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Location: St. Louis, Missouri — First Appearance: "Magazine Profile"

When you get to hour two, minute twelve of "Pirates of the Caribbean" you can see one of the pirates is wearing a watch. That's a goof.
Glenn, "Grand Re-Opening".

S01E03-Amy messy and clean.jpg
Messy then magically clean Amy.
Goofs are various obvious discontinuities and mistakes that appear in the show. Instances where staff change nametags or names in different episodes, or are called by the wrong name aren't considered goofs and are noted in the character page. Examples are Travis/Tim, Larry/Bruce and the minor employee pages such as Season Three minor employees. Its first appearance is in the Season One episode "Magazine Profile".


Magazine Profile

At the episode beginning, Garrett shows Jonah several copies of the Cloud 9 internal corporate magazine "Stratus". One of the issues features Matt Brown and is Issue 28. However, after being interviewed by Stratus reporter Cynthia and photographed, the new issue featuring Glenn and Garrett is Issue 27.

S01E02-Stratus goof.jpg
Corporate can't count.

Shots and Salsa

After struggling with Carmen over a salsa bowl, the salsa is spilt on Amy and Carmen sprains her ankle. A few minutes later in the parking lot as Dina and Glenn are helping Carmen to Glenn's van, Amy is wearing the same shirt (and perhaps the same vest) which are both clean.

S01E03-Amy messy and clean.jpg
Messy then magically clean Amy.


When Jonah and Garrett first observe (dead) Charles on the couch, his head is slumped onto his left shoulder and his facial expressions changes. Then when Jonah approaches him, Charles' head is pointed straight ahead.

S01E05-Charles goof.jpg
The dead move!

Secret Shopper

In Glenn's Office, as Glenn talks to Jonah thinking he is the "secret employee", his collar is unbuttoned, then buttoned when he asks for a raise, then unbuttoned when he mentions a tin of candies, then buttoned when he eats a candy. Also, the black lamp behind Glenn is pointed left, then right, then left.

S01E06-Glenn collar goof.jpg
Collar is buttoned and unbuttoned.


During the scene where the group is sitting in a circle sharing regrets, Glenn's tie flips back and forth with and without a stain, is tied tight and loose and, his right collar is buttoned and unbuttoned.

S01E09-Glenn tie and collar goof.jpg
Glenn really has a problem with his collar buttons!
At 13:05 as Amy and Garrett crash into cardboard boxes while in rolling chairs, a cameraman and camera can be seen behind them.

S01E09-Cameraman Goof.jpg


During the opening ceremony, Myrtle can be seen at the end of the procession. A few seconds later, Glenn calls for her and she is much further back behind a shelving unit.

S00E01-Myrtle procession goof.jpg
Myrtle isn't that quick!
In the scene where Dina is in the Stock Room holding auditions for the closing ceremonies, Darren is standing in between Sandra and Travis but he disappears after Dina talks to Sandra. Actor Hermie Castillo who plays Darren received a screen credit indicating that it's likely he spoke in a deleted scene which would account for his disappearance.

S00E01-Darren dissappears goof.jpg
Disappearing Darren.

Halloween Theft

After Glenn gets angry at Dina for ruining his candy game with some children, Glenn turns to Amy for help. Amy is holding a sucker in her left hand and a bowl of candy in her right. The camera quick cuts to Dina for no more than a second and when it cuts back to Amy, she is holding the sucker and candy bowl in opposite hands.

S02E06-Amy goof.jpg
Quick hands Amy.

Seasonal Help

As Adam tells Amy that he cut too deep into a box of shampoo bottles, his shirt and vest are covered in shampoo. A little later, as Amy brings him into the Photo Lab to have sex, he is wearing the same shirt and vest which are now dry and stain-free.

S02E08-Adam shampoo goof.jpg
Magical shampoo man!

Wellness Fair

A man with head phones on pushes a cart with a rug sticking out of it which knocks plates off a shelf onto the floor. He's looking in the other direction so the viewer is made to believe he doesn't know the plates are being smashed. However, this grows thin when he is seen stepping and slipping on the broken plates. This error might have been avoided if the rug was pointing backwards instead of forwards in the cart.

S02E15-Man knocks over plates.jpg
Blind, deaf but he can't be that dumb.

Integrity Award

During one of the crazy customer interludes, two customers crash their shopping carts together. Halo toilet paper is seen to the left of them even though Cloud 9 went through a rebranding to SuperCloud products months before.

S02E16-Customers crash carts.jpg
Old toilet paper #1.

