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Glenn's Cars

Glenn's Cars Cloud 9 Superstore logo.jpg Motor Vehicle
Owner: Glenn SturgisFirst Appearance: "Shots and Salsa"

Why can't I just have a car?!
— Glenn, "Integrity Award".

Glenns car2-S02E01.jpg
Glenn draining his car of water.
Glenn's Cars meet with various misadventures and is a running gag on the show. Its first appearance is in the Season One episode "Shots and Salsa".


Season One

S01E03-Glenns car.jpg
   "Shots and Salsa"
Featuring: Amy, Dina, Carmen and Glenn

After Carmen twists her ankle in a struggle with Amy at a salsa sampling booth, Glenn puts Carmen into his SUV to drive her to the hospital. He mentions he's an Uber driver in his spare time. The SUV has many Christian stickers and is a Chrysler Pacifica.

Glenns car get stolen-S01E09.jpg
Featuring: Amy, Cheyenne and Glenn

When locked in the store for the evening, Amy, Cheyenne and Glenn flag down a stranger who they ask via written signs to get into Glenn's car for a key card to open the store. The man steals Glenn's SUV.

Season Two

Glenns car3-S02E01.jpg
Featuring: Dina and Glenn

In order to break the strike, Dina brings a pressure washer to the parking lot. She loses control of it and breaks the windows on Glenn's new car (Volvo S80) and fills the car with water.

S02E16-Glenns car and ladder.jpg
   "Integrity Award"
Featuring: Mateo

While trying to change the light bulbs in the parking lot, Mateo drops a ladder on Glenn's car smashing several windows.

Glenns car with taco sign-S02E21.jpg
Featuring: Garrett and Glenn

After a tornado hits Cloud 9 Store 1217 and destroys it, Glenn and Garrett find that a sign from a taco restaurant has destroyed Glenn's car.

Season Three

S03E08-Glenn-Mateo in car.jpg
   "Viral Video"
Featuring: Mateo and Glenn

Glenn takes Mateo to lunch but reveals that they will be stopping at the business of a customer who Mateo made up in order to get rewards card enrolment money.

S03E17-Glenns car.jpg
   "District Manager"
Featuring: Glenn, Marcus, Myrtle, Roger

Glenn, Marcus and Roger watch as Myrtle fulfils a lifelong dream driving a delivery truck but she crashes it into the side of Glenn's SUV (Volvo XC90).

Season Four

S04E04-Glenns car w carts.jpg
   "Costume Competition"
Featuring: Glenn

Glenn is seen driving home with the automatic cart collector following him. He calls Jerusha and instructs her to be waiting for him at home with a go-bag and a shotgun to flee.

S04E11-Glenn Mateo car.jpg
   "Steps Challenge"
Featuring: Glenn and Mateo

Glenn retrieves a scooter from his car to help with his sprained ankle but can't push it up an incline.

S04E14-Car into store.jpg
   "Minor Crimes"
Featuring: Glenn, Jonah and Mateo

In order to use up a maintenance fund Glenn accidentally embezzled, he drives his car through the store.

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