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Music Cloud 9 Superstore logo.jpg Customer Interludes
Location: Cloud 9 Store 1217First Appearance: "Pilot"

S03E02-Sandra ukulele.jpg
Sandra plays ♫ Radiohead - Creep ♫ on a ukulele.
Superstore music is usually played during scene changes showing customers and their odd behaviour. It's also played during key scenes with the show characters. When songs are played is shown in each episode plot section. The original artist is noted when a generic cover of the song is played. Its first appearance is in the Season One episode "Pilot".


S03E10-Brett apple sign.jpg
   "High Volume Store"
Featuring: ♫ Usher - Yeah!

Brett puts signs on all the fruit that they improve sexual performance.

S03E10-Staff enter store.jpg
   "High Volume Store"
Featuring: ♫ Bassnectar - Now

The staff enter the store en masse determined to discourage sales and Marcus kicks a customer's shopping basket.

S03E10-Balloon drop.jpg
   "High Volume Store"
Featuring: ♫ Arrow - Hot Hot Hot

The staff hear a siren go off and run to the cash register where they learn to their horror that Bo has purchased a hot tub which puts the store's sales over $80,000. Marcus does the celebratory balloon drop.

♫ Superstore Season Three Music ♫
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