Generic nametag Jonah Simms Cloud 9 Superstore logo Sales Associate

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Ben Feldman
First Appearance: "Pilot"
Nicknames: Mr. 100, Iceman, Va-Jonah, J-Bone
Family: Richard and Marilyn (Father and Mother)
Episode Count: All


He looks like a panda and a Disney princess had a baby.
— Glenn, "Magazine Profile".

S02E06-Jonah Brexit
Jonah portrayed by Ben Feldman.
Jonah Simms is a sales associate at Cloud 9 Store #1217 in St. Louis, Missouri. He is an optimistic and helpful worker, who always tries to find the "moments of beauty" in every day. However, he can be immature, a know-it-all and comes from a rich family. Jonah was born in 1988 (he mentions he is 28 in "Secret Shopper"). He is portrayed by actor Ben Feldman.

Character History

Season One

My point is, there are people who do nothing and there are people who do something, and I am one of those people. The something group.

–Jonah, "Shots and Salsa".

Season Overview

Jonah is hired by Dina who is attracted to him and she continually flirts with him. He encounters Amy, is attracted to her and embarrasses himself a number of times in front of her. Glenn welcomes new employees Jonah and Mateo to the store. After Jonah makes a major pricing mistake, the staff are gathered in the Break Room to review what can be learned from the error. Jonah surprises Amy with a ceiling show to break up the daily monotony. When Cloud 9 magazine reporter Cynthia visits the store, Jonah tries to help Glenn make a good impression but upstages Glenn so much that Cynthia has a fling with Jonah. Jonah is taken advantage of by store pharmacist Tate to the point that Tate has Jonah performs many medical duties he isn't trained for. Amy teases Jonah by posing a mannequin that looks like Jonah various ways and when Jonah tries to get her back, he embarrasses himself. When Amy brings her daughter Emma to work, Jonah takes care of her and helps her through her first period. After destroying the Warehouse, Jonah and Amy reveal details about their lives to each other. Jonah meets Amy's husband Adam during the store sales competition and ends up selling him items he can't afford. When locked in the store all night, Dina invites Jonah to the Photo Lab and propositions him but he says no due to her being assistantb manager. Dina resigns from management and asks Jonah out. After he is involved in a forced kiss with Dina, he plays a phone message for her saying he doesn't want to date her. Jonah is upset Cheyenne doesn't get paid maternity leave and after Glenn is fired for giving her paid "suspension" he and Amy organize a walk out of the staff in protest.

"Pilot": Jonah races shopping carts with Glenn and Garrett. His ceiling stars help create a romantic mood that results in Cheyenne accepting Bo's wedding proposal.

"Magazine Profile": A reporter, Cynthia, from corporate magazine "Stratus" comes to the store. Jonah impresses the reporter which has a negative impact on Glenn. Cynthia comes onto to Jonah in the Stock Room and Jonah goes to her motel room after his shift is done.

"Shots and Salsa": Jonah believes that he is a helpful person and to demonstrate, offers to help Tate the pharmacist carry some flu shot boxes. Tate takes full advantage and tells Jonah to retrieve more boxes while he gets a coffee. At the Pharmacy, Tate is bragging to Jonah, makes him his assistant and tells him to prep the first patient. Tate leaves and tells Jonah to give a biker his flu shot. Jonah sterilizes the arm of the biker and with shaking hands, tries to give him the shot. The biker yells at him and is then seen running out, holding his arm and crying. An elderly woman in the line-up asks Jonah how much longer the wait will be. He brings her to the front of the line and when other customers protest, she makes a racist remark. After watching a training video on racism, there's only one flu shot left and many customers so Tate abandons Jonah. His shift over, Jonah backs away from the angry pharmacy customers and leaves. Dina plays guitar and sings a Mexican love song at a salsa sample booth while looking suggestively at Jonah to the point he is uncomfortable. In the parking lot, Amy is sitting at a patio set eating salsa and chips and is joined by Jonah.

"Mannequin": The staff are enjoying a rest in the Break Room and Jonah says he feels like he is fitting in. However, he manages to unintentionally insult Garrett's disability and implies Amy looks pregnant. As Cheyenne talks about how hard it is to work while pregnant and how she got pregnant because she couldn't get a ride to planned parenthood, Jonah offers her a ride in the future which prompts Glenn to express his abortion views. This starts an argument with Dina which Jonah watches, wishing he'd never started talking. In the store, Garrett and Amy look at a mannequin which they think looks like Jonah. Jonah thinks it looks like Tom Cruise so they tease him about his ego. In the Break Room, the staff have dressed the mannequin to look like Jonah complete with vest and name tag. They affect Jonah's mannerisms and sayings with the mannequin and though he tries to join in the fun, it falls flat. After Jonah calls Amy the "responsible one", she re-doubles her efforts to prank him and to show she is fun. She dresses the mannequin in various costumes and poses. Jonah finally snaps and carries the mannequin into the Stock Room and tries to destroy it in a compacter. In the Stock Room, Jonah has over-loaded the compacter which has tripped the alarm. Glenn sees the mannequin legs sticking out and freaks out thinking Jonah has put a person in. Jonah tries a feeble prank with a blonde mannequin. Garrett and Amy catch Jonah in the Break Room dressing up a sex doll that looks like Amy. The doll is partially naked and Jonah looks like a pervert. In the parking lot, Jonah says he knows why Amy was dressing up the mannequins - it was an initiation.

"Shoplifter": Garrett and Jonah find an old man, Charles, asleep on one of the store's couches. They try their best to wake him and find that he is dead. Jonah is loading cans and is told by a girl he's doing it wrong. The girl is Amy's daughter, Emma who's at the store because her babysitter cancelled. Jonah watches Emma and keeps her hidden. Emma goes to the bathroom and Jonah finds she's had her first period so he helps her out while trying to find the right aids to use. Later, Jonah and Emma are playing a video game and she casually mentions Jonah taught her to use a maxipad.

