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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Isabella Day
First Appearance: "Shoplifter"
Family: Amy and Adam Dubanowski (parents), Ron and Connie Sosa (grandparents)
Episode Count: 5


I got my first period!
— Emma, "Shoplifter".

Emma portrayed by Isabella Day.
Emma Dubanowski is the daughter of Adam and Amy Dubanowski. She was born in 2003. She is portrayed by actress Isabella Day.

Character History

Season One

Emma was first mentioned when Jonah thought Amy was a single mother. Amy corrected Jonah and said she had a husband. ("Mannequin") She was first seen when Amy had to bring her to work even though that isn't allowed. Jonah offers to watch Emma when Amy is pulled away on other matters. She has her first period and has to rely on Jonah for help. ("Shoplifter")

S01E05-Jonah and Emma video game
Jonah and Emma after a long day.

Season Two

Amy calls Emma from her car looking forward to going trick or treating with her but Emma wants to spend Halloween with her friends, disappointing Amy. ("Halloween Theft") Amy mentions to Glenn that she and Adam are having marital problems and that things are "weird and tense" which upsets Emma. ("Lost and Found") Amy plays hooky from work to take Emma to the movies and they discover Mateo is dating Jeff. ("Wellness Fair") After a tornado hits the store, Emma and Adam meet Amy outside the store and are relieved she's OK. ("Tornado")

S02E15-Amy and Emma hooky
Emma and Amy play hooky.

Season Three

In the Break Room, Glenn welcomes Emma as the newest part-time employee. Cheyenne plays a video presentation of Emma that Glenn narrates. Emma is embarrassed and questions Amy who had nothing to do with providing the pictures. Jonah tries to converse with Emma until Amy orders Emma to clean up the dressing rooms. Emma groans as she leaves which prompts Jonah to warn Amy that if she's tough on Emma, this will make her ex Adam the "good guy". Amy believes it is her role as a parent to instil disciple in Emma. Amy discovers that Emma and Adam have been spending a lot time together which prompts jealousy so she decides to be nicer to Emma. While mopping, Emma shares a secret so Amy lets her leave the floor wet which causes Justine to have an accident. Feeling guilty, Amy allows Jonah to be tough on Emma. He yells at her for stocking items wrong until Glenn interjects, yells at Jonah and tells him to stay away from Emma while she smiles behind Glenn's back. Glenn helps Amy realize Emma's churlish behaviour is normal for a teenager. ("Part-Time Hires") Emma posts a comment on one of Amy's Instagram videos asking her to stop. ("Viral Video") Cheyenne calls Emma a dud and while trying to leave a voice mail for Adam, Amy says he can Venmo her the money for Emma's tap shoes. ("Gender Reveal")

Following in Mom's footsteps?



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