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I guess I'm just a human vibrator built for Amy's pleasure!
— Tate

"Groundhog Day" is the twelfth episode of Season Three of Superstore, and the forty-fourth episode of the show overall.


Still fresh from her divorce, Amy doesn't feel ready to start dating again. But when Mateo tries to set her up with his loser cousin, she gets determined to show everyone she can do better and breaks some hearts in the process. Dina takes advantage of her pregnancy to scam Glenn into accommodating her every whim.


That poor groundhog!

The store has a live groundhog on display which Amy finds delightful. She talks to the animal's handler Devon while Mateo and Cheyenne look on. When Devon finds out Amy is divorced, he asks her out but Amy is so shocked she stammers and then accidentally puts her hand in the groundhog cage. The groundhog bites her and the cage is knocked over. Heather puts a "cancelled" notice on the "Greet Gary the Groundhog" sign. At the Pharmacy, Tate treats Amy's groundhog bite while Cheyenne gives Amy kudos for Devon flirting with her. Tate makes derogatory comments on Amy getting back into dating and Mateo offers to set Amy up with one of his five single cousins. Amy declines as she is focusing on herself and mentions some of her activities which leads Tate to conclude she is boring.

Horny and looking for love.

Glenn shows a picture of the embryo implanted in Dina to Jonah and Garrett which Garrett thinks looks like Elias. When Glenn sees Dina is working (against doctor's orders), he brings her to the garden center and makes her relax in a lounging chair over her protests. Hearing that Amy is back on the market, Marcus invites Amy to his apartment which she refuses under the pretence that she won't date anyone from work. Marcus offers to quit. Since Dina is relaxing, Glenn asks for a volunteer to be assistant manager for the day. Garrett takes the job when he finds out he can hook up an Xbox in the Surveillance Office and Jonah offers to take over announcements. Dina forces herself to relax. Mateo pretends that his awkward cousin Castor wants to speak to Amy as a customer but Amy quickly gathers that it is a setup and leaves.

No tea, no shade, you're not a 10 right now.

In the Break Room, Amy objects to Mateo trying to set her up with Castor and suggests his more attractive cousin Rogelio is in her league and asks for Cheyenne's confirmation which she doesn't give. Jonah tries to announce like Garrett but feels he needs a co-host to riff off of which Kelly is happy to try. In the Surveillance Office, Garrett is playing video games and allows Sandra to leave work without considering the consequences. Mateo tells Amy that she's not a "10" due to her age, being divorced and having a child. Carol opines that Amy is out of practice sexually while Amy derides the attractiveness rating system. As Cheyenne and Mateo rate various employees including Tate as a "10" and Justine as a "3", Amy is aghast when Mateo says that Amy rates just a little higher than Justine.

Why are these pants moist?

Kelly and Jonah banter about tomatoes being on sale. Glenn is happy that Dina is relaxing but when he suggests Dina can do light work, she asks for more rest and for him to get her a complicated snack. Amy helps a handsome customer named William with a suit and hypothetically asks him if he'd date her and what rating she'd be. He's married and believes he's being asked out for real, gets uncomfortable and leaves. Soft lines is a mess which Garrett realizes is because he let Sandra leave. Glenn tells him to take care of it. Amy approaches Jonah to ask what rating he thinks she is but leaves when she realizes he and Kelly are happily doing announcements together. A bearded man tries to take a selfie while sticking his head through a groundhog photo cut out. (♫ Vicky Sue Robinson - Turn the Beat Around ♫)

There's a marble in my uterus.

In disgust, Amy listens to Kelly and Jonah sing an announcement. She commiserates with Tate who dismisses the opinions of Amy's low rating as coming from idiots and tells her to hold out for someone good. Amy recognizes Tate is buttering her up but she can't resist when he invites her to a bar. Next, they're both seen making out and drinking heavily at the bar. (♫ SZA - Love Galore ♫) Early the next day, Glenn enters the store to find Dina asleep on a couch in a costume. He's glad she's rested but when he tells her it's going to be a busy day and to get up, she fakes having pregnancy symptoms so Glenn tells her to rest. As Amy enters the store, Tate approaches her enthusiastically which Amy does not reciprocate. He's very happy about their night together while Amy wants to keep it a secret. Over his protests, Glenn tells Garrett he is once again acting assistant manager and that Jonah and Kelly will do announcements.

The Gnome, Tiny Fool and Midwife Show.

Glenn runs off to take care of Dina's birds. Mateo tries to set Amy up with another cousin and when Amy passes, Cheyenne says she needs to start dating again. Amy reveals she hooked up the night before which prompts them to guess who which includes Brett, Elias, Marcus, Cody and Mary before she reveals it was Tate. Since they rated Tate a "10" she says they should "do the math" on her rating. Sandra joins Jonah and Kelly on the announcements which has now turned into a talk show. A man takes a bottle of gluten free SuperCloud Spring bottled water. (♫ Freak Nasty - Da' Dip ♫) Tate approaches Amy at electronics and asks her out again. Amy says no and admits that she went out with Tate because she was feeling down and that going out with a "10" would improve things.

I had dibs!

