S03E10-Crestwood front

Cloud 9 Cloud 9 Superstore logo Crestwood Store
Location: St. Louis, Missouri — First Appearance: "High Volume Store"

Honestly, you're screwed.
— Angie, "High Volume Store".

Angie, Crestwood associate.
Cloud 9 Crestwood Store is a Cloud 9 store located in St Louis, Missouri. Its first appearance is in the Season Three episode "High Volume Store".


Season Three

Amy, Dina and Jonah visit the Crestwood store in order to see what a "quadruple A" rated store is like as Jeff has promised good things if their Ozark Highlands store sells $80,000 by day end and will become "Quad-A" rated. The store is very busy and they speak to associates Angie, Joyce and Eugene who say it's the best job they've ever had in a forced manner. This raises Amy, Dina and Jonah's suspicions. In the Break Room at the Crestwood store, the associates are comatose and crying. Angie says that if their store becomes "Quad-A" it'll be bad. They discover "Quad-A" stores are open 24 hours and everyday is chaos like Black Friday. Staff don't get to eat pizza from the on-site Pizza Hut. ("High Volume Store")

S03E10-Crestwood Break Room
The scary Break Room.
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