"Secret Shopper": With word that a secret shopper will visit the store, Jonah tells everyone he achieved a perfect score on the corporate test. Amy asks Jonah to stock charcoal in the Patio department but he points out that corporate wants this in Grocery. Jonah stacks charcoal in Grocery while Glenn worries about the secret shopper. Amy asks Jonah why he disobeyed her and Glenn vouches for putting charcoal in Grocery not wanting to make any mistakes. Mateo says Jonah might be the secret shopper so Glenn calls him into his office and laughs nervously at him. He asks a bewildered Jonah if he is in trouble and then asks for a raise which Jonah says he deserves. Glenn is overjoyed and shares sour candy with Jonah. Over the P.A. system, Amy asks Jonah to report to Patio and they proceed to have an argument over the P.A. for all to hear. In the Warehouse, Jonah seeks an apology from Amy and tries to help her operate a forklift. They end up bringing down the shelving and share some personal details. Jonah accidentally looses the forklift into the store where it chases Mateo.

"Color Wars": During the store's sales competition, Jonah is having a hard time selling customers things they don’t need so Amy takes him aside to tell him the Red team knows about the $100 prize and he needs to step it up. Following Amy's direction, Jonah chats with a man who is checking out an expensive BBQ. He calls his wife who turns out to be Amy, though Jonah doesn't know this. Amy doesn't have time to talk to Adam so Jonah points out that he tried to tell her about the buying the BBQ and convinces him to make the purchase. Adam shows Jonah his real-time BBQ Youtube channel which leads Jonah to convince him to also buy a new TV. Jonah tells Amy that he's sold $2000 of merchandise though Amy doesn't know her husband is the purchaser. At the checkout, Garrett points out to Jonah that the BBQ purchaser is Amy's husband. Jonah tries to talk Adam out of his purchases and offers to pay for them himself until Amy catches them. Adam and Amy argue and Jonah slips away. At the party for the winning team, Amy opens up to Jonah about her marriage.

"Wedding Day Sale": While shopping for their wedding, Bo gets scared and runs off. To take Cheyenne's mind off Bo, Jonah and Garrett help her shop for wedding items but become competitive over the item selection. Garrett likes traditional items while Jonah likes the opposite. Jonah and Garrett argue over a green or white wedding dress but Cheyenne backs away and finds a dress on her own.

"All-Nighter": When locked in the store all night, Jonah gets an anonymous text to go to the Photo Lab. He finds Dina there, made up and in a tight dress. Dina shows Jonah a memo from corporate and closes her eyes expecting a kiss. Jonah says he doesn't want to date his boss and lies that if she wasn't management he would. Dina is disappointed but understands. Jonah catches Amy walking on a checkout belt and she tells him she got into a good college but got pregnant and had to support her family. In the bathroom, Jonah gives Amy some water while she mentions she doesn't regret getting married. About to mention what she does regret, she throws up again while Jonah holds her hair. Morning comes and the doors unlock. Amy tells Jonah she's going to her college mid-term hung over and on no sleep.

"Demotion": At the store front, Glenn has a morning meeting with the staff. Garrett asks Jonah about the glances Dina keeps giving him. Jonah confides that Dina propositioned him in the Photo Lab and he turned her down by saying he doesn't feel comfortable dating a manager. Dina announces she is stepping down as assistant manager to pursue "personal matters" and Jonah realizes his rejection excuse has backfired. In the Break Room, Garrett loudly asks Jonah if he knows what Dina's personal matters are. He fakes ignorance and as everyone speculates. Jonah approaches Dina at the makeup counter but before he can say he's not interested in a relationship, she asks him to her place for dinner. She then says her grandma died and before Jonah can interject she confesses that she thought he was stringing her along and that he'd be crazy if he did. Jonah laughs uncomfortably but can't muster the courage to let her how he really feels. Jonah is working a checkout counter when Dina shows up with items to buy for their date. They include risotto, chocolate and two boxes of condoms. Jonah stares at her in shock. Jonah asks Dina for a talk in private. In the dressing rooms, Jonah tries to play a recorded message on his phone to tell Dina how he feels. He plays the wrong file and Dina kisses him. He drops his phone which then plays the breakup message and Dina walks out. In the parking lot, Jonah catches Dina at her truck and apologies but Dina isn't bothered by what happened. Jonah is surprised but then Marcus shows up - he's going to Dina's for dinner.

"Labor": The day after Cheyenne has false labor in the store, Jonah convinces Amy they should call corporate and ask about paid maternity leave. They call and employee services says no but when Jonah mentions that other companies with unions do have it, they are told that someone will be visiting the store first thing in the morning. Steve, a labor relations consultant has a session with the staff the next morning. Jonah tries to ask about paid maternity leave but Steve deflects his question. At the end of Steve's presentation, Jonah again tries to ask about paid maternity leave to which Steve replies with glib answers. In the Break Room, Jonah complains about Steve’s session and gets the staff to air their grievances against Cloud 9. He proposes forming a union but is greeted with shock and apathy. After Glenn is fired for giving Cheyenne 6 weeks paid "suspension" for having her baby in the store, Jonah and Amy lead a walk-out of the staff.

Season Two

With a little effort, it's not that hard to get people to like you.

–Jonah, "Back to Work".

Season Overview

The attraction between Jonah and Amy grows during his second year at the store. After he and Amy lead a walk out in protest over Glenn losing his job, they are the staff representation in dealing with district manager Jeff Sutin. They lead the staff in a strike but ultimately go back to work and get Glenn his job back. Jonah tries to help Dina improve her relations with her co-workers but isn't successful. Over his objections, Jonah is forced to work the gun counter and this results in an NRA protest in the store. He and Amy have a series of increasingly edgy dares that ends when Jonah walks into the store wearing only an apron and is caught by Adam. Mateo continues to be competitive with Jonah but they make a good team when running a dog adoption station. During the 2016 election, he and Amy team up to get a pro-worker candidate elected and he introduces her to his girlfriend Naomi. Jonah's gambling addiction is revealed when he creates a betting pool on which seasonal worker will quit first. When Amy finds money, Jonah tries to get her to pamper herself but isn't successful. He put his schooling on deferment but later found out that it had lapsed. Jonah can't mediate a dispute between Amy and Marcus. He and Glenn openly argue about abortion in the store during the Wellness Fair. He starts dating Glenn's daughter Kristen but she breaks up with him when she sees he has unresolved feelings for Amy. When a tornado hits the store, Jonah and Amy shelter in the Pharmacy and they kiss. They both survive and Amy leaves with her family.

