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I'm a Christian too, but in these four walls, my Bible is the employee code of conduct.
— Dina, "Pilot".

SHUT UP SANDRA!!!!!!!Dina telling Sandra to Shut Up

Dina Fox was the assistant manager of Cloud 9 Store 1217, was born in St. Louis in 1984 and has worked for Cloud 9 for over 10 years. She is aggressive, strict and is often rude to her fellow employees and to customers. She has high self-esteem and does not like to apologize to people, admit fault and is very antagonistic towards Glenn. She can be very loyal and loves babies. A huge bird lover, she keeps many at her apartment. Dina has a hard time relating to other people socially and emotionally, as proven by tapes she has about appropriate tone of voice. She is an outcast but does not care what other people think. She is portrayed by actress Lauren Ash.

Character History

Season One

Some people like to hunt elk or deer. I hunt people. And your head is going on my wall.

"Pilot": Dina hires Jonah whom she is attracted to. On Jonah and Mateo's first day of work, she shows herself to be a hard-nosed, no nonsense employee who clashes with manager Glenn over many matters including religion in the workplace. As the day goes on, she hears Jonah asking Garrett McNeill about the policy for dating superiors at work. Dina feels happy, thinking that this question is about her, but it's actually about Amy Dubanowski. Soon, it's Déjà vu when Jonah tries to wave to Amy. Dina, who is in the vicinity, thinks the wave is directed towards her. Elated, she asks Cheyenne Lee to help her look prettier at the cosmetics department.

When a reporter for Cloud 9's corporate magazine "Stratus" comes to do an article on the store in Magazine Profile, she is hostile towards the reporter, named Cynthia. Dina takes her lunch break at the security cameras and sees Cynthia and Jonah kissing passionately in the warehouse. She reveals their relationship at a seminar and spins the ordeal to make it look like Cynthia was sexually harassing Jonah, and Jonah is the victim.

"Shots and Salsa": Dina and Glenn help walk Carmen to her car after she gets a twisted ankle. Later, Dina displays musical talent at a salsa sampling booth and the love song she sings makes Jonah uncomfortable when she directs it towards him.

Dina competes with Glenn in adopting Cheyenne's baby when Cheyenne reveals that she might not be keeping it in Mannequin. Dina and Glenn argue and their desperate one-upping of one another makes Cheyenne and her fiancée Bo realize that neither would be an acceptable parent for their biological child.

"Shoplifter": Dina stalks a lady named Julie at the makeup section of the store. When Dina thinks she has seen Julie steal a tube of lipstick, she pounces and drags Julie over to her interrogation room. But when Dina's security footage doesn't work, she is forced to let Julie go. However, Julie repeatedly insulted Dina on her way out. Dina seethes and drags Julie back in. Dina enlists Amy to help, and the two realize that there's another way to access security footage of Julie. But when they watch the video, Julie is innocent and the two end up releasing Julie, who threatens to send in a complaint against them. Glenn, who takes no pleasure in watching this unfold, hides a CD in Julie's purse that was unpaid for. In exchange for not telling the authorities about Julie's shoplifting, Glenn and Dina make Julie promise she will not tattle on Dina and Amy.

"Secret Shopper": Dina hears that there is a possible Secret Shopper visiting the store and is determined to weed him or her out. She is hostile towards random shoppers and quizzes them on what they are purchasing and why.

"Color Wars": In the Break Room, Dina is very upset that her bird Jeremy died. To cheer her up, Glenn asks her to help plan the pizza party for the winning team in the store's sales competition. She and Glenn bond while creating a piñata.

"Wedding Day Sale": After Bo seemingly runs out on Cheyenne, she and Amy pursue Bo and bond at a gun store. She confides that there's been heavy flirtation with someone in the store and then swears Amy to secrecy. She then makes lewd gestures behind Jonah.

"All-Nighter": When the staff have to stay late, Dina calls her birds and sings to them over the phone. Dina finds a memo that indicates that relationships between supervisors and staff are no longer forbidden. When playing "never have I ever" Dina finds she's the only one who hasn't had sex in the store. She gets dressed up and invites Jonah to the Photo Lab and propositions him. He declines and makes up the excuse that he's not comfortable dating a manager.

"Demotion": Dina takes a demotion so she can date Jonah. She works the makeup counter with Cheyenne and is rough with the customers. She is very aggressive when asking Jonah out and when Jonah is working a register, she buys a number of items for their date including condoms. Later, she kisses him in a dressing room and Jonah plays a recording that he doesn't want to date her. She gets over Jonah quickly and invites Marcus to her apartment.

"Labor": Dina regrets stepping down as assistant manager. When corporate sends a labor relations consultant to stop a union being formed, Steve tries a role-playing exercise where Dina is a union organizer trying to get Steve to sign a union card. Dina is so threatening that Steve is actually scared and calls a break. Dina doesn't join the staff when they walk out in protest over Glenn losing his job, announces that they have all been fired and appoints herself as store manager.

Season Two

Oooh, peer pressure from a group of people I don't respect. Now that's scary.

After Glenn has an Olympic opening ceremony in the store that results in a fire, Dina pulls off an awesome closing ceremony complete with a light show, dancers and her on a helicopter. Dina doesn't join her fellow employees in the walk-out and eventual strike in order to get Glenn his job back. She sides with management and regains her assistant manager position. She tries to break the strike with a pressure washer and is seen greeting scab workers from another store. A stickler for staff adhering to store policies, she finds it isn't pleasant when Garrett makes her follow the one bathroom break per shift rule. On Halloween, Dina wears a revealing costume but seems totally unaware of the effect it has on the staff, especially Garrett. After irregular produce goes missing, she holds staff interrogations. On Black Friday, she and the staff come down with food poisoning and all decide to abandon the store. Dina is impressed when Garrett rallies the staff and when they finish the day she kisses him and tells him to meet her in the Photo Lab for sex. Later, she tells Garrett their encounter was a one-time thing. Dina explodes on Sandra who she thinks told district manager Jeff Sutin insults she said about him. After learning Amy is in marriage counselling, Dina kidnaps her for a lunch with the ladies at The Charhouse. With the store incredibly hot, Dina joins Garrett in Glenn's air conditioned office. Bored, they have sex twice. With a tornado imminent, she finds an extra helmet and doesn't care whether Garrett gets it or not. Dina and Garrett hold onto shelving during the tornado and afterwards, Dina tells Garrett that she's glad he's OK. |episodes ="Olympics": After Glenn has an Olympic opening ceremony in the store that results in a fire, Dina pulls off an awesome closing ceremony complete with a light show, dancers and her on a helicopter.

"Strike": Dina takes her assistant manager position back and tries to impress district manager Jeff Sutin with her commitment to the store. Without his permission, she tries to break the strike and smashes several windows in Glenn's car with a pressure washer. She greets scab workers and entices Sandra back to work.

"Back to Work": Dealing with the backlash of not siding with the staff during the strike, Jonah tries to help Dina with her relationships. Dina buys insulting gifts for the staff and Jonah writes an apology speech for her which she doesn't like. Dina ends up not apologizing and calling everyone "garbage". She tells Jonah that she doesn't need to be liked and doesn't care if he or others do have that need. Dina finds out Jeff intends to file a report on Amy but Dina says she'll tell corporate that an untrained worker cut off his thumb while Jeff was in the store. Jeff doesn't file the report and says he hates Dina.

"Guns, Pills, and Birds": After a crow enters the store, Dina and Mateo try to catch it at Garrett's insistence. In an aisle, Dina and Mateo try to throw a tarp over the crow but argue over how fast they need to run so the crow gets away. After Jonah angers a gun customer which results in an NRA protest, Dina explains the situation and everyone blames Jonah for denying so many people service at the gun counter. On the P.A. system, Dina asks everyone to be quiet while she makes bird calls to scare away the crows. Dina does catch it eventually catch it in a bag which Mateo then smashes. Dina is horrified at the "bag of blood".

"Spokesman Scandal": Acting on Amy and Jonah's employee drug use allegations, Glenn goes into the Stock Room and starts to sniff Cody. Dina sees him doing this and Glenn asks her if they should start drug testing the staff. Dina is very enthused and tells Cody she's coming for him. Glenn has second thoughts about the drug testing when he finds out Dina wants to fire those that fail. Amy helps Glenn talk through the drug testing situation and he orders Dina to stop the tests much to Cody's relief.

"Dog Adoption Day": At customer service, Dina tells Garrett that he forgot to clock in and won't be paid for his first two hours of work. She won't change the time sheets citing Cloud 9 rules. In the Break Room, Garrett times Dina's lunch break citing company rules. Dina won't go relent on changing the time sheet so she shovels her steaming lunch into her mouth, burning it. Garrett stops Dina from using the washroom twice as it's only allowed once per shift. Dina walks away determined to "hold it in". Outside the store, Dina is by a water fountain having a hard time not going to the washroom. Her shift done, Dina tries to go to the bathroom until Garrett points out she needs to make a purchase. Waiting at a check-out, she grimaces in pain and declares her hatred for Garrett.

