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Firing-Line Cloud 9 Superstore logo.jpg Gun sales and firing range
Location: St Louis, Missouri — First Appearance: "Wedding Day Sale"

My favorite uncle was a cop. He got me a .22 for my Quinceañera.
— Amy, "Wedding Day Sale".

The Firing-Line is a gun sales/rental store complete with a firing range. Amy and Dina go there after chasing after Bo. Dina is particularly impressed with its gun range which comes complete with moist towelettes to wipe up the gunpowder. Its first appearance is in the Season One episode "Wedding Day Sale".


Season One

After Bo realizes the amount of responsibility it takes to be a new father, he takes off from Cloud 9 Store 1217 apparently abandoning his pregnant girlfriend Cheyenne Lee. Amy and Dina go after him in Dina's truck. Even though he is on a bike, they lose him because Dina sees a homeless man who she thinks has stolen a Cloud 9 shopping cart. Amy and Dina stop to get lunch and Amy suggests they pamper themselves before going back to work. Amy means go to a spa but Dina thinks she means going to the Firing-Line.

S01E08-Amy and Dina Firing Line.jpg
I feel like a princess.
Once in the store, Dina starts to explain the basics of firearm handling but to her surprise, Amy expertly loads, cocks and fires her pistol hitting the target in a tight grouping around the bulls-eye. Having impressed Dina, Amy then sees Bo in the store through the firing range window. She and Dina confront Bo who they find isn't abandoning Cheyenne but has been to many stores handing out a trumped-up resumé in order to get a job and make some money for his up coming wedding and for his baby. ("Wedding Day Sale")

S01E08-Amy and Dina Firing Line2.jpg
Rizzoli & Isles.

S01E08-Bo at Firing-Line.jpg
Gotta make some paper yo!

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