When Cheyenne finds out that Cloud 9 magazine "Stratus" has a jingle contest, she has Bo come to the store to write one. She has Bo tone down several early attempts that are too political but can see he feels he is selling out. He plays it for Stratus reporter Cynthia but Cheyenne has Bo retract it. Cheyenne and Bo consider Glenn and Dina to adopt their baby but Cheyenne decides they'll keep the baby. During the store's sales team competition, Cheyenne wants to win the $100 prize in order to get a 3D ultrasound of her baby. Bo and Cheyenne shop at the store for their wedding and want to make extravagant, pricey purchases. Amy tries to show them how expensive it is to care for a baby and when the responsibility dawns on Bo, he panics and runs out of the store. Cheyenne thinks Bo has left her. Dina and Amy get Bo back to the store where he sees Cheyenne in her wedding dress. He re-affirms his commitment to get married. After Dina accepts a demotion to associate, Cheyenne tries to teach her how to work at the make-up counter. Cheyenne has false labor and then gives birth in the store. Without maternity leave, Glenn "suspends" her with pay which results in him being fired and the staff walking out in protest.

"Pilot": Cheyenne is seven months pregnant when Jonah and Mateo start their first day at store. Amy sees Bo proposing to Cheyenne and stops her before she can reply. Amy asks Cheyenne to think it over before she replies. She puts eyeliner on Dina who is anticipating a date with Jonah. It's closing time when a masked, armed robber bursts in and yells for everyone to get down on the ground. He rips off his ski-mask and it's Bo, who performs a flash mob marriage proposal for Cheyenne. As Bo kneels and asks Cheyenne to marry him, Dina turns off the store lights. The ceiling is covered with glow stars put up by Jonah. Everyone stares up in awe. In the parking lot while the police deal with Bo, Cheyenne tells everyone that she accepted Bo's proposal. Cheyenne hugs Jonah and says that if he hadn't put up the stars she might not have accepted.

"Magazine Profile": Glenn asks Cheyenne to not fall asleep in the bedding department as a reporter from the corporate magazine "Stratus" is coming to do an article on the store. Cheyenne sees there is a jingle writing contest that Bo could enter. Bo's first attempt is very aggressive and full of cliché political and social catch phrases. Cheyenne asks him to tone it down and to remember that they are doing this for their baby. Bo agrees. His second attempt is better at the start but again devolves into harsh clichés. He hates Cheyenne's description "catchy" and she has to plead harder for him to cut out harsh parts. They play Bo's now inoffensive jingle for the reporter Cynthia. Cynthia calls it "not terrible" and then "catchy". Bo is upset when he hears the word but chokes down his anger and says thanks. Cheyenne can see him holding back and says that Bo isn't going to "sell out" even for millions of dollars. Cynthia tells them the prize is a $10 Cloud 9 gift card. They walk away in triumph.

"Shots and Salsa": Cheyenne does not appear in this episode.

"Mannequin": Bo and Cheyenne consider giving their unborn baby up for adoption and both Glenn and Dina are interested. Glenn invites them to his office and tries to impress them with photos of him with his eleven children. Bo is more impressed Glenn's chairs have wheels and in slang, asks Glenn how much money he'll give them. Later, Bo and Cheyenne interview Glenn and Dina together. Their questions are bizarre but Glenn clearly gives a much better impression than Dina. Dina and Glenn start arguing. Later, they approach Cheyenne and say they've agreed to share custody. Cheyenne tells them they've decided to keep the baby and she and Bo shop for a crib.

"Shoplifter": Cheyenne competes with Mateo for a discounted sofa that an old man, Charles, died on. Garrett rules that whoever can sit on the couch the longest will get it. Cheyenne tells gory birthing stories to try and get Mateo to leave the couch. Outside the store, Glenn has a ceremony for the deceased man. It is company policy that furniture someone died on has to be destroyed which Cheyenne and Mateo rue. Garrett knew this all along and planned their marathon sitting session for his amusement.

"Secret Shopper": Cheyenne does not appear in this episode.

"Color Wars": Cheyenne comforts Dina when one of her birds died. When Amy finds out each member of the winning sales team gets $100 and only tells her team, Jonah objects to selling people things they don't need but is pressured by Cheyenne. Garrett, who is on the Red Team with Mateo notices the Gold Team's efforts and asks Mateo to find out why. Mateo twists Cheyenne's arm until she reveals the secret. Cheyenne is working a check-out and when a rich woman who is on the phone won't pay attention to Cheyenne, she starts ringing up items that the woman didn't purchase.

"Wedding Day Sale": Bo has a $5000 settlement from being hit by a car so he and Cheyenne shop at the store for their wedding. They plan to have many guests and want to make extravagant, pricey purchases. Amy tries to show them how expensive it is to care for a baby by having Bo "shoot" baby items with a price gun. When the responsibility dawns on Bo, he panics and runs out of the store. Cheyenne thinks Bo has left her. To take Cheyenne's mind off Bo, Jonah and Garrett help her shop for wedding items but become competitive over the item selection. Amy and Dina return Bo back to the store to find Cheyenne in a beautiful wedding dress. They make up while Amy and Dina wonder how long their marriage will last.

"All-Nighter": Cheyenne is dressed up to cheer on her classmates at the senior dance recital at her high school. She doesn't make it there as the staff are locked in the store for the evening. The staff sit in a circle and start talking about regrets. Cheyenne wishes she'd gotten pregnant at a different time so she could have danced in her senior dance recital. Later, the staff party and then things go quiet as Cheyenne performs the dance routine she missed doing at her high school. Once Cheyenne is done the slow dance, she breaks into a faster, suggestive dance.

"Demotion": After Dina asks for a demotion to associate, Cheyenne is uncomfortable when Dina shows up to work at the makeup counter. She watches with concern as Dina manhandles the makeup customers but doesn't intervene.

"Labor": While working, Cheyenne screams that the baby is coming. Amy lowers her to the floor. Pharmacist Tate looks as if he is going to deliver the baby but after asking what medications Cheyenne has taken he walks away. It turns out to be false labor. The next day in the Break Room, Cheyenne is having difficulty breathing but won't go home as she needs the money. Amy tries to figure out ways Cheyenne can be at home and still get paid. Later, Cheyenne gives birth in a store aisle. The staff gather around to see her beautiful daughter, Harmonica. Cheyenne asks Glenn if she can be late for work the next day as she needs the money but he says she should be with the baby. In mock anger, Glenn chastises Cheyenne for disturbing everyone at work and "punishes" Cheyenne with six weeks paid suspension for which he is fired prompting the staff to walk out.

Season Two

I catfished my school nurse and she went to Australia to meet a picture of Michael Fassbender when he was young.

