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Heather, stop hording yogurt lids in your locker. You're not gonna win that free cruise.
Dina, "Integrity Award".

Heather was a sales associate at Cloud 9 Store #1217 in St. Louis, Missouri. She doesn't speak but is seen in numerous scenes. It's insinuated that she's had relationships with Elias and Brett. She is portrayed by actor Mariana Tosca.

Character History

Season One

Heather scolds Adam.

Heather is first seen behind Glenn as he is meeting "Stratus" reporter Cynthia. ("Magazine Profile") She's part of Glenn's morning cheer but her name tag says "Sarah". She attends the racism session in the Break Room. ("Shots and Salsa") Heather is among the staff who rush into the Stock Room when Jonah jams the compacter with his look-alike mannequin. She appears in the Break Room as Jonah is dressing a sex doll to look like Amy. She hits Adam when he takes off his glasses to get a good look at the doll. ("Mannequin") As Dina stalks suspected shoplifter Julie, Heather is behind her. ("Shoplifter") Heather's in the Break Room as the staff watch the video of the fork lift chasing Mateo. ("Secret Shopper")

Heather walks out.

She is a member of "Team Gold" during the sales competition with "Team Red". ("Color Wars") Heather is behind Cheyenne as Jonah and Garrett help her wedding shop. ("Wedding Day Sale") She's locked in the store overnight and is seen winning a bet during the toy dog fights. She also watches Cheyenne dance while standing beside Henry. ("All-Nighter") She is at the meeting where Dina announces she is stepping down as assistant manager. ("Demotion") Heather is at the session with labor consultant Steve and walks out in order to get Glenn his job back. ("Labor")

Season Two

Another mess for Brett to clean up.

Heather is at the deli as Amy explains to a group of staff where to look for Marcus' severed thumb. She's also in the Break Room as Dina reads the apology speech Jonah wrote for her and is seen dumping guacamole containers on the floor while looking for the thumb. ("Back to Work") When Glenn hears the FBI found pot at Kyle's house and believes this explains his cannibalism, Heather is present. She's also in the Break Room when Glenn dumps the drug test urinal samples in the sink. ("Spokesman Scandal") Heather is looking at the dogs as Mateo and Jonah set up for dog adoption day. ("Dog Adoption Day") At Halloween, Heather is dressed as a medieval maiden and is working a cash register. She's at the meeting Dina calls to announce interrogations over missing irregular produce. ("Halloween Theft")

Heather draws earrings from the lost & found.

Heather receives one of the election pamphlets made by Amy and Jonah. ("Election Day") She works a checkout counter behind temp worker Sue and is stocking shelves as Glenn makes the Santas run. ("Seasonal Help") Heather sits beside Cheyenne during the Black Friday pot-luck. After the staff get food poisoning, Amy says Heather and Brett are on opposite puking cycles so they can cover for each other. ("Black Friday") Heather takes part in the Lost & Found draw and gets earrings. ("Lost and Found") She watches the video on the new Cloud 9 brand SuperCloud and the college video of Jonah that Rex shows. ("Rebranding") Heather is seen in a yoga position in the middle of an aisle on a slow day when the store is only accepting cash. ("Ladies' Lunch") On Valentine's Day, Heather watches Miles' flash mob proposal to Lisa. Later, Sandra yells to Heather to show her the rose bouquet she received from herself. Heather watches the sexual harassment training video. ("Valentine's Day")

Heather the hoarder.

When the store's heating system malfunctions, Heather is seen wiping her face with a sweater she is folding. ("Super Hot Store") She's in the Break Room as Amy meddles in Sandra's fake relationship with Jeff and later at the talk Jeff holds in which many relationship secrets are revealed. ("Wellness Fair") Heather is at the team meeting when Glenn announces balloting for the company Integrity Award. Dina tells her to stop hoarding yogurt lids in her locker. After Garrett finds a dog in the snow, he asks Heather to get a hair dryer, blankets and towels. ("Integrity Award") Heather's in the Break Room as Dina and Garrett ask for a label for their relationship. ("Mateo's Last Day")

Heather and Elias get frisky.

