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Today is a great day for the second amendment.
— Eric, "Guns, Pills, and Birds".

Eric is a visitor to Cloud 9 Store 1217. He is a gun enthusiast and an NRA member. He is portrayed by actor Kevin Farley.

Character History

Season Two

Isn't he dead?

Disgruntled that Amy makes him work the gun counter, Jonah reacts by turning away customers. This includes Eric who Jonah believes is too angry to be sold a gun. As a result, Eric calls the NRA which results in a crowd of gun-toting members staging an open-carry protest in the store led by Eric. Standing on a check-out counter, he criticizes Jonah (who he believes is a woman) who argues back. Amy interrupts and chastizes them both citing their childish behavior. When Amy tells the crowd she has to forego a weekend off including watching a Freddy Prinze movie in order to fulfil a family responsibility, Eric says he believes Prinze is dead. ("Guns, Pills, and Birds")

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