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Location: Nationwide — First Appearance: "Pilot"

The American superstore. One-stop shopping for everything you could ever want or need.
— Narrator, "Pilot".

Cloud 9 Large Logo.jpg
Cloud 9 logo.
Cloud 9 is a big box retail store chain with its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Its website is The stores have many departments including Baby, Coffee & Bakery (café), Customer Service, Electronics, Garden, Grocery, Health and Beauty, Housewares, Jewellery, Lawn and Garden, Men's and Women's Wear, Pharmacy, Photo Lab, Sporting Goods (includes guns), Stock Room, Toys and Warehouse. Stores have various formats including Signature, "Quad-A" and Costco style stores. Glenn estimates Cloud 9 has about 1800 stores world-wide.

Background of Cloud 9

A Child during the Great Depression, Doug Anderson became impressed during a time of chaos and need, of the values of thrift and self-promotion. Anderson came from a family of retailers, and his father operated a furniture store on the north side of Chicago until the Depression forced its closure in 1931. Later, Anderson, now a teen, helped the family survive by selling newspapers, cookware, and socks on the streets of Chicago. ("Sandra's Fight")

By 1940 the nation was gearing up for war. With an opportunity to serve serve his country, Anderson joined the Navy. He landed in the procurement division at Savannah, and would learn skills that would later serve him in his first retail enterprise. His cheerful demeanor in the face of stress of logistics during wartime earned him the name Doug "Cloud 9" Anderson. ("Sandra's Fight")

After two years of duty at Savannah, Anderson returned to civilian life. His Navy connections helped land him a position supplying the canteen with merchandise at the Naval Station Great Lakes, north of Chicago in late 1944. But shortly thereafter, the war ended and the needs of the Navy diminished, and his contract was canceled. ("Sandra's Fight")

With soldiers returning in droves back home, and starting families, Anderson decided the timing was perfect to strike out on his own and open his first shop. With a lease in hand and perfect location on Chicago Avenue in Evanston, only the name remained. ("Sandra's Fight")

Waiting until the last minute at the city business licensing office, he was asked by the impatient clerk for the business name, the only blank spot on his application. Anderson decided on the spot, Cloud 9, his Navy nickname, would have to do. ("Sandra's Fight")

The Evanston location was opened in March 1948 as a general merchandise store. Touting low prices and a large selection of goods. Cloud 9 saw early success at its Chicago Avenue shop. Customers loved having the selection the city, without having to leave the neighborhood and head to the Loop in Downtown Chicago to shop. ("Sandra's Fight")

By 1951, The United States had now entered into the post-war boom. Business was growing and Anderson was quick to follow his customers to the fast growing suburbs. With new homes to be furnished and families to be fed and clothed. Cloud 9 saw its business soar in the early 50's. Five new locations were added in Greater Chicago and employee count topped 100 under CEO Ray Maxwell. ("Sandra's Fight")

In 1955, Cloud 9 officially became Cloud 9 Superstore. The new name sat well with customers desires to find many categories of goods under one roof. Average square footage per store doubled during the decade of the 50's. ("Sandra's Fight")

By 1977, under CEO Jim Jensen, Cloud 9 realized its path forward would have to include the large, but competitive markets on the coasts.With stores in Virginia and California, Cloud 9 Superstores now spanned America, coast to coast. During the 1970's, Cloud 9 became the fifth largest national retailer and employed over 30,000. ("Sandra's Fight")

Following the expansion of the early 1980's, Cloud 9 began rapid expansion, not only to all of the lower 48 states, but to Canada, Mexico & Japan. The 80's later saw Cloud 9 grow from 128 to 337 stores. In 1982, employee count topped 70,000. ("Sandra's Fight")

In 1997, Cloud 9 was quick to harness the growth of computerized tracking and growth modeling. In the late 90's the previously centralized distribution channel was diversified to regional centers, helping profitability jump. ("Sandra's Fight")

After Neil Penderson became CEO in 2005, Cloud 9 realized the growing diversity of the United States and its stable of stores around the world. In 2006, Cloud 9 began its industry leading diversity hiring program, successfully lifting minority employee count from an average of 15% per share to nearly 40%. ("Sandra's Fight")

Today, Cloud 9 has stores in all 50 states, 19 countries and employs over 65,000 people worldwide. ("Sandra's Fight")

The Cloud 9 Superstores of today are dynamic market segment leaders in a number of categories like Sporting Goods and Outdoor Furniture. Growth and expansion continues today with an average new store opening every 30 days. ("Sandra's Fight")

Cloud 9 Superstores are also market leaders worldwide. In the European Union, Cloud 9 Superstores have 40% of the mass market share. In India, sales growth has been over 15% year over year for a decade. ("Sandra's Fight")

S04E21-Doug Anderson.jpg
Mr. Cloud 9.
The third store opened in Antigo, Wisconsin. The first Cloud 9 in Michigan opened in 1958. Minnesota and Ohio followed in 1959 and The first Cloud 9 in Missouri opened in 1960. The first Cloud 9 in Florida opened in 1974 and the first one in Virginia opened in 1976. The first California store followed in 1977. There are at least five stores in the Greater Chicago area and stores in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin ("Sandra's Fight") and Burlington, Vermont. ("Managers' Conference") Cloud 9 also has stores in Canada, Mexico, France, India and China. ("Town Hall")

S04E21-HQ Lobby.jpg
Cloud 9 history with store locations.
In addition to typical products, Cloud 9 also sells guns and liquor. Cloud 9 has their own credit union for their employees. In an effort to control individual stores, all locks, lights and temperature are controlled from the corporate office. In 2017, Cloud 9 changed their store brand from Halo Signature to SuperCloud. In 2019, Cloud 9 converted some of its brick and mortar stores into distribution centers for online orders. One of the new distribution centers is a former store in Bel-Ridge, Missouri. ("Sandra's Fight") Its internal corporate magazine is called "Stratus", first issued in 1982.