Mateo's Last Day

During one of the crazy customer interludes, a girl is sitting alone in a shopping cart. There is Halo toilet paper to the left of her even though Cloud 9 went through a rebranding to SuperCloud products months before. The same woman from the "Integrity Award" goof (see above) is seen behind the girl wearing the same clothes and hairstyle.

S02E17-Girl in cart.jpg
Old toilet paper #2.

Glenn's Kids

When the Sturgis Family is introduced in the Break Room, a young boy with dreadlocks is seen. Later, he is missing from the family photo shoot. In addition, nine of Glenn's kids are seen in the Break Room while there are thirteen in photo shoot. Lastly, Bobbie Sue has three different hairstyles and adornments. Cheyenne might have been responsible for the hair changes but she had very little time for the last one as she needed to get Bobbie Sue to the photo shoot.

S02E18-Missing boy.jpg
Missing boy.

S02E18-Sturgis family 2.jpg
Where did he go?

Cheyenne's Wedding

A woman scribbles over Cheyenne's face in a picture of her and Bo. Later in the reception when Mateo runs into Jeff, the picture can be seen behind Mateo and the scribbles are gone.

S02E20-Scribbles goof.jpg
Magic eraser!


At the beginning of the episode, one of the Warehouse staff beside Marcus is seen with the name tag "Jimmy". After the tornado, the same staff member is seen outside the store with the name tag "Sal".

S02E21-Jimmy Sal goof.jpg
Identity switch!

Grand Re-Opening

At the store front, after Glenn timidly welcomes everyone to the store, Jeff approaches the microphone holding garden shears to cut the ceremonial ribbon. The camera cuts to the crowd for a second and when it cuts back to Jeff, the shears are now leaning against one of the ribbon poles and Jeff retrieves them.

S03E01-Jeff goof.jpg
Quick shears.

Brett Is Dead

As Jonah asks Amy how Garrett became disabled, her name tag is visible until the 3:02 mark when it disappears, re-appears at 3:09 and disappears again at 3:32.

S03E02-Amy nametag goof.jpg
Guess the magnet failed.

Workplace Bullying

As Garrett points out to Glenn that Ken is a terrible security guard, Ken is sitting at a table at Coffee & Bakery. There is no food on the table, then there is a drink cup and food basket, then the drink and food is gone.

S03E04-Ken food goof.jpg
Ken's disappearing food.

Sal's Dead

Dina's "Officer Naughty" costume is worn with thigh-high, laced boots which are difficult to put on and take off. She is seen in these boots at the beginning of the episode but when she and Jonah climb ladders to put a tarp over the drywall hole where Sal's head is visible, she is wearing running shoes. The next scene, she is back in the boots. One could argue she might have changed.

S03E05-Dina boot goof.jpg
Safety first.
Sarah is seen in several scenes in an orange goldfish costume but in one scene at a cash register where a man is dressed as a baby, she is in her turtle outfit from "Halloween Theft". This is most likely an out-take which has been re-purposed.

S03E05-Sarah costume goof.jpg
Sarah the quick change artist?

Health Fund

When Jonah and Amy present Group A and Group B for the Health Fund on a whiteboard, Heather is in Group A for several minutes. At 17:00 there are several quick cuts between Amy/Jonah and the staff and her name has been erased from Group A and moved to the bottom of Group B.

S03E06-Whiteboard goof.jpg
Guess Heather had a health problem.

Christmas Eve

As Kelly comforts Jonah in the Stock Room, Jonah's left arm switches back and forth between resting on two different shelves as the camera cuts between him and Kelly.

S03E07-Jonah arm goof.jpg
Quick-arm Jonah.

Golden Globes Party

An outside shot of the front of Amy's house shows a window on each side of the front door. However, an inside shot of the living room in which the front door can be seen has no window. Also, how did Garrett get up and down the front steps?

S03E09-Amy's house outside.jpg
Windows on each side of front door.

S03E09-Amy's house living room towards front.jpg
No window beside front door.

High Volume Store

When Amy assigns Kelly to a register, Kelly says she's never done that before. However, in Sal's Dead, Amy interrupts Kelly's lunch break and assigns her to register four.

S03E10-Balloon drop.jpg
Kelly at the balloon drop.

Angels and Mermaids

As Brandi and Cheyenne are sitting on a couch talking to Amy, there is a soda cup on the arm of the couch by Brandi. It disappears when Brandi tells Amy she's not engaging meaningfully and then re-appears when Brandi says Amy is pushy and manipulative.

