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El Norte

El Norte Cloud 9 Superstore logo.jpg Mexican Restaurant
Location: St. Louis, Missouri — First Appearance: "Spring Cleaning"

Uh, do you have a Mexican version of a churro?
Glenn, "Spring Cleaning".

S02E19-El Norte Jonah and Glenn.jpg
El Norte.
El Norte is a Mexican restaurant. It is colorful with traditional Mexican decorations including Mexican flags painted on brick. Its first appearance is in the Season Two episode "Spring Cleaning".


Season Two

Glenn and Jonah go out for lunch for their first time together to "El Norte". Jonah is dating Glenn's foster daughter Kristen and is hoping to win Glenn over. It becomes obvious that Glenn knows nothing about Mexican food as he orders a hot dog and then a cheeseburger. He and Jonah get to know one another but Glenn asks Jonah very odd questions and finds Jonah's more traditional questions strange. Glenn asks the waiter for a Mexican version of a churro and when it's time to pay the check, he asks if the restaurant accepts American dollars. ("Spring Cleaning")

Um, I think we can put something together for you.


  • The USA is commonly called "El Norte" by Mexicans.
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