She's frustrated with Cheyenne for making a mess with paper towels (while looking for Bobbie Sue) and she watches the Sturgis family photo being taken. ("Glenn's Kids") Heather's in the Break Room as Bo is introduced as a new associate and when the staff are cleaning, she's vacuuming under a sofa. Later, she watches Bo quit. ("Spring Cleaning") Heather is at Cheyenne's wedding and is seen dancing closely with Elias. ("Cheyenne's Wedding") She attends the staff meeting when Glenn talks about the raccoon but everyone wants to know who is going to be laid off. She survives the tornado and is seen outside as Jonah, Mateo and Marcus go for a drink. ("Tornado")

Season Three

Heather and Brett?

Heather listens to Glenn talk about why they survived the tornado and also listens to Amy's "fast over good" speech during the store's re-opening. ("Grand Re-Opening") Heather is crying at the memorial service for Brett. She leaves lace panties on Brett's photo suggesting they had a romantic relationship. She's at the talk in the Break Room that Glenn gives on tornadoes. ("Brett Is Dead") She's behind Jonah as he rebukes Emma for stocking items by shape. ("Part-Time Hires") Heather is behind Garrett as he and Glenn watch Ken put a blazer on a customer. ("Workplace Bullying")

Fixing Sal's peep hole.

Heather is dressed as a spider for Halloween and witnesses the discovery of Sal's dead body. She's seen in the women's bathroom repairing the hole Sal made in the wall and listens to Amy ask for Kelly's phone. ("Sal's Dead") She is at the meeting where Amy and Jonah try to fix the health fund. Heather is in Group A (who need to pay less) and is later in Group B. She watches Isaac crash into a vending machine. ("Health Fund") Heather is part of the employees drinking around the cocoa urn. ("Christmas Eve") She's seen taking down Roger and Amy's employee of the month picture. ("Viral Video") She's seen selling lipstick and with other customers. ("High Volume Store") Heather's in the Break Room as Marcus leads the staff in classifying mythical and real creatures and as Jonah and Kelly disagree over the existence of angels. ("Angels and Mermaids")

Poor Gary.

Heather puts a "cancelled" notice on the "Greet Gary the Groundhog" sign. She's among the staff as Glenn asks for a volunteer to be acting assistant manager and watches Amy's confrontation with Marcus and Tate. ("Groundhog Day") She's among the staff at the store front as Dina mentions the release of "Barbarians Gate 3" and is in the Break Room as the staff discuss the "nurse-in". ("Video Game Release") She's in the Break Room for Marcus' presentation on human cheese and when Amy and Jonah's kiss is revealed. ("Safety Training") Heather is in the Break Room for the session with Pastor Craig and she's in the group of staff pondering whether Jonah should be with Amy or Kelly. ("Amnesty") She's in the Break Room for Jeff's going away party. ("Target") She's in the Break Room to meet Laurie and for the sexism debate and later watches Mateo's terrible checkout demonstration. ("District Manager")

Dina gives me a headache.

Heather is at the store front as Glenn introduces "Local Vendors Day". She's in the Break Room when Glenn threatens to fire staff if they don't buy items from Jerusha. ("Local Vendors Day") She's in the Break Room as the staff relate their lottery dreams and later as Glenn teaches budgeting. ("Lottery") Heather watches the ultrasound of the baby Dina is carrying for Glenn and Jerusha. Kelly assigns Heather to mason jars for the gender reveal party and she attends the party. ("Gender Reveal") She's in the group photo where Dina tells her to move to the front row and watches the staff video. ("Aftermath") Heather's in the Break Room to hear Laurie announce the store will be hosting the town hall which she attends. She's also in the Warehouse for Amy and Jonah's planning session to reveal Cloud 9's policy to fire older staff. ("Town Hall")

Season Four

What are you going to do about it?

