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The Jonah-Amy Relationship (also known as Simmosa to some) is a relationship between Jonah Simms and Amy Sosa. They are shown to be married in the show's series finale.

Season One

In Pilot, Jonah doesn't realize that Amy is an employee at the store and seems a bit high-handed when helping organize inventory. When he does realize that Amy is his boss when Cheyenne Lee requests a break, he feels ashamed and tries to apologize to Amy, only further causing trouble. Eventually, he decides to plaster glow-in-the-dark stars all over the ceiling, causing Amy to be dazed and surprised when the lights go off and the glow shows.

In Magazine Profile, the journalist for the Stratus Magazine, Cynthia, is supposed to interview Glenn Sturgis, but finds him utterly boring. Jonah starts to bring up new and modern ideas, claiming that they are Glenn's to save Glenn's hide, but Cynthia seems very interested in Jonah. Amy comments later that Cynthia only likes Jonah's ideas because he is cute. Jonah is surprised and asks Amy if she thinks that he is cute, and she quickly recovers. Later, Dina Fox shows a tape of Jonah and Cynthia passionately kissing in the stock room, and Amy is one of the most prominent people who makes fun of Jonah.

In Mannequin, Amy, Mateo Liwanag, and various other employees find a mannequin that looks very much like Jonah. They start to put the mannequin in embarrassing situations, and Jonah is trying hard not to have an outburst. Instead, he decides to take revenge by finding a mannequin of Amy, but the only one he can discover is a sex doll, which causes coworkers to recoil and back away in disgust and fear.

In Shoplifter, Amy brings her daughter, Emma Dubanowski to work illegally. She hides Emma beneath the Jewelry Counter so nobody sees her. But Glenn and Dina demand Amy's service, and she is gone for a very long time. When she returns, Emma and Jonah are playing video games, and she seems pleased on how well they are together.

In Secret Shopper, Amy feels that Jonah is being a bit stuck-up and braggadocios after acing the employee test. When Amy moves bags of charcoal to the patio, Jonah remarks that they are actually supposed to be in the Grocery Section and moves them. Amy thinks that Jonah is being irrational and demands that he reports to the patio over the intercom. Jonah gets on the other line and the two get into a fierce argument, ending with Amy screaming hateful names into the intercom and slamming it down, ending the rant. Later, Jonah walks into the stock room to apologize. Amy is being sullen and uncooperative, but both start to let loose as they drive the forklift, and later make up.

In Color Wars, Jonah tries to sell an expensive grill to a customer, who is actually Adam Dubanowski, Amy's spouse. When Amy comes to persuade Adam that money is too tight for a shopping spree, Jonah quickly slips out of the vicinity as Amy and Adam start to argue.

In Labor, Jonah and Amy discuss Unionizing in the Stock Room. Amy seems opposed to the idea, and she and Jonah start to raise their voices, but when they realize that Cheyenne is giving birth to Harmonica Thompson, they divert their attention to Cheyenne's contractions and hustle out. When Glenn discovers Cloud 9 is too cheap to give their employees Maternity Leave, he gives Cheyenne almost an identical thing- Weeks of paid suspension. This causes Glenn to get fired, to the chagrin of many employees. Amy and Jonah lead a walk out to support Glenn and rights for workers, irate at the firing.

Season Two

In Strike, Jonah and Amy try to negotiate with the district manager, Jeff Sutin, to no avail. They start to bring more people to the strike and are leading the rebellion. As the day goes on, the strikers are weary, and Dina starts to scare everyone with a dangerous pressure washer that she does not hesitate using. The strike slowly loses momentum and support, until Amy and Jonah are the only ones left striking as the sun goes down. They both agree to end the strike for now and walk inside together.

In Back To Work, Amy and Jonah try to start telling Jeff their grievances. But Jeff slyly dodges the questions and asks everyone to tell him their comments later after he gets a look around the store.

In Spokesman Scandal, Amy and Jonah defend their pride, claiming that they each aren't chickens. Then, they challenge each other to dares. First, Amy dresses up as Kyle the Cloud 9 Cloud's costume, which is a red flag for danger, since Kyle turned out to be a cannibal. Then, Jonah is forced to stay in an industrial freezer. After that, Jonah dares Amy to sing "Charles in Charge" over the intercom in both English and Spanish. After a day of dares, the final one is Amy daring Jonah to only wear an apron in the store.

