Yeah it does.
— Herman, "Mannequin".

Herman was an employee at Cloud 9 Store 1217. He was an older associate who wear glasses. He is portrayed by actor Thomas Ashworth.

Character History

Season One

Herman leering.

Herman is in the Break Room as Dina tells the staff not to sell multiple decongestant packs to a single customer as they could be making crystal meth with it. ("Pilot") When Jonah gets annoyed that Amy is dressing up a mannequin that looks like him in various insulting poses, Jonah buys a sex doll and dresses it up like Amy. He is caught doing this by various staff including Herman who leers at the doll and says it looks like Amy. ("Mannequin")

Season Two

When the staff get food poisoning on Black Friday, Amy says Herman will have to cover everything. Dina says that Herman hasn't worked at the store for six months. ("Black Friday")

Season Four

While trying to create a store carpool, Cheyenne includes Herman but Dina points out that he's dead. ("Toxic Work Environment")

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