Cheyenne meets Missy Jones and adopts her "dream card" technique. She mentions that she's in summer school and is going to quit to be an Olympic gymnast until Amy dissuades her. Cheyenne is on leave and misses the staff strike and when crows invade the store. Bo and Cheyenne fight in the store and Amy advises her to look at all her options. She invites Cole to the store who is sweet on her but turns out to have been her English teacher. Bo catches Cole with Cheyenne and fights him in the store and wins her back. Cheyenne is the first to learn several of Mateo's secrets including that he is an illegal alien and that he is dating Jeff Sutin. She helps him keep his undocumented status secret on 2016 election day. Cheyenne accompanies Glenn to the store roof to fix the temperature controls and cheers him up when he is feeling useless. She also nominates Glenn for an integrity award but Glenn asks her to write untrue events on the nomination form. When Mateo believes he is going to be deported, Cheyenne tries to beat him up so he can remain in the country. Cheyenne gets Bo a job in the store and stops him from robbing it by reassuring him she doesn't want a fancy wedding and they don't need extra money. Cheyenne reluctantly makes Dina a bridesmaid for her wedding and she and Bo plan a ruse at the ceremony. They make it appear Bo can't go through with the wedding, then they rap their vows and they are married. When a tornado hits the store, Cheyenne takes shelter in the Stock Room with Glenn and a number of staff who have just been laid off. She laughs hysterically and says they are going to die. When the tornado passes, she and the staff enter the store and find it destroyed.

"Olympics": Cheyenne represents toys and sporting good during the store's Olympic opening ceremony and is having trouble riding a hoverboard. Cheyenne meets Missy Jones and adopts her "dream card" technique. She mentions that she's in summer school and is going to quit to be an Olympic gymnast until Amy dissuades her.

"Back to Work": Cheyenne comes to the store to show everyone baby pictures by Amy doesn't have time for her as she's trying to get Marcus to the hospital. Cheyenne opens a checkout to buy some items but customers take advantage of her and line-up even though she's not working.

"Strike": Cheyenne does not appear in this episode.

"Guns, Pills, and Birds": Cheyenne does not appear in this episode.

"Spokesman Scandal": After the staff learn Cloud 9's mascot Kyle the Cloud 9 Cloud killed and ate people, Cheyenne asks what the difference between a zombie and a cannibal. Cheyenne shows Garrett and Sandra way too many pictures and movies of her baby until Garrett finally snaps.

"Dog Adoption Day": Bo and Cheyenne fight in the store and they complain about being cooped up and getting on each other's nerves. Cheyenne thinks they should get married earlier than planned. Amy advises Cheyenne to look at her options and Cheyenne mentions a guy from school who likes her named Cole who reads, tutors and is on debate team. Amy says he sounds great so Cheyenne invites him to the store. Cole is middle-aged and was Cheyenne's English teacher. Amy is shocked and says Cheyenne can't go out with him. Bo catches Cole flirting with Cheyenne and fights him, winning Cheyenne back.

"Halloween Theft": On Halloween, Jonah is assigned to the jewellry counter with Cheyenne and they start to bond by gossiping about staff members. Dina interrogates Cheyenne about the missing irregular produce but Cheyenne makes ditsy comments so Dina lets her go. Amy gathers the staff in the Warehouse to try and get the thief to confess. Cheyenne confesses to cat fishing her school nurse. When Jonah asks Cheyenne to share a secret, Cheyenne tells Jonah that the staff thinks he has a crush on Amy which he tries to deny. At the loading dock, Mateo meets Jeff Sutin in his car for their date. As they pull away, Cheyenne sees them leave so she is the first to know that they are dating.

"Election Day": The store is a polling station on election day 2016. After Dina tells Cheyenne and Mateo to vote, Mateo confides to Cheyenne that he's an illegal alien. She suggests getting one of the "I Voted" stickers to fool everyone. Dina and Glenn dump coffee on one of the ballot boxes and when trying to dry the ballots, they blow out the window in the loading dock. Cheyenne sees them looking for the the ballots. Cheyenne gives Mateo a sticker she made herself which he declares is garbage. Dina cozies up to Cheyenne and asks if she knows of any illegal acts, to see if she knows about the ballots. Cheyenne thinks of Mateo's secret, says no and excuses herself. Cheyenne warns Mateo that Dina may know about his undocumented status. Mateo buys Garrett's sticker and he and Cheyenne go to Glenn's Office to show Dina but Dina and Glenn yell at them to get out.

"Seasonal Help": Cheyenne is frustrated with seasonal temp worker Sue who reads a book instead of helping Cheyenne at checkout. Jonah has created a betting pool on which temp will quit, Cheyenne and Mateo both bet on Sue. To get Sue to quit, both Cheyenne and Mateo sexually harass Sue but Jonah's bet, Isaac quits first.

"Black Friday": In the parking lot on Black Friday, Cheyenne and Mateo crowd control and receive a bribe if they'll set aside an item for a customer. Later in the store, Mateo and Cheyenne try to solicit a bribe from a customer who wants them to check for an item in the back. After the staff get food poisoning, Cheyenne has bought all the Pepto and gouges Mateo for a bottle.

"Lost and Found": As the staff draw items from the lost and found bin, Cheyenne draws a wig and then watches as Dina draws a toy giraffe that she wanted. Glenn approaches Cheyenne who is sad about the lost and found draw. He tries to cheer her up by making a balloon animal but the balloon snaps into her eye and she runs away crying. After Amy finds over $900 in her lost and found draw, she gives Cheyenne $80 for diapers and Cheyenne tells the staff about the money. The staff guilt Amy into buying items for the Break Room which includes a vibrating chair which Cheyenne enjoys and says it's the best day of her life.

"Rebranding": As Jeff introduces Cloud 9's new product brand SuperCloud, Cheyenne comments that the new corporate spokesperson shouldn't have been Kelsey but a superhero with a cape and cloud muscles which Jeff agrees would have been better. The old Halo products are deeply discounted but Cheyenne can't buy nor set any of the baby items aside while she's working so she hides them around the store. Eugene has collected all the items Cheyenne has hidden and she can't stop him from re-stocking them. Sadly, Cheyenne sees the last Halo baby item bought. A customer asks if it's all gone and has Cheyenne check the back. To her delight, Cheyenne finds the Warehouse full of Halo pallets. She lies to the customer that they are all sold out.

"Ladies' Lunch": Amy is late for the morning staff meeting and Glenn reveals she's in marriage counselling and asks everyone to keep it a secret. Amy enters and Cheyenne laughs nervously which indicates to Amy that everyone knows she's in counselling. Dina kidnaps Amy for a lunch with the female staff including Cheyenne at The Charhouse. Amy asks how Cheyenne and Bo are doing to which she replies "You know, same old Bo. Little dangerous, little mysterious, little dyslexic. He recently lost his flip-flops so, you know ups and downs". Cheyenne does karaoke with the ladies and walks into the store with Amy, both a bit drunk. Instead of going home, Amy and Cheyenne go to the beauty counter where Cheyenne gives her a hair trim. Amy takes the scissors and cuts a big chunk from her own hair much to Cheyenne's surprise and delight.

"Valentine's Day": On Valentine's Day, Cheyenne tells Garrett that Sandra is faking a relationship with Jeff and it's Mateo who is dating Jeff. Cheyenne becomes the store greeter when Amy re-assigns Arthur to women's wear, hoping he and Myrtle will hit it off. Later in the Break Room, after the staff watch a training video on sexual harassment, Cheyenne says that you can't make unwanted advances because it is not until you ask someone out that you find out whether they like you or not and this is a catch-22. When Glenn says he asked his future wife out every day for a year, Cheyenne questions if it's not harassment if the person marries you.