In Election Day, Jonah brings his girlfriend Naomi into the store and introduces her to Amy, who is clearly jealous. Amy detaches herself from the situation and bids Jonah and Naomi good-bye.

In Lost and Found, Amy discovers a wad of cash in one of the lost and found items. Jonah motivates her to use the money for herself, but word gets out that Amy might use the money to help everyone convert the break room into a more comfortable and lavish area. Too kind to let everyone down, Amy purchases many comfort items, although when Sandra Kaluiokalani tracks down the real owner of the money, they are forced to return the items.

In Rebranding, Jonah's college friend Rex swings by and meets Jonah on accident. Amy, thrilled, grills Rex with Garrett McNeill on any antics that Jonah did in college, and Rex spills lots of stories to her, making Jonah feel uncomfortable and evasive.

In Ladies' Lunch, Marcus challenges Jonah to a contest, and the winner gets Amy when Amy divorces Adam. Jonah finds this highly offensive, and turns irate when Marcus wins, accidentally letting it slip that he likes Amy. Jonah quickly tries to cover up his tracks, but luckily, Amy is too drunk to notice.

In Super Hot Store, Amy and Marcus start to get in a fight. Amy demands that Marcus clean up a spill, while Marcus refuses. Later, Amy asks Jonah to help. At first, Jonah is just the negotiator, but then turns nasty and defends Amy. Things get verbal when Marcus starts to shout and Jonah screams that Marcus is fired. Of course, Jonah doesn't have the authority to do this, but Amy, the floor supervisor, does it for him and fires Marcus, who gets all of the warehouse workers to walk out in support of him.

In Integrity Award, Jonah goes with Amy and helps Amy's parents pack things up before they move. Amy is first opposed to this, but Jonah is able to catch a ride with her, and asks Amy's parents to tell him cute things that Amy did when she was a child. Amy, embarrassed, asks Jonah to leave with her, and they have a grand old time in the truck, so much so that Amy hangs up a call from Adam in order to spend more time with Jonah.

In Glenn's Kids, Jonah and one of Glenn's foster children, Kristen, have a mutual attraction. Glenn does not support this and tries to covertly sabotage their relationship. But being the nice person that he is, he can't quite muster the evilness to do so and enlists Amy, who feeds lies to Kristen about bad things that Jonah has done, and causes Kristen to reconsider her choice. But in the end, Amy and Glenn's antics are uncovered and Kristin and Jonah date anyways.

In Cheyenne's Wedding, Jonah comes with Kristen and Amy comes with Adam. Before Cheyenne and Bo get married, the two couples meet and Jonah acts very awkward, seeming weird around Adam and almost abandoning Kristen. Near the end of the wedding, Adam leaves early and Kristen breaks up with Jonah. Amy and Jonah sit together on a bench outside, and Jonah, in the heat of the moment, calls Amy sexy, which surprises her.

In Tornado, Amy and Jonah hide under a countertop in the Pharmacy. When the tornado hits, they make out under the table and act awkward and odd around each other when they emerge from the tornado, unscathed.

Season Three

In Grand Re-Opening, Amy avoids Jonah all day, determined to not speak about their kiss during the tornado. But eventually, the two are forced to and stand together in Minions Costumes, and Amy admits that she plans to break up with Adam. Amy And Jonah Start It Up

In Part-Time Hires, Amy brings Emma into the store, who will be working there part-time. When Emma is more interested in texting her friends and Dad than working, Amy isn't amused and directs her to help out, but this just causes tension, while when Amy lets Emma off the hook, Emma's half-done work just causes problems (for instance, Justine falls after Emma stops mopping the floor). Amy is worried about being a bad parent and asks Jonah for help, saying that he can be strict with her. Jonah tries this out, but Glenn defends Emma and forces Jonah away.

In Sal's Dead, Amy accidentally sets up a date for Jonah and coworker Kelly when Amy is using Jonah's phone. Because Jonah doesn't know about this date, he acts clueless around Kelly, who acts sweet, but then throws a tantrum and pulls out a knife to stab Jonah, claiming that he is playing "Mind games" with her. Amy tries to cajole Kelly not to, but Kelly stabs Jonah anyway. When it turns out that everything is all a Halloween Prank, Kelly and Amy talk, and Amy is unsettled when Kelly hints that she might try to date Jonah.

