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Cloud 9 Headquarters

Cloud 9 Headquarters Cloud 9 Superstore logo.jpg
Location: Chicago, Illinois — First Appearance: "Sandra's Fight"

Look, that's just the corporate culture over there. It's the mindset. Anything is justified as long as it saves a dollar.
Jeff Sutin, "Town Hall".

S04E21-HQ Lobby.jpg
HQ lobby.
Cloud 9 Headquarters, also know as "corporate" is located in Chicago, Illinois. CEO Neil Pederson, Senior VP of Operations Claudia Lankow, Dan and Jeff Sutin work at this location. Its first appearance is in the Season Four episode "Sandra's Fight".


Season Four

In May 2019, Amy and Dina head to corporate and are able to save Cloud 9 Store 1217 from being shutdown after meeting with Claudia, Ken and Jeff. Dina revels in the lobby display of Cloud 9's history including first mascot "Chief Saves-a-lot" and the first copy of "Stratus". ("Sandra's Fight") Listening to Dan give an update to Neil on the union situation at store 1217, Jeff learns that ICE will be doing an on-site enforcement. He leaves the meeting to warn Mateo. ("Employee Appreciation Day")

S04E21-HQ Meeting room.jpg
Meeting room.

S04E22-Neil uncomfortable.jpg
Neil and Dan.


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