"Super Hot Store": When the store's temperature controls malfunction making it very hot on a cold February day, Glenn and Cheyenne venture onto the store's roof to fix the heating problem. Cheyenne admires Glenn's handyman skills. On the roof, Glenn and Cheyenne look at the complex control circuitry. Glenn tries using the interface but changes the language. Cheyenne tries to cheer him up but fails. Glenn pronounces himself useless. Cheyenne and Glenn talk about their mutual desire to travel and Glenn suggests they both just leave and go together. Cheyenne talks about her responsibilities but relents to cheer Glenn up. Back in the store, Glenn talks about where he and Cheyenne will travel when she points out the store is cool and that Glenn must have fixed the problem. He feels useful again and gives Cheyenne money to have noodles if she ever gets to a McDonald's in Asia that serves them.

"Wellness Fair": Amy tells Cheyenne and Garrett that she saw Jeff with Mateo and wonders if she should interfere since she believes Jeff is dating Sandra. Cheyenne and Garrett already knew the secret and Garrett is adamant that she shouldn't get involved. Later, Amy asks Cheyenne and Garrett why they didn't tell her the truth about Sandra. At Coffee & Bakery, Mateo has found out the lie that Sandra is pregnant by Jeff (told by Amy and Cheyenne) and asks how they are going to fix it.

"Integrity Award": In Glenn's Office, Cheyenne tells Glenn she's going to nominate him for the company's Integrity Award. He can barely contain his joy. When Glenn sees her nomination, he pressures Cheyenne to write a longer award nomination for him which she does. He reads the longer nomination and pressures her to lie which she points out is ironic since the award is for integrity.

"Mateo's Last Day": Mateo is transferring to a better store due to his relationship with Jeff. He is lording it over Cheyenne and Jonah until Jeff asks him for this social security card which he doesn't have. In the Warehouse, Mateo is lamenting that he is going to be deported to Cheyenne and Jonah. Jonah offers to marry Mateo but he is disgusted by the offer. Jonah and Cheyenne research how Mateo can remain in the country and find he'd qualify for a special visa if he was a violent crime victim. Mateo begs Jonah to beat him up and they go outside to the loading docks with Cheyenne in tow. Jonah isn't much of a fighter and Cheyenne then tries to punch Mateo but can't so she asks Mateo to say something mean to her. Mateo ends up punching Jonah but he doesn't hit back. Later, after Mateo has broken up with Jeff so he doesn't have to transfer and reveal he has no social security card, Mateo walks into the store in tears and is comforted by Cheyenne. She's shocked as Jonah punches Mateo.

"Glenn's Kids": Glenn brings his foster kids to work to take a family photo. Cheyenne offers to watch Bobbie Sue. Cheyenne is playing with Bobbie Sue and turns away to talk to Garrett. When she turns back, Bobbie Sue is gone and she begins a frantic search. In the Surveillance Office, Cheyenne and Garrett are looking for Bobbie Sue when Dina catches them and offers to join in the search. Cheyenne and Dina search the store while Garrett makes an announcement on the P.A. system that there's free candy at the front for Bobbie Sue. In the toy department, Dina, Garrett and Cheyenne set up a trap baited with candy and make toddler calls over the P.A. system. Dina, Garrett and Cheyenne still can't find Bobbie Sue when Glenn announces over the P.A. system for his kids to come for the photo. Cheyenne says she'll have to tell Glenn she lost Bobbie Sue when she comes into sight caught in the trap. Cheyenne hugs her while Bobbie Suh is seen eating a candy bar. Cheyenne brings her to the photo setting where everyone is dressed as characters from "Willow".

"Spring Cleaning": In Glenn's Office, Bo interviews for a job at the store with Cheyenne's help to make money for their wedding. He doesn't understand that Glenn is the hiring manager and answers all the questions flippantly until Cheyenne wises him up. Bo isn't taking his job seriously so Cheyenne asks Bo to get back to work and reminds him how lucky he is to have the job. Cheyenne asks Dina how Bo is doing at work. Dina praises his interest in security and says Cheyenne should trust him. Cheyenne sees Bo hiding behind toilet paper so he can rob the store after it closes. Cheyenne tells him she doesn't need a fancy wedding so Bo quits in a very loud fashion at the store front.

"Cheyenne's Wedding": In the Break Room, Jonah, Amy are discussing what to wear to Cheyenne's wedding with her. Dina overhears that Amy is a bridesmaid and guilts Cheyenne into making her one as well. The bridesmaids and Cheyenne are having their picture taken outside. Amy keeps commenting how nervous she was on her wedding day and wanted to run away while Dina upstages Cheyenne causing the photographer to repeatedly ask her to move. At the ceremony, as the minister starts speaking, it appears that Bo is backing out of getting married but he and Cheyenne have planned a ruse. They don't say their vows, instead they rap them and they are married. Bo and Cheyenne are about to cut the cake and Cheyenne gives a thank you speech when Glenn grabs the mic and in front of everyone, begs Jeff to not make him fire anyone from his "family".

"Tornado": When a tornado hits the store, Cheyenne takes shelter in the Stock Room with Glenn and a number of staff who have just been laid off. She laughs hysterically and says they are going to die. When the tornado passes, she and the staff enter the store and find it destroyed. She finds her green hair thingy and also finds a baby pig.

Season Three

I'm an adult and I make my own decisions. And so, I'm gonna buy a motorcycle, or I don't know, a monkey, maybe both.

Cheyenne disagrees with Amy's approach to getting the store ready for the grand re-opening and helps Mateo figure out if Jeff heard the voice mail he left during the tornado. After Brett's funeral, she and Mateo fake that Brett's passing affects them deeply to get out of work. She warns Mateo that Scott is flirting with him for perks but finds she's unable to resist Scott's charms. Cheyenne, Mateo and others regularly have trivia nights after work which makes Amy feel left out. On Halloween, Cheyenne makes up Mateo to look like dead employee Sal so he can go to a wedding in the Philippines using Sal's passport. Cheyenne bonds with Dina while looking at staff social media posts but is disciplined by Dina after she reveals she was responsible for a posting that reflected badly on the store and got Roger fired. She accidentally volunteers to be Glenn's surrogate mother but with Bo's unknowing help, makes Glenn realize she doesn't want to be it. Cheyenne's mother Brandi visits the store and has conflicts with both Amy and Cheyenne. Cheyenne and Mateo rate Amy's dating attractiveness which results in Amy having a regrettable one-night stand. It's revealed that Cheyenne also works part-time at Target. Cheyenne and Bo treat Amy as a charity case and try to give her some of Harmonica's old baby items. Cheyenne is featured in the staff video about surviving the tornado. Cheyenne is disgusted that Jeff betrayed the store at the town hall.

