Generic nametag Claudia Lankow Cloud 9 Superstore logo Senior Vice President

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Ana Ortiz
First Appearance: "Sandra's Fight"
Episode Count: 1


Brick and mortar sales are down. That's not your fault.
— Claudia, "Sandra's Fight".

Claudia portrayed by Ana Ortiz.
Claudia is the senior vice president of operations at Cloud 9 Headquarters. She breeds pinschers which she takes to dog shows. She is portrayed by actress Ana Ortiz.

Character History

Season Four

After Amy learns from Jeff that Cloud 9 Store 1217 is going to be closed, she and Dina meet Jeff at Cloud 9 HQ in order to change the executives' minds. In the lobby, Jeff tells them that VP Claudia Lankow is the person to impress. Amy and Dina tell Claudia and the other executives that the union talk is only coming from Sandra, who is harmless. Told that the choice was to close their store or Bel-Ridge, Amy and Dina bad mouth Bel-Ridge. Claudia calls district manager Laurie on speaker phone and asks her opinion which store should be shut down. Not knowing Amy is in the room, Laurie starts to malign Amy but before she can say her name, on purpose, Amy spills a drink. Announcing herself to Laurie, Amy blames the spill on having too many Cokes (the beverage) while subtly making reference to Laurie's cocaine addiction. Sighing, Laurie says to close the Bel-Ridge store. ("Sandra's Fight")

S04E21-HQ Meeting room
Oh, well close Bel-Ridge. They're awful.
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