"Halloween Theft": On Halloween, Dina wears a revealing costume but seems totally unaware of the effect it has on the staff, especially Garrett. After irregular produce goes missing, she holds staff interrogations and won't let anyone leave for Halloween. Dina corners Garrett in the men's bathroom and asks why he's been avoiding her and acting weird. Dina interrogates Garrett and leans over the table so that her cleavage is right in his line of sight. Garrett breaks down and admits to stealing the fruit (even though he didn't) so he can leave.

"Election Day": Polling station worker Dorothy tells Dina they should open but Dina and Glenn fight over who should enter the code to open the doors. They both put in the code and are locked-out for 5 minutes. After Dina tells Cheyenne and Mateo to vote, Mateo confides to Cheyenne that he's an illegal alien. As Dina is talking to poll worker Syd, Glenn interrupts with an urn of coffee. Syd goes to get a danish, Dina won't budge from the table Glenn wants to put the urn on and they spill the coffee into a polling box ruining the ballots. Dina runs away with the box. In Glenn's Office, Dina and Glenn are drying the ballots with a hair dryer until Glenn brings in a large fan which blows them out his window. They go outside to search for them but the ballots are gone and Cheyenne sees them. Dina cozies up to Cheyenne and asks if she knows of any illegal acts, to see if she knows about the ballots. Exiting the washroom, Syd is stopped by Glenn and Dina who try to discretely ask him the penalty for voter fraud. When they find out it is severe they are alarmed. Glenn and Dina separately visit Marcus in the Warehouse to ask his advice as he's been in prison. Where two people have committed a crime that's been witnessed, he says that one should get the other confessing on tape for a reduced sentence. In Glenn's Office, Glenn and Dina try to get each other to talk about the ballot box incident while recording each other.

"Seasonal Help": In the betting pool to see which seasonal temp will quit, Dina backs the wrong horse and picks Eugene. She has him scrub the parking lot which he does without question.

"Black Friday": On the busiest day of the year, Dina tries to get Garrett to work a cash register but he stalls by making an incredibly long announcement. She and the staff come down with food poisoning and they are all going to abandon the store. Dina is impressed when Garrett rallies the staff and when they finish the day she kisses him and tells him to meet her in the Photo Lab for sex.

"Lost and Found": In the Break Room, the staff are grumbling about the room's state of disrepair while Dina reads a memo from corporate on seasonal depression. In the Stock Room, Dina tells Garrett that he's acting weird around her since they had sex. She has no interest in pursuing a relationship, neither does he but she doesn't believe him. As staff draw items from the lost and found booth, Dina draws a toy giraffe Cheyenne wanted and destroys it for the squeaker inside. Glenn is dancing for Garrett to cheer him up but Dina can't see Glenn and thinks Garrett is grinning at her. She walks away in disgust which depresses Garrett. In the dressing room, Garrett tries to explain why he was grinning earlier but it makes the situation worse so that Dina thinks he's obsessed with her. At customer service, Tate talks to Garrett when Dina walks by. Garrett forces a rhyme greeting which comes off weird, causing both Dina and Tate to leave. Garrett confronts Dina on the floor and begins a tirade that he is normal and she is weird. After a crowd has gathered he knows he's come off as the crazy one and leaves.

"Rebranding": After Jeff criticizes her in front of corporate VP Rex, Dina disses him in front of the staff. In confidence, Mateo tells Jeff specifics which Jeff reveals to Dina. Dina goes on a hunt for the rat who Mateo lies is Sandra. Dina screams at Sandra in the Break Room and then listens in fascination as Sandra lies about a relationship with Jeff.

"Ladies' Lunch": After learning Amy is in marriage counselling, Dina catches Amy in the Break Room and invites her to a ladies' lunch which Amy refuses. As Amy and Sandra are loading a dresser into a Cloud 9 Delivery Truck, Dina closes the door and kidnaps them for lunch. The restaurant Dina has chosen for Amy's lunch is The Charhouse, a very old school steakhouse. Cheyenne, Sandra, Carol, Justine and Myrtle also come. Dina lays down ground rules for conversation and as they order drinks, Amy makes it apparent she's in a hurry to end lunch. Amy wants to leave and says the lunch is depressing and awkward. Dina is discouraged and admits this is the first time she's tried to organize such a lunch. Amy feels guilty, comes around and asks the waiter for another round of drinks. Getting drunk, the ladies play a game of "Kill, Bang, Marry". Dina admits she had sex with Garrett but the ladies think it is a big joke. The ladies sans Myrtle sing karaoke. Back at the store, a drunk Dina and a concussed Glenn have an inane conversation.

"Valentine's Day": Jonah sees an attractive woman (Shannon) who he thinks is a repeat shoplifter. He meets Dina in the Surveillance Office and offers to act as a plainclothes detective in order to catch Shannon in the act. Dina and Garrett watch Jonah becoming increasingly friendly with Shannon until it dawns on Dina that Jonah is hoping to date her. In the Surveillance Office, Jonah tells Dina that Shannon isn't the shoplifter. Dina questions him and appears to accept his evaluation until he leaves, then she becomes visibly angry. As Jonah and Shannon leave the store for their date, Dina intercepts them pretending to be Jonah's wife. She starts arguing with him and Shannon leaves.

"Super Hot Store": With the store incredibly hot, Dina joins Garrett in Glenn's air conditioned office. They are enjoying the cool air but get on each other's nerves until Garrett suggests they have sex. Dina and Garrett finish having sex when Mateo knocks on the door asking for Glenn. Behind the closed door, they keep silent while Mateo reports that Jonah and Amy are going "cray-cray". Bored again, Dina and Garrett pass the time by having sex again. Dina and Garrett finish their second bout of sex when corporate takes Glenn's phone off hold. Dina fakes Glenn's voice as corporate reports the heating problem was caused by their computer and is now fixed. Dina and Garrett agree that they'll have sex but no relationship.

"Wellness Fair": In Glenn's Office, Glenn is on the phone with Amy who is calling in sick. Dina overhears and tells Glenn she is faking. Dina tries to find out from Garrett if Amy was playing hooky the day before but Garrett won't tell. Dina grills Mateo if he knows where Amy was the day before to which he nervously replies no. Seeing the staff gossip, Dina says something is going on. In the Break Room, as Jeff criticizes Jonah and Glenn for their abortion argument in the store, many secrets are revealed including Dina admitting that she and Garrett have been having casual sex. Amy teases Garrett about having sex with Dina so he tells Dina that Amy was playing hooky from work the day before.

"Integrity Award": At the store front, Dina tells the staff to clean up the Break Room due to a roach problem. Dina asks Mateo to use his relationship with Jeff to get an exterminator to help with the roach problem. Mateo agrees as he's anxious to show his influence with Jeff. Mateo phones Jeff to see if he can get an exterminator but Jeff doesn't want to show any special treatment. Dina asks Mateo if Jeff will help and he lies "yes" to project the illusion that Jeff is obsessed with him. Dina leads Mateo (disguised as an exterminator) into the Break Room to fumigate. Since Dina believes Mateo was successful in using his influence with Jeff to get the exterminator, she gives him a lot more tasks. Dina is showing Mateo massive store overhaul plans that she wants him to get Jeff to approve until they start coughing and see clouds of smoke entering the store. On the P.A., Dina announces a "Code Orange Toxic Event" and tells everyone to evacuate the store.

"Mateo's Last Day": At customer service, Jeff gives Dina and Garrett disclosure forms to fill out since they are having casual sex. On the phone with corporate, Garrett doesn't care which relationship box they check off until corporate mentions that this means there is some attraction implied. Corporate doesn't understand Dina and Garrett's relationship so they have to explain it is only sex with no knowledge of each other's lives. Many from corporate are now on the call and the proposed solution is to add a new box to the form. However, Dina and Garrett don't know what to label the box. In the Break Room, Dina and Garrett poll the staff for suggestions on a label for their relationship but aren't very successful. Dina and Garrett tell corporate they'd like the box describing their relationship labelled as "other". Corporate signs off and celebrating their victory, there is a spark between them that they both quickly hide.

"Glenn's Kids": After Cheyenne loses one of Glenn's foster children Bobbie Sue, she and Garrett look for her on the surveillance cameras and are caught by Dina who joins in the search. Dina kicks in doors in the dressing rooms. In the toy department, Dina, Garrett and Cheyenne set up a trap baited with candy and make toddler calls over the P.A. system. Dina, Garrett and Cheyenne still can't find Bobbie Sue when Glenn announces over the P.A. system for his kids to come for the photo. Cheyenne says she'll have to tell Glenn she lost Bobbie Sue when she comes into sight caught in the trap.