"Olympics": Mateo complains to Jonah that Asian Americans can't vote. Jonah is confused when Mateo talks about the "Green Card Store" and it dawns on Mateo that he may be an illegal alien. When Glenn goes to great lengths to show Mateo the USA is the best country in the world, Jonah teaches Glenn that the Olympic spirit is about countries understanding each other. Cheyenne is showing some staff Missy Jones' "dream card" technique but she is espousing that anything written on a card will come true. Amy and Jonah interrupt and try to inject some realism.

"Strike": After the staff walk out in protest over Glenn being fired, district manager Jeff Sutin comes to the store. He has Dina asks Jonah and Amy to meet in the Break Room. Amy and Jonah talk to the staff and he suggests that they ask for more than getting Glenn his job back. Jonah and Amy march into the store and change into business suits. After meeting with Jeff, he mocks the walkout which results in Amy and Jonah leaving and announcing a strike to the staff. The next day, Amy and Jonah admire the staff in a picket line, dressed in red "Boycott Cloud 9" shirts. Garrett tells Jonah that he plans to have sex with Nikki and try and teach her tolerance. The strike peters out until only Amy and Jonah are left. They agree to end the strike...for now.

"Back to Work": Jonah and Amy are clocking in, discouraged over being back at work. Glenn is glad that corporate is gone until Jonah points out that district manager Jeff Sutin is still on site. In the store, Jonah and Amy start talking to Jeff about grievances but he interrupts them and says he wants to see the store at normal operations and then they can talk about how everyone can improve. Staff are still angry at Dina for not siding with them in the strike so Jonah offers to help Dina get the staff to like her more. Jeff asks Amy to gather the staff in the Break Room which delays them from looking for Marcus' thumb. He says that things look good in the store and asks what corporate can do better. Jonah tries to make suggestions a number of times but Amy cuts him off pretending she wants to get back to work but really wanting to find the thumb. Dina stands up and reads an apology letter Jonah wrote but she hasn't read it before. Dina finds the apology letter weak and criticizes it to everyone's confusion. She ends up saying she's not sorry and insulting everyone. She tells Jonah that she doesn't need to be liked and doesn't care if he or others do have that need.

"Guns, Pills, and Birds": In the Break Room, Amy is handing out shift assignments and Jonah gets the gun counter. He morally objects to the assignment but Amy won't change it. At the gun counter, Jonah serves his first customer but is very uncomfortable, drops a pistol and ammo, screams "gun!" and ducks for cover. Jonah's next customer is a deranged man. He seeks advice from Amy and as they watch him talk to a mannequin, she agrees he shouldn't get a gun. A very calm man asks to see a bolt-action rifle which Jonah is about to give him until he learns the man has just been laid off. He denies him service even though the man seems to have no intention of taking action against his former workplace. The calm gun customer complains to Amy about Jonah. Amy tries to get Jonah to be more reasonable in dealing with the customers but he refuses. Jonah refuses to sell to another customer who says he's calling the NRA. Garrett finds out from Jonah that he is in part refusing service to get back at Amy for assigning him to the gun counter. A large group of NRA protesters with guns enters the store. In the Break Room, Dina explains the situation and everyone blames Jonah for denying so many people service at the gun counter. At the store front, the customer who threatened to call the NRA is standing on a check-out counter and speaking to the NRA protesters. He decries Jonah's actions which prompts Jonah to also stand on a check-out counter and defend his right to free speech. Jonah offers to work the gun counter properly. Amy realizes his offer is because he feels sorry for her so she doesn't want him to work the counter and they start arguing.

"Spokesman Scandal": After Cloud 9's corporate spokesman Kyle the Cloud 9 Cloud is arrested for murder, many Kyle items need to be removed from the store including a mural which Amy and Jonah paint over. In the Stock Room, Jonah and Amy are throwing away more Kyle items including an outfit. Jonah dares Amy to wear it into the store and when she refuses, calls her a chicken. She relents and walks into the store to the horror of the customers. Glenn tells Amy and Jonah that Kyle was killing people because he was high. They say that if this were true, half the employees would be killers. Amy has dared Jonah to stay in a freezer. Jonah now dares Amy to sing the theme song from "Charles in Charge" over the P.A. system in both English and Spanish. Amy and Jonah ride a kayak on wheels through the store and tell Jeff they are product testing. The final dare has Jonah wearing only an apron into the store. He shows Amy but doesn't notice her husband Adam is with her until it's too late.

"Dog Adoption Day": In the Break Room, Glenn asks for two volunteers and Mateo immediately raises his hand. Jonah reluctantly volunteers and Glenn announces that they will run a dog adoption center which evokes jealousy from everyone. Jonah says he'll switch as he thinks people spend too much money on pets. Mateo starts his usual competitiveness with Jonah and tries to embarrass Jonah in front of Lydia from the dog shelter. Lydia gets set to leave and tells Mateo and Jonah that any dogs not adopted will be killed. They decide to put aside their differences to get all the dogs adopted. Jonah and Mateo's first ploy is to hear details of a woman's deceased husband and then convince her that a dog is her husband re-incarnated. Jonah and Mateo's next ploy is that the dogs worked with celebrities. Seeing success at the dog adoption, Jonah relates some experiences which Mateo one-ups. Lydia returns to find all the dogs have been adopted and Mateo is still one-upping Jonah.

"Halloween Theft": During Halloween, Jonah and Garrett are talking about Dina's costume, trying not to mention her large breasts. Amy, Jonah and Glenn are handing out candy to kids when Dina interrupts and gives a wildly excessive warning to the parents about their kids accepting candy from strangers. Jonah and Amy distract her by lying that they saw "sketchy types" heading for the Warehouse. Jonah is assigned to the jewellery counter with Cheyenne and they start to bond by gossiping about staff members. Dina interrogates staff over stolen irregular produce and when she gets to Jonah, he asks himself questions. Cheyenne tells Jonah that the staff thinks he has a crush on Amy which he tries to deny. Amy meets Jonah in the Break Room and is depressed that Emma isn't going trick or treating. Behind Amy's back, Elias is making suggestive hand gestures at Jonah. Amy, Dina and Garrett agree to go with Jonah to see "Nosferatu".

