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Everybody evacuate the store! No, nobody run! We have an elected store fire marshal who will lead us from the building safely. Elias! Where is Elias?
Dina, "Olympics".

Elias Greene was an associate of Cloud 9 Store 1217. He loves snack foods and is also the store's fire marshal. He's the brother of Jerusha Sturgis. He is portrayed by actor Danny Gura.

Character History

Season One

Elias the go getter.

Elias is first seen listening to Dina's lecture on not selling cold medication to meth heads. Later he is sleeping on a store bed and cowering behind a cash register partition when Bo waves a gun. ("Pilot") He participates in the team cheer before the store opens. ("Shots and Salsa") He's in the Break Room when Jonah feels like he is fitting in and later when Amy dresses up a mannequin that looks like Jonah. ("Mannequin") He is a member of "Team Red" during the sales competition. ("Color Wars") Elias takes part in the all nighter and watches Mateo model and Cheyenne dance. ("All-Nighter")

Elias loves donut holes.

He is at the meeting where Dina announces she is stepping down as assistant manager and is putting samples out that a customer keeps eating. ("Demotion") He's in the Break Room after Cheyenne's false labor and is in the group who listens to Steve's seminar on why unions are bad. He's in the Break Room as Jonah tries to convince everyone to form a union and is among those who walk out to get Glenn his job back. ("Labor")

Season Two

Nail Scarlett Johansson.

Elias is in the Break Room listening to Glenn and Dina argue about who will plan the Olympics closing ceremony. Later he is part of the group with Cheyenne writing their biggest dream on a card. He first speaks and says he wants to nail Scarlett Johansson which Amy tries to show is unrealistic and that he should nail his wife. Elias says that wouldn't be awesome. ("Olympics")


Elias is part of the strike in order to get Glenn his job back. He is seen sleeping while on the picket line and gets a bad sunburn. When replacement workers arrive and staff go back to work, Amy says they can't be replaced because they are so good at their jobs. An example she gives is that Elias works the cash registers well. ("Strike") When Jonah is assigned to the gun counter during the morning shift assignments, Amy assigns Elias to groceries but he is seen working cash. He's in the Break Room after the NRA protesters enter the store and Glenn says everyone is going to die and, is at the NRA protest in the store. ("Guns, Pills, and Birds")

Does anybody want to confess?

Elias is in the Break Room as Jeff Sutin discusses the "improprieties" of Kyle the Cloud 9 Cloud. As Glenn sniffs employees (suspecting them of being on drugs), Dina says to smell Elias on Thursdays as he smells like ham. Later he's in the Break Room as Dina announces employee drug testing. ("Spokesman Scandal") Elias is in the Break Room as Glenn asks for volunteers to man the dog adoption station. ("Dog Adoption Day") At Halloween, he is dressed as a pumpkin, is in the Break Room as Dina reports a theft, is in the storeroom as Amy tries to convince the thief to confess and, silently teases Jonah when he's with Amy. ("Halloween Theft") Elias is in the Break Room as the seasonal employees are greeted by Glenn. ("Seasonal Help") Elias eats at the pot luck before the store opens for "Black Friday", is seen stretching and gets food poisoning. ("Black Friday")


Elias is in the Break Room as Glenn and Dina talk about seasonal depression, gets yelled at by Dina, is at the draw of items from the lost and found, and is present when Amy gives in to everyone's wishes to improve the Break Room with her found money. Later, he enjoys one of the new couches bought with her money and is present when Sandra introduces everyone to the man who lost the money. ("Lost and Found") Elias is in the Break Room as Jeff announces the rebranding from "Halo" to "SuperCloud" products and is there again as everyone complains about Jeff. Later, he watches Sandra flirt with Jeff. ("Rebranding") Elias swats balls with a frying pan in the game of "taped muffin" Jonah and Garrett make up to pass the time on a slow day in which the store only accepts cash. ("Ladies' Lunch")

Elias and Pauline? Maybe?

On Valentine's Day, Glenn wonders if Elias and Pauline would be a good match. Elias is in the Break Room when Glenn and Amy surprise Myrtle with gifts in her locker which they play off as being from Arthur. Later, he is at the sexual harassment training as a result of Glenn and Amy's meddling. ("Valentine's Day") He works a checkout while sweating profusely. ("Super Hot Store") Elias is seen helping a customer behind Glenn as he tries to ride a stationary bike. He's in the Break Room after Glenn's low blood sugar attack, when Glenn accuses Jeff of abandoning Sandra, Jeff tells everyone he is gay and Dina reveals she's having sex with Garrett. ("Wellness Fair") Elias is at the team meeting where Dina talks about the bug problem in the Break Room and is later seen undressing outside after the store is evacuated. ("Integrity Award")

Party on Elias!