"Spring Cleaning": Dina shows Bo the store's security systems not knowing he intends to rob the store. Cheyenne asks Dina how Bo is doing at work. Dina praises his interest in security and says Cheyenne should trust him. When Bo loudly quits at the store front, he tries to take a Cloud 9 vest but backs down when Dina advances on him.

"Cheyenne's Wedding": Dina bullies her way into Cheyenne's bridal party. She upstages Cheyenne during picture taking. The toasts start with Dina unsuccessfully trying to get some laughs. After Amy makes an embarrassing speech, Dina takes back the mic and starts making fun of Amy's marriage.

"Tornado": Dina sucks up to Glenn when she believes she might be among those that will be laid off. Dina tells Garrett that she doesn't care if Garrett is laid off or not. With the tornado imminent, she finds an extra helmet and doesn't care whether Garrett gets it or not. Dina and Garrett hold onto shelving during the tornado and afterwards, Dina tells Garrett that she's glad he's OK.

Season Three

I'm just saying what I feel and people do not like what they're hearing. I am a strong cup of coffee.

Dina doesn't know who Howie is and orders him to work during the store's grand re-opening. She experiences anxiety due to the tornado that struck the store and is eventually gets over it with Amy's help. Dina and Garrett mutually agree to break up but Dina says that it was her decision. After Jonah does nothing to stop a robber, Dina challenges him to a fight which ends when Jonah inadvertently becomes sexually excited. On Halloween, Dina is again dressed as "Officer Naughty" and disturbs deal employee Sal's body before the coroner arrives. Dina helps Glenn get a diagnosis for a mole on his penis. Dina bonds with Cheyenne while looking at staff social media posts but Dina disciplines her after she reveals she was responsible for a posting that reflected badly on the store and got Roger fired. Dina tries several times to save Amy's Golden Globes Party and even eats chicken although she is a vegan and a bird lover. She agrees to be Glenn's surrogate mother and has a conflict over a surrogacy agreement with him. Dina takes advantage of her pregnancy to scam Glenn into accommodating her every whim. Dina tells Glenn the impregnation was successful and she learns Amy has a crush on Jonah. Dina tries to help Amy keep her crush secret buts accidentally shows the video of Amy kissing Jonah when the tornado hit the store. Dina sets up Amy on a horrible double date but she ends up meeting Alex. The realities of child birth cause Dina to panic but she calms down when it's discovered Amy is pregnant. Dina and Glenn make a staff video in order to have the store picked to host a Cloud 9 town hall and a visit from the CEO. At the town hall, Dina's skepticism is well founded when Jeff lies why Myrtle was fired in order to get a position at Cloud 9 HQ. |episodes = "Grand Re-Opening": After Glenn learns from Jeff that the store is re-opening that day and not in a week's time, he shows a Dina and Amy the email with the details and they argue over whether it is clear or not with Dina believing the wording is very clear. Dina is on the phone when Howie walks into the store. She doesn't know who he is and thinks he's a new hire. She won't listen to his protests and assigns him to work in produce. Dina who has found Minions costumes for the store opening and tells Amy and Jonah to pick them up. When they protest, she lists reasons why other staff can't. Howie is eating carrots when Dina comes to apologize for not knowing who he is. He's OK with it until she orders him to straighten up the registers. The opening is nigh but Dina says they need another hour so Glenn will have to stall the audience who has arrived. In the store, Dina is loudspeakering a countdown while the staff frantically work.

"Brett Is Dead": During the memorial service for Brett, Dina states that he probably wasn't killed by the tornado and describes various tornado-related ways Brett could have died. At the store front, Dina is staring out the window anxiously. Amy checks in on her, Dina admits she hasn't been sleeping and that the weather is worsening so everyone should get in the new Storm Shelter. Thunder claps which sends Dina into a panic. She announces on the P.A. system that everyone must go to the shelter and starts to physically move customers there. In the shelter, Glenn opens the door and apologies to the customers for the false alarm. He's says they are free to go but Dina won't apologize as she believes better safe than sorry. Amy catches Dina loading a shopping cart with supplies for the shelter. Amy can't dissuade Dina from fixating on getting supplies for the shelter so she goes to Glenn's Office and tells Glenn that Dina needs professional help. Glenn gathers the staff in the Break Room to address the anxiety Dina is having. Dina is upset with Amy who apologizes to her. Dina proclaims Glenn's efforts a waste of time so Amy confronts her and tries to get her to open up about what's troubling her. After listening to other's trauma stories, Dina has had enough and tells everyone that she gets the point of the exercise but that she doesn't have time to whine about her issues. As she storms off, she pushes Brett aside who has entered the Break Room. In the shelter, Amy tries to drag Dina out and finally gets Dina to open up about her troubles. However, Dina goes back to her childhood and relates many tragic stories which she can't stop telling. Dina isn't interested in hearing Amy's fears now that her husband Adam is gone.

"Part-Time Hires": At customer service, Dina tells Garrett that she hasn't been having sex with him as she's dealing with her anxiety issues and seeing a shrink. Garrett offers to take a break from their relationship which she accepts. Garrett confronts Dina over her telling everyone she dumped him when he thinks it was he who suggested the break but isn't able to change her opinion. Garrett tells everyone over the P.A. system that it was his idea to break up with Dina and that she's seeing a shrink, which he immediately regrets saying. Garrett apologizes to Dina who tricks him into getting back together and then she immediately breaks up with him and announces it over the P.A. system.

"Workplace Bullying": As a robber who Jonah let go unscathed passes Dina in the hallway, Jonah yells that the man's a robber so Dina chases after and tackles the robber while making a crime-show zinger. She orders Jonah to call the police and chastises the robber while sitting on top of him. A police officer interviews Jonah and Dina and establishes that Jonah made no attempt to stop the robber which disgusts Dina. Myrtle finds her parking lot buddy is Jonah who she maligns to many staff in front of Jonah. Dina joins in and says Jonah won't do anything if Myrtle is attacked. In the Break Room, Jeff addresses the robbery and after calling Dina to the front, he says "don't do what Dina did". Dina is angered and points out Jonah did nothing which Jeff praises and says is company policy. Later, Dina calls Jonah a baby in front of a customer and ridicules that he's Jeff's favorite. Jeff compliments Jonah and while Dina eavesdrops, Jonah asks Jeff not to compliment him in front of Dina. Jonah says Dina can be a bit of a bully which prompts Jeff to report her to HR. In the Break Room, Jeff gathers the staff for a talk on bullying. Jonah insists he wasn't bullied and Dina indicates that if she had bullied someone, they would have a broken nose like Justine. Dina shows Jonah her written reprimand which he tries to apologize for. She smashes baby food jars on the floor and tells him to clean it up so, he retracts his apology and says she is a bully. Dina challenges Jonah to a fight. Outside, the staff gather and Dina circles around Jonah and says that if he is a feminist, he should punch her. Jonah refuses and when Garrett interrupts to film the up-coming battle, Dina blind-sides Jonah and tackles him to the ground. She tries to pin him but complains that his skin is so soft that he is slippery. As she yells at him to fight back she suddenly jumps up and points at his crotch. Jonah has an erection which he tries to hide. Dina stops Jonah in the store and says that she realizes the reason he's been giving her a "hard time" is that he is still attracted to her. She says she needs to be on her own for now (having just broken up with Garrett) but that they could have sex soon and compliments his manhood.

"Sal's Dead": After Sal is found dead behind drywall, Jonah and Dina hang a sheet over the hole in the drywall where Sal's face can be seen. Dina tells Glenn that the coroner is delayed as a gas main blew at Shoeland. A concerned Jodi asks Dina which Shoeland, as her husband works at the store, but Dina doesn't have time for her. In the Break Room, Dina opens Sal's locker while Cheyenne watches and they find numerous creepy items. A customer dressed as a coroner is mistaken by Dina for the real thing and she grabs him to dispose of Sal's body. Dina and the coroner customer are carrying Sal's body when his wife arrives. The reality of the situation dawns on everyone and Dina yells for the customer to drop the body which ends up in a Halloween display. Dina escorts the real coroner into the store who finds Sal's body in a Halloween display. He asks her accusingly if she touched the body which she denies.

"Health Fund": In the Break Room, Glenn sits with Dina and Sandra and asks how Dina figured out her mole was cancerous. Dina offers to take a look at Glenn's mole. Due to the mole's location, Glenn refuses to let Dina look. But when she mentions that the longer he waits, the more doctors will have to cut out (while she is slicing an apple with a knife), Glenn becomes visibly worried. In the Surveillance Office, Glenn draws a picture of the mole on his penis for Dina but she says she needs to see the actual mole to make a diagnosis. In Glenn's office, Glenn is behind a sheet with a hole in it and asks Dina to pretend that it isn't him when he sticks his penis through the hole. Glenn puts his penis through the hole but Dina can't see any mole since it is on the underside. She uses a pencil to lift it up. Dina doesn't know if the mole is cancerous and suggests sending a photo to her doctor. As she's taking a picture, Garrett returns for his review. In Glenn's office, Dina and Glenn are waiting for a call from Dina's doctor. Glenn regrets never having a biological child and realizes if he has penis cancer he may never have one. The doctor calls with good news much to Glenn's relief. Glenn thanks Dina who reminds him that she has a picture of his penis.