"Election Day": On election day 2016, Jonah and Amy enter the Break Room to find election pamphlets from Cloud 9 corporate. In Glenn's Office, they complain to him that the pamphlets tell the workers to vote for a pro-business candidate and derides one who is pro-worker. Amy and Jonah show the pamphlet to Garrett who doesn't care and find Marcus likes the pro-business candidate because he can relate to simple platitudes. Amy and Jonah decide to create their own pamphlet. Amy and Jonah deliberate over the font to use in their pamphlets while Garrett mocks them. At a staff gathering, Amy and Jonah hand out their pamphlet and encourage the staff to vote for the pro-worker candidate. They approach more staff including those in the Warehouse and watch as they vote pro-worker. Amy and Jonah have a break and are practicing their Brooklyn accents. They complement each other and are having a good time. Amy is relating a story to Jonah when they are interrupted by an attractive woman who Jonah introduces as Naomi, whom he is dating. Jonah says he'll have to hand out pamphlets later and Amy appears a bit put off. Naomi leaves the store and Jonah goes back to help Amy with the pamphlets. However, she now has Marcus taking Jonah's place.

"Seasonal Help": As Jonah is hanging Christmas decorations he meets Amy's husband Adam. His BBQ business has failed so Jonah suggests he apply as a seasonal temp at the store. This displeases Amy. Jonah is talked into betting which seasonal temp worker will quit first. He wins the bet on Rashface which fuels a past gambling problem. He creates a betting pool on which temp will quit next and bets on Isaac. He then actively starts to try and make Isaac quit which prompts other staff to do the same with the temps they bet on. Jonah wins and is counting his winnings until he learns from Glenn that the temps are hired from Glenn's church's last chance program which turns his glee into guilt. Jonah catches up to Isaac in the parking lot and gives him the $200 pool winnings. Isaac seems genuinely moved. Jonah than overhears Isaac calling his uncle and asking how much crystal (meth) he can buy with the money.

"Black Friday": It's 3:00am and the associates are eating pot-luck while Jonah films his first Black Friday. Jonah films Amy taking inventory when she becomes nauseated and leaves. Amy goes to the Pharmacy to get a pregnancy test from Tate who is teasing her when Jonah happens to film and overhear them. Jonah is waiting for Amy when she comes out of the bathroom. She's not pregnant and he doesn't know how to react. Suddenly Jonah runs to the bathroom and Dina is close behind. Later, Jonah runs into the bathroom and finds Amy is in the next stall. Jonah tries to make conversation but Amy tells him they don't have to. Both sit uncomfortably on the toilet. Amy tells Jonah she's relieved she's not pregnant. They are both waiting for the other to go to the bathroom. Jonah films the staff in the Break Room nursing their sickness until Brett throws away his camera. Everyone in the Break Room starts arguing over who poisoned them and as Jonah tries to rally everyone, Glenn very uncharacteristically curses at him and everyone and tells them to shut up.

"Lost and Found": In the Warehouse, the staff are gathered around the lost and found bin. Amy draws a beautiful leather jacket which Mateo clearly wants so she trades it for the cargo shorts he drew. Amy is on the phone arguing with her husband Adam when Jonah models the cargo pants for her. Jonah starts to empty the pockets joking that the items are Amy's and are surprised to pull out a wad of cash. Amy wants to spend the money on necessities for her family until Jonah convinces her to pamper herself. Amy and Jonah enter the Break Room to be greeted by everyone wanting to know about the money. Everyone looks at her expectantly and she agrees with one of the asks – to spend the money upgrading the Break Room which disappoints Jonah. Amy and a few staff are shopping for items for the Break Room and Jonah is trying to make her feel bad for not being selfish. He makes several very unnecessary purchases to get Amy to stop trying to appease everyone. Dressed as a mime, Glenn finds Jonah stocking shelves and performs an act. Jonah tops Glenn's act and when a child who is watching cheers, it angers Glenn.

"Rebranding": During a product rebranding, corporate VP Rex visits the store. As Jonah deals with a customer, Rex recognizes him from their college days. Jonah explains how he ended up working at the store and Rex starts to tell Amy about Jonah in college including his nickname "Iceman". Rex shows a video of Jonah making a business presentation in college which evokes a lot of teasing from Glenn, Amy and Garrett. Rex mentions that Jonah's enrolment is still active and he can go back to school. This brings concern from Amy and Glenn. In Glenn's Office, Jonah is asked by Glenn to sign a new contract which he finds has a 30 year term. Glenn gets frantic when Jonah won't sign even promising to fire others to keep him. Amy dares Jonah to cancel his college enrolment which he says is no big deal. Jonah invites Amy to Glenn's Office to cancel his enrolment but finds it already lapsed so he tries to get it re-activated (he was bluffing that he didn't care). At the end of day, Rex hugs Jonah in the parking lot and says next time he's in town, they'll go for drinks. Having heard about Jonah's enrolment cancellation, Glenn hugs him and says he'll always have a place at the store and then leaps in the air and fist pumps.

"Ladies' Lunch": At customer service, several employees are discussing Amy's situation and Marcus indicates that if Amy's marriage ends, he has "dibs" on her which Jonah protests as offensive. Business at the store is very slow (due to cash only) so Garrett and Jonah starts shooting a muffin wrapped in tape into shopping baskets and carts. Jonah and Garrett develop their "taped muffin" game and hit Mateo with the muffin. The taped muffin game comes to a conclusion with a single jump shot playoff to decide which team will win. The shooters are Jonah and Marcus who tells Jonah that the winner gets Amy. Jonah loses and yells at Marcus that no one gets Amy. Jonah warns Amy that she might hear something about him wanting to "win" her and that it's not the case. When he finds out she is drunk he rebukes her and says she should go home.