"Grand Re-Opening": While stocking shelves, Jonah tells Cheyenne that the tornado destroyed his apartment building and he is living in a FEMA trailer. Garrett rolls by and Cheyenne suggests that Jonah move in with him. Amy gathers some staff and emphasizes speed over quality while Cheyenne wants both and Myrtle offers "slow and bad". Mateo wonders aloud to Cheyenne what he's going to say to Jeff and whether Jeff got his message. Cheyenne says they should recreate the tornado sounds with a big fan and test if Mateo can be heard over it. Mateo sits by a large fan and yells "I love you!" on his phone to Cheyenne to test if she can hear him.

"Brett Is Dead": Mateo cuts his finger while he and Cheyenne are putting security locks on DVDs. Glenn asks how they are and when Mateo responds negatively, he thinks they are mourning Brett and offers them a break to reflect. They both fake loss and speak of their relationship with Brett in order to get time off work. In the Break Room, Mateo and Cheyenne are looking at their phones when Glenn enters. They fake sorrow and Glenn says he wants to write a tribute for Brett for the store newsletter. Since they indicated they knew him well, Glenn asks personal questions about Brett to which they make up answers. After Brett turns up alive, Cheyenne and Mateo greet him enthusiastically to keep up the ruse that they were good friends with him.

"Part-Time Hires": In the Break Room, Glenn welcomes Amy's daughter Emma as the newest part-time employee. Cheyenne plays a video presentation of Emma that Glenn narrates. Later, in the Break Room, Cheyenne, Glenn and Justine try to console Garrett as they heard from Dina that she dumped him. He's outraged and says it was a mutual decision. They shake their heads sadly at him. Scott and Mateo are flirting and on departing, Scott asks for Mateo's employee card so he can use the employee bathroom. Mateo relents and Cheyenne suggests he's being used but Mateo thinks Scott is truly interested in him. Scott helps a reluctant Cheyenne load some ice and without him asking, she says she won't share her employee ID. He turns on the charm and after she sees his sculpted body, Scott enters the employee bathroom and shows Mateo her card. Cheyenne and Mateo watch as Scott is now flirting with Carol who puts her employee card down her blouse to his concern. They wonder why he needs to go to the bathroom so much.

"Workplace Bullying": Cheyenne, Mateo and others regularly have trivia nights after work which makes Amy feel left out. Cheyenne wants to be "parking lot buddies" with Mateo for protection when leaving work. During Jeff's session on what to do during a robbery, Cheyenne asks what one should do if someone is trying to take a baby with a bomb and, what to do if Beyoncé was taking a baby. As Amy tries to impress Cheyenne, Mateo and Kelly with her trivia knowledge, Cheyenne asks who invented salad. During Jeff's session on bullying, Marcus again brings up Hitler and when Jeff says to not bring him up again, Cheyenne protests that Hitler should never be forgotten. She gives "moron" and "a-hole" as examples of name calling. When Amy complains she's not invited to trivia night, Cheyenne explains that in the past she always said no and gave sarcasm.

"Sal's Dead": In the Break Room, after the staff are informed a dead body found in the store's drywall was Sal, Cheyenne explains to Kelly that when Sal looked at you, it felt like he was grabbing you. Cheyenne is offering face painting for children and is frustrated when a Mom only wants a simple cat face for her daughter instead of some of the scarier designs. Mateo informs her that one of his cousins is getting married in the Philippines and he's frustrated he can't go due to his undocumented status. Cheyenne approaches Mateo with Sal's passport (which was found in his locker) and convinces him that she'll make him up to look like Sal so he can go to the wedding in the Philippines. Elias is made up as Dame Edna (Cheyenne forced him to dress this way). Cheyenne makes up Mateo to look like Sal while quizzing him on Sal's personal facts. Cheyenne finishes making up Mateo and he is thrilled with how good a job she's done. As Cheyenne talks to Mateo, he makes an inappropriate remark to a customer. Cheyenne postulates that Mateo is starting to act like Sal since he is dressed and looks like him. Mateo doesn't agree but then makes a creepy remark. As Mateo is helping on older woman try on shoes, he rubs her foot against his face. He realizes Cheyenne was right about him becoming like Sal and returns Sal's passport to her.

"Health Fund": Cheyenne does not appear in this episode.

"Christmas Eve": Amy, Cheyenne and Dina are looking at Bridgett's social media page. Cheyenne and Dina are amazed at how attractive she is. Amy tells Cheyenne and Dina that she wants to go to Bridgett's House to confront Adam. Cheyenne and Dina offer to come and since they are drunk, they ride store scooters. The ladies arrive at Bridgett's house and when Amy realizes she's stalking Adam they try and leave but the battery is dead on her and Cheyenne's scooters. As they try to escape on Dina's, Adam and Bridgett open the front door and confront Amy. Seated at the kitchen table in Bridgett's house, Dina confronts Adam as to why he's at Bridgett's and he announces that they are seeing each other. Leaving Bridgett's house, Amy is embarrassed to have gone. The ladies hear music start up inside the house so Amy grabs a Christmas lawn ornament which Cheyenne and Dina copy. The ladies enter the store on the scooters and trumpet their stolen loot. Cheyenne tells Amy she should let out crazy Amy more often but get a different nickname than "Craymie".

"Viral Video": Dina coerces Cheyenne into helping her track the staff's social media accounts. Cheyenne and Dina discover a picture of Elias on his Facebook account in which he is in a hottub with two women who are kissing. Amy and Cheyenne discover other staff on-line secrets and Cheyenne finds she's having a good time with Dina. Cheyenne and Dina watch Elias drop produce and can't believe women want him. Dina reveals she has a dollar figure it would take for her to sleep with each staff member and that it is only $75 to sleep with Cheyenne. Cheyenne and Dina acknowledge what a great time they had together so Cheyenne confides that she dared Roger to fart in the cups and filmed it. Dina laughs and then goes to get disciplinary paperwork.

"Golden Globes Party": Cheyenne does not appear in this episode.

"High Volume Store": In the Break Room, Glenn makes morning announcements which include a request for a surrogate mother because Jerusha can't have children due to an abnormal uterus. As Glenn tells his troubles over finding a surrogate to Cheyenne, she accidentally volunteers to be the surrogate while encouraging Glenn. Glenn takes Cheyenne's picture for an embroidery Jerusha is making of her and as they talk Glenn realizes Cheyenne doesn't want to be his surrogate. He guesses that it's due to her husband Bo's objections which she lies is the reason. Bo arrives at the store so Glenn invites him and Cheyenne to meet in his office. Bo doesn't know that Glenn wants Cheyenne to be his surrogate but when he learns that Glenn will pay $20,000, he is on board. Bo buys a hot tub with the new found money which Cheyenne protests. In Glenn's Office without Bo, Glenn goes over a pregnancy calendar with Cheyenne but when he realizes she doesn't want to be his surrogate he insults her so she'll quit.