"Christmas Eve": Dina catches Glenn finishing a nativity scene which Glenn tries to pass off as a "winter barn display". To get Glenn to admit the truth, Dina starts drop kicking the wise men but when she picks up Baby Jesus, Glenn grabs him in horror and admits the true nature of the display. Outside the store in the bitter cold, an elderly charity worker with a reindeer is criticized by Dina for his bell ringing and being too close to the door. Later outside, Dina says it's too cold out and takes the reindeer in the store while leaving the elderly charity worker outside. Amy, Cheyenne and Dina are looking at Bridgett's social media page. Cheyenne and Dina are amazed at how attractive she is. Amy tells Cheyenne and Dina that she wants to go to Bridgett's House to confront Adam. Cheyenne and Dina offer to come and since they are drunk, they ride store scooters. The ladies arrive at Bridgett's house and when Amy realizes she's stalking Adam they try and leave but the battery is dead on her and Cheyenne's scooters. As they try to escape on Dina's, Adam and Bridgett open the front door and confront Amy. Seated at the kitchen table in Bridgett's house, Dina confronts Adam as to why he's at Bridgett's and he announces that they are seeing each other. Leaving Bridgett's house, Amy is embarrassed to have gone. The ladies hear music start up inside the house so Amy grabs a Christmas lawn ornament which Cheyenne and Dina copy. The ladies enter the store on the scooters and trumpet their stolen loot.

"Viral Video": Dina takes it upon herself to police what the staff put on social media however Jeff encourages self control. Dina coerces Cheyenne into helping her track the staff's social media accounts. Cheyenne and Dina discover a picture of Elias on his Facebook account in which he is in a hottub with two women who are kissing. Amy and Cheyenne discover other staff on-line secrets and Cheyenne finds she's having a good time with Dina. Cheyenne and Dina watch Elias drop produce and can't believe women want him. Dina reveals she has a dollar figure it would take for her to sleep with each staff member and that it is only $75 to sleep with Cheyenne. Cheyenne and Dina acknowledge what a great time they had together so Cheyenne confides that she dared Roger to fart in the cups and filmed it. Dina laughs and then goes to get disciplinary paperwork.

"Golden Globes Party": In the Break Room, Justine asks where they'll be watching the Golden GLobes Awards and Amy is surprised as she always hosts a party for it. Dina figures that Amy wouldn't host due to her divorce. Amy assures everyone her life is fine, that she'll host and will be BBQing. To Amy's surprise, Dina shows up for the party three hours early to help and is her usual condescending self towards Amy's appearance and the state of Amy's house. Kelly tries to bond with Dina, Garrett and Mateo but doesn't know any of the famous commercials they are referring to and ends up alienating herself. In the kitchen, Amy tells Dina and Jonah that she's going to microwave the meat and tries to convince them that the party is going fine. Dina tries to interest everyone in games no one has heard of until Jonah has Kelly explain a game called "Answers". The game is confusing to everyone except Jerry. Mateo and Garrett have had enough and lead everyone in leaving. Dina stands up and yells that everyone has to stay, stop complaining and have fun. In the kitchen, Amy, Dina and Jonah scramble to get the food ready. Amy pours BBQ sauce over the microwaved meat to which Dina and Jonah can barely contain their disgust. Dina tries to save the day by trying a chicken leg even though she is a vegan and a bird lover. She lies that it tastes good but soon after is in the bathroom. After everyone leaves, Amy gets her TV working just as Dina appears from the bathroom in a bath robe having taken a shower. Amy thanks her for her help.

"High Volume Store": As the staff go into a sales frenzy to be re-classified as a "Quad-A" store and get a Pizza Hut, Amy meets Jonah and Dina by the whiteboard thermometer tracking the progress to $80,000. Jonah is suspicious of what will happen to the store if it is re-classified and convinces Amy and Dina to visit the "Quad-A" Crestwood Store with him to check it out. At the Crestwood store, the associates act suspiciously. In the Break Room at the Crestwood store, the associates are comatose and crying. Amy gathers the staff for a meeting in the Warehouse to convince them not to become a "Quad-A" store and Dina asks Jonah to keep Jeff occupied with his boring stories while they discourage sales. Amy high-fives Dina after she insults a customer but then they hear a siren go off. The staff run to the cash registers where they learn to their horror that Bo has purchased a hot tub which puts the store's sales over $80,000. In the Break Room, the staff sit depressed and try to accept the store will be "Quad-A". Kelly asks how to get money stains off her hands which makes Amy and Dina realize she's been accepting counterfeit bills. Dina tells Glenn the store won't be re-classified and sees he is depressed over not having a surrogate. He jokes with Dina about her being his surrogate. They insult each other but when Dina learns she'll make $20,000, she agrees and they shake hands warily.

"Angels and Mermaids": In the Break Room, Dina injects Glenn with saline as she believes that since she needs hormone injections to be his surrogate, Glenn has to suffer as well. In Glenn's Office, Glenn writes Dina a check and also asks her to sign a surrogacy agreement to which Dina takes offense but says she'll read. Dina brings Glenn many edits to the surrogate agreement which includes pictures of her privates which he throws away without looking at. Glenn introduces Dina to his lawyer Bruce and assures her it is a friendly meeting. Bruce's talk to Dina is initially kind but then to Glenn's surprise he threatens litigation if Dina doesn't fulfill the agreement. Dina threatens Bruce back and leaves without signing the contract while Glenn tries unsuccessfully to calm both down. In the store, Glenn apologizes to Dina for Bruce's behaviour but she indicates that she'll be having sex with Marcus (much to his delighted surprise) and so might become pregnant. In the Break Room, Marcus is trying to understand the rules for having sex with Dina but she indicates that it was just a negotiation tactic with Glenn which leaves Marcus confused. Glenn arrives with Sandra who he says is his new surrogate. Dina gets frisky with Marcus while Glenn threatens to give Sandra a hormone shot all in front of Mateo who's had enough. He gets Glenn and Dina to make up leaving Marcus and Sandra feeling used and staring at each other.

"Groundhog Day": Glenn shows a picture of the embryo implanted in Dina to Jonah and Garrett which Garrett thinks looks like Elias. When Glenn sees Dina is working (against doctor's orders), he brings her to the garden center and makes her relax in a lounging chair over her protests. Since Dina is relaxing, Glenn asks for a volunteer to be assistant manager for the day. Dina forces herself to relax. Glenn is happy that Dina is relaxing but when he suggests Dina can do light work, she asks for more rest and for him to get her a complicated snack. Early the next day, Glenn enters the store to find Dina asleep on a couch in a costume. He's glad she's rested but when he tells her it's going to be a busy day and to get up, she fakes having pregnancy symptoms so Glenn tells her to rest. Over his protests, Glenn tells Garrett he is once again acting assistant manager and that Jonah and Kelly will do announcements. Glenn gives Dina a foot massage which makes him uncomfortable.

"Video Game Release": Inside the store, Dina announces the release of a new video game "Barbarians Gate 3" to the staff and asks them to be vigilant so that tramplings are avoided. Amy asks if a game can be set aside for her but Dina says no. A lineup of gamers is waiting at the cash in the electronics department, keen on buying the new video game. Amy still wants the game and asks Dina again if she'll make an exception to the rule that employees can't buy products until their shift is over but Dina refuses. Glenn and Sandra can't get the gamers to clear an aisle so Dina yells at the gamers and they comply. She then calls Glenn and Sandra useless. Dina sprays the line-up of gamers with air freshener while making condescending remarks on their smell. Amy and Jonah are navigating a tunnel when Dina phone calls Amy asking for help control the gamers. Amy lies that she's right near Dina and is busy with a customer and hangs up. In the Break Room, Glenn discusses the "nurse-in" with the staff. Dina wonders why the protest is occurring since the store allows breastfeeding to which Glenn lies he doesn't know and shuts down Sandra from revealing their earlier confrontation. Dina berates Garrett for not wanting to drink breast milk when he has sex with women. Glenn and Sandra unsuccessfully plead with the breastfeeding mothers to move. Dina finds them pathetic and says she can't believe she's having Glenn's baby. Glenn looks shocked which surprises Dina since she texted Glenn that the impregnation worked. She then realizes that she texted the wrong Glenn. The game sold out, Jonah surprises Amy with one that he traded for with a customer. As he walks way, Dina sees how Amy looks at him and asks if she has a crush on Jonah which she admits to.