"Valentine's Day": Jonah sees an attractive woman (Shannon) who is thinks is a repeat shoplifter and offers to Dina to act as a plainclothes detective in order to catch Shannon in the act. Jonah accidentally flies a drone into Shannon's head and they begin talking. Dina and Garrett watch Jonah becoming increasingly friendly with Shannon until it dawns on Dina that Jonah is hoping to date her. As Jonah and Shannon leave the store for their date, Dina intercepts them pretending to be Jonah's wife. She starts arguing with him and Shannon leaves. Amy and Jonah work late and have fun destroying the Valentines decorations.

"Super Hot Store": As Amy helps a customer in the dressing rooms, Jonah brings in a customer who slipped on yogurt leaking from a pallet that Amy told Marcus to clean up. In the Warehouse, Jonah mediates the dispute between Amy and Marcus. Marcus apologies but calls women sensitive. Things escalate until Amy fires Marcus. Jonah points out both sides made mistakes but when Marcus puts Jonah down, he sides with Amy in firing Marcus. The Warehouse crew walks out to protest Marcus being fired leaving Amy's crew to unload a truck. Jonah reads the manual to unload but no one understands it. Amy is walking backwards carrying a large box with Jonah, slips and flies down a loading roller and hurts her arm. Amy and Jonah sit outside on loading bay. As they talk, both start feeling like themselves again and remember they fired Marcus. Amy and Jonah try to figure out how to get Marcus back when he returns and apologizes, blaming the heat.

"Wellness Fair": At the store's Wellness Fair, Jonah tells Glenn that he wanted to be a doctor and when Glenn says he did too, Jonah's reaction insults Glenn who leaves. Glenn talks to the Nurse Ella and shows his annoyance when Jonah shows up with cups for a juice station Glenn set up. Glenn believes juice is healthy until both Jonah and Ella dissuade him from this belief. Jonah and Ella discuss health films in detail and Glenn feels left out. Glenn is having difficulties with an exercise bike and refuses Jonah's help. Glenn is making Sandra rock a baby doll and then puts it in the garbage to illustrate abortion. Jonah sees this and objects to Glenn forcing his views on Sandra and an argument on abortion breaks out between them. Glenn starts to swoon and complains of dizziness. Jonah sits him down and tries to help him but Glenn refuses. Later, Jonah is upset that Garrett didn't confide that he was having sex with Dina. Outside, Jonah sees Glenn holding a cigarette and makes an apology of sorts to him.

"Integrity Award": At the loading dock, Jonah catches Amy grinding the gears on a Cloud 9 Delivery Truck. He finds out she's using the truck to help her parents move and offers to drive. Jonah and Amy arrive at Amy's parent's house. Jonah is excited to ask embarrassing questions about Amy but she says her parents are at the new house or else she would never have brought him. However, Connie and Ron are home and there's lots of packing left to be done. Jonah is getting way too chummy with Connie so Amy tells Ron that Jonah loves art. Ron has a room filled with portraits he's painted of celebrities. He tells Jonah he can take one which he reluctantly does, then Ron wants $30 for it. Jonah joins Amy in her bedroom which is decorated with many pictures of Scott Wolf. He notices they have a lot in common including being on the debate team and liking theatre. Amy believes the packing will never get done until Jonah says she should just leave it to her parents to do and go. They climb out the window. Now in the delivery truck, a weight has lifted from Amy and she and Jonah are singing as they drive back to work. They arrive back at the store to see it being evacuated. Amy says the staff can handle whatever the problem is and they drive away to have lunch and eat it in the truck and discuss their 90's celebrity crushes.

"Mateo's Last Day": Cheyenne and Jonah are setting up a display while Mateo lords his transfer over them. Jeff gives Mateo his transfer form and asks for his social security card. This is a problem as Mateo is an illegal alien. In the Warehouse, Mateo is lamenting that he is going to be deported to Cheyenne and Jonah. Jonah offers to marry Mateo but he is disgusted by the offer. Jonah and Cheyenne research how Mateo can remain in the country and find he'd qualify for a special visa if he is a violent crime victim. Mateo turns to Jonah for help with getting beat up but Jonah is reluctant. Mateo begs him to and they go outside to the loading docks with Cheyenne in tow. Jonah isn't much of a fighter and has difficulty hitting Mateo in the face. He windmills and asks Mateo to walk into his fists so Mateo gives up on him. Mateo finally starts shoving Jonah but gets carried away and punches Jonah in the jaw. Jonah doesn't hit Mateo back and sits on a loading bay with an ice pack on his jaw. Jonah encourages Mateo to talk to Jeff and work things out. At the store front, Mateo's solution is to break up with Jeff so he doesn't have to transfer. He walks back into the store in tears and Jonah punches him in the face.

"Glenn's Kids": In the Break Room, Glenn has brought his foster children to the store in order to have a family picture taken for his wife Jerusha. T'Oliver won't stop eating Jonah's breakfast. Jonah entertains three kids with a magic trick which Kristen finds adorable. She introduces herself and she and Jonah hit it off. Jonah seeks advice from Amy on dating Kristen. Amy warns him that she is the boss' daughter but Jonah thinks Amy wants to keep him for herself. Jonah asks Glenn if he can date Kristen while Amy and Timur eavesdrop. Glenn says yes even though he doesn't want to. He asks Amy to talk to Kristen to stop her from dating Jonah as he doesn't want to be the bad guy. Amy lies to Kristen about Jonah and later, Jonah confronts Amy about her lie to Kristen. Amy explains that Glenn doesn't want him dating Kristen even though he said yes. Jonah tries to find out Glenn's true feelings about him dating Kristen and tells him the conversation he just had with Amy. Glenn says that Amy is lying and has a crush on Jonah. Jonah gathers Kristen, Amy and Glenn to find out the truth. Glenn and Amy both say the other is lying and argue back and forth until Kristen asks Glenn if he is meddling in her life. Seeing how anguished Glenn is, Amy relents and says she was lying and that she does have a crush on Jonah. At the picture shoot, Jonah tells Amy he knows she was covering for Glenn. Glenn invites Jonah to be part of the photo and whispers to him that if he hurts Kristen, he'll murder him.

