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"Customer Safari"
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Season: 5 — Episode: 20
Director: Jay Karas — Writer: L.E. Correia — Aired: April 2, 2020 — Viewers (millions): TBA
Summary: Amy joins Jonah for lunch with his parents and brother, but she's caught off guard by their family dynamic. Dina worries about being fun and spontaneous when her new boyfriend surprises her at work. Meanwhile, Garrett and the other employees create a game around the store's weird customers, with a suspicious Glenn hot on their tails.


As Amy takes a day off to have lunch with Jonah's family and Dina has an in-store lunch with new fling Brian, Garrett rallies the employees to play a game of "customer safari" wherein they take pictures of the weirdest customers to earn points. Acting manager Glenn knows something is going on, but is clueless to stop it, so Dina enlists Brian to help her expose the game. At their lunch, Amy urges Jonah to stand up to his condescending brother, Josh, which leads to Jonah's parents splitting while Josh's girlfriend leaves him. When Amy returns to work, she gets a phone call and learns that Maya recommended her for a corporate director position in Palo Alto, California.





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