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Glenn's monkey puppet

Glenn's monkey puppet Cloud 9 Superstore logo.jpg Morale item
Owner: Glenn SturgisFirst Appearance: "Lost and Found"

I bet I can cheer you up or I'm a monkey's uncle.
Glenn, "Lost and Found".

S02E10-Monkey puppet and Dina.jpg
The puppet in action.
Glenn's monkey puppet is used by him to cheer staff up. It becomes a fixture that is seen in the background of his office after its introduction. Its first appearance is in the Season Two episode "Lost and Found".


S02E10-Monkey puppet.jpg
   "Lost and Found"
Featuring: Dina, Glenn

Glenn tries to cheer Dina up using the puppet but her harsh criticism results in Glenn feeling blue.

S02E11-Amy Jonah monkey puppet.jpg
Featuring: Amy and Jonah

Jonah tries to cancel his college deferment but finds out his enrolment has already expired. The puppet is on a metal filing cabinet behind him.

S02E14-Dina and monkey puppet.jpg
   "Super Hot Store"
Featuring: Dina and Garrett

Dina catches Garrett in Glenn's office cooling off since the office has its own air conditioning. The puppet is on top of a metal filing cabinet behind Dina.

Glenns office-S02E15.jpg
   "Wellness Fair"
Featuring: Dina, Glenn

Dina listens in as Glenn is on the phone with Amy who has called in sick (but she's not). The puppet is on the desk in front of Glenn.

Glenns office-S02E16.jpg
   "Integrity Award"
Featuring: Glenn and Garrett

After Garrett rescues a veteran's dog from a snow bank, he's congratulated by corporate in Glenn's office. The puppet can be seen behind Glenn.

Glenns office-S02E17.jpg
   "Mateo's Last Day"
Featuring: Amy, Glenn

While Glenn and Amy battle Tim the internet troll on Glenn's laptop, the puppet is on Glenn's desk.

   "Spring Cleaning"
Featuring: Glenn, Eugene

As Glenn's new assistant, Eugene accepts a call from Jeff Sutin for Glenn, the puppet is on the top shelf of the bookcase between them.

S03E01-Glenn Dina Amy memo.jpg
   "Grand Re-Opening"
Featuring: Amy, Dina and Glenn

After learning that the store is opening that day and not in a week, Glenn shows Amy and Dina Jeff's email that explains the timing. They argue over whether the wording on the timing was clear or not. The puppet is on top of a filing cabinet behind Glenn.

S03E06-Glenn in office monkey puppet.jpg
   "Health Fund"
Featuring: Glenn

Glenn is on the phone with an automated attendant trying to get an appointment with a dermatologist as he has a mole on his "bathing suit area". The puppet is on top of a filing cabinet behind Glenn.

S03E07-Reindeer in Glenn's office.png
   "Christmas Eve"
Featuring: Reindeer

When a reindeer invades Glenn's office, the puppet is on top of the cabinet in the office corner.

S03E08-Glenn's office and monkey puppet.jpg
   "Viral Video"
Featuring: Glenn and Mateo

As Glenn questions the legitimacy of the Cloud 9 Blue Card rewards customers that Mateo is signing up, the monkey puppet can be seen laying down on top of the short cabinet.

S03E10-Monkey puppet.jpg
   "High Volume Store"
Featuring: Glenn and Cheyenne

As Glenn talks to Cheyenne about her not being a surrogate for his and Jerusha's baby, the puppet is seen behind him to his left.

S03E11-Glenns office and monkey puppet.jpg
   "Angels and Mermaids"
Featuring: Dina, Glenn and Bruce

As Dina and Glenn meet to discuss terms of her surrogacy, the monkey puppet is sitting on a pot on the short cabinet to the right of Glenn. Later, the puppet can be seen as Glenn's lawyer Bruce threatens Dina with legal action if she doesn't honor the agreement.

S03E13-Glenn's Office.jpg
   "Video Game Release"
Featuring: Amy and Jonah

Amy and Jonah search for the access point in Glenn's office to the corridors that will lead to the cage where a video game that Amy wants is stored. The monkey puppet is on top of a short cabinet beside the access point.

