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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Kerri Kenney
First Appearance: "Golden Globes Party"
Family: Glenn Sturgis (husband), Kristen, Bobbie Sue, Timur, Leo, Zoe, T'Oliver, Jacob (foster children), Rose (daughter), Arthur and Marion Sturgis (father and mother in-law), Elias (brother)
Episode Count: 5


A lot of people are happier after they get divorced than when they were married.
— Jerusha to Amy, "Golden Globes Party".

S03E09-Jerusha w hummingbird
Jerusha portrayed by Kerri Kenney.
Jerusha Sturgis is the wife of Glenn Sturgis and the sister of Elias. She and Glenn have at least 11 foster children. ("Guns, Pills, and Birds") She started dating Glenn when she worked for his family's hardware store, Sturgis and Sons. Glenn asked her out many times and she rejected him until his father threatened to fire her if she didn't go out with his son. She is very plain spoken even about embarrassing personal details. She is portrayed by actress Kerri Kenney.

Character History

Season Three

Jerusha is first seen at the Golden Globes party at Amy's house. She hugs Amy and tells her that people are usually happier after a divorce. She then presents Amy with a needlepoint of a hummingbird which she does for many people using an animal that represents their personality. Jerusha mentions she faked heart attacks when she and Glenn were dating and it's how they ended up kissing. She introduces herself to Kelly, tells her she's dressed like a prostitute and says she's going to make her a squirrel. As she is ovulating, she and Glenn have sex in Amy's bedroom which everyone overhears. Jerusha leads a prayer before the meal. After Amy admits her party was a failure, Jerusha tries to comfort Amy with a story of a tragedy in which a woman from her church divorced, married a man from Facebook who took her money and the story ended up on Dateline. ("Golden Globes Party") Glenn tells the staff that Jerusha can't have children as her uterus is shaped like a corkscrew. ("High Volume Store")

S03E09-Glenn-Jerusha after sex
It was a big, solid oak leg.
At the store front, Glenn announces "Local Vendors Day", the store's day where small business owners can set up shop in the store. He remarks on a vendor selling needlepoint who Dina points out is Glenn's wife Jerusha. Not wanting to show bias towards her, Glenn denies she's his wife. Jerusha goes along with the ruse and Glenn calls her a "beautiful stranger". The staff start to kid Glenn that he has an open marriage and when Jerusha explains to him what this means, they jokingly threaten to call her resulting in Glenn shouting at Jerusha to not answer her phone.

S03E18-Glenn Jerusha store front
Are you cheating on Jerusha?
Jerusha presents Dina with a needlepoint of her as a stork which Dina bluntly refuses to accept. As Sandra buys an armload of Jerusha's scarfs, Jonah accuses Glenn of pressuring the staff. After Glenn vows to the staff to not pressure them anymore, Jerusha's sales plummet. She whimpers to Glenn that she's a failure as a woman because she's barren, can't needlepoint well and her hair can't hold a perm. He comforts her and promises that sales will pick up. Glenn secretly gives a customer $200 to buy items from Jerusha but the customer goes to the wrong table. In the Break Room, after Glenn yells at the staff that everyone has to buy something or he'll fire them, all of Jerusha's items are sold. She and Glenn leave the store happy and the staff are seen wearing her hats and scarves. ("Local Vendors Day")

S03E18-Jerusha Dina stork
It just really freaks me out.
Jerusha and Glenn watch the ultrasound of the baby Dina is carrying for them at an obstetrician's office. Dina isn't interested so Jerusha tries to get her to look. In the Break Room, Glenn and Jerusha show the ultrasound to the staff and Jerusha says the large head is normal. At the gender reveal party, Jerusha points out that Dina is missing. When she and Glenn cut into the cake and find it's white inside, Jerusha is confused as to what the gender is. ("Gender Reveal")

S03E20-Glenn Jerusha Dina at doctor
It's perfect!

S03E20-Glenn Jerusha at party
It's a white baby!

Season Four

In the Warehouse, a photo shoot of Dina, Glenn and Jerusha as "Alvin and the Chipmunks" is going poorly due to Dina's sour attitude. Jerusha mentions it's her favorite show and that she identifies with Simon. Glenn has Jerusha added to Amy's baby shower and Jerusha invites her pregnant friend Diane to join also, turning the shower into a large party. Jerusha makes a speech and invites others join her, so Amy interrupts and suggests opening the gifts and ending the shower. Cheyenne suggests they play games and Jerusha nearly drowns dunking for baby bottle nipples. After Glenn wins a stroller race against Bo, Jerusha congratulates and hugs him. As Jerusha sings and plays guitar, Bo raps to it. After Amy opens her presents, which were all disappointments, Jerusha points out she forgot theirs. To Amy's delight, Glenn gives her the baby car seat she's wanted. ("Baby Shower")

S04E02-Jerusha Dina Glenn photo shoot
Glenn is such a Theodore.

S04E02-Jerusha Bo sing
Yeah, slither, slither boom, yeah.

At the hospital in Dina's room, Glenn and Dina argue and are interrupted by the handsome Dr. Sidian who is attending on the floor. Smitten, Dina jokes with him and when he leaves, she wants to have Sidian deliver her baby instead of the doctor she's been seeing for nine months. Jerusha supports her and Dina asks Jerusha to go to her apartment and get numerous items that'll make her look more attractive. As Dr. Sidian examines Dina, she flirts with him and cues Glenn and Jerusha to compliment her. Jerusha says that she's never been with a woman before but would switch over for Dina. Dr. Sidian indicates Dina will need a c-section which causes her anxiety, made worse by a story from Jerusha. In the surgical bay, Jerusha holds Dina's hand and comforts her. Afterwards, Jerusha cradles her new daughter while thanking Dina. Asking for a moment alone with the baby, Jerusha is worried Dina might kidnap the baby. ("Delivery Day")

S04E05-Dina laughing at Sidian
Shaken not stirred Dr. Bond.

S04E05-Dinas music
It's my favorite song.

S04E05-Glenn Jerusha w baby
You paid me for that, so we're good.


  • Glenn mentions that she was in a train accident and was on medication for her injuries. ("Black Friday")
  • According to Glenn, she buys Chinese cigarettes on the internet ("Mateo's Last Day") and "got her legs done." ("Glenn's Kids")
  • Glenn mentions that Jerusha does a lot of line dancing ("Golden Globes Party") and she has size 15 feet. ("Salary")
  • She helps Glenn make a "special" doll for Emma's quinceañera which includes her own hair. ("Quinceañera")
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