"Safety Training": In the store Dina catches Amy watching Jonah and Kelly put up St. Patrick's Day decorations and kids Amy about her crush on Jonah. Dina warns Amy that staff are going to figure our her crush if she keeps being mean to Kelly. Amy doesn't think she's mean to Kelly so Dina has Sandra recall (using her amazing memory) various negative comments Amy made to Kelly. In the Surveillance Office, Dina and Amy watch the video of Kelly improperly hanging a sign and Dina asks Amy why she took the blame for Kelly's mistake. Amy lies that she wants to show everyone she likes Kelly and Dina realizes it is due to Amy's crush on Jonah. Dina promises to keep the secret and vows to help sell the lie. As Kelly helps Amy clean up a mess, Dina interrupts and tells Kelly to stop as she shouldn't being cleaning up "Amy's mess". After Kelly leaves Dina whispers to Amy that she's helping Kelly not suspect Amy has a crush on Jonah. As Amy is mopping, an acquaintance from the PTA offers her sympathy over her divorce from Adam. Dina interrupts asking for a urine sample to find out if drugs are the reason Amy is having accidents which embarrasses her. Amy tells Dina she feels she's overtaking the blame for Kelly's mistake. Amy wants Dina to show the video of Kelly messing up to the staff while she pretends to try and stop Dina. In the Break Room, Dina gathers the staff to show them the video of the sign falling due to Kelly's incompetence. Amy fakes that she doesn't want the video shown. Dina can't figure out how to work the playback and video of when the tornado hit the store is shown including Amy kissing Jonah.

"Amnesty": In Glenn's Office, Glenn can't believe Amy and Jonah kissed as he considered them good people and compares their actions to adultery. Dina tells Glenn that people are monsters and that he'd be shocked what they would admit to doing if the threat of punishment was removed. To prove her point, in the Break Room, Dina announces that a staff member has committed a fireable offence and if the person comes forward, total amnesty will be given. The staff are reluctant until Dina swears on her birds that no one will be told of the offences. A customer approaches Glenn and Dina complaining that no one is working cash. To Dina's delight, they find a mob of staff outside Glenn's Office waiting to confess offences. Glenn and Dina listen to confessions from Carol, Corey, Isaac, Mateo, Myrtle and Sandra. Dina's at the session with Pastor Craig and is happy as her point is proved that without punishment, people will do what they want. Dina tells Glenn that destroying his world view has been the highlight of her year. Glenn asks Garrett if he committed any offences and when Garrett admits to none, Glenn calls him good and kisses him on the head. Dina finds Glenn's ability to delude himself impressive.

"Target": A going away party is held in the Break Room for Jeff. Mateo also considers it a celebration of he and Jeff dating again while Dina celebrates not having to work with Jeff. Dina approaches Amy and tells her that she's having lunch with a guy from a pet store. The guy is bringing a friend so in a condescending manner, Dina encourages Amy to come along but she passes. In the Break Room, Amy catches Dina showing Justine a picture of the man she tried to set up with Amy. Justine enthusiastically wants to go on the double date but when Amy sees the black and white picture, she changes her mind and accepts over Justine's protests. Dina interrupts Amy and Alex and pulls Amy back to the table. At the store, Dina tells Amy that Walter likes her. Dina brags about the sex she'll be having later but Amy isn't paying attention as she sees Alex come into the store.

"District Manager": In Glenn's Office, Dina confirms with Glenn that they should keep her pregnancy a secret from Laurie as Dina believes that some bosses don't like "preggos". In the dressing rooms, Sandra is concerned for Dina's baby when she's asked to tighten a corset on Dina so that her pregnancy doesn't show. She asks Dina to consider padding herself so she looks fat everywhere. Laurie approaches Dina with a question on the shrink reports. Dina grabs a heavy box of weights in order to hide her pregnancy and refuses to put it down. When Laurie ignores Dina's discomfort, Dina says she has to go to the bathroom but Laurie tags along while Dina continues to carry the box. At day end, Dina, now padded to look fat, interrupts Sandra talking to Laurie. Laurie says Dina looks different which she takes offence to.

"Local Vendors Day": At the store front, Glenn announces "Local Vendors Day", where small business owners can set up shop in the store. He remarks on a vendor selling needlepoint who Dina points out is Glenn's wife Jerusha. Alex walks into the store on a delivery and waves at Amy which Dina and Cheyenne see. Amy tells them she's been on a few dates with Alex. After having her standing as a Latina questioned by Alex, Amy asks Cheyenne, Dina and Mateo to describe her. Dina says she's divorced and short. After Amy listens to Alex speak Spanish and says yes to a question she doesn't understand, she discusses her conversation with Cheyenne, Dina and Mateo. They aren't helpful in translating what Amy thinks Alex said. Dina thinks Amy only dates white men and the staff don't believe her when she says she doesn't have a racial preference.

"Lottery": Dinasays her lottery dream is to bring back and own a dodo. Dina receives a text from an employee at the Bellridge Cloud 9 store concerning lottery ticket sales which fuels her competitive spirit. Everything supportive thing Sandra says to Dina is shot down by her leaving Sandra confused. Sandra watches as Garrett shows disinterest and rudeness to a customer who can't decide on what lottery numbers to pick and leaves without buying one. She tattles to Dina. During Glenn's budgeting session, Dina says staff should be gathering loose change from multiple sources. After Dina watches Garrett turn away a lottery customer, she uses Sandra to trick him into giving better service by lying that the seller of a winning ticket gets $5000. Garrett isn't convinced but starts selling briskly. The staff and customers watch the lottery draw on the store's TVs. Sandra tells Dina that they sold the most lottery tickets and Dina can be seen texting her rival at the Bellridge store.

"Gender Reveal": At the obstetrician's office, Glenn and Jerusha marvel at the ultrasound of the baby Dina is carrying for them. Dina is uninterested and watches a video on her phone until the doctor shows the baby in 4D. The baby's face is clearly visible which shocks Dina. In the Break Room, Glenn and Jerusha show the ultrasound to the staff while Dina exhibits distress at being pregnant. Dina hears horror stories about child birth from two customers capped by Janet mentioning that she gave birth to twins in the back of car and was cut open. After watching a horrible video of an animal birth, Dina tells Amy and Glenn that she doesn't want to carry the baby anymore. In Glenn's Office, she panics and offers inane ideas of how to rid herself of the baby. At Coffee & Bakery, Dina expresses her child birth fears to Amy and Cheyenne. Amy downplays the pain and Cheyenne tries to. Amy mentions that she thought she was pregnant and evokes the wonders of having a baby. Dina points out there was a recall on the pregnancy test kit Amy used which causes her to leave with concern. In the Break Room, Amy sits in front of many positive pregnancy tests. Dina reminds Amy she said she wanted a baby but Amy admits she was lying. Amy reveals she had sex with Adam who Dina thinks was dumped by Bridgett. Dina catches Amy trying to clock out and sympathizing with her situation, ushers her out of the store. At the gender reveal party, Jerusha notices Dina is absent, so Glenn postpones the reveal. Dina drives Amy around in her truck and asks Amy several personal questions which Amy doesn't want to discuss. Amy makes it clear she doesn't want an abortion. Amy bemoans that she won't be able to do all the things she wants now that she's pregnant. Dina tells her people can always find an excuse to not do what they want.

"Aftermath": In the Break Room as Amy tells everyone she's pregnant, Dina says Adam is the father and that she knew first because she's Amy's best friend. In Glenn's Office, Dina and Glenn are giving a quarterly report by phone and learn that the store is on the short list to host a town hall with Cloud 9's CEO since they survived a tornado. They are asked for a staff photo and interrupt Garrett making an announcement about a missing child to tell all staff to meet at the store front for a group photo. Outside at the store front, Dina positions people with "uggos in the back" while Sandra is stuck taking the photo and complains that she does it every year. When Sandra notices an open spot, she suggests setting a timer and running to the spot but Dina fills it with a cut-out of Kelsey so Sandra takes the picture. In the Photo Lab, Dina, Garrett and Glenn look at the group photo. Dina and Glenn decide that a staff video is needed which Garrett thinks is excessive. Glenn over-rides Garrett's concerns and gets a rare compliment from Dina. Filming begins with Cheyenne who isn't convincing when she recalls how she thought she was going to die during the tornado and Dina's criticism results in her faking being poisoned. Dina watches the filming of Mateo. At a store TV, Glenn introduces the staff video and Dina pretends she's at a premiere on the runway. During the video, Dina and Glenn say they got through the tornado like a family and Dina tolerates Glenn putting his arm around her shoulder.

"Town Hall": In the Break Room, Dina listen's to Laurie's talk on the Cloud 9 town hall. In the Warehouse, Amy and Jonah share their discovery with a number of staff. They plan to have Jeff reveal the ageism policy at the town hall and steal Laurie's phone to retrieve an incriminating email on the policy from it. Dina is skeptical that Jeff is key to the plan. At the loading dock, Dina and Sandra hide Jeff in a packing box. Dina tells Sandra to use the forklift to sneak Jeff into the store through the Warehouse while she distracts the guard. However, Sandra doesn't know how to drive the forklift but since Dina doesn't believe Sandra can distract the guard, she's stuck with the task. In the Warehouse, Dina distracts the guard while Sandra has difficulty driving the forklift. Jeff is disguised as an employee with a long shaggy beard, hair and glasses. Dina says the incriminating email will be delivered to him during the town hall. At the townhall, CEO Neil starts wrapping up until Dina interrupts and stalls for time. Dina sings, tells stories until Amy and Jonah arrive and give the email to Jeff. Dina's skepticism is well founded when Jeff lies why Myrtle was fired in order to get a position at Cloud 9 HQ.