Elias is in the Break Room watching the video on Mateo's last day and later when Dina and Garrett are looking for a label for their relationship. ("Mateo's Last Day") He's in the Break Room when Glenn brings his kids to work and later sees the Sturgis family photo being taken. ("Glenn's Kids") He's in the Break Room when Glenn holds a draw to attend a Cardinals game with him. ("Spring Cleaning") He attends Bo and Cheyenne's wedding and is seen dancing with Heather. ("Cheyenne's Wedding") Elias attends the staff meeting when everyone wants to know who is going to be laid off and the meeting where Glenn asks the employees to decide who should be laid off. He is a 10 on Glenn's employee rating scale out of 10 and survives the tornado. ("Tornado")

Season Three

Wet Elias.

Elias is seen helping to prepare the store for the re-opening. Dina mentioned that Elias is scared of Minions as the reason why he can't pick up Minions costumes. ("Grand Re-Opening") He's working a checkout counter and is dripped on from a hole that isn't fixed in the roof. When Glenn thinks Amy is making fun of Dina, he asks her to do Elias next. ("Brett Is Dead") Elias is in the Break Room as Emma is introduced on her first day of work. When she was a child, Emma lost a tooth at the store which Elias ate because he thought it was a Chiclet. ("Part-Time Hires") On the day the store is robbed, Elias attends Jeff's talk on the robbery and bullying and later, watches Dina and Jonah fight. ("Workplace Bullying")

Hello Possums!

On Halloween, Elias is dressed as Dame Edna and is seen stocking a shelf. ("Sal's Dead") He is among the employees who Jonah proposes a collection for a health fund to, is at the meeting where Amy and Jonah try to cancel the fund and then is in the Break Room to fix the fund. He is in Group B (who need to pay more) and watches Isaac crash into a vending machine. ("Health Fund") Elias is part of the employees drinking around the cocoa urn and watches Glenn's Christmas lights. ("Christmas Eve")

You da man Elias!

Cheyenne and Dina discover a picture of Elias on his Facebook account in which he is in a hottub with two women who are kissing. ("Viral Video") Elias attends the Golden Globes Party at Amy's house and along with the others, is very confused by Kelly's "Answers" game where he scores 3 points for finding the conductor. ("Golden Globes Party") Elias is in the Break Room as Jeff announces that $80,000 more sales by day end will result in the store being re-classified as "quadruple A". He's also at the Warehouse meeting and is assigned to ladies' shoes and watches as Bo buys a hot tub. ("High Volume Store") Elias is in the Break Room as Marcus leads the staff in classifying mythical and real creatures and as Jonah and Kelly disagree over the existence of angels. ("Angels and Mermaids") Garrett thinks the picture of the embryo implanted in Dina looks like Elias. Tate thinks Elias is an idiot as he asked if he's supposed to eat the cotton inside a pill bottle. As Mateo and Cheyenne guess who Amy hooked up with, Mateo asks if Amy had a 3-way with Elias. ("Groundhog Day")

I think we solved sexism.

Elias works the cash in electronics as a large group of customers buy a new video game. ("Video Game Release") He's in the Break Room for Marcus' presentation on human cheese and when Amy and Jonah's kiss is revealed. He's also in the group of staff Glenn puts through safety training. Glenn tells Elias to bend both knees when practicing box lifting. ("Safety Training") Elias is in the Break Room for the session with Pastor Craig and he's in the group of staff pondering whether Jonah should be with Amy or Kelly. ("Amnesty") He's in the Break Room for Jeff's going away party. ("Target") He's in the Break Room to meet Laurie and later for the debate on sexism. ("District Manager") Elias is at the store front as Glenn introduces "Local Vendors Day". ("Local Vendors Day") Sandra tells Dina Elias has been stealing light bulbs. He's at Glenn's budgeting session and is seen at day end as Kelly tries to call Jonah. ("Lottery")

Elias watches the ultrasound of the baby Dina is carrying for Glenn and Jerusha. He's among the staff Kelly assigns tasks for the gender reveal party. He writes his name on the whiteboard list of those that would like to have sex with Amy and is at the party wearing a "Team Girl" hat and glasses. ("Gender Reveal") He's in the Break Room to hear Amy is pregnant and is in the group photo. ("Aftermath") Elias can't free himself from a crowd barrier tape and attends the town hall. ("Town Hall")

Season Four

Sleeping Elias strikes again.

