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Location: Nationwide — First Appearance: "Pilot"

The American superstore. One-stop shopping for everything you could ever want or need.
— Narrator, "Pilot".

Cloud 9 Large Logo
Cloud 9 logo.
Cloud 9 is a big box retail store chain with its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Its website is The stores have many departments including Baby, Coffee & Bakery (café), Customer Service, Electronics, Garden, Grocery, Health and Beauty, Housewares, Jewellery, Lawn and Garden, Men's and Women's Wear, Pharmacy, Photo Lab, Sporting Goods (includes guns) and Toys. Stores have various formats including Signature, "Quad-A" and Costco style stores. Glenn estimates Cloud 9 has about 1800 stores world-wide.

Notable People

Neil Penderson CEO
Todd Spurman Senior Vice President
Rex Joshi Vice President
Jeremy Vice President Employee Relations
Dickie Larson Regional Manager
Howie Mandel Head of Marketing
Jeff Sutin St. Louis District Manager (2006-March 2018)
Laurie St. Louis District Manager (March 2018-present)
Kyle the Cloud 9 Cloud Former Company Spokesperson
Kelsey Company Spokesperson

Background of Cloud 9

Cloud 9 Superstore is a hypermarket discount store chain. In addition to typical hypermarket products, Cloud 9 also sells guns and liquor. Additionally, Cloud 9 has their own credit union for their employees. The former spokesman for Cloud 9 was Daniel Hertzler as Kyle the Cloud 9 Cloud, until he was arrested and charged with cannibalism. The new spokesperson is Kelsey.

The corporation limits employee hours to under 40 per week and initially, does not offer maternity leave. ("Labor") By 2018, six weeks maternity leave is offered if the employee has worked at Cloud 9 for one contiguous year. ("Maternity Leave") It docks employee pay for bathroom breaks. ("Back to Work") It also does not offer health insurance or pay overtime to its employees. ("Dog Adoption Day") However in 2017, it's mentioned that the company does provide health insurance but the deductible is $4000. ("Health Fund")

In an effort to control individual stores, all locks, lights and temperature are controlled from the corporate office. In 2017, Cloud 9 changed their store brand from Halo to SuperCloud.

Cloud 9 Brands

  • SuperCloud (currently)
  • Halo Signature (previously)

Company Rules

  • Employees can only take one bathroom break per shift, have 15 minutes for lunch and cannot buy or set aside produce while working. ("Dog Adoption Day")
  • Employees cannot wear hats, skirts must be below the knee, bosoms fully covered and no racial remarks (even positive ones) can be made. ("Amnesty")

Notable Events


Store Name Location
Ozark Highlands St. Louis, Missouri
Chesterfield St. Louis, Missouri
Crestwood St. Louis, Missouri
Bel-Ridge St. Louis, Missouri
Fenton St. Louis, Missouri
Kirkwood St. Louis, Missouri
Maplewood Commons St. Louis, Missouri
Penrose St. Louis, Missouri
Richmond Heights St. Louis, Missouri
Austin Austin, Texas [1]
Detroit Detroit, Michigan[2]
Burlington Burlington, Vermont
Beijing Beijing, China [3]
Mumbai Mumbai, India [4]
Paris Paris, France [5]
Vancouver Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada [6]
Mexico City Mexico City, Mexico [7]

Dana-Detroit Superstore
Cashier Dana.
The Cloud 9 store in Detroit, Michigan is a Costco style store with a cafeteria.



  • Cloud 9 has an awards ceremony called "Integrity Awards". ("Integrity Award")
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