"Spring Cleaning": In the Break Room, Glenn announces that they'll be spring cleaning and makes a bad pun which only Jonah laughs at. Jonah is trying to ingratiate himself to Glenn as he is dating his daughter Kristen. Jonah lets slip he saw her that morning and lies that he met her for a very early breakfast. Jonah brings Glenn some coffee and they make their first lunch plans. Glenn and Jonah have lunch at El Norte, a Mexican restaurant. Glenn doesn't know Mexican food so Jonah orders for them. He and Jonah get to know one another but Glenn asks Jonah very odd questions and finds Jonah's more traditional questions strange. Glenn makes Jonah his assistant and indicates they can now hang out all day. Jonah is next seen wearing one of Glenn's ties and getting him coffee in front Amy and Garrett who are teasing him. Jonah realizes that Glenn wants to do everything with him including always going to the bathroom together. In the bathroom, Glenn won't give Jonah any personal space so Jonah can't go. Glenn asks him to a baseball game but Jonah reminds him the staff may get jealous. In the Break Room, Glenn holds a fixed draw for a staff member to go to a baseball game with him which Jonah wins. Garrett suggests they go to the game early and make a day of it. Jonah makes excuses why he can't go and finally blurts out that he doesn't want to hang out with Glenn. Later, Jonah goes to Glenn's Office to return his tie. He finds Eugene is now Glenn's assistant and he receives the tie Jonah returned. Jonah explains that he was just trying to get to know Glenn better so he'd approve of him dating Kristen.

"Cheyenne's Wedding": In the Break Room, Jonah is surprised that Amy is bringing her husband Adam to the wedding given the rocky state of their marriage. Jonah says he’ll be "super caz" around Adam but appears uncomfortable. At the wedding, Adam and Amy are greeted by Jonah who is awkward around Adam and forgets to introduce his girlfriend Kristen. Bo thanks Adam and Jonah for coming to the wedding. Justine interrupts and points out that Amy's real husband and her "work" husband are together. Adam jokingly asks if he should be worried, Jonah's reply is not convincing. The wedding starts and as Kristen comments on Amy's looks, Jonah fakes indifference by saying he only likes tall blondes. He then recovers by including Kristen's body type to his likes. At the dinner, Jonah finds that he and Kristen are at the same table as Amy and Adam. Jonah sits as far away from Amy as he can but doesn't sit next to Kristen. After the toasts, the dancing starts. Jonah is dancing with Kristen and asks if she thinks Amy is OK. Kristen teases him that he is worried about his work wife. Jonah says no and then shocks Kristen by saying they should move in together. Jonah walks outside and finds Amy sitting on a bench alone. He tells her Kristen has taken a break from their relationship and Amy says Adam went home. Jonah turns to walk away and Amy says she thinks her marriage is over. Jonah sits down and says she'll get through this and jokingly describes her negative traits. They laugh and then he gets serious about her positive attributes. He goes bit too far and calls her sexy which surprises Amy. Amy ends the conversation and they go inside to watch the cake cutting.

"Tornado": On a rainy day as the staff are worried about lay-offs, Jonah confesses to Garrett that he told Amy she is sexy at Cheyenne's wedding and is trying to find a way to deal with it. Jonah starts trying to devalue the word "sexy" by using it to describe various people and items. When a tornado warning sounds, Amy and Jonah shelter in the Pharmacy. Jonah babbles to comfort Amy but doesn't do a good job of it. Then, the lights go out. The tornado hits the store and starts tearing it apart. Hiding under a shaking counter, Amy kisses Jonah then, the storm stops. Amy thanks Jonah for comforting her and seems uncomfortable and is interrupted by the arrival of her husband Adam and daughter Emma. Jonah invites Mateo and Marcus for a drink and Marcus is thrilled.

Season Three

I would never do that, I'm an ally!

–Jonah to Kelly, "Sal's Dead".

Season Overview

On the same day, Jonah deals with the fallout of his kiss with Amy during the tornado and being homeless as his apartment building was destroyed. Amy makes light of the kiss when she and Jonah are both dressed as Minions and Garrett reluctantly invites Jonah to live with him. After Brett's memorial, Jonah unsuccessfully tries to find out the cause of Garrett's disability. After Jonah does nothing to stop a robber, Dina challenges him to a fight which ends when Jonah inadvertently becomes sexually excited. On Halloween, Jonah is dressed as the "Disappearing Bee Crisis" and as a result of Amy meddling with a dating app on his phone, he and Kelly pull a prank on Amy and Garrett. Jonah tries to create a health fund for the staff but runs into complexities that mirror the USA's own health care issues. Jonah and Garrett's roommate issues come to a head on Christmas Eve resulting in Jonah leaving for a date with Kelly. Jonah bets Amy that she can't get 100 views of a social media post. He tries to help Amy with her Golden Globes party and helps Kelly fit in with the group. Amy, Dina and Jonah prevent the store from being re-classified as "Quad-A." Jonah has a problem with Kelly believing in angels. Jonah and Amy bond when they venture in the store's tunnels to access the cage where a video game that Amy wants is stored. In the process, Amy finds she has a crush on Jonah. A video of Amy kissing Jonah on the day the tornado hit the store is seen by the staff. Jonah is surprised when Amy admits she had a crush on him and his awkward reaction leads him to apologize to Kelly and they agree to move in together. He gets cold feet about the move but reconciles with Kelly. Amy and Jonah can't prevent Myrtle from being fired at Laurie's insistence. Jonah overcompensates that he is OK with Amy dating Alex. After failing to mention Kelly in his lottery win fantasy, Jonah plans a dinner with Kelly that he forgets as he's at a golf course with Amy. After discovering she's pregnant by Adam, Amy kisses Jonah and tells him. Jonah and Amy fight resulting in Jonah telling Kelly he wants to break up with her after Kelly tells Jonah she loves him. Amy and Jonah have sex in the Photo Lab which is broadcast to Cloud 9 stores all over the world.