Elias is part of the confused group of staff as Kelly runs the store and after the store closes, is sleeping on a school desk and chair. ("Back To School") He's at the games during Amy's baby shower. ("Baby Shower") Cheyenne's plan for a store carpool includes Elias riding with Dina which she strongly refuses to do. He's at the meeting where Cheyenne presents her comprehensive carpool plan and later, Glenn reveals that Elias is his brother-in-law. ("Toxic Work Environment")

Brainy Smurf's special talent is his brain.

He's dressed as a Smurf for Halloween and presents various Smurf characters during the costume competition. ("Costume Competition") He's among the staff as Dina and Glenn leave for the hospital and Amy's water breaks. ("Delivery Day") Glenn tells Elias to not bring a pretzel salad for Thanksgiving dinner. Dina tells Elias to get his fingers out of his mouth and go wash his hands. ("Maternity Leave") He's among the staff at the store front as Glenn and Dina explain the new Cloud 9 policy of making small talk with the customers and, he's seen behind Sayid when he complains about losing a pen. ("New Initiative") He's in the Break Room as Sayid's citizenship is discussed. ("Managers' Conference") He walks by Amy as she's trying to sell ice pops. ("Shadowing Glenn")


Elias is in the Break Room as Glenn announces the steps challenge. Later while seated, Elias drops a can of balls that rolls away from him and he tries to reach the can with a hockey stick. Dina chases everyone sitting in the Break Room out and orders Elias to search all local gas stations for a missing cart. Later on the phone, Dina tells Elias to kept looking for the cart. The next day, an unshaven and disheveled Elias is still looking for the cart on a roadside. ("Steps Challenge") Elias is stuck in the store during a snowstorm. He sleeps in an inflatable pool toy and tries to learn to play guitar. ("Blizzard") Sandra's description of her sex with Jerry causes Dina to warn Elias that he'll need to clean up her vomit soon. ("Lovebirds") He listens to Glenn give his last instructions as manager in the Break Room. ("Minor Crimes")

She makes how much?

Elias is in the Break Room for Amy's first day as manager and later listens as Garrett reads on the P.A. system the details of Amy's contract as manager. ("Salary") Elias is in the Break Room as Amy makes announcements and is part of the group of staff that Amy tries several times to address complaints she secretly heard them make about her. ("Easter") Elias is in the Break Room as Amy talks about the store's plan for Earth Day. He's part of Glenn's Bible study at the café. ("Cloud Green") He's on Jonah's "Team Soup" for the scanner duel. ("Scanners") He's part of the staff that hear about the negative tweets about the store and listens to Luanne say the tweeter is an employee and will be fired when caught. ("CLOUD9FAIL")


Elias listens to Sandra declare a union meeting while standing on top of a checkout and later, attends the meeting. ("Sandra's Fight") Elias is among the staff who listen to Amy announce "Employee Appreciation Day" and watches Dina accidentally smash the holographic Myrtle with a t-shirt cannon. While bagging, he drops ice cream in a customer's bag and then throws the whole cone in. ("Employee Appreciation Day")


  • After Amy loses the tub of guacamole containing Marcus' severed thumb, Elias drives Marcus to the hospital. ("Back to Work")
  • Dina says to Garrett that the reason he can't stop staring at Elias' butt is that he started cycling. ("Dog Adoption Day")
  • Amy says that Elias does a great impression of Jonah. ("Rebranding")
  • According to Dina, Elias' locker smells like wet horse. ("Mateo's Last Day") She also indicates that it would take $435,000 for her to sleep with him. ("Viral Video")
  • Elias also appears in the February 2018 Pizza Hut commercial featuring the Superstore cast. As the staff are watching the Super Bowl, Amy arrives with a stack of pizza boxes. Elias rushes over, takes half the stack and distributes it to a group of employees that includes Brett, Chris, Dougie, Henry, Jay, Roxy and Toni.
  • Elias is revealed as the "foot killer" in the series finale.
  • Elias says to have a wife who he no longer enjoys having sex with. (Olympics”)


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