Delivery Truck

Delivery Truck Cloud 9 Superstore logo.jpg Motor Vehicle
Owner: Cloud 9First Appearance: "Strike"

I realized we don't have any female truck drivers in 2017.
Amy, "Ladies' Lunch".

S02E16-Truck on the road.jpg
Cloud 9 Truck.
Delivery Truck is a Cloud 9 asset used to delivery goods to the stores and customers. Its first appearance is in the Season Two episode "Strike".


S02E01-Teddy bear and delivery truck.jpg
Featuring: Brett, Glenn, Garrett, Travis

As the inflatable teddy bear rises, a Cloud 9 delivery truck is seen behind Travis who is pulling on a rope on the teddy bear.

S02E05-Dina and Sandra outside.jpg
   "Dog Adoption Day"
Featuring: Dina, Sandra

As Sandra swats a hornet's nest and Dina groans in pain trying to hold her pee in, a delivery truck is seen behind them.

S02E12-The Charhouse Cloud 9 truck.jpg
   "Ladies' Lunch"
Featuring: Amy, Dina, Sandra

Dina kidnaps Amy and Sandra for lunch at The Charhouse by trapping them in the back of a delivery truck.

   "Super Hot Store"
Featuring: Amy, Jonah

After a dispute with the Warehouse staff, Amy and Jonah recruit a number of employees to unload a truck.

S02E16-Amy Jonah eat in truck.jpg
   "Integrity Award"
Featuring: Amy and Jonah

Amy and Jonah use a Cloud 9 truck to help Amy's parents Connie and Ron Sosa move. Later, they eat lunch in the truck.

S03E07-Delivery Truck.jpg
   "Christmas Eve"
Featuring: Sandra

Sandra receives news that Jerry is out of his coma and takes a store rascal across the parking lot to the hospital. A delivery truck can be seen behind her.

S03E17-Myrtle driving truck.jpg
   "District Manager"
Featuring: Myrtle

Glenn lets Myrtle fulfil her dream of driving a delivery truck as Glenn has to fire her. Myrtle can't see over the dashboard and proceeds to damage Glenn's SUV and finally crashes the truck onto its side.

S03E21-Jonah Kelly truck.jpg
Featuring: Jonah, Kelly and Roger

At day end, as Jonah and Kelly walk in the parking lot and Kelly makes plans for their Mother's Day brunch with her parents. Roger and a delivery truck can be seen behind them.

S03E22-Dina Jeff Sandra box.jpg
   "Town Hall"
Featuring: Dina, Jeff, Sandra

Dina and Sandra hide Jeff in a wine refrigerator box and fill it with packing material beside a delivery truck.

S04E03-Sayid Delivery Truck.jpg
   "Toxic Work Environment"
Featuring: Amy, Jonah, Dina, Cheyenne, Justine, Sayid

As Amy and Jonah lie to Dina they are carpooling to work, Cheyenne, Justine and Sayid learn of it. A delivery truck can be seen in the parking lot.

S04E07-Amy parents truck.jpg
   "New Initiative"
Featuring: Amy, Marilyn and Richard Simms

As Amy talks to Jonah's parents in the parking lot, a delivery truck is seen behind Amy.

S04E09-Marcus Amy parking lot.jpg
   "Shadowing Glenn"
Featuring: Amy, Marcus, Freddy, Jay, Ken

After Marcus is unsuccessful in hiding Amy's overstock of ice pops, Freddie, Jay and Ken help clean the boxes up. A delivery truck is seen behind Amy and Marcus.

S04E10-Delivery Truck.jpg
   "Cloud 9 Academy"
Featuring: Jonah, Mateo, Sayid

After a news crew arrives in the parking lot to interview Mateo for the protest against Rodrigo Duterte, Sayid warns there may be consequences if Mateo is deported. A delivery truck is in the background.

S04E11-Delivery Truck.jpg
   "Steps Challenge"
Featuring: Joanna, Dina, Gary, Amy, Toni, Jonah, Dougie, Glenn, Marcus, Jay, Isaac, Sandra, Sayid

As the staff view vandalism on their store front that appears to be done by the Bel-Ridge store staff (but is secretly done by Amy), a truck is in the background.

S04E14-Delivery Truck.jpg
   "Minor Crimes"
Featuring: Glenn, Jonah and Mateo

Just before Glenn drives his car through the store in order to use up a maintenance fund he accidentally embezzled, a delivery truck is behind his car. One is also seen at the loading dock of the Warehouse.

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