Heather is in the Break Room when Amy challenges the staff to ask any questions about her and Jonah's sex incident. ("Back To School") She's in the Break Room as Glenn shows pictures of Dina, Jerusha and himself dressed as Alvin and the Chipmunks. ("Baby Shower") Cheyenne's plan for a store carpool includes Heather and Cody riding together until Dina points out they are separated by a river. She's in the Warehouse with Janet, Gabbie and Ted and hears, but doesn't see the mock fight Amy and Jonah stage. She's at the toxic workplace meeting in the Break Room and later, when Cheyenne presents her comprehensive carpool plan. ("Toxic Work Environment") She's dressed as a hooded mummy for Halloween and is at the costume competition. ("Costume Competition") She's among the staff as Dina and Glenn leave for the hospital and Amy's water breaks. Later, she's in the Break Room as Garrett discusses what to write in the congratulations cards for Amy and Dina's babies. ("Delivery Day")

Your love is gross.

Dina tells Heather that she can't wear her Grandmother's cameo to work. She watches in disgust as seasonal worker Lonnie pees on the store floor. ("Maternity Leave") Heather is among the staff at the store front as Glenn and Dina explain the new Cloud 9 policy of making small talk with the customers. Later, she's in the Break Room as a number of the staff say how they're lying to their parents. ("New Initiative") She's in the Break Room as Sayid's citizenship is discussed. ("Managers' Conference") Heather's in the Break Room as Amy watches a training video Glenn made for her. Later, she watches as a woman eats a food sample from a man's hand. ("Shadowing Glenn") Heather's in the Break Room as Glenn announces the steps challenge and later, is encouraged by Amy to increase her steps. She's among the staff that are aghast to learn Amy vandalized the store. ("Steps Challenge")

So bored.

Heather is stuck in the store during the blizzard and to pass the time, jumps on a mini-trampoline. ("Blizzard") She's in the Break Room when Dina brings her birds to work and no one can hear Glenn's morning announcements. Later, she watches Dina's birds fly out of the store. ("Lovebirds") She listens to Glenn give his farewell speech. ("Minor Crimes") Heather is in the Break Room for Amy's first day as manager and later listens as Garrett reads on the P.A. system the details of Amy's contract as manager. ("Salary") Heather is in the Break Room as Amy makes announcements and is part of the group of staff that Amy tries several times to address complaints she secretly heard them make about her. ("Easter")

Heather's in the Break Room as Amy talks about the store's plan for Earth Day. Garrett yells to Heather that Jonah thinks he is the Bono of the store. She's part of the "Green Posse" that Jonah starts. ("Cloud Green") She listens to Garrett and Jonah argue over the P.A. ("Scanners") Heather listens to Sandra declare a union meeting while standing on top of a checkout and later, attends the meeting. ("Sandra's Fight") Heather listens to Amy announce "Employee Appreciation Day" and watches Dina accidentally smash the holographic Myrtle with a t-shirt cannon. She watches the anti-union video starring MC Cool Cloud and later, brings his basketball friends to the store. She watches Mateo being driven away by ICE agents. ("Employee Appreciation Day")


  • Heather is part of a Goof in "Health Fund". When Jonah and Amy present Group A and Group B for the Health Fund on a whiteboard, Heather is in Group A for several minutes. At 17:00 there are several quick cuts between Amy/Jonah and the staff and her name has been erased from Group A and moved to the bottom of Group B.
  • She's part of another Goof in "Aftermath". As Dina, Garrett and Glenn film Cheyenne, Joseph is seen working at the optical department behind them. At 9:35 there is a quick cut away from Joseph and a second later, Heather is now working in his place.
  • She's part of another Goof in "Costume Competition". At 21:06, as Amy and Jonah are leaving the store, Heather, who is dressed as a hooded mummy, is about to pass them. At 21:10, Heather is seen again about to pass them.
  • She has lots of friends she plays basketball with. ("Employee Appreciation Day")
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