S01E02-Stratus with Garrett and Glenn.jpg
Stratus featuring Garrett.

Company Policies

  • The corporation limits employee hours to under 40 per week and initially, does not offer maternity leave. ("Labor") By 2018, six weeks maternity leave is offered if the employee has worked at Cloud 9 for one contiguous year. ("Maternity Leave") It docks employee pay for bathroom breaks. ("Back to Work")
  • It also does not offer health insurance or pay overtime to its employees. ("Dog Adoption Day") However in 2017, it's mentioned that the company does provide health insurance but the deductible is $4000. ("Health Fund")
  • Employees can only take one bathroom break per shift, have 15 minutes for lunch and cannot buy or set aside produce while working. ("Dog Adoption Day")
  • Employees cannot wear hats, skirts must be below the knee, bosoms fully covered and no racial remarks (even positive ones) can be made. ("Amnesty")
  • Corporate allocates a budget of $27,000 for miscellaneous maintenance to stores.("Minor Crimes")
  • Rule 17-B states, any employee who completes the Cloud 9 Academy should be granted an interview if a management position becomes available at their store.("Minor Crimes")
  • In a Store Manager contract - Section 5, paragraph K salary of the Employee shall be paid at the rate of $109,000 annually ($109,000 + $10,000 annual bonus) and Section 6 refers to non disclosure agreement."("Salary")

Notable People

Doug Anderson Founder
Ray Maxwell First CEO
Ken Jensen CEO 1965-1973
Jim Jensen CEO 1973-1981
Pat Garza CEO 1988-1995
Neil Penderson CEO 2005-present
Claudia Lankow Senior Vice President, Operations
Todd Spurman Senior Vice President
Rex Joshi Vice President
Jeremy Vice President Employee Relations
Dickie Larson Regional Manager
Howie Mandel Head of Marketing
Jeff Sutin St. Louis District Manager (2006-March 2018)
Laurie Neustadt St. Louis District Manager (March 2018-October 2019)
Maya St. Louis District Manager (October 2019-Present)

Spokespeople / Mascots

The current spokesperson is Kelsey. The former spokesman for Cloud 9 was Daniel Hertzler as Kyle the Cloud 9 Cloud, until he was arrested and charged with cannibalism. ("Spokesman Scandal") The cartoon mascot is MC Cool Cloud while the original mascot was "Chief Saves-a-lot." ("Sandra's Fight")

Why didn't they make it a superhero?

S02E04-Kyle standup.jpg
You can't handle the tooth!

S04E22-MC Cool Cloud and Ashley.jpg
That sounds heavenly!


Store Name Store Number Year Opened Location
Ozark Highlands 1217 St. Louis, Missouri
Chesterfield St. Louis, Missouri
Crestwood 956 St. Louis, Missouri
Bel-Ridge 1420 St. Louis, Missouri
Fenton 1340 St. Louis, Missouri
Kirkwood 881 St. Louis, Missouri
Maplewood Commons St. Louis, Missouri
Penrose St. Louis, Missouri
Richmond Heights St. Louis, Missouri
Maryland Heights 1088 St. Louis, Missouri
Wellston 1985 St. Louis, Missouri
Hilldale 8716 St. Louis, Missouri
Edmundson St. Louis, Missouri
Clayton St. Louis, Missouri
Quincy Quincy, Illinois [1]
Burlington Burlington, Vermont [2]
Evanston 1 1948 Chicago, Illinois [3]
Elgin 1962 Chicago, Illinois [3]
Antigo 3 Antigo, Wisconsin [3]
Southfield 1967 Detroit, Michigan [3][4]
San Antonio 2313 San Antonio, Texas [3]
Cuyahoga Falls 0313 1969 Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio [3]
Van Nuys 1980 Van Nuys, California [3]
Austin Austin, Texas [5]
Detroit Detroit, Michigan [6]
Detroit Detroit, Michigan [7]
Sterling Heights Detroit, Michigan [4]
Livonia Detroit, Michigan [4]
Pontiac Detroit, Michigan [4]
Allen Park Detroit, Michigan [4]
Beijing Beijing, China [8]
Mumbai Mumbai, India [8]
Paris Paris, France [8]
Vancouver Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada [8]
Mexico City Mexico City, Mexico [8]
Taipei Taipei, Taiwan

Dana-Detroit Superstore.jpg
Cashier Dana.
A Cloud 9 store in Detroit, Michigan is a Costco style store with a cafeteria.



  • Cloud 9 has an awards ceremony called "Integrity Awards". ("Integrity Award")
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