"Angels and Mermaids": Cheyenne asks Amy's advice on the best Green Day piñata for Harmonica's birthday. Amy suggests Minions or mermaids themes instead and then falsely compares Green Day to mermaids. In the Break Room, the staff help Cheyenne with items for a mermaid theme birthday party. Cheyenne introduces her mother Brandi to Amy. Brandi asks Amy if the store has a Green Day item for the birthday party and when Amy wonders what happened to the mermaid theme, Brandi politely tells her to mind her own business. Amy and Jonah watches Brandi make Cheyenne shop for Green Day items for the party and Amy expresses her anger towards Brandi. As they shelve items, Amy tells Cheyenne that a Green Day theme party is a mistake and that Cheyenne doesn't have to do everything her mother tells her to do. At Coffee & Bakery, Cheyenne tells Brandi she doesn't want to do a Green Day party resulting in admonishment from Brandi towards Amy for meddling. This starts Cheyenne on a tirade of bad choices including not going to college. Amy's tries to address the choices but can't get a word in over Cheyenne while Brandi glares at Amy. Brandi and Amy (who's now on Brandi's side) meet with Cheyenne and tell her she needs to make better life choices. Amy is surprised when Brandi says Cheyenne has to dump Bo. Cheyenne leaves and gives them the finger. Brandi and Cheyenne have worked out their differences and tease Amy for giving too much advice.

"Groundhog Day": At the Pharmacy, Tate treats Amy's groundhog bite while Cheyenne gives Amy kudos for Devon flirting with her. Tate makes derogatory comments on Amy getting back into dating and Mateo offers to set Amy up with one of his five single cousins. In the Break Room, Amy objects to Mateo trying to set her up with Castor and suggests his more attractive cousin Rogelio is in her league and asks for Cheyenne's confirmation which she doesn't give. Mateo tells Amy that she's not a "10" due to her age, being divorced and having a child. As Cheyenne and Mateo rate various employees including Tate as a "10" and Justine as a "3", Amy is aghast when Mateo says that Amy rates just a little higher than Justine. Mateo tries to set Amy up with another cousin and when Amy passes, Cheyenne says she needs to start dating again. Amy reveals she hooked up the night before which prompts them to guess who before she reveals it was Tate. As Marcus and Tate confront Amy in public, Cheyenne brings Jonah up to speed on what's happened.

"Video Game Release": Cheyenne does not appear in this episode.

"Safety Training": Cheyenne does not appear in this episode.

"Amnesty": In the Break Room, the staff laugh at a video on a loop of Amy and Jonah kissing. Cheyenne asks Kelly if she hates Amy now which she denies. In the store, Mateo tells Cheyenne that he revealed his undocumented status to Jeff who left without commenting on it. He's worried that Jeff has reported him but Cheyenne doesn't think this has happened or else soldiers would have arrested and interned him at Guantanamo and she thinks sponges are crazy. After Dina and Glenn announce amnesty for any past wrong doings, Cheyenne and Garrett realize that they have until day end to break a store rule and get amnesty. Cheyenne ponders wearing a hat or stealing a boat. Cheyenne and Garrett read the employee handbook but can't find any rules they'd like to break. In the Break Room, Glenn introduces Pastor Craig to deal with the souls of the staff. Cheyenne points out she's wearing a hat in violation of the dress code. Cheyenne reminds Glenn he was praying to Allah during the tornado for which Pastor Craig says everyone makes mistakes.

"Target": Glenn and Garrett visit the Target Jeff said he works at intent on poaching staff. They approach a staff member from behind adjusting a baby stroller and Glenn screams when Cheyenne turns around. Cheyenne admits she works part-time at both stores to made extra money for college. Another reason she works at Target is that Harmonica gets to go to a good daycare. While eating popcorn, Glenn commiserates with Garrett that they work at an inferior store. Owen, a Target employee, tells them they can't eat on store display furniture but Cheyenne explains that they are her friends. Owen's heard Cheyenne speak of Glenn but not Garrett.

"District Manager": In the Break Room, as Glenn nervously announces the impending arrival of the new district manager Laurie, Cheyenne says she's excited to have a woman in the position. Mateo approaches Garrett and Cheyenne worried about his low score at checkout. Cheyenne says not to worry about being bad at one thing and that she is bad at driving but good at texting and driving. In the Break Room, Mateo expresses his frustration over his poor performance at checkout to Garrett and Cheyenne. Garrett convinces him to change his checkout stats on Glenn's computer he when Cheyenne points out that would be cheating. Later, as the staff debate whether it is sexist to call a woman a bitch when she's being one, Cheyenne posits Oprah hosting the Holocaust. At a checkout, Mateo stalls demonstrating his scanning technique including turning off the cash register until Cheyenne turns it back on.

"Local Vendors Day": Alex walks into the store on a delivery and waves at Amy which Dina and Cheyenne see. Amy tells them she's been on a few dates with Alex. Amy asks Cheyenne, Dina and Mateo to describe her. They quip many pejoratives until she points out she's Latina which they don't see her as. In the Break Room, Amy discusses the conversation she had with Alex with Cheyenne, Dina and Mateo. They aren't helpful in translating what Amy thinks Alex said in Spanish. Cheyenne asks why Amy won't admit to Alex she didn't understand him but she doesn't want to appear less Latina.

"Lottery": After Glenn announces that the Missouri Lottery jackpot is the most it has been in 20 years. Mateo and Cheyenne's lottery dream would to both buy an island. While picking lottery numbers, Cheyenne and Mateo agree to buy their tickets together so they can remain friends if they win. At Coffee & Bakery, Cheyenne and Mateo ponder whether to get lottery winnings in installments and fantasize about who'd they invite on a yacht if they win the lottery. As Glenn gives a Cloud 9 personal budgeting session to the staff, Mateo points out the budget only allows $4/day for food and Cheyenne says there is no allowance for child care or medical treatment. When the budgeting session focuses on how to save money, Cheyenne mentions a friend who makes money with a live webcam in her home. As Cheyenne and Mateo continue to talk about their dream yacht, Sandra tells them they wouldn't win as much as they think due to taxes and other factors which disappoints them. The staff and customers watch the lottery draw on the store's TVs and when they don't win, Cheyenne and Mateo mask their disappointment.

"Gender Reveal": In the Break Room, Glenn and Jerusha show the ultrasound to the staff. Glenn has the sex of the baby in an envelope and is about to open it but the staff have various ideas how the gender should be revealed including Cheyenne wanting a paint ball game. Cheyenne asks Dina to change the store's TV from a show on animals giving birth. At Coffee & Bakery, Dina expresses her child birth fears to Amy and Cheyenne. Amy downplays the pain and Cheyenne tries to and discusses her friend Corona eating a tapeworm. Cheyenne laughs nervously when Amy mentions she thought she was pregnant and is gaining weight and calls Emma a dud. In the Break Room, Amy sits in front of many positive pregnancy tests. She admits she doesn't want a baby while Cheyenne starts to make a whiteboard list of who could be the father including Alex and Tate. At the party, Cheyenne tells Jeff that she and Bo had sex at the reservoir once. When Glenn and Jerusha cut the cake and find a white filling (instead of blue or pink indicating the baby's gender), Cheyenne says it's because they're having a white baby.

