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Chris, Alex, Cody, Justine, Henry and Marcus.
Glenn firing employees, "Tornado".

Henry was a sales associate at Cloud 9 Store #1217 in St. Louis, Missouri. He doesn't speak but is seen in numerous scenes. He is one of the six employees fired by Glenn just before a tornado hits the store but was re-hired. He is portrayed by actor Judd Laurance.

Character History

Season One

Henry walks out.

Henry first appears in the Break Room during Glenn's speech on Cloud 9's magazine "Stratus" and the pending arrival of a reporter for the magazine. ("Magazine Profile") He is part of Glenn's morning cheer. ("Shots and Salsa") He's in the Break Room laughing at the mannequin that looks like Jonah. ("Mannequin") He's in the Break Room as Glenn offers counselling after an elderly customer dies. ("Shoplifter") He's carrying toilet paper as Amy and Jonah argue on the P.A. ("Secret Shopper") He is a member of "Team Red" during the sales competition with "Team Gold". ("Color Wars") He watches Cheyenne dance when everyone is locked in the store overnight. ("All-Nighter") He is at the meeting where Dina announces she is stepping down as assistant manager and his photo is one of those on Glenn's desk as Amy evaluates who would be the best assistant manager. ("Demotion") Henry walks out in order to get Glenn his job back. ("Labor")

Season Two

Henry takes the guacamole flavored with thumb.

During the store's Olympics opening ceremony, Henry is one of those carrying the Cloud 9 flag. ("Olympics") He's in the Break Room when Jeff Sutin welcomes everyone back from the strike and later, he picks up the guacamole container with Marcus' thumb in it and re-stocks it. ("Back to Work") He's in the Break Room when Glenn announces the NRA protesters are in the store and is leaning on a check-out counter during the protest. ("Guns, Pills, and Birds") He's in the Break Room when Jeff speaks about the arrest of Kyle the Cloud 9 Cloud, is watching TV when Glenn discovers Kyle was high when committing murder and is present when Dina announces drug testing. ("Spokesman Scandal") He's in the Break Room when Glenn asks for volunteers. ("Dog Adoption Day")

Hunka, hunka burnin' love.

Henry is dressed as 1970's Elvis on Halloween and is in the group of staff who see Dina in her sexy cop outfit. ("Halloween Theft") Henry receives one of the election pamphlets made by Amy and Jonah. ("Election Day") He's in the Break Room when Glenn welcomes all the temp seasonal workers. ("Seasonal Help") Henry is among the staff when Glenn announces that they've got food poisoning. ("Black Friday") Henry takes part in the Lost & Found draw. ("Lost and Found") He watches the video on the new Cloud 9 brand SuperCloud and is in the Break Room as Sandra lies about her relationship with Jeff. ("Rebranding") Henry is on Jonah's team in the game of "taped muffin". ("Ladies' Lunch") Henry watches the sexual harassment training video. ("Valentine's Day")

Henry steals the silverware.

Henry is at the team meeting when Dina talks about the bug problem in the Break Room and Glenn announces balloting for the company Integrity Award. ("Integrity Award") Henry is at the staff meeting on Bo's first day of work and is seen cleaning a display case when Myrtle tells Mateo how long she's worked at the store. ("Spring Cleaning") Henry is at Cheyenne's wedding and is seen stealing silverware. ("Cheyenne's Wedding") He attends the staff meeting when Glenn talks about the raccoon but everyone wants to know who is going to be laid off. He is one of those fired by Glenn and survives the storm by sheltering in the Stock Room. ("Tornado")

Season Three

Henry listens to Carol's murder accusation.

Henry has been re-hired after being let go the day of the tornado and is seen helping to prepare the store for the re-opening. Dina mentions that Henry can't be around children as the reason why he can't pick up Minions costumes. ("Grand Re-Opening") Henry attends the memorial service for Brett and is seen in the Storm Shelter. He's at the talk in the Break Room that Glenn gives on tornadoes. ("Brett Is Dead") Henry's in the Break Room as Emma is introduced on her first day of work. ("Part-Time Hires") On the day the store is robbed, Henry attends Jeff's talk on the robbery and bullying and later, watches Dina and Jonah fight. ("Workplace Bullying") Henry is dressed as a rapper for Halloween and witnesses the discovery of Sal's dead body. ("Sal's Dead")

What Marcus?

Henry is in the Break Room as Jeff announces that $80,000 more sales by day end will result in the store being re-classified as "quadruple A". He's also at the Warehouse meeting and is assigned to ladies' shoes and watches as Bo buys a hot tub. ("High Volume Store") Henry is behind Garrett as he announces that the groundhog meet and greet is cancelled. ("Groundhog Day") He's among the staff at the store front as Dina mentions the release of "Barbarians Gate 3" and is in the Break Room as the staff discuss the "nurse-in". ("Video Game Release") He's in the Break Room for Marcus' presentation on human cheese. ("Safety Training") Henry is among the staff outside Glenn's Office who want to confess to past wrong doings and receive amnesty and he's in the Break Room for the session with Pastor Craig. ("Amnesty") He's behind Garrett as Mateo complains to him about his UPM score. ("District Manager") Henry is at the store front as Glenn introduces "Local Vendors Day". ("Local Vendors Day") He's in the group photo. ("Aftermath") He attends the town hall sitting in the second row behind Brett. ("Town Hall")

Season Four

You won't say nice things to my face.

Henry is at Amy's baby shower, getting food with Brett. ("Baby Shower") As Henry dusts decorative pumpkins with Jay, Garrett thinks they've been hooking up. ("Toxic Work Environment") For Halloween, Henry is dressed as an ice cream cone with a cherry hat and listens to Glenn announce the costume contest. ("Costume Competition") He's among the staff at the store front as Glenn and Dina explain the new Cloud 9 policy of making small talk with the customers. ("New Initiative") Henry is working behind Mateo as he talks to Sayid about his immigration status. ("Managers' Conference") Henry helps a customer as Garrett rolls backwards and later, passes by a "Bel-Ridge Is The Enemy" poster. ("Steps Challenge") Henry helps a customer as Jonah vents at Garrett. ("Easter") }}


  • Cheyenne mentions Henry is the store's oldest employee since Myrtle was fired. ("Town Hall")
  • Dina tells Sandra that Henry keeps a blow torch in his locker. ("Maternity Leave")
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