Season Four

Attention, employees make your way to the Break Room for a harassment meeting. Shoppers, go about your business. This is a private matter concerning our floor manager Amy, and a 14-year-old boy.

After Amy has a misunderstanding with Noam, Dina calls a harassment meeting. Mateo arranges many extravagant scenes to shoot Dina's Christmas card photo. At Halloween, Dina dresses in her "Officer Naughty" costume for the third year. At the hospital having Glenn's baby, Dina flirts with an attractive doctor and deals with anxiety when surgery is required. Stuck in the hospital and bored, Dina has Sandra transport her around the store via a tablet. Garrett and Dina engage in a bet over who can smile the longest, leading to hurting each other. Dina has several staff search for a suitable new career for her. Stuck with taking care of Glenn's daughter Rose, Dina and Garrett inadvertently create a store daycare. Amy, Dina and a reluctant Jonah trick the staff into competing in a regional steps competition with other stores. Trapped in the store during a snowstorm, Dina suggests food rationing and ensures Cheyenne isn't molested. Dina brings her birds to the store resulting in Garrett accidentally releasing them. Not knowing Garrett is responsible, she commiserates and has sex with him at her apartment. Miffed that Jonah is influencing Amy's decisions as manager, Dina tries to break them up. Dina chases a costumed bunny in the store but comes to question if it's real and if she's going crazy. Discovering Garrett was the one who let her birds escape, Dina burns all of Garrett's valuable, vintage sneakers. Dina accompanies Amy to Cloud 9 Headquarters to stop the store from being closed. In retaliation for Sandra trying to start a union, corporate has ICE visit the store. Dina and the staff try to slip Mateo out but he's ultimately arrested. |episodes= "Back To School": Dina expresses her hatred for the "Back to School" sale and later, thinks that Jeff's surprise will be murdering Mateo. After Amy rejects Noam's sexual advance, he hides in a pup tent and Cheyenne and Dina try unsuccessfully to get him to come out. She then calls a harassment meeting and has the tent dragged there. Having been in charge of the store during the meeting, Kelly enthusiastically reports her success to an uncaring Dina. At the meeting, she thinks she's supporting Amy by saying that Amy could force an underling to have sex just as easily as a man could. "Baby Shower": In the Warehouse, a photo shoot of Dina, Glenn and Jerusha as "Alvin and the Chipmunks" is going poorly due to Dina's sour attitude. Wanting to document the events leading up to their child's birth, Glenn offers Dina $50 to smile which she does, woodenly. Dressed in an ugly Christmas sweater, Dina has Sandra take photos for her Christmas card. Feeling the setting is too plain, Mateo starts pitching alternate photo ideas which intrigues Dina. Mateo pitches several photo ideas to Dina which she finds outlandish. After revealing she doesn't trust men with glasses, she gives in and listens to more pitches. In the Warehouse, Mateo photographs Dina in a white costume with a polar bear. She loves the photos he shows her and says she's comfortable with nude pics. Mateo shoots Dina as Mother Mary and as a sexy Santa. When shooting her dressed scantily, they're interrupted by Garrett who can't stop staring at Dina. As Mateo shows Dina photos of her in a sled being pulled by men dressed as reindeer, he proposes one more photo scene, Dina hanging from the ceiling dressed as an angel. Mateo leaves the shoot with Dina to get a memory card but gets distracted by a stripper at the baby shower and stays. Garrett asks Mateo how the photo shoot went with Dina, but staring at the stripper, Mateo doesn't hear the question. In the Warehouse, Dina is yelling for Mateo, desperate to get down and having to pee. Sandra walks through the Warehouse and comes across Dina hanging from the ceiling. Relieved, Dina calls out to Sandra, who smiles evilly and walks away.

"Toxic Work Environment": In the parking lot, Amy and Jonah arrive at work in Amy's car and as they argue who should go in the store first, Dina catches them. Having put a lot of work into planning the carpool, Cheyenne shows Dina who points out many flaws including Sarah's divorce, Herman is dead, Cody and Heather are separated by a river and that she won't ride with Elias. Staging another mock fight, Dina intervenes and confronts Jonah over Amy's protests. In Glenn's Office, Dina and Glenn discuss the staff problems. Glenn blames himself but Dina is more concerned with a bad analogy Glenn making to a rotting fish. At the toxic workplace talk, Glenn has Kelly and Jonah role play as each other to demonstrate empathy. Kelly expresses her desire to leave the store but when Jonah speaks, Dina interrupts and makes an impression of Kelly's high voice. As Carol wants Jerry back, Dina and others pressure Sandra into a coin toss, which she loses to Carol's delight.

"Costume Competition": Dressed in her "Officer Naughty" costume for the third year, she listens as Glenn announces a costume contest. As Amy laments not dressing up due to her swollen feet, Dina boasts how much better her pregnancy is going than Amy's. In the parking lot, Sandra is leading the automatic cart collector around using its fob while Dina, Marcus and Isaac watch. Dina lets the carts pin Sandra in the collection area as a "teachable moment." Dina points out Cheyenne's sexy hula dancer outfit to Amy and Mateo which she thinks will easily win the competition. This starts them getting others costumes declared culturally insensitive to eliminate them from the contest until Dina tells Amy her Mario costume isn't allowed. In the Break Room, the staff argue over what constitutes a culturally insensitive costume until Dina threatens to cancel the contest. Once everyone agrees that honoring the culture makes the costume OK, Dina MCs the contest and later, announces Amy as the winner.

"Delivery Day": Glenn and Dina tell the staff they are leaving for the hospital to induce labor. In Dina's room, Glenn and Dina argue and are interrupted by the handsome Dr. Sidian. Smitten, Dina jokes with him and when he leaves, she wants to have Sidian deliver her baby instead of the doctor she's been seeing for nine months. As Dr. Sidian examines Dina, she flirts with him and cues Glenn and Jerusha to compliment her which they do in an awkward fashion. Dr. Sidian indicates she'll need a C-section which causes Dina anxiety, made worse by a story from Jerusha. Dina's anxiety has reached fever pitch as she's being wheeled to surgery and as Glenn consoles her, he discovers to his discomfort that he's expected to be in the surgical bay. He agrees to go in when Dina pleads with him. Another attractive male doctor arrives which eases Dina. In the surgical bay, Glenn gets in the way of the medical staff while Jerusha holds Dina's hand. Dina asks for her music to be played which everyone finds strange. Dina gives birth to a girl and in her room, Jerusha cradles her new daughter while thanking Dina. Asking for a moment alone with the baby, Dina gives her some advice.

"Maternity Leave": Sandra hears a tablet ringing and answering it, finds Dina calling who is still in the hospital. Bored, she demands Sandra carry the tablet and pursue a customer she believes is shoplifting. Sandra holds the tablet with Dina so she can rebuke Heather and Elias for minor infractions. Not satisfied, Dina tells her to get rebar, and a welding torch from Henry's locker. In the Stock Room, Sandra wears glasses and hockey helmet with a cage while grinding rebar. From the tablet, Dina yells instructions at her while Sandra yelps as sparks fly into her face. Sandra enters the store with a head frame made from the rebar, which has Dina's tablet attached to it covering Sandra's face. Sandra tries to help a customer with teas while Dina talks. However, she can't see and ends up knocking many boxes off the shelves.

"New Initiative": At the store front, Glenn and Dina explain a new Cloud 9 policy to the staff which is making small talk with customers. After Dina tells a customer about an accident her cousin had deep-frying a turkey, she and Garrett argue about who can control their facial expressions the best. They end up betting who can smile the longest and break into forced grins. Tentatively, Sandra tells Dina that she left a drug case open which was robbed. Although Dina is angry, her grin puts Sandra at ease and the more Dina rebukes her, the more Sandra thinks it's funny. Garrett's ex-girlfriend Tiffany visits him with a young boy. She surprises him by saying the boy is his son but when he sees Dina lurking, he realizes it's a ruse to make him stop smiling. Confronting Dina in the Break Room, he can't believe the lengths she'll go to win a bet. They begin to say hurtful things to each other such as Dina's birds will all die and that Garrett is bad at sex. Dina and Garrett continue to insult each other in order to win their bet. The barbs include Garrett's disability and that he'll die alone and; Dina's sister being prettier than her and that her father abandoned her at a gas station. Garrett wonders why they're continuing the bet to which Dina replies that it's fun.