Tate is indignant and loudly expresses that he feels used. Staff and customers hear the exchange, gather 'round and Marcus confronts Amy. Marcus says he has "dibs" on Amy (see Ladies' Lunch) and believes that Amy has to have a one-nighter with him since Tate had one. Amy says she doesn't want to date anyone which William contradicts. This makes Amy look promiscuous which angers Mateo since she turned down dating his cousins. Marcus proposes a dating schedule while Cheyenne brings Jonah up to speed on the confrontations. Jonah expresses his surprise to Amy while Tate compares himself to a human vibrator. Glenn gives Dina a foot massage which makes him uncomfortable. Garrett is taking his manager duties seriously and snaps at Sandra. He gives her the job and she smiles. Jonah is shaken by the news of Amy sleeping with Tate and can't get into doing an announcement impersonating Al Pacino that Kelly sets up for him. However, her bad impressions make him laugh and forgetting about Amy, he launches into his own bad impressions.


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Running Gags

  • Amy's name tag: Amy wears a different name tag in every episode. For this one she wear two name tags, "Lynda" then "Charlotte".
  • Crazy Customers and music: For all customer interludes and music see Groundhog Day (music).
  • Glenn's tie: Large cartoon clouds and then many clouds.
  • Shut up Sandra!: Flustered as acting assistant manager, Garrett delivers Dina's line to Sandra.


  • Amy mentions she is focusing on herself and getting into playing Sudoku.
  • Marcus delusionally compares the "will they, won't they" between he and Amy to Kermit and Miss Piggy. When he finds out Tate slept with Amy, he compares him to Beaker.
  • Garrett asks if an Xbox can be hooked up in the Surveillance Office.
  • As Jonah takes over announcements, he says to Kelly that he needs a co-host. Kelly mentions Kelly Ripa and Jonah mentions Hoda.
  • Garrett tells his on-line gaming partner he needs to go back to Staples.
  • Cheyenne compares her having a child to Chrissy Teigen having one.
  • Dina asks Glenn to get her some wet wipes and Febreze so she can take a "whore's bath".
  • Garrett sarcastically asks Jonah if he's going to give Laura Dern acting lessons.
  • Glenn needs to Google how to give a parrot an insulin shot.
  • Tate asks Amy on a second date to the Delta Sky Lounge.
  • Jonah and Kelly make announcements while impersonating Al Pacino and mention the movies The Godfather, Scarface and Serpico.


  • The Pharmacy, Surveillance Office, Stratus and Coffee & Bakery make an appearance.
  • Goof: Glenn arrives at work in the cartoon clouds tie and finds that Dina has slept over night in the store. He's then in a rush to leave and take care of Dina's birds but is now wearing the many clouds tie.


I guess sometimes Kermit goes home with Beaker.Marcus
Oh, so you're just tossing that cat around but Nestor can't get a turn?Mateo


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S03E12-Amy Tate kissing.jpg    "Groundhog Day" February 1, 2018
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Still fresh from her divorce, Amy doesn't feel ready to start dating again. But when Mateo tries to set her up with his loser cousin, she gets determined to show everyone she can do better and breaks some hearts in the process. Dina takes advantage of her pregnancy to scam Glenn into accommodating her every whim. (Viewers: 3.46 million)

S03E13-Glenn Sandra w gamers.jpg    "Video Game Release" March 1, 2018
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S03E14-Staff mopping.jpg    "Safety Training" March 8, 2018
Directed by: Rebecca Asher - Written by: Bridget Kyle and Vicky Luu

When Mateo gets injured, Jonah tries to help him avoid Cloud 9 compensation for fear of his immigration status being revealed. Meanwhile, Amy attempts to convince everyone that she likes Kelly. (Viewers: 3.37 million)

S03E15-a-ha kiss.jpg    "Amnesty" March 15, 2018
Directed by: Keith Powell - Written by: Eric Ledgin

Glenn and Dina offer amnesty to all the employees for any bad things they confess so Garrett and Cheyenne try to decide how to take advantage of it. Meanwhile, Jonah and Amy try to defuse an awkward situation that has the whole store gossiping. (Viewers: 3.93 million)

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S03E18-Jerusha Dina stork.jpg    "Local Vendors Day" April 5, 2018
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S03E19-Amy Jonah golf cart.jpg    "Lottery" April 12, 2018
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S03E20-Glenn Jerusha Dina at doctor.jpg    "Gender Reveal" April 19, 2018
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The store hosts a gender reveal party for Glenn and his wife Jerusha, just as Dina is freaking out at the realities of having to deliver a baby. Amy receives some unsettling news. (Viewers: 2.76 million)

S03E21-Staff photo.jpg    "Aftermath" April 26, 2018
Directed by: Ryan Case - Written by: Justin Shanes and Owen Ellickson

Amy and Jonah deal with the consequences of their kiss. Glenn and Dina enlist Garrett's help to win the store a visit from Cloud 9's CEO. (Viewers: 2.85 million)

S03E22-CEO speaks.jpg    "Town Hall" May 3, 2018
Directed by: Matt Sohn - Written by: Justin Spitzer

As the store prepares to host a company-wide Town Hall meeting, Amy and Jonah are forced to put their conflicts aside and rally their co-workers to confront the CEO. Glenn struggles with the pressure of speaking to a global audience. (Viewers: 2.97 million)