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Location: Cloud 9 Store 1217First Appearance: "Magazine Profile"

In fact, our café is very popular with the unemployed.
Glenn, "Target".

Coffee & Bakery-S01E09
Alternate Coffee & Bakery Sign.
Coffee & Bakery is the in-store café. It serves traditional café beverages and baked goods. It has a bakery that makes custom ordered cakes and a deli. Its first appearance is in the Season One episode "Magazine Profile".


S01E02-Coffee and Bakery
   "Magazine Profile"
Featuring: Glenn, Amy, Jonah, Sarah, Travis

Glenn and Amy make fun of Jonah thinking Cynthia is interested in his ideas. Sarah and Travis are seen working at the café.

S01E04-Bo Cheyenne Dina Glenn cafe
Featuring: Glenn, Dina, Cheyenne, Bo Derek Thompson

Bo and Cheyenne "interview" Dina and Glenn and ask them a number of inane questions to determine who would be the best to adopt their baby.

Coffee & Bakery-S01E07
   "Color Wars"
Featuring: Glenn, Dina and Maren

Glenn and Dina order a cake for the pizza party for the winning team in the "Color Wars" but café worker Maren records their argument on the cake.

S01E08-Coffee&Bakery Jonah Garrett Cheyenne
   "Wedding Day Sale"
Featuring: Amy, Cheyenne, Dina, Garrett, Jonah, Maren, Travis

Dina plans to find Bo (who ran out with a pricing gun) so Amy offers to tag along. Garrett and Jonah try to comfort Cheyenne. Maren and Travis are seen working at the café.

Featuring: Myrtle

At closing time, in order to get a lingering customer to leave, Amy asks Myrtle to break out her hysterectomy story. Myrtle is sitting at the café and starts to tell the story that begins in 1953.

S02E02-Coffee and Bakery lineup
   "Back to Work"
Featuring: Amy, Marcus, Customers

A long line-up of customers gathers as Dom misses work at the deli. Amy and Marcus cover for him but Marcus cuts his thumb off in the meat slicer.

S02E05-Bo at cafe
   "Dog Adoption Day"
Featuring: Bo, Glenn

Bo is eating and throwing away nachos at the café as Amy and Cheyenne talk about him. Glenn convinces Bo to shop for a place to live.

S02E07-Amy Jonah cafe
   "Election Day"
Featuring: Amy, Jonah

Amy and Jonah congratulate each other on successfully convincing the staff to vote for a pro-labor candidate. Amy learns a Brooklyn accent from Jonah, they share a laugh and bond until interrupted by Naomi.

   "Black Friday"
Featuring: The staff

The potlock is held at the café. Later, Glenn tells the staff that they got food poisoning from the potluck and half the employees have left on the busiest day of the year.

S02E10-Dina coffee
   "Lost and Found"
Featuring: Adam, Dina, Garrett

Dina gets a coffee from Adam and then tells Garrett that he's being weird around her since they had sex.

S02E12-Myrtle eats hot dog
   "Ladies' Lunch"
Featuring: Myrtle, Jay

After eating a 60oz steak at The Charhouse, Myrtle enjoys a hot dog at the café. Jay is seen working in the background.

S02E13-Flash mob at cafe
   "Valentine's Day"
Featuring: Amy, Ashton, Cheyenne, Jonah, Jay, Miles, Tim

Amy, Cheyenne and Jonah watches Miles' flash mob proposal to Lisa. Ashton, Jay and Tim are working at the café.

S02E14-Amy Jonah at cafe
   "Super Hot Store"
Featuring: Amy, Dougie, Jonah, Marcus, Sarah

Amy and Jonah talk about firing Marcus under the effects of the extreme heat in the store and then talk to Marcus and cancel the firing. Dougie and Sarah are working at the café.

S02E15-Amy Cheyenne Garrett Mateo cafe
   "Wellness Fair"
Featuring: Amy, Garrett, Cheyenne, Mateo

In the wake of Cheyenne and Amy's lie about Sandra being pregnant, Mateo asks them how they are going to fix this and Garrett signs a card for Sandra.

   "Integrity Award"
Featuring: Garrett, Elias, Gabbie, Gary, Tim

A number of staff are petting the dog Garrett saved from a snow bank. Later, a war veteran claims the dog at the café which Glenn is jealous about. Tim is working at the café.

   "Mateo's Last Day"
Featuring: Dougie, Glenn, Tim the Internet Troll

Glenn shares some french fries with Tim at the café and accepts his apology for the mean review he gave the store. Dougie is working at the café.

Coffee & Bakery-S02E18
   "Glenn's Kids"
Featuring: Amy, Dougie, Kristen, Bobbie Sue, Mateo, Leo, T'Oliver, Zoe

Amy tries to stop Kristen from dating Jonah. Bobbie Sue steals french fries from a customer at a table in front of the café. Mateo talks about Jeff with Leo, T'Oliver and Zoe. Dougie is working at the café.

S02E19-Cheyenne Mateo Tim cafe
   "Spring Cleaning"
Featuring: Cheyenne, Mateo, Tim

Mateo cleans gum off the bottom of one of the café tables while Cheyenne wonders what Bo is doing with Dina. Tim is working at the café.

S02E21-Amy Glenn Tim cafe
Featuring: Amy, Dina, Glenn, Tim

Amy and Dina meet with Glenn and try to get him to decide who should be fired. Dina is only interested in keeping her job and when she finds out management isn't affected, she spits out Glenn's banana bread and leaves. Tim is working at the café.

   "Workplace Bullying"
Featuring: Ken, Jay

Garrett complains to Glenn that Ken is a terrible security guard and needs to be fired. Ken isn't at his post and is taking selfies at the café. The signs at the café have been replaced with computerized screens. Jay is working at the café.