"Managers' Conference": Glenn announces that he's required to check all employees' citizenship status through an on-line system and has discovered a problem with Sayid. Dina points out it's illegal to hire an undocumented worker but it's ok to hire a sex offender. Glenn assigns Garrett to the gift-wrapping station where Dina discovers that he doesn't know how to wrap presents. Dina tries helping Garrett wrap a present but she's just an inept as he is. Getting better at wrapping presents, Garrett makes fun of a customer who looks like Santa Claus who insults Garrett and surprises Dina. Dina and Garrett finally wrap a present correctly but they're so happy with it, they refuse to give the item to the customer they wrapped it for.

"Shadowing Glenn": After Amy asks for Glenn's recommendation for her to enrol in the management training program, Jonah asks Dina why she isn't aspiring to be a manager. Claiming that Jonah humiliated her by questioning why she doesn't want to be a manager, Dina asks for Jonah's help in finding a new career. At Coffee & Bakery, Jonah asks Dina career aptitude questions but she provides obtuse answers. Garrett, Jonah and Justine name several career choices to Dina but she turns down all of them. Out of career choices for Dina, Jonah points out that he spent 200 grand on his education and he still doesn't know what he wants to do. When Dina learns Jonah owes the money in student loans and says he is going more into debt everyday, it depresses him. In the Break Room, Dina shows some staff pictures of herself in various careers and gets support from Justine for each one.

"Cloud 9 Academy": Glenn asks Garrett and Dina to watch his baby daughter Rose for a little bit while he baby-proofs his office. Dina refuses, even though she's Rose's surrogate mother, so Glenn forces Garrett to. Seeing that the extent of Garrett's care for Rose is putting her in a shopping cart, Dina takes Rose who begins to cry. Dina creates a play area for Rose which results in a customer leaving his baby there, thinking the store is offering child care. Parents keep dropping their kids off at the play area despite Garrett protesting they aren't providing daycare. The play area is full of kids and out of control. Rose starts crying and Garrett has to convince Dina to breast feed her. At the play area, Dina sings Rose to sleep and Garrett teases her that she likes Rose. Glenn arrives and after thanking them, mistakenly takes the wrong baby.

"Steps Challenge": In the Break Room, Glenn hands out SuperCloud Step Trackers and tells the staff that they're in competition with other regional Cloud 9 stores for the most combined steps by week end for a chance to win a visit from the regional VP. Dina becomes confused with some hand signs Glenn gives her, thinking it's about firing Hannah. Watching a real-time scoreboard that tracks the steps of the competing stores, Amy realizes that a chance to talk to the VP would help with her management aspirations. Seeing a message on the scoreboard from a hated rival at the Bel-Ridge store, Colleen, Dina joins Amy and decides to motivate the staff to win the challenge. Dina's attempt to motivate Garrett results in him rolling backwards, reducing his step count. Seeing they are still in last place on the scoreboard, Dina again expresses her hatred for Colleen. Jonah suggests that if they trash talk Colleen's store, Be-Ridge, the backlash might motivate the staff to compete. The staff are gathered at the scoreboard to see messages from Bel-Ridge putting their store down which are actually sent by Amy. Everyone starts moving around the store in a frenzy, cheered on by Amy, Dina and Jonah. Seeing that the store is in fifth place despite all their efforts, Amy and Dina agree that more drastic measures are required to push the staff. The next morning, staff find the store front has been vandalized and spray-painted, seemingly by Bel-Ridge. Jonah realizes that Amy and Dina are behind it but doesn't give them up. In private, Amy and Dina admit to Jonah they were behind the vandalism and dismiss his concerns they are taking things too far. Dina orders Elias to search all local gas stations for a missing cart. Glenn reports that Bel-Ridge's Break Room was sprayed with hot deer urine. From a note and a Super Soaker left behind, Dina fingers Marcus for the vandalism which he admits to. This fuels more retribution plots among the staff which get wilder and wilder until Amy admits she was behind the spray-painting. The staff are aghast and trying to include Dina in the blame just makes them angrier at Amy. After the Break Room is trashed by Bel-Ridge, the staff initially blame Amy but Dina tells them it was Bel-Ridge retaliating and she's received a text from Colleen mocking the vandalism.

"Blizzard": During a snowstorm, Dina tells Glenn to get off the intercom and explains to a customer, Terry, why razors are kept locked up. As Glenn gathers the staff and customers in the Break Room and breaks the news that they're all stuck in the store for the evening, Dina warns everyone to ration food. As everyone finds a place to sleep, Dina worries that Cheyenne will be the target of molestation and tells her to go to the center of the store. Gathered in a circle, Dina asks everyone to tell how they lost their virginity. She lost hers to a high school jock she was tutoring. Marcus is startled by a seemingly sleeping Dina who has painted eyes on her eyelids. Dina won't let anyone move from their spot so Sandra has to lie back down and listen to Carol. The storm over, the staff prepare to leave the store but find so much snow has piled up that the exits are blocked and Dina gloats over being right about food rationing. With only two choices of videos to watch, Garrett can't get the staff including Dina to pick one. Nerves frayed, Dina says she hates Mateo's sneezes and after Glenn says her voice is too loud, Dina yells at Justine. Cheyenne, Dina, Glenn and Mateo play Jenga with shoe boxes. Out of juice to mix with their liquor, Glenn tells Dina he has a stash in his office. Heading to the office, Dina catches Sandra and Jerry having sex.

"Lovebirds": Having brought her birds to work, Dina talks to them in the Break Room as they squawk loudly. In private, Dina assures Sandra she won't tell Carol but Sandra's description of her sex with Jerry causes Dina to warn Elias that he'll need to clean up her vomit soon. After Garrett accidentally releases the birds, customers and staff panic, Sandra tries to stop the birds but they fly out the front door while Dina runs after them screaming. In the parking lot, as Dina calls after her birds in vain, Jonah tells Amy that Garrett let the birds out by mistake. Amy finds Dina putting up dozens of flyers about her missing birds and has a hard time listening to her blame herself for their escape. Seeing Dina take down the bird cages, Garrett tries to tell her the truth but when she suggests they might have flown to her apartment, he offers to go there with her. At Dina's, the birds haven't arrived and as Garrett calls for them out the window, Dina stops him. He tries to tell her the truth but touched that he seems to care a lot about her predicament, she plies him for sex which he reluctantly agrees to. Post-coitus, Dina happily munches on a sandwich while Garrett sits in a daze, still racked with guilt. Leaving the store, Amy and Jonah discuss where they're going for dinner. With no birds to take care of, Dina invites herself to dinner with them and bullies them into going to a vegan restaurant.

"Minor Crimes": After Glenn announces he's stepping down as manager, he hopes hopes Amy will replace him but is doubtful as the district manager Laurie doesn't like her. Amy tells Dina that Laurie already has a new manager and won't give her an interview. Dina points out that granting an interview is against company policy and once Laurie is confronted with this, she gives in. In the store, Amy tells Dina about her "interview" and Laurie introduces the new manager, her young son, Blaine, who immediately shows his immaturity. After Blaine shows Amy and Dina that he doesn't understand what inventory is, Dina tells Amy to complain about his hiring to corporate. When Amy reveals to the staff she could have been manager, Dina reveals that Amy caught Laurie snorting cocaine. After Amy blackmails Laurie and is made manager, Dina puts a poor picture of Amy as the store manager up on the wall and calls her "boss."

"Salary": On Amy's first day as manager, in Amy's office, Dina asks Amy for money to upgrade the store security system. Asking for Jonah's opinion, he advises waiting. When Amy accepts his advice, Dina glares at Jonah and sarcastically thanks him. Approaching Jonah, Dina threatens to get Amy to break up with him if he doesn't keep his opinions to himself when she's asking Amy for something. Jonah won't give in and dares her to try and break him and Amy up. Dina questions Jonah's suitable to be Amy's boyfriend which Amy dismisses. Dina tries to cause a problem between Amy and Jonah by saying him making less money than Amy is emasculating. With Dina, Amy sees Sandra having a tough time cleaning up vomit and offers to help. After an attractive woman, Joelle, offers sex to Jonah, he confronts Dina that she paid Joelle to seduce and record him having sex in order to give the recording to Amy. Dina critisizes Joelle's suitability for the job and tells her to help out in the store.

"Easter": In the Surveillance Office, Dina sees someone in a bunny costume on the monitor and yells for Amy. When Amy arrives, the bunny is gone from the monitor and switching feeds, Amy is surprised that the Break Room has a hidden camera in it. Questioning the legality of spying on the staff, she stops when she sees Mateo mimicking her. Learning there's an audio feed, she gives in and lets Dina turn it on. Dina sees the bunny in the store but loses it during a chase. Asking Sandra if she saw the bunny, Sandra is ignorant and doesn't think the bunny is a big deal. Dina believes the person in the costume could be a threat and insists Sandra call her on the walkie if she sees it. Dina makes a P.A. announcement that the bunny is dangerous and should be avoided. Dina continues to look for the bunny on the surveillance monitors. On the monitors, Dina sees the bunny in the store behind Sandra. Calling her on the walkie, Sandra pretends she doesn't see it. Later, Dina worries that she's going crazy as it seems she's the only one who has seen the bunny. Seeking comfort from Sandra, she doesn't provide it and says Dina might be losing it. Sandra leaves and Dina sees the bunny and closes her eyes.

