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I love your stories.
— Hank to Dina, "Target".

Hank is Dina's date during a double-date lunch she set up for Amy. He is portrayed by actor Matt Peters.

Character History

Season Three

His older sister babysat me.

Dina asks Amy on a double date with her and her date Hank, "the guy from the pet store". Amy turns down the date but later in the Break Room, she sees Dina showing a black and white photo of the date she turned down to Justine. The man is good-looking, a lawyer and does charity work. Amy takes the date away from Justine. However, when she meets her date Walter at a restaurant, she discovers he is old. Walter and Hank are acquainted as Hank's sister babysat him. Dina sees the Ozark Highlands store beverage supplier Alex at the restaurant and as Dina describes Alex's route, Hank says he loves Dina's stories. Amy uses it as an excuse to avoid her date with Walter. Hank growls when Dina describes Amy to Walter as a "bit of a handful". After the date, Dina tells Amy that Hank texted her that Walter is into Amy. Dina indicates that she and Hank are meeting up that evening for sex and asks Amy if she's like her to describe it the next day or send her a video. ("Target")

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