S03E11-Brandi cup goof.jpg
Another disappearing cup.

Groundhog Day

Glenn arrives at work in the large cartoon clouds tie and finds that Dina has slept over night in the store. He's then in a rush to leave and take care of Dina's birds but is now wearing the many clouds tie.

S03E12-Glenn tie goof.jpg
The magic tie.

District Manager

As Skipper Sailes asks Glenn for a reimbursement for his cup of coffee, Ted is seen behind them working at the café. A second later as the camera angle changes, Ted walks into the café.

S03E17-Ted goof.jpg
Time shift Ted.
In the Break Room, after Amy puts the coffee maker down (which isn't seen), it is pointing right. When Jonah says "I just mean if we had true equality ...", it is pointing to the front. It flips between pointing to the right and front three more times during the scene.

S03E17-Coffee maker goof.jpg
Dancing coffee maker.

Local Vendors Day

Jess' green table is across from "Burrito Brian's" and beside (but in front of) a bald, bearded man's yellow table who is selling birdhouses. However, as Amy talks to Alex, both Burrito Brian and the bald man's tables are seen down the aisle but Jess' table is gone.

S03E18-Jess table goof1.jpg
Table there.

S03E18-Jess table goof2.jpg
Table gone.

As Marcus talks Jonah into trying his boob cheese, an elderly man is behind Marcus talking to Jess. The man appears and disappears several times especially noticeable at 17:39 and 17:41 into the episode.

S03E18-Jess old man goof1.jpg
Customer there.

S03E18-Jess old man goof2.jpg
Customer gone.


At 6:33, Amy is seen shelving detergent pods and three are visible in a row. At 6:37 the row has one pod, at 6:42 it's back to three, at 6:47 there are four, at 6:49 it's back to three and at 6:56 it's back to four pods.

S03E19-Pod Goof.jpg
Pod Party!
As the staff and customers watch the lottery draw on TV, Kara is seen standing next to Dina. She disappears when a shot from another angle is seen. After the draw is done, Kara is seen walking away.

S03E19-Kara goof.jpg
Disappearing Kara.

Gender Reveal

At 14:54, Jeff is seen holding hiking poles in his left hand. A split second later, the camera angle changes and Jeff is holding the poles in his right hand.

S03E20-Jeff goof.jpg
Quick hands Jeff.


As Dina, Garrett and Glenn film Cheyenne, Joseph is seen working at the optical department behind them. At 9:35 there is a quick cut away from Joseph and a second later, Heather is now working in his place.

S03E21-Heather Joseph goof.jpg
The switcheroo.

Town Hall

The customers in the Vancouver store are wearing toques, scarfs and winter jackets. Vancouver is the most temperate city in Canada with a mean temperature in May of 56F (13C). The temperature on May 3, 2018 (the date shown on the emails on Laurie's phone) in Vancouver was 70F (21C), hardly winter clothing weather.

They don't live in igloos either.

Back To School

At 15:47, Ted is one of the staff that Kelly manages when in charge of the store during the harassment meeting and is standing beside Paul. At 15:50, as Stan leaves for quadrant 12, Ted disappears and he then re-appears at 16:00.

S04E01-Ted goof.jpg
Goof Two for Ted!

Costume Competition

At 21:06, as Amy and Jonah are leaving the store, Heather, who is dressed as a hooded mummy, is about to pass them. At 21:10, Heather is seen again about to pass them.

S04E04-Heather goof.jpg
Well, it is Halloween.

Delivery Day

At 2:04, as Amy and Jonah are in Mercy Vale hospital, Jonah's visitor's badge is facing the correct way. At 2:13, the badge is backwards and at 2:23 it's back the correct way.

S04E05-Jonah goof.jpg
Flippy badge.

Shadowing Glenn

Though it's winter in St. Louis, the trees are all leafy and green.

S04E09-Marcus parking lot.jpg
Green winter in St. Louis.


Told by corporate that she can have an assistant, Amy says Glenn never had one. Actually, Glenn had two assistants. Jonah for a day and then Eugene for nearly a month.

S02E19-Eugene on phone.jpg
Glenn's assistant.


In Amy's office, as Jonah and Amy discuss creating tweets disparaging the store, Amy's hands are full with the work schedule. However, as the camera quick cuts between her and Jonah, the pen on her desk moves and, the blue file folder flips between being open and closed at 6:00 to 6:02.

S04E20-Amy folder goof.jpg
Flippy folder.
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