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Yes and we are gonna burn down the store!
— Dougie, "Strike".

Dougie was an employee at Cloud 9 Store 1217. He is a sales associate who is opinionated and has extreme ideas. He is the only person in the store who vapes. He is portrayed by actor Ely Henry.

Character History

Season Two

Good energy Dougie!

Dougie is first seen when the staff go on strike in support of getting manager Glenn Sturgis his job back. He is in the gathering in the store parking lot when Amy and Jonah ask everyone what their demands are. Dougie suggests that they ask that vaping be allowed in the store. He is ignored so then fakes a high-pitched voice that also asks vaping be allowed. Jonah says that everyone knows it's Dougie who faked the voice. Once Jonah and Amy return from talking to district manager Jeff Sutin, they announce they are on strike and Dougie says they should burn the store down. Later, a news crew arrives and Amy asks Dougie to leave the picket line and go to his car. Dougie is shirtless and says OK to Amy. As he turns away, there is an offensive message towards Cloud 9 on Dougie's back. ("Strike")

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