"Aftermath": In the Break Room, Cheyenne mentions that her mother broke parole. When Amy announces she's pregnant, Cheyenne says she only told three people. Bo and Cheyenne try to give Amy some of Harmonica's baby items but she insists she's not a charity case. At the group photo shoot, Mateo is wearing a suit which Cheyenne says makes him look like a car freshener. After Dina and Glenn decide that a staff video is needed to win the store the Cloud 9 town hall, filming begins with Cheyenne who disappoints Glenn by relating banal occurrences the day the tornado hit the store. Cheyenne isn't convincing when she recalls how she thought she was going to die and Dina's criticism results in her faking being poisoned. In the Break Room, Amy tells Cheyenne how Alex took the pregnancy news. When Amy says Adam wants to go back with her but she doesn't want to, Cheyenne says there is still an attraction between them as Amy "went back for seconds". Cheyenne also says that Amy could use Adam's employee discount at PetSmart to buy a lizard cheap. Cheyenne gets impatient when Glenn introduces the staff video and tells him to show it. Cheyenne is in the video and says she thought she was going to die and later says "yeah, totally". Cheyenne likes the video and says she wants to show Bo as he's never seen her in a video with her clothes on.

"Town Hall": In the Break Room, as Laurie goes over the forbidden topics at the town hall, after Mateo says he going to ask the CEO the craziest rich person thing he's ever done, Cheyenne thinks it's blowing up a cow with a bazooka or hunting a person. In the Warehouse, Amy and Jonah share their discovery that Cloud 9 is unfairly firing older employees with a number of staff. Cheyenne lists the oldest employees. Cheyenne and Mateo makes plan to disguise Jeff to get him into the town hall and then are condescending towards Garrett's much more difficult plan to patch a hidden camera into the company's camera feed at the town hall. Jeff tells Cheyenne he feels stupid in the disguise she planned for him so Mateo encourages him. After Jeff betrays the staff and lies why Myrtle was fired in order to get a job at Cloud 9 HQ, he approaches the staff and tries to convince them that his promotion is a good thing for everyone as they now have a man on the "inside top". Cheyenne asks if he'll get Myrtle her job back but Jeff is evasive. The staff look at him with disgust and Mateo rebuffs Jeff's kiss.

Season Four

He's such a thirsty bitch.

Cheyenne supports Mateo with his disdain against Jeff's attempts to win him back. She adds games to Amy's baby shower. Despite much effort, she's unsuccessful at organizing a store carpool. Cheyenne's Halloween costume is very popular. She and Mateo unsuccessfully try to have Amy change her baby's name from "Parker". Citizenship checks of the employees results in Cheyenne trying to help Mateo hide his undocumented status. Mateo and Cheyenne brainstorm ideas for their imaginary business "Chateo." Cheyenne attends a Cloud 9 introductory management course with Amy. She's stuck in the store over night during a snowstorm and Dina worries over her being molested. Cheyenne gives Marcus a horrible tattoo. Cheyenne and Garrett have difficulties dealing without their phones at work. Cheyenne sets a trap to reveal that Amy is spying on the staff from the Surveillance Office. At Emma's quinceañera, Cheyenne and Mateo try to make Amy cry. Cheyenne replaces Jonah as the store's "green ambassador" but doesn't do anything except post photos on social media. She's part of Garrett's "Team Yogurt" for the scanner duel. In retaliation for Sandra trying to start a union, Cloud 9 Headquarters has ICE visit the store. Cheyenne and the staff try to slip Mateo out but he's ultimately arrested. |episodes= "Back To School": Cheyenne advises Amy that if she and Jonah have sex again, to do it on a green screen so they can superimpose themselves on any background they want. She indicates Bo did this for their anniversary. Jeff approaches Mateo and Cheyenne and he unsuccessfully tries to befriend them by inviting them to Chicago. Cheyenne treats him with disdain and comments he's been at the store a lot for someone who works five hours away. After Jeff tries to change the staff's opinion of him by promising a surprise, Cheyenne hopes the surprise is an ice cream truck or cash. After Amy rejects Noam's sexual advance, he hides in a pup tent and Cheyenne and Dina try unsuccessfully to get him to come out. During the sexual harassment meeting, as the Amy and Jonah sex tape is discussed, Cheyenne points out Jonah was on top. She and Mateo ask Jonah if it was weird having pregnant sex. At the end of meeting, she points out Noam is asleep. "Baby Shower": In the Break Room, Glenn shows Garrett and Cheyenne photos from the "Alvin and the Chipmunks" shoot which confuses them. Cheyenne and Sandra discover Amy is on the baby shower registry and her shower is that day. Angry they weren't invited, they confront her. In the Break Room, Amy meets with Cheyenne, Justine and Sandra to plan a baby shower which she insists will be small and no-fuss. She's distressed when she hears their impractical gifts and suggests they use the registry and mentions she needs a car seat. While watching Sandra make the "Amy and Jerusha" baby shower sign, Cheyenne complains that she never had a baby shower so Sandra adds her name to the sign. Excited, Cheyenne plans to add games to the shower. At the shower, Jerusha makes a speech and invites others join her, so Amy interrupts and suggests opening the gifts and ending the shower. Instead, Cheyenne suggests they plays games. Bo orders a stripper for Cheyenne but he's disguised as a deliveryman, so Amy tries to use him to leave the shower.

"Toxic Work Environment": As Amy lies to Dina that she and Jonah are carpooling, Cheyenne and Justine listen in. In the store, Cheyenne points out that it makes no sense for Amy and Jonah to be carpooling since they live so far apart. As Garrett starts to meddle, Amy distracts Cheyenne by suggesting she organize a store carpool. Having put a lot of work into planning the carpool, Cheyenne shows Dina who points out many flaws. Glenn calls together a number of staff and presents Kelly with a made-up award, the Golden Vest, complete with Cheyenne throwing golden confetti at Kelly. In the Break Room, Cheyenne shows Garrett that's she's worked out the compatibility of certain staff to pool together but he points out that many of the staff she's matched up don't work the same shifts. At the toxic workplace meeting, Cheyenne mimics Kelly's high voice and then does Fran Drescher impressions. Later, as Cheyenne presents her comprehensive carpool plan, several staff gives reasons why they like driving alone so she leaves, defeated.

"Costume Competition": After a costume contest with a day's vacation as the prize is announced, Cheyenne dresses in a sexy hula outfit. Dina thinks Cheyenne will easily win the competition so in the garden centre, Amy and Mateo compliment her but seeing her as a threat, they try to discourage Cheyenne from wearing it. They fake worry that she's being objectified which Cheyenne doesn't care about and, that it might offend Sandra, who's Hawaiian. Amy and Mateo work on Sandra until they convince her that Cheyenne's costume is offensive to Hawaiians. As a result, Cheyenne is excluded from the contest. After Amy and Mateo get others excluded, Mateo turns on Amy. In the Break Room, the staff argue about what is a culturally appropriate costume which leads everyone to believe that it's OK to wear their costumes as long as they honor the cultures they're from. The contest back on, Cheyenne takes off her jacket to reveal her coconut bra which she thinks Sandra wears all the time. At the contest, Cheyenne sets off a soap volcano to honor Hawaiians. Amy wins the contest but only because Jonah rigged the votes, Cheyenne actually won due to one of her boobs falling out of her costume.

"Delivery Day": Cheyenne does not appear in this episode.