"Grand Re-Opening": While stocking shelves, Jonah tells Cheyenne that the tornado destroyed his apartment building and he is living in a FEMA trailer. Garrett rolls by and Cheyenne suggests that Jonah move in with him. Garrett is clearly uncomfortable with the suggestion and makes excuses why Jonah can't move in. Jonah and Amy have an uncomfortable conversation as they are stocking shelves and try to convince themselves that they don't need to talk about their kiss during the tornado. In the bathroom, Garrett rolls in and sees Jonah washing his upper body in the sink. Jonah explains he can't shower in the mornings in the FEMA trailer and looks at Garrett expectantly. Garrett stares back and rolls into a stall. Amy needs help unloading a truck and to avoid Jonah, picks Myrtle instead. Marcus sympathizes and says Jonah can stay at his place. However, his description of what they'd be doing a roommates creeps Jonah out. Dina who has found Minions costumes and she tells Amy and Jonah to pick them up. While picking up the Minion costumes Jonah asks if he and Amy are still friends. She says yes but he wonders why they didn't talk in the car. She admits things are awkward and that she doesn't know how to act around him anymore. Back at the store, Amy and Jonah struggle trying to get into the Minion costumes. Amy and Jonah are greeting customers while wearing the Minion costumes and Amy tells Jonah that she and Adam are getting divorced. Jonah offers to talk but Amy asks if he'd like to have sex. After a pause she says she's kidding.

"Brett Is Dead": After Brett's memorial, Jonah talks to Amy about the service and he starts wondering how Garrett became disabled but Amy doesn't know. Jonah tries to find out about Garrett's past from Myrtle but she starts telling stories from 1987 when she joined the store. Jonah asks Sandra if she knows how Garrett became disabled. As she starts to reply, Garrett interrupts them and asks what they are talking about. Sandra tells a very believable story about Jonah asking questions on BBQing burgers and after Garrett leaves, Jonah tells her she's an incredible liar. In the Break Room as Glenn tries to address Dina's anxiety about the tornado, Jonah tells a traumatizing story of how he found out on college on parent's weekend that his father was having an affair. Jonah points out Garrett hasn't shared but he says he's led a blessed life. Jonah wants Garrett to elaborate but he just says he fell off a horse and fell on his neck but walked away. In the Warehouse, Garrett messes with Jonah by pretending to be sad that he saw a motorcycle that was responsible for his disability (which isn't true). Jonah knows Garrett is messing with him so Garrett explains that he doesn't want to reveal what caused his disability.

"Part-Time Hires": Jonah tries to converse with Emma until Amy orders Emma to clean up the dressing rooms. Emma groans as she leaves which prompts Jonah to warn Amy that if she's tough on Emma, this will make her ex Adam the "good guy". Jonah relates that when his parents divorced, he became closer to his Dad due to his niceness. Amy finds Emma has been spending a lot of time with Adam so she runs to Jonah for advice and agrees she needs to be nicer until Emma likes her better than Adam. After Amy's laxness with Emma causes an accident, Amy tells Jonah she's angry with herself for trying to be friends with Emma and that it's OK for Jonah to be strict with her. Emma shelves items in the wrong area and won't listen to Jonah so he follows Amy's direction and yells at Emma. Glenn interjects, yells at Jonah and tells him to stay away from Emma while she smiles behind Glenn's back. Garrett brings his problem to Jonah (that Dina is telling everyone she broke up with him) who is overly enthusiastic and this results in Garrett turning away. Jonah seeks Garrett out at customer service and apologizes for not being able to help and suggests they plan a roommate movie night over a few beers. Garrett isn't impressed with this plan so over the P.A. system tells everyone it was his idea to break up with Dina and that she's seeing a shrink, which he immediately regrets saying. Jonah retracts his movie night offer and backs away from Garrett.

"Workplace Bullying": Entering the store in the morning, Jonah walks through the employee-only area and finds the door to the Cash Room open and sees a man robbing the safe. The robber isn't hostile and won't put the money back even after Jonah implores him too. He walks past Jonah with a backpack full of money and passes Dina in the hallway. Jonah yells that the man's a robber so Dina chases after and tackles the robber while making a crime-show zinger. She orders Jonah to call the police and chastises the robber while sitting on top of him. A police officer interviews Jonah and Dina and establishes that Jonah made no attempt to stop the robber which disgusts Dina. For safety, "parking lot buddies" are established. Myrtle finds her parking lot buddy is Jonah who she maligns to many staff in front of Jonah. Dina joins in and says Jonah won't do anything if Myrtle is attacked. In the Break Room, Jeff addresses the robbery and after calling Dina to the front, he says "don't do what Dina did". Dina is angered and points out Jonah did nothing which Jeff praises and says is company policy. Later, Jeff compliments Jonah and while Dina eavesdrops, Jonah asks Jeff not to compliment him in front of Dina. Jonah says Dina can be a bit of a bully which prompts Jeff to report her to HR. Jeff again gathers the staff in the Break Room but this time for a talk on bullying. Jonah insists he wasn't bullied and Dina indicates that if she had bullied someone, they would have a broken nose like Justine. Dina shows Jonah her written reprimand which he tries to apologize for. She smashes baby food jars on the floor and tells him to clean it up so, he retracts his apology and says she is a bully. Dina challenges Jonah to a fight while staff gather round and Marcus tries to get a chant of "fight!" going. As they leave store grounds, Garrett points out to Jonah that he's in a no-win situation. Jonah believes he just needs to stand up to Dina and once he does, she'll back down. Outside, the staff gather and Dina circles around Jonah and says that if he is a feminist, he should punch her. Jonah refuses and when Garrett interrupts to film the up-coming battle, Dina blind-sides Jonah and tackles him to the ground. She tries to pin him but complains that his skin is so soft that he is slippery. As she yells at him to fight back she suddenly jumps up and points at his crotch. Jonah has an erection which he tries to hide. Dina stops Jonah in the store and says that she realizes the reason he's been giving her a "hard time" is that he is still attracted to her. She says she needs to be on her own for now (having just broken up with Garrett) but that they could have sex soon and compliments his manhood. Jonah is passive and can't get a word in to contradict her.