"Quinceañera": At Emma's quinceañera, Dina's tight, low-cut dress results in a number of teenage boys staring at her breasts which makes Garrett question her wardrobe selection for the occasion. Dina tells Adam that Amy and Jonah didn't fool around when he was still married to Amy but then somewhat back-tracks. Garrett catches teenager Shane staring at Dina's breasts again and rebukes him. When Shane learns Garrett dated Dina, he asks several questions about her breasts which gets Garrett describing them in detail and finally offering to draw them. Garrett draws Dina's breasts for Shane while describing them. Shane's mother scolds Garrett and gives him the drawing of Dina's breasts which Dina recognizes as hers. She teases Garrett about being infatuated with her which he denies. Garrett's continued denials to Dina that he's obsessed with her results in Dina asking Shane to dance and openly trying to provoke jealousy in Garrett. Dina dances with Shane in a goofy, provocative manner, unsuccessfully trying to make Garrett jealous.

"Cloud Green": Amy announces what the store is doing for Earth Day and as the store's green ambassador, Jonah reads from a pamphlet which is very outdated. Marcus wonders if the goals in the pamphlet were reached which Dina finds weren't, bringing concerned sounds from everyone. In Amy's office, Dina warns Amy that Pastor Craig's booth could be used for religious purposes and encourages Amy to come down hard on Glenn, admitting that she'd enjoy watching that. Finding Craig in full sermon mode discouraging materialism to a group of customers, with Dina in tow, Amy tells Craig to stop. Saying Glenn gave him permission, Dina wants to get Glenn to cause more conflict. Discovering that Amy kicked Pastor Craig out of the store, Glenn is egged on by Dina who blames Amy and then destroys a cardboard stand-up of Craig. Dina approaches Glenn and fakes concern for his mood after being chewed out by Amy. Glenn barricades himself in Amy's office and over the P.A. system, reads from Pastor Craig's book. Amy, Jonah and Dina run to the office where Dina is pleased with Glenn's meltdown. Amy threatens to write Glenn up again but he sings a Christian song in defiance. Dina gets a battering ram.

"Scanners": Janet complains to Amy and Dina about the hours cut-back as it'll deny her son, Jackson, entry into an academic program. Uncomfortable dealing with the issue, Dina tells Amy she can blame her for the work schedule. Dina shuts down Sandra's and Marcus' appeals for more hours. Dina meets Jackson at Coffee & Bakery and flippantly tells him that he won't be getting into the academic program. Seeing his sadness, she tries to backtrack. Feeling guilt and experiencing back pain, Dina goes to Amy's office and asks if there's any way they can give staff more hours. Preeti begs her for more hours, saying she's going to lose her house, she's pregnant and finally showing a picture of her sick dog which gets to Dina. As Dina listens to Myrtle relate that without more hours, she won't be able to buy her medication and will die, Dina breaks down and says she'll find Myrtle some. Dina promises Janet, Sandra and Preeti more hours, to Amy's dismay. Laying on the floor in Amy's office, Dina challenges Amy to take back the staff's hours. Aghast, Amy refuses to and is convinced by Dina to relax and lay on the floor with her.

"CLOUD9FAIL": After Amy and Jonah secretly send tweets disparaging the store to get more hours from corporate, seeing Dina and Justine looking at more tweets, Amy and Jonah fake ignorance of them which Jonah almost blows. Dina finds Amy's lack of anger suspicious, so she kicks a bag which spills on the floor. Luanne from corporate investigates who sent the tweets so to get a confession, Dina lies that the guilty party won't be punished but Luanne says the employee will be fired. In the Surveillance Office, Luanne and Dina look at video to find a time match when staff were using their phones and the tweets were sent. However, many staff were using their phones so they can't find the culprit. As Luanne switches to video of the Break Room, Dina says the video there is before the tweets but she sees it was Garrett who released her beloved birds on Valentine's day, never to be seen again. Stunned, she excuses herself. Dina tells Garrett that she discovered he was responsible for letting her birds escape. Cheerfully reminding him that he didn't admit it and had sex with her just after, Garrett apologizes. Saying not to worry about it, she says she has something to show him. Outside at the loading dock, Dina has set fire to all of Garrett's sneakers. As he watches in grief, Dina whispers that she will never forgive him.

"Sandra's Fight": With staff signing union cards, in the Warehouse, Amy asks for Dina and Jonah's help in quietly stopping Sandra from speaking about unionizing which Jonah is uneasy with. In Break Room, discussion of unions involving Marcus, Justine, Sayid and others results in Dina shutting down the room. At Cloud 9 Headquarters, Jeff meets Amy and Dina in the lobby and tells them that VP Claudia Lankow is the person to impress. Dina effuses over the company's history display. In Chicago, Amy and Dina tell Claudia and the other executives that the union talk is only coming from Sandra, who is harmless. Told that the choice was to close their store or Bel-Ridge, Amy and Dina bad mouth Bel-Ridge. Dina returns from Cloud 9 Headquarters and describes it to Cheyenne and Mateo. She refuses to give Mateo pens she took while there.

"Employee Appreciation Day": As announces it's "Employee Appreciation Day", using a t-shirt cannon, Dina accidentally smashes the holographic Myrtle. Concerned that the staff are signing union cards, in the Break Room, Amy and Dina show the staff an anti-union video starring MC Cool Cloud. In the Stock Room, Glenn and Dina report that ICE has blocked all the exits. In the Warehouse, Dina doesn't think it's possible to have Mateo escape and points out that technically, he is breaking the law. After ICE agents arrive in the store and identify Mateo as an illegal, Dina, who is in the Surveillance Office, uses the monitors of the store's cameras to guide Amy, Cheyenne and Mateo away from the agents. Dina tries her best to guide Amy, Cheyenne and Mateo away from ICE but there's too many agents. Outside the store, Dina and the staff and customers watch as Mateo is driven away by ICE.


Jonah Simms

The Bang Room doesn't get used.

Dina shows her attraction to Jonah from the moment she hires him. She continually misinterprets casual encounters as indications that Jonah wants a physically relationship. After learning that the Photo Lab is the most popular place for employees to have sex in the store, Dina prepares a romantic encounter for Jonah in the Lab. ("All-Nighter") Jonah makes the excuse that he can't date his supervisor so Dina asks for a demotion to associate. She forcefully invites Jonah to her house for a date and corners him in a dressing room and kisses him. He plays a refusal explanation he's recorded on his phone. Dina gets over Jonah quickly and rebounds with Marcus. ("Demotion") After the store is robbed, Dina and Jonah wrestle leading Dina to believe Jonah is interested in her. ("Workplace Bullying")

Garrett McNeill

If you're not there in 10 minutes, I'm starting without you.

After a largely antagonistic relationship, on Black Friday, Dina is impressed that Garrett rallied a sick and demoralized work force and completed the day. She kisses him and tells him to get all the breath mints in the store and meet her in the Photo Lab for sex. ("Black Friday") They continue to have casual sex but struggle to define their relationship. When a tornado hits the store, Garrett is angered that Dina continues to have no feelings for him. Both survive the tornado and state they are glad that each other are OK. ("Tornado") After Dina deals with anxiety issues, Garrett suggests they break up but Dina makes it appear that she's dumped Garrett. ("Part-Time Hires")


  • She is a Christian but unlike Glenn really believes in keeping religion out of the workplace. ("Pilot")
  • Dina mentions she was 19 years old in 2003 so she was born in 1984. ("Shoplifter")
  • She has several birds she is like a parent to, calling herself "Mommy" when talking to them. She is seen both talking to them and singing them to sleep over the phone.
  • She was voted the third prettiest girl in her high school ROTC unit. ("All-Nighter")
  • When her budgie Jeremy dies, Dina mentions that he was her best friend. ("Color Wars")
  • She paid extra to get the radio removed from her truck as she believes it will lower the chances of it being stolen. ("Wedding Day Sale")
  • She is a vegan. ("Wedding Day Sale")
  • She has a web cam of her birds. ("Demotion")
  • She worked as a security guard at the St. Louis Galleria. ("Lovebirds")


Why isn't there a setting that hurts people?Dina, "Strike".
Believe me, if I had bullied Jonah, Justine wouldn't be the only one with a broken nose.Dina, "Workplace Bullying".
The idea of carrying your child makes me wanna put a bullet through my uterus.Dina, "High Volume Store".
I'd like to meet your mother and shove you back up inside her.Dina to Sandra, "Easter".
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