In Health Fund, Amy and Jonah partner up to create an excellent and fair insurance plan for Cloud 9 employees. When things spiral out of hand after unintentional inequality and demands, Jonah and Amy relieve themselves from stress by talking drinks in the storm shelter. Out of nowhere, Kelly comes up and joins them, and once again, Amy doesn't seem to appreciate Kelly with Jonah.

In Viral Video, many employees are looking at Kelly's Instagram page and are amused by her videos. Amy peeks over Janet's shoulder to watch the video and is shocked when she notices that Jonah and Kelly are dating. Amy interrogates Jonah, and eventually, a frustrated Jonah bets Amy that she couldn't make an Instagram Video that would get 100 likes by the end of the day- Loser of the bet would have to clean out the rat traps. Amy agrees and makes many boring videos until one takes the attention of the media because it shows Cloud 9's rat problem. Amy gets a talking to while Jonah and Kelly clean out the traps together.

In Groundhog Day, Cheyenne and Mateo convince Amy to get back into the dating pool. They begin rating employees, saying that Amy is low on the totem pole. She goes around asking peoples opinion of her, she approaches Jonah who cuts her off to talk to Kelly, making Amy shy away from asking him. Multiple employees get into an argument over Amy's dating life, in which Jonah learns that she hooked up with Tate. The scene cuts to Jonah and Kelly's intercom skit where Jonah is distracted.

In Video Game Release, Amy and Jonah both explore the building by using secret passages they found in blueprints of the structure. They eventually reach a room with all of the discontinued products. They start playing a board game reminisce about Jonah's first day. He tells her that even though she use to hate him, one day she might like him and she stares at him longingly. Later on, Amy admits to Dina that she has a crush on Jonah.

In Safety Training, everyone is shocked when a video of Amy and Jonah kissing during the tornado. In the next episode, Amnesty, the staff tease them mercilessly and Kelly feels left out, confused, and a little bit mad. Amy and Jonah realize that the only way to stop the teasing is to support it, and they make a big show of pretending to kiss each other, making their main tormentors bored. But they get too into the performance and actually kiss each other, lips connecting and all. Glenn and Dina call a meeting, where Jonah discovers that Amy has had a crush on him, making Jonah surprised and the employees thrilled for more drama. Near the end of the episode, Jonah feels sorry for Kelly and says that they should move in together.

In Lottery, Jonah and Amy go over to a golf course to negotiate a raise for Amy to Laurie. Everything heads south once they accidentally smash Laurie's torso with a golf cart, and she refuses to give Amy what she wants. The two drink afterwards and Jonah helps Amy use a golf club, both laughing and joking around as evening passes into night.

In Gender Reveal, Amy realizes that she might actually be pregnant, and the test shows a positive. Bewildered, stressed, and overwhelmed, she goes up to Jonah in the stock room and they kiss, Amy afterward revealing that she is pregnant.

In Aftermath, the tables have turned from the year before and now Jonah purposefully avoids Amy and instead overcompensates his feelings for Kelly. At the end of the episode, Jonah and Amy are alone in the break room. They get into an argument and start to hurl snarky comments, vicious assumptions, and tidbits of insults at each other before both go their separate ways, seething.

In Town Hall, Amy and Jonah clean up after the town hall and put all of the decorations into the photo lab. Unaware that Garrett's camera will be broadcasting their every move to all of the world's Cloud 9 stores, the two kiss and have sex with the whole world watching after they agree on a fresh start.

Season Four

In Back To School, when Amy and Jonah start the year, they turn out to be not dating. People are surprised by this news, Sandra Kaluiokalani even commenting that they are "Soulmates" and that they should start dating. Jonah and Amy, however, don't think that Sandra is correct and answer a Q and A from the staff. As everyone leaves, they kiss in the parking lot and it is evident that they are actually secretly together.

In Toxic Work Environment, Amy and Jonah think that people are starting to suspect that they are together. So to deflect suspicion, they stage fake arguments, making noises that sound like violence and spewing swear words at each other, convincing their colleagues that they are actually very bitter towards each other.

In Costume Competition, Amy really needs the money that comes from the competition. Jonah, who is supposed to count the votes, fudges the results in Amy's Favor, even though that she is not the rightful winner.

In Delivery Day, Amy goes into labor. She realizes that Cloud 9 does not give floor workers good health insurance and has to switch to a dank, ominous clinic overflowing with people. Jonah helps her birth her baby and is just as happy as Adam, who is the biological father.