"Maternity Leave": Amy tells Cheyenne and Mateo that Adam is watching Parker. They consider the name "Parker" strange and try to hide their puzzlement over her choice. Mateo discusses the name "Parker" with Cheyenne and comparing it to child abuse, convinces her to join him in getting Amy to change it. In the Break Room, Cheyenne and Mateo show Amy a presentation that compares the name "Parker" to a homeless person and a bad movie character. Having prepared a placard of replacement names for "Parker", Cheyenne and Mateo sulk away after watching Amy scream at Glenn.

"New Initiative": Cheyenne does not appear in this episode.

"Managers' Conference": Glenn announces that he's required to check all employees' citizenship status through an on-line system. Mateo, who is undocumented, becomes very nervous and Cheyenne makes up errors with the system. Mateo complains to Cheyenne about the special treatment being afforded Sayid and that he should receive it since he's undocumented. Sayid passes by just as Mateo mentions his status causing Cheyenne to wonder if he overheard and will tell Glenn or Dina. Cheyenne asks Sayid if he had any harrowing experiences in Syria as an excuse to test his hearing. Finding Sayid hears well, she indicates to Mateo he might have overheard his status. Mateo and Cheyenne engage in an obviously practiced conversation that Syrians are liars and place doubt in Glenn's mind as to Sayid's trustworthiness. Later in Glenn's Office, Glenn tells Mateo that Sayid reported his undocumented status. Mentioning that the SSN in his file is wrong, Mateo then hesitantly gives a new SSN which Glenn can see is a lie. In the hallway outside Glenn's office, Cheyenne tries to comfort Mateo and talks about visiting him in the Philippines. Glenn arrives and tells Mateo that his SSN checked out.

"Shadowing Glenn": Cheyenne and Mateo find they both would like to start a business. They annoy Garrett when brainstorming a name for their business, until Cheyenne suggests "Chateo." In the Break Room, Cheyenne and Mateo show Marcus various logos for their company and ask how they make him feel. Discovering they have different expectations for how they'd like their company described, they almost end their partnership until a new synonym satisfies them both. After Amy orders too many ice pops, Marcus offers to hide them outside the store while Cheyenne and Mateo plan to distract Glenn. Heading to Glenn's office, Cheyenne and Mateo keep Glenn out of the store by asking for his business advice. Jonah interrupts Cheyenne and Mateo's session with Glenn to ask him to lunch to discuss a raise. Unable to keep Glenn in his office, Cheyenne and Mateo follow him into the store where Justine is trying to sell ice pops by suggestively sucking on them. Hearing Cheyenne and Mateo plan their business, Jonah asks to join thinking he might be able to make some money. They confess that they just like to talk about various dreams and never intended to really start a business. They ask Jonah if he'd like to start a band with them but Jonah says he doesn't play an instrument. They have to re-iterate that they just like to make plans they don't intend to follow through on. Jonah agrees to join but after proposing a band name, they kick him out.

"Cloud 9 Academy": Believing they're at a Cloud 9 management course, Amy and Cheyenne introduce themselves to the class until the instructor points out they're in the wrong room as he's leading an embalming conference. Entering the management course, which has already started, they meet the instructor, Gary, and Cheyenne disrupts the class by moving her chair to sit near Amy. During a break in the management course, Terence tells Amy that he previously failed the class. Her anxiety raised, she bothers Gary until he angrily ends the break and throws his danish into the garbage. After Cheyenne gives a ridiculous answer to one of Gary's questions, he tells the class to pair up and design a program to increase customer satisfaction. Amy is distressed when she's stuck with Cheyenne as her partner. Working on their assignment, Cheyenne's ideas are inane and she becomes frustrated when Amy won't accept them. Reluctantly, Amy includes Cheyenne's ideas in their presentation along with good ideas she has. After giving their presentation, Gary points out the good ideas, which are all Amy's. Cheyenne responds to the compliments which Amy sees as her trying to take credit for them. As Gary critiques the bad ideas, Amy makes it clear they were all Cheyenne's, which embarrasses her. Asked by Gary to role play, Cheyenne gets back at Amy by embarrassing her and faking hurt reactions to Amy's questions. Cheyenne continues to malign Amy during their role-playing which results in Amy responding in kind. At the management class, Gary tells everyone they passed and to pick up their diplomas. Amy and Cheyenne make up and one of their classmates, Sheila, tells them the embalmists have invited them out for drinks and to look at the cadavers.

"Steps Challenge": Cheyenne does not appear in this episode.

"Blizzard": With the store jammed with customers stocking up before a snowstorm, Cheyenne absent-mindedly moves a crowd control sign causing chaos. Hurting to see Carol constantly treat Jerry horribly, Sandra's face is so sad that Cheyenne asks to take her picture. Stuck in the store for the evening, Cheyenne says that the store is crawling with raccoons. As everyone finds a place to sleep, Dina worries that Cheyenne will be the target of molestation and tells her to go to the center of the store. Gathered in a circle, Cheyenne proposes doing a Ouija board to the staff. In the morning, Mateo wakes to find Cheyenne draped across him and has difficulty getting her to move. At Coffee & Bakery, bored, Amy asks the most embarrassing way people hurt themselves. Cheyenne bit a quarter, thinking it was candy. Nerves frayed, Cheyenne critisizes Jonah's personal habits. Later, she drinks and plays Jenga with shoe boxes with Dina, Glenn and Mateo. She says that if she was forced to eat someone in the store, it would be Glenn as he eats a lot of sugar.

"Lovebirds": Marcus takes off his shirt so that Cheyenne can tattoo a picture of his mother's face on his back. Mateo points out how weird this is which Marcus doesn't get. Cheyenne stops tattooing Marcus and pulling Mateo aside, says she's messed up. Mateo yelps when he sees the tattoo and then covers for Cheyenne by insinuating that the tattoo looks like a model's face. Cheyenne's attempts to fix the tattoo just make it worse and she decides to cover it up with a hat and try another face underneath. Marcus shrieks in agony as Cheyenne's tattoo continues to grow as she attempts to fix it. Marcus looks at the final tattoo which has a tall top hat with a creepy face beneath it and he shrieks at Cheyenne.

"Minor Crimes": Laurie arrives in the store and catches Cheyenne and Garrett watching a video on their phone. She rebukes them and makes them put their phones away in their lockers. Cheyenne and Garrett put their phones away and immediately go through separation difficulties. Suffering without their phones, Garrett can't remember the name of an actor and his frustration is worsened as Cheyenne suggests actors who are slightly connected with descriptions Garrett gives. Desperate to access social media, Cheyenne shows an elderly woman a laptop so she can access her account. Garrett suddenly remembers the name of the actor he's been trying to remember who Cheyenne doesn't know. She screams when Glenn drives his car through the store.

"Salary": On Amy's first day as manager, Cheyenne comments how weird it is. In the store, Mateo manipulates Cheyenne into agreeing that he'd be the best candidate to replace Amy as floor supervisor. She suggests that he needs to act like he has the position in order to get it. Amy tells everyone she bought donuts which Cheyenne thinks Amy wants to keep for herself. When it's discovered that Marcus has been overpaid for years, Amy tells Marcus he will have to give the over payments back which Cheyenne thinks goes to Amy. As Amy sees Sandra having a tough time cleaning up vomit and offers to help, Cheyenne interrupts with a gift basket from corporate and news that Amy's expensive corporate car has arrived. At checkout, Cheyenne asks Amy for permission for a customer to use an unsuitable card to pay for diapers. Amy states she's not offering to pay for the customer's diapers which brings a wry face from Cheyenne after she states how much Amy makes.

