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Cloud 9 Cloud 9 Superstore logo.jpg Chesterfield Store
Location: St. Louis, Missouri — First Appearance: "Halloween Theft"

She was so nice to you!
— Glenn, "Halloween Theft".

S02E06-Chesterfield manager Bobby.jpg
Bobby, Store Manager.
Cloud 9 Chesterfield Store is a Cloud 9 store located in St Louis, Missouri. Its first appearance is in the Season Two episode "Halloween Theft".


Season Two

Amy, Mateo and Glenn visit the Chesterfield store in order to get their irregular produce. Their's has gone missing and Dina thinks an employee stole it so she is holding interrogations and won't let the staff leave. Glenn is critical of the store and says the bedding and jewelry departments are switched from his store. When he sees the manager and assistant manager interact cheerfully, he's amazed and jealous as his relationship with his assistant manager Dina is adversarial. ("Halloween Theft")

S02E06-Chesterfield asst manager Kelly.jpg
Kelly, Store Assistant Manager.

Season Five

Amy, Jonah and Sandra visit the Chesterfield store to get in on a CEO videocall. Sandra wanted to tell the new company CEO that she'd like self-driving cars. Amy and Jonah follow to try and stop Sandra from interrupting the conversation. Whilst at the store, the call was hosted in the breakroom and Bobby (Store Manager) was seen. ("Cereal Bar")


  • An email on Laurie's phone indicates there is a rat problem at the store. ("Town Hall")
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