In New Initiative, Jonah's parents swing by. It turns out that Jonah has been feeding them a lie that he is going to a medical school, and Amy starts to help him protect the secret, going so far as to bean Glenn with a yam from a produce bin in order to hush him up. Afterwards, Jonah and Amy come to the epiphany that there is really no reason to hide their relationship and publicly announce it, but the staff have already assumed this and the reaction is anticlimactic.

In Managers' Conference, Amy and Jonah go to the manager's conference and firsthand witness how management live in luxury, getting free drinks and technology, and also hear radical views from conceited corporate workers who do not appreciate the hard work that floor workers do.

In Blizzard, Jonah and Amy sleep together while they are locked in the store.

In Easter, Jonah and Amy use Dina's cameras to spy on what employees in the break room are saying. Amy hears complaints, mainly from Mateo, about Amy's behavior, but when Amy rectifies the nuisances, Mateo is instead confused and weirded-out.

In Quinceañera, Amy invites Jonah to Emma's quinceañera. This is a bad idea. Jonah makes a fool of himself and steals the show, taking control of the dancing and accidentally stepping onto the Runway as Emma walks down.

In CLOUD9FAIL, Jonah and Amy send out photos to social media about many disgusting and bad things that happen in the store. When Luanne, a person from corporate comes into the store to investigate, Carol claims to her that Sandra has done it to get back at Sandra for stealing her boyfriend. Amy and Jonah try to tell Luanne that this is a lie, but Sandra becomes a pro-union mascot, so it is not needed.

Season Five

In Self Care, Amy is exhausted, so Jonah and Cheyenne Lee convert the storm shelter into a place for her to take naps for the day. Amy appreciates their help, but this sleeping on the job business is consequential, and the store gets a lower grade on its report card because of this.

In Trick Or Treat, Kelly returns after being transferred to drop off Union Cards. When Maya, the District Manager, comes, Amy quickly lies and says that Kelly and Jonah are dating so Maya wouldn't get a shady feeling. But it didn't make any difference, because a small slip-up caused Maya to accidentally discover the Union Cards anyway.

In Toy Drive, Jonah helps Amy defend her pride when a person from the St. Louis Samaritans comes and accuses Amy of being a bad manager after she words her email incorrectly.

In Negotiations, Jonah and Amy are worried about the Union negotiation happening with corporate later that day. Amy calls him after receiving a text message saying that Georgia, the Union negotiator, was hurt, and convinces him and Sandra to continue without her. Jonah finishes the call by saying he loves her. After the negotiation is over, the employees are at the store celebrating that they became unionized. Amy and Jonah are talking at a checkout lane and their kiss is interrupted by Maya calling. Amy calls her back and gets the news that Cloud 9 was bought out by another company and that corporate was instructed to accept the Union because the new parent company didn’t have to recognize the contract.

In Myrtle, Jonah feels guilty when Myrtle gives him a thousand dollars from her will, even though they weren't even close. Jonah gives the money to Glenn, who gives it to Pastor Craig for religious reasons. Amy tries to help Jonah persuade Glenn that it isn't a smart way to use the money, but they are fighting a losing battle and Glenn doesn't demand the money back.

In Playdate, when Parker comes to work, it is shown that Jonah is like Parker's father. This is especially evident when Jonah is one of the main people cheering on Parker when he and Glenn's child, Rose, battle each other in an obstacle course.

In California Part One, Amy accepts a job opportunity for Zephra in California. Jonah is at first sad, but then he declares that he will go with Amy and that they will venture to California together.

Season Six

In California Part 2, Amy tells Dina that one of her favorite rings is gone and that she suspects Jonah swiped it so he could learn Amy's ring size. Amy shows reluctance when the idea of a proposal from Jonah comes up. Later, Amy confronts Jonah about her suspicions, and Jonah admits that he wanted to propose to her. Amy says that she doesn't know if she wants them to be married yet, but Jonah rattles off a list of good points on why they should. Eventually, pressured by Jonah, Amy admits that she doesn't want to, and right before she leaves for California, they break up.

In All Sales Final, Amy tells Dina and Cheyenne that she thinks she made a mistake not marrying Jonah. She tells him that she knows she made a mistake but she now knows what she wants, to which he replies that he does not. Eventually, after a heartfelt speech, the two kiss. In a flash forward, they are shown to be married and raising Amy's kids and their son together.

Status: Married