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Let me buy you dinner, and then I can answer all of your groundhog-related questions?
— Devon to Amy, "Groundhog Day".

Devon is a visitor to Cloud 9 Store 1217 and is an animal handler for "Animals on the Move". He is portrayed by actor Adrian Gonzalez.

Character History

Season Three

Does that mean we go straight to summer?

The store promotes Groundhog Day by having a live groundhog on display named "Gary". Devon is Gary's handler and talks to Amy who wants to pet Gary while Cheyenne and Mateo look on. Devon discovers Amy is divorced and asks her out to a steak house. This catches Amy off-guard and while stammering a reply, her hand slips into Gary's cage causing Gary to bite Amy's hand and the cage to fly of its table breaking it and injuring Gary. As Devon tends to Gary and Amy expresses concern, Mateo wonders if this incident means that spring will be skipped. ("Groundhog Day")

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