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Is anyone coming back to help me?
— Dennis, "Super Hot Store".

Dennis is a customer at Cloud 9 Store 1217 who gets into mishaps. He appears shy, lacks self-confidence and works in IT. He is portrayed by actor Brendan Jennings.

Character History

Season Two

I'm in IT.

Dennis visits the store on a cold winter day to buy clothes for a mixer of IT guys. The store's heating system malfunctions making the store very hot. In the dressing rooms, he tries on faux leather pants which get stuck to his sweaty legs. As Amy is trying to help him take the pants off, Jonah arrives with a female customer who slipped on spilt yogurt from a pallet that Marcus was supposed to clean up. Amy and Jonah leave to deal with the spill and as the female customer stares at Dennis' dishevelled state, he says he works in IT. Later, he exits the dressing rooms and yells out for help with his pants which are still stuck to him. ("Super Hot Store")

Season Three

I'm meeting my ex-wife for coffee.

Amy and Jonah follow tunnels in the store trying to get to a door to the cage where copies of a new video game "Barbarians Gate 3" are kept. They locate a door in the tunnels and when they enter it, they find themselves in a dressing room where Dennis is trying on pants. Jonah says he read the blueprints wrong, Amy apologies and Dennis says he's meeting his ex-wife Jill for coffee. Amy and Jonah sidle by Dennis. He then stares in the mirror and practices his greeting for his meeting with Jill. ("Video Game Release")

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