S02E21-Chris fired

Generic nametag Chris Cloud 9 Superstore logo Sales Associate

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Christopher Riordan
First Appearance: "Wedding Day Sale"
Episode Count: 54


OK Chris, we all know how you feel about Obama.
Glenn, "Black Friday".

S02E09-Chris Black Friday
Chris portrayed by Christopher Riordan.
Chris is a sales associate at Cloud 9 Store #1217 in St. Louis, Missouri. He doesn't speak but is seen in numerous scenes. He is one of the six employees fired by Glenn just before a tornado hits the store but was re-hired. He is portrayed by actor Christopher Riordan.

Character History

Season One

Chris is first seen stocking a shelf when he spots twin girls in identical dresses. He looks back and they are gone. ("Wedding Day Sale") Chris is mopping floors and later watches the fashion show and Cheyenne dance. ("All-Nighter") He is at the meeting where Dina announces she is stepping down as assistant manager and his photo is one of those on Glenn's desk as Amy evaluates who would be the best assistant manager. ("Demotion") Chris works at checkout when Glenn pours all donation money into the jar for Cheyenne and walks out in support of getting Glenn his job back. ("Labor")

Chris sees "The Shining" twins.

Season Two

During the store's Olympics opening ceremony, Chris is in the procession. He witnesses the awesome closing ceremony. ("Olympics") Chris is part of the strike in order to get Glenn his job back. He is one of the first to return back to work when Jeff Sutin offers the strikers their jobs back. ("Strike") Chris is in the Break Room when Dina reads her draft apology speech for Jonah. ("Back to Work")

S02E01-Chris on strike
Chris on strike.
He's in the Break Room when Glenn announces the NRA protesters are in the store and is operating a check-out counter during the protest. ("Guns, Pills, and Birds") He's in the Break Room when Glenn asks for volunteers. ("Dog Adoption Day") On Halloween 2016, Chris is dressed as a minuteman and listens to Dina's vigilance talk. Later, he's in the storeroom when Amy tries to get the thief to confess. ("Halloween Theft") He receives one of the election pamphlets made by Amy and Jonah. ("Election Day") Chris gets food poisoning on Black Friday and is seen in the Break Room. ("Black Friday")

S02E06-Chris minuteman
Minuteman Chris.
Chris takes part in the Lost & Found draw and gets a purse. On Jonah's pool whiteboard, Chris picks Black Todd to quit. ("Lost and Found") He watches the video on the new Cloud 9 brand SuperCloud and is in the Break Room as Sandra lies about her relationship with Jeff. ("Rebranding") Chris watches the sexual harassment training video. ("Valentine's Day") Chris sees the army veteran get his dog back from Garrett. ("Integrity Award") He's at the staff meeting on Bo's first day of work. ("Spring Cleaning") Chris is at Cheyenne and Bo's wedding. ("Cheyenne's Wedding") He attends the staff meeting when Glenn talks about the raccoon but everyone wants to know who is going to be laid off. He is one of those fired by Glenn and survives the storm by sheltering in the Stock Room. ("Tornado")

S02E10-Chris draws a purse
Chris draws a purse.

Season Three

Chris attends the memorial service for Brett and is seen in the Storm Shelter. He's at the talk in the Break Room that Glenn gives on tornadoes. ("Brett Is Dead") Chris is in the Break Room as Emma is introduced on her first day of work. He's working a register as Amy talks to a customer who yelled at Emma. ("Part-Time Hires") On the day the store is robbed, Chris attends Jeff's talk on the robbery and bullying and later, watches Dina and Jonah fight. ("Workplace Bullying") Henry is dressed in a bush hat for Halloween and is in the Break Room after the discovery of Sal's dead body. ("Sal's Dead") Chris is in the Break Room for the meeting to fix the staff health fund. He is in Group B (who need to pay more) and watches Isaac crash into a vending machine. ("Health Fund")

S03E03-Chris working cash
Chris works the register.
Chris attends the Golden Globes Party at Amy's house and with the others, is very confused by Kelly's "Answers" game. ("Golden Globes Party") He's in the Break Room as Jeff announces that $80,000 more sales by day end will result in the store being re-classified as "quadruple A". He's also at the Warehouse meeting and watches as Bo buys a hot tub while working a cash register. ("High Volume Store") Chris works a cash register as Amy, Cheyenne and Brandi meet at Coffee & Bakery. ("Angels and Mermaids") He's among the staff as Glenn asks for a volunteer to be acting assistant manager. ("Groundhog Day") He's among the staff at the store front as Dina mentions the release of "Barbarians Gate 3" and is in the Break Room as the staff discuss the "nurse-in". ("Video Game Release")

He's in the Break Room for Marcus' presentation on human cheese and when Amy and Jonah's kiss is revealed. ("Safety Training") He's in the Break Room for the session with Pastor Craig. ("Amnesty") He's in the Break Room when Amy sees a picture of the guy she turned down for a double date with Dina. ("Target") He's in the Break Room to meet Laurie and watches Mateo's terrible checkout demonstration. ("District Manager") Chris is at the store front as Glenn introduces "Local Vendors Day". ("Local Vendors Day") He's in the Break Room as Glenn teaches budgeting. ("Lottery") Chris watches the ultrasound of the baby Dina is carrying for Glenn and Jerusha. He's at the gender reveal party. ("Gender Reveal") He's in the Break Room to hear Amy is pregnant, is in the group photo and watches the staff video. ("Aftermath") Chris is in the Break Room to hear Laurie announce the store will be hosting the town hall which he attends. ("Town Hall")

S03E14-Chris Marcus reaction to kiss
Chris' reaction to "the kiss".

Season Four

Chris works at checkout and is in the Break Room when Amy challenges the staff to ask any questions about her and Jonah's sex incident. ("Back To School") Chris works at checkout and later is at Amy's baby shower. ("Baby Shower") He attends the toxic workplace talk in the Break Room. ("Toxic Work Environment") Chris is dressed in an Aladdin costume complete with a fez and dances at the costume competition. ("Costume Competition") He's in the Break Room as Garrett discusses what to write in the congratulations cards for Amy and Dina's babies. ("Delivery Day") He's among the staff at the store front as Glenn and Dina explain the new Cloud 9 policy of making small talk with the customers and, he works a checkout counter. ("New Initiative") Chris works a checkout counter as Amy tries to sell ice pops. ("Shadowing Glenn")

S04E04-Chris dances
Go Chris go!
Chris is in the Break Room as Glenn announces the steps challenge and later when Amy admits to vandalizing the store. ("Steps Challenge") Chris works at checkout as customers stock up during the blizzard. ("Blizzard") He watches Dina's birds fly out of the store and listens to the barbershop quartet. ("Lovebirds") He works at checkout and listens to Glenn give his farewell speech. ("Minor Crimes") Chris is in the Break Room for Amy's first day as manager. ("Salary") Chris is in the Break Room for Cheyenne's "Green Team" meeting and later, works at checkout. ("Cloud Green") He's on Jonah's "Team Soup" for the scanner duel. ("Scanners") He's part of the staff that hear about the negative tweets about the store and listens to Luanne say the tweeter is an employee and will be fired when caught. ("CLOUD9FAIL") He's the Break Room as Amy tries to get staff to do work after they've clocked out. ("Sandra's Fight") Chris watches Dina destroy the holographic Myrtle and later, watches as ICE drives Mateo away. ("Employee Appreciation Day")

S04E22-Sandra Chris Garrett Elias
Who wants a free t-shirt?


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