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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: unknown
First Appearance: "Labor"
Family: Cheyenne Lee (mother), Bo Derek Thompson (father), Brandi (grandmother)
Episode Count: 2


Baby Harmonica.
Harmonica Thompson is the daughter of Cheyenne Lee and Bo Derek Thompson. She was conceived in the Photo Lab in Cloud 9 Store 1217, St. Louis.

Character History

Season One

Cheyenne and Bo thought about giving her up for adoption, and considered both Glenn and Dina as potential adoptive parents. ("Mannequin") She was born in the store on February 22, 2016. ("Labor")

Season Two

When Cheyenne believes she's lost Glenn's foster daughter Bobbie Sue, she wonders if she'll have to give Harmonica to Glenn as a replacement. ("Glenn's Kids") Harmonica is seen at her parent's wedding where she ran down the aisle and Jeff held her a lot at the reception. ("Cheyenne's Wedding") When trapped in the store during the tornado warning, Cheyenne calls Bo and says that if she doesn't make it, she wants Bo to ensure Harmonica becomes an actress. ("Tornado")

Harmonica the flower girl.

Season Three

When Bo shows up at the store unexpectedly, he mentions to Cheyenne that Harmonica is at the zoo. ("High Volume Store") Cheyenne works at Target part-time because Harmonica gets to go to a good daycare there. ("Target")


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