"Easter": Glenn asks who'd like to come to his church's Passion play and singles out Cheyenne and Garrett who make excuses. Glenn has difficulty while practising his line with Cheyenne and Jonah for his small part in the play. To help Glenn, Cheyenne and Jonah get him to tap into something bad he did during his childhood. Sayid realizes Jonah isn't comfortable with the staff making fun of Amy until Cheyenne says that Jonah made fun of her the previous week. Discovering Amy is spying on them in the Break Room from the Surveillance Office, Cheyenne tells the staff she drugged Amy's coffee. Amy runs in screaming, revealing that she's been spying on them. Cheyenne says she didn't drug her coffee and Amy is caught. Cheyenne wonders where else they're being spied on in the store. As Amy apologizes, making a hand gesture which the staff had made fun of, Cheyenne snickers and sends Mateo a text.

"Quinceañera": At Emma's quinceañera, Mateo and Cheyenne compliment Amy on the party and seeing Amy choke up watching Emma, comment that they've never seen her cry. Glenn says he has and trying to mimic Amy crying, Cheyenne and Mateo decide they want to have it happen. As one of Emma's uncles makes a speech about chastity, Cheyenne and Mateo comment how many similar speeches have been made. With Amy, Cheyenne and Mateo observe how quickly Emma's life is passing but are disappointed when she barely shows any emotion. Using mics, Cheyenne and Mateo sing a sad song for Amy, interspersed with comments about Emma leaving her soon. Bringing strange looks from most everyone but no tears from Amy, they ask the DJ to play another sad song which Amy tries to stop. The party over, Mateo and Cheyenne approach Amy and try to show her a moving video. When Amy refuses to watch it, in a last-ditch attempt to make Amy cry, Cheyenne kicks her in the shin. Amy swears at her, Cheyenne apologizes, and she and Mateo leave quickly. Jonah says Amy should have kicked Cheyenne back.

"Cloud Green": On Earth Day, Jonah tries to get Marcus, Cheyenne and Sandra interested in planting trees but once they find out they're not getting paid for it, they decline. In the Break Room, after Mateo and Sayid complain to Jonah about several green measures he's taken, Jonah gets frustrated and offers to give the green ambassador role up, which Cheyenne accepts. In the Break Room, Cheyenne starts a "Green Team" meeting while Jonah sits on the sidelines. Asking for suggestions, Sandra, Marcus and Sayid want to tackle various issues which have nothing to do with the environment and post on social media. They critisize Jonah when he points out their scope is too big and they're not really doing anything to help the planet. Watching Cheyenne, Mateo, Marcus and Sayid take pictures to post on social media, Jonah points out they're not doing anything to help the environment.

"Scanners": Trying out the new scanners, Cheyenne, Garrett and Jonah are amazed at their range and accuracy in identifying products. Cheyenne and Mateo have a duel with the scanners which Cheyenne wins and Glenn wants to join in on. In the Warehouse, the staff divide into two teams which Cheyenne notices are divided by race. Hiding in a dress rack, Carol knocks out a "Yogurt" team member. Mateo suggests to Garrett and Cheyenne that he go into the store's tunnels to get behind Carol. With a customer, Cheyenne skirts around Elias and Ashley to avoid being shot by a scanner. As Glenn and Jonah are helping a customer, they hear Cheyenne scream. Running over, she cries she's been bitten on the ankle. Garrett rolls out from behind a display and shoots them both. However, Jonah reveals his UPC sticker is for yogurt, which eliminates a person from Garrett's team. The four argue about which team won.

"CLOUD9FAIL": Short of staff due to corporate cutting back hours, Amy gives assignments to Jay, Sandra, Carol and Cheyenne. Trying to think of ways to make extra money, Cheyenne, Garrett and Mateo decide to sell some of their possession in the store. Cheyenne displays some of her items at the jewelery counter and surprises Mateo when a customer wants to buy an old purse. Cheyenne and Mateo try to convince a customer to buy a used electric toothbrush. Glenn brings in a box of items once owned by Jerusha's father which Mateo and Cheyenne go through. Although there are many treasures in the box, including a valuable baseball card, in ignorance, they throw them in the recycling bin.

"Sandra's Fight": Cheyenne, Glenn and Mateo scold Garrett for not revealing to Dina that he was responsible for releasing her birds and, sleeping with her afterwards. She attends the union meeting with Robin Green where she accuses Jonah of not being interested in forming a union because he's sleeping with Amy. When Dina returns from Cloud 9 Headquarters, she describes it to Cheyenne and Mateo.

"Employee Appreciation Day": As Marcus wonders if he should get a massage, due to the tattoo Cheyenne gave him being infected, Mateo and Sandra look forward to forming a union, citing its benefits. Carol reveals that she knows Sandra is sleeping with Jerry and Cheyenne calls Amy a hypocrite for siding with "the enemy", corporate. As Glenn, Sayid, Cheyenne and Mateo discuss Jerry, Amy gets a Skype from Jeff warning her about ICE's arrival. ICE agents enter the store and Mateo and Cheyenne run into the back. Outside the Break Room, Cheyenne regrets how much she's going to miss Mateo and points out to him that even if he escapes ICE, he can't come back to the store. Finding Cheyenne and Mateo walking through the store, Amy warns them that ICE knows what Mateo looks like. Dina tries her best to guide Amy, Cheyenne and Mateo away from ICE but there's too many agents. Continuing to run from ICE, Mateo is soon surrounded. Amy and Cheyenne propose a last-ditch scheme to distract the agents but Mateo stops them and gives himself up. Outside the store, Cheyenne, the staff and customers watch as Mateo is driven away by ICE.


  • In "Lost and Found," she said her favorite animal is a peacock.
  • In "Cheyenne's Wedding," Cheyenne's mom, Brandi, was in Boonville Women's Correctional Facility during the wedding ceremony.
  • In "Tornado," Cheyenne lost the "green hair thingy" she mentioned on "Black Friday." She found it later after the tornado at the end of the episode.
  • Cheyenne is friends with an unseen character in the series. Her name is Corona.
    • In "Mateo's Last Day," she mentioned Corona sells her pee in the internet.
    • In "Lottery," Cheyenne talked about Corona not only having webcams in her bedroom and bathroom but also paying a stranger $10,000 to fart on a cake.
    • In "Gender Reveal," Cheyenne said Corona swallowed a tape worm which ate one of her organs.
  • In "Baby Shower," Cheyenne said her dad has a second family.
  • Cheyenne is a fan of American rapper Cardi B. In "Cloud 9 Academy," "Cardi B appreciation days" was one of the ideas she pitched at the management course.


So you can't ask someone out unless you know they like you? But then you don't know if someone likes you unless you ask them out, so that's, like, a Catch-22.Cheyenne, "Valentine's Day".
I want to show Bo. He's never seen me in a video with clothes on.Cheyenne, "Aftermath".
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