S03E14-Glenns office and puppet.jpg
   "Safety Training"
Featuring: Jeff, Jonah and Mateo

Jeff has corporate on the phone in Glenn's office and is trying to get Mateo to accept a settlement for his work injury. The monkey puppet is on top of the monitor behind Jeff.

S03E15-Myrtle and moneky puppet.jpg
Featuring: Carol, Corey, Dina, Glenn, Isaac, Mateo, Myrtle, Sandra

After declaring amnesty for any past wrong doings, Dina and Glenn hear transgressions from various staff members. The monkey puppet is on top of a filing cabinet beside the door.

S03E16-Glenns Office w Jeff and puppet.jpg
Featuring: Garrett, Glenn and Jeff

Garrett asks Glenn for a raise and makes him think Jeff is poaching staff to work at Target. Later, Glenn meets with Jeff and tries to intimidate him to not poach any staff. The puppet is on the tall filing cabinet to Glenn's right.

S03E17-Garrett Mateo Glenn office and puppet.jpg
   "District Manager"
Featuring: Dina, Glenn, Laurie, Garrett and Mateo

Dina tells Glenn to keep her pregnancy a secret from Laurie. Laurie tells Glenn to fire Myrtle. Garrett and Mateo use Glenn's computer to change Mateo's checkout register score. The puppet is on top of the short cabinet by the door.

S03E19-Amy Jonah Glenns Office.jpg
Featuring: Amy and Jonah

Amy calls Laurie to ask for a raise but gets her secretary, Skye. Skye says Laurie isn't available and Jonah accuses her of lying which makes her cry. The puppet is in the wooden bookcase to the left of Jonah.

S03E20-Glenns office and puppet.jpg
   "Gender Reveal"
Featuring: Amy, Dina, Glenn

Glenn can't open the envelope that reveals the sex of the baby Dina is carrying for him. Later, the reality of child birth hits Dina and she panics in front of Amy and Glenn. The puppet is on the filing cabinet in the corner behind Glenn.

S03E21-Glenn hand on Dina-Glenns Office.jpg
Featuring: Dina and Glenn

Glenn puts his hand on Dina's shoulder for the store's video. The puppet is on the filing cabinet in the corner behind Dina and Glenn.

S03E22-Amy Jonah Glenns office.jpg
   "Town Hall"
Featuring: Amy and Jonah

Amy and Jonah look for Myrtle's employee file and discover that Cloud 9 has been firing older employees without cause. The puppet is on the table behind Glenn's desk.

S04E03-Kelly Glenn's office.jpg
   "Toxic Work Environment"
Featuring: Glenn, Kelly and Dina

Kelly tries to get a transfer to another store from Glenn and later, Dina discusses the bad work environment in the store. The monkey puppet is on the filing cabinet to Glenn's right by the "Blessed" sign.

S04E04-Garrett Glenn's office.jpg
   "Costume Competition"
Featuring: Glenn, Amy and Garrett

Amy tries to arrange a medical appointment and later, Garrett tries unsuccessfully to get Cloud 9 corporate to take an annoying Halloween song off the store playlist. The puppet is on the cabinet behind Glenn's desk.

S04E06-Glenn's office.jpg
   "Maternity Leave"
Featuring: Glenn and Amy

Amy tries to use Glenn's office to pump her breasts and later, he gives her a puppy. The puppet is on the cabinet in the corner.

S04E07-Glenns office.jpg
   "New Initiative"
Featuring: Glenn and Jonah

Believing that working at the store is holding back Jonah from his dreams, Glenn unsuccessfully tries to fire Jonah. The monkey puppet is on the filing cabinet to Glenn's right by the "Blessed" sign.

S04E08-Glenns office and puppet.jpg
   "Managers' Conference"
Featuring: Glenn and Mateo

Learning that his SSN belongs to a woman who lives in Buffalo, Glenn asks Mateo to correct his SSN and sees that he's lying when he gives it. The puppet is on the cabinet in the corner.

S04E09-Amy Glenns office puppet.jpg
   "Shadowing Glenn"
Featuring: Glenn, Amy, Cheyenne, Mateo, Jonah

Amy tells Glenn that she'd like to apply for the management training program which he enthusiastically starts to prepare her for. Later, Cheyenne and Mateo listen to Glenn's wisdom until Jonah interrupts. The puppet is on the cabinet by the door.


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