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Because when we look past stereotypes, we learn to appreciate all the colors of the cloud.
— Corporate Woman, "Valentine's Day".

Corporate Woman (called Michelle by MC Cool Cloud) is a Cloud 9 spokesperson who is seen on training videos. She is cloying and delivers many cliché lines on various topics in the videos she stars in. She is portrayed by actress Beth Curry.

Character History

Season One

Oh MC Cool Cloud, you are too much!

After Amy refuses to work a salsa booth and another Latina employee Carmen does so, Amy is put off by Carmen faking a stereotypical Mexican. Later when Mateo does the same thing, Amy tries to show how wrong this is by mimicking stereotypical Asian mannerisms just as an Asian family walks by. As a result, the staff are forced gather in the Break Room to watch a 60 minute training video on racial sensitivity starring the "Corporate Woman". ("Shots and Salsa")

Season Two

MC Cool Cloud, you are all right!

On Valentine's Day 2016, Glenn and Amy try to set up the eldest employee in the store Myrtle with another elderly employee, Arthur. They don't realize that Arthur has been sexually harassing Myrtle and after meddling in the situation, Myrtle files sexual harassment charges against them all. This results in district manager Jeff visiting the store and showing the staff a training video on sexual harassment starring "Corporate Woman". ("Valentine's Day")


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