   "Health Fund"
Featuring: Amy, Jonah, Sandra, Brett, Elias, Isaac, Bryan, Judy

Amy and Jonah meet with the staff who have made many health claims and tell them that the fund isn't available to them and return their contributions. Sandra gets uncharacteristically upset, won't accept she's out of the plan and tells them to figure out a solution.

S03E08-Customer looks at sign
   "Viral Video"
Featuring: A customer

A customer looks in bewilderment at a sign at Coffee & Bakery that indicates that the staff don't fart into cups.

S03E11-Amy Cheyenne brandi Coffee and Bakery
   "Angels and Mermaids"
Featuring: Amy, Cheyenne and Brandi

Amy, Cheyenne and Brandi meet several times at the café to discuss Brandi's influence over Cheyenne and what Cheyenne should do with her life.

S03E12-Kelly at cafe
   "Groundhog Day"
Featuring: Kelly and Dougie

Before doing the announcements with Jonah, Kelly gets a coffee from the café where Dougie is working.

S03E15-Jeff Mateo Coffee and Bakery
Featuring: Jeff and Mateo

Mateo calls Chad looking for Jeff but as he is leaving a voice mail for Chad, Jeff shows up in the store.

S03E17-Amy Laurie Coffee Bakery
   "District Manager"
Featuring: Amy, Laurie, Glenn, Myrtle, Skipper Sailes, Ted

Amy talks to the new district manager Laurie at the café. Later, Glenn introduces TV weatherman Skipper Sailes to Myrtle who Glenn mistakenly thinks is Myrtle's favorite weatherman. Ted is working at the café.

S03E18-Jonah Cheyenne cafe
   "Local Vendors Day"
Featuring: Cheyenne, Glenn, Jonah, Kelly, Sandra, Sarah

Glenn pressures the staff at the café to buy items from his wife Jerusha. Sarah is working there.

S03E19-Cheyenne Mateo cafe
Featuring: Cheyenne, Mateo, Jay, Sherie, Ted

Cheyenne and Mateo makes plans if they win the lottery. Jay, Sherie and Ted are working at the café.

S03E20-Amy Cheyenne Dina cafe
   "Gender Reveal"
Featuring: Amy, Cheyenne, Dina, Ted

Amy downplays the pain of child birth to comfort Dina while eating nachos. Later, Amy finds out she may be pregnant. Ted is working at the café.

S03E22-Amy Jonah Laurie cafe
   "Town Hall"
Featuring: Amy, Jonah, Laurie

Amy distracts Laurie so that Jonah can take her phone from her purse in order to get incriminating emails that Cloud 9 is firing older employees without cause.

S04E02-Baker and Jonah
   "Baby Shower"
Featuring: Baker, Jonah and Glenn

Jonah asks the Baker to put "congrats on the baby" on a cake. He offers to put curses on it for $5. Jonah then inadvertently invites Glenn include Jerusha's baby shower with Amy's.

S04E03-Jerry smells candles
   "Toxic Work Environment"
Featuring: Jerry, Jonie, Dougie and Sandra

Jerry smells candles while sitting at the café. Jonie and Dougie are seen working the counter. Later, Sandra breaks the news that she lost Jerry in a coin toss to Carol and can't date him anymore.

S04E06-Coffee & Bakery
   "Maternity Leave"
Featuring: Jonah, Garrett and Jay

Jonah and Garrett review all the terrible interview candidates. Jay is working at the café.

S04E07-Coffee and Bakery
   "New Initiative"
Featuring: Amy, Jonah and Dougie

Sitting at the café, Amy and Jonah decide to tell everyone they're dating and are underwhelmed by the staff's response. Dougie is seen carrying coffee carafes.

S04E09-Dina Jonah Jay C&B
   "Shadowing Glenn"
Featuring: A customer, Dina, Jonah, Jay

A customer guzzles the coffee milk. Later, Jonah gives Dina a quiz designed to see which job she'd be suited for. Jay is working at the café.

S04E10-Coffee and Bakery
   "Cloud 9 Academy"
Featuring: Don, Jonah, Mateo, Marcus, Sandra, Sarah, seven members

Jonah and Mateo host the first meeting of the St. Louis Society against Rodrigo Duterte. Don and Sarah are working at the café.

S04E12-Jerry Sandra cafe
Featuring: Jerry, Sandra, Amy, Cheyenne, Jonah, Isaac, Justine, Marcus

Jerry and Sandra catch up at the café. Later, several staff discuss the most embarrassing way they injured themselves.

Featuring: Carol, Justine, Dougie, Amy, Garrett, Jonah

Carol and Justine watch with pity as a barbershop quartet sings for Sandra. Later, Jonah is confused when Amy tells Garrett that he can't tell Dina that he's responsible for letting Dina's birds escape. Dougie is working at the café.

S04E14-Laurie Amy cafe
   "Minor Crimes"
Featuring: Amy, Laurie, Jay

Realizing that Laurie won't give her the manager job unless she threatens to tell corporate that Laurie snorts cocaine on the job, Amy threatens Laurie. Later, Glenn crashes his car into the store by the café. Jay is working at the café.

S04E15-Garrett gets angry
Featuring: Amy, Myrtle, Garrett, Glenn, Justine, Don

Amy hires Myrtle as her assistant. Later, Garrett is disgusted with Glenn's positive attitude towards being a floor worker. Glenn's jokes make Justine pee her pants. Don is working at the café.

   "Cloud Green"
Featuring: Amy, Glenn, Sandra, Earl, Elias, Sarah, Dougie

Angry that Glenn keeps disobeying her, Amy stops a Bible study Glenn is holding and threatens to write him up. Dougie is working at the café.

Featuring: Goat, Dina, Jackson

A goat runs through the café. Dina meets Janet's son, Jackson.

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