"Sal's Dead": On Halloween, after Sal is found dead behind drywall, at Customer Service, Jonah is looking at a dating app on his phone with Garrett. When Jonah finds a woman he's interested in, Amy grabs his phone and starts criticizing the women on the app. Glenn arrives and demands Jonah's help so he leaves his phone with Amy. Jonah and Dina are hanging a sheet over the hole in the drywall where Sal's face can be seen. Amy discovers that Kelly has a profile on the dating app and she accidentally matches her with Jonah. In the Break Room, Kelly sits with Jonah expectantly but is interrupted by Amy. In order to prevent Kelly from connecting with Jonah, Amy tells Kelly to end her lunch and work a cash register. Amy won't give Jonah his phone back and leaves. Kelly sends Jonah a wink on the dating app which Amy sees as she still has Jonah's phone. Amy continues to meddle and by continually responding to Kelly's texts and finally saying that Jonah is very ill. Kelly sees Jonah setting up a display and is concerned for his well-being. She calls him strong and brave much to his puzzlement. Later, Amy and Garrett hear Kelly yelling and find her confronting Jonah. She accuses him of playing mind games with her which Jonah denies. Kelly grabs a knife and threatens Jonah which results in Amy confessing to perpetrating the situation. Jonah asks Kelly to put down the knife which enrages her and she stabs Jonah. Amy and Garrett scream but then realize it's a ruse. In the Break Room, Amy, Jonah and Kelly are laughing and Jonah compliments Kelly's acting skills and leaves. Amy thanks Kelly for being understanding while Kelly thanks Amy for breaking the ice for her with Jonah.

"Health Fund": After Mateo gets an ear infection, Amy makes a collection jar for Mateo and asks Jonah's opinion on the best jar sign. He is disgusted that every time a staff member is sick, they have to scramble to collect money. Amy flippantly says they can't collect money before it's needed as planning isn't the staff's forté. This gives Jonah an idea for a health fund. Jonah proposes to a group of staff that they all contribute $20 monthly for a health fund. Amy makes fun of the proposal but when Kelly offers to pitch money in, the rest of the staff follow. Sandra is overjoyed to get an inhaler from the health fund and hugs Jonah. Jonah gloats over his accomplishment to Amy. Marcus approaches Amy to sign a thank you card for Jonah which results in her seeking out Jonah and mentioning that it was her idea which led to the fund. She denies wanting credit but Jonah announces her contribution on the P.A. system and then tells Amy that the fund is a disaster. Jonah shows Amy that health claims worth $37,000 have been made in the first 4 hours of the plan and they see that certain staff have many health problems. Amy and Jonah meet with the staff who have made many health claims and diplomatically tell them that the fund isn't available to them and return their contributions. Sandra gets upset, won't accept she's out of the plan and tells them to figure out a solution. In the Break Room, Amy and Jonah meet with the staff and announce that they are not ejecting anyone from the fund but are dividing them into two groups based on projected health expenses with Group A paying less than Group B. Time passes and the plan has now turned into an extremely complicated multi-tiered plan which no one is happy with. After Isaac crashes into the glass of a vending machine, Amy and Jonah are seen with him at the Pharmacy where Tate tries to treat Isaac's cuts.

"Christmas Eve": Garrett gives Jonah a gift and Jonah is genuinely touched by the gesture and acknowledges the tension in their relationship since he moved in with Garrett. Jonah finds out the gift is a bath mat and Garrett criticizes Jonah's bathroom habits. Jonah then snidely offers to give Garrett noise-cancelling head phones as a gift so he'll stop banging on the bedroom wall. They trade barbs and the situation is left tense. Garrett and Jonah are again arguing about each other's roommate habits when Kelly interrupts them and asks where the store Santa is. Garrett says he's in the drunk tank and Kelly implores them to fill in as a young boy and his Dad drove an hour to see the store Santa. Garrett dresses as Santa and Jonah is his elf. The young boy sits on Garrett's lap and Jonah uses the opportunity to insult Garrett which results in them trading barbs on their roommate habits again until Kelly stops them by taking a picture. Glenn drags Mateo to see the child on Garrett's lap and improve his Christmas spirit but they witness the end of Garrett and Jonah's argument punctuated with Jonah stomping off and kicking a giant candy cane. In the Stock Room, Kelly comforts a frustrated Jonah. They realize they have a lot in common and bond. Over drinks, Jonah thinks his gift to Garrett should be a night off from each other. Kelly proposes they go to a dive bar she knows and flirts that if they hit it off, he might end up at her place. Jonah and Kelly leave the store laughing as Jonah jokingly warns her that he went to college on a pool scholarship.

"Viral Video": Jonah and Marcus are watching one of Kelly's Instagram videos on Janet's phone. Amy joins in and doesn't understand why they find it funny. Amy lets Jonah know she's discovered he's dating Kelly and that she now gets why he likes her videos. Jonah genuinely likes the videos and bets Amy that she can't make one of her own that gets 100 likes by day end. The loser has to clean out the rat traps. Jonah watches Amy's first attempt at creating a video which he sarcastically calls "riveting". Garrett and Jonah watch five of Amy's videos which are over-the-top. Jonah and Garrett watch Amy's latest video in which she's in the stores' kitchen and derides social media as she's gotten tired of how pointless and self-centered it is. Amy flaunts her video to Jonah and that it got 15,000 views but she didn't realize the rats in the produce behind her. Jonah prepares to clean out the rat traps, having lost the bet to Amy. Amy offers to help but Kelly has already volunteered and she and Jonah begin joking around so Amy leaves in a foul mood.

"Golden Globes Party": In the Break Room, Jonah, Mateo and Garrett are placing bets on what will happen at that evening's Golden Globe Awards. Kelly and Jonah arrive at Amy's house with Kelly feeling that she is over-dressed and isn't accepted by the staff yet. Jonah reassures her but Dina insults Kelly's dress. Amy checks on the BBQ but discovers to her horror that the propane ran out and the meat is raw. She asks for Jonah's help, and he tells Amy to not worry about the food as everyone is there to watch the Golden Globes. In the kitchen, Amy tells Dina and Jonah that she's going to microwave the meat and tries to convince them that the party is going fine. Dina tries to interest everyone in games no one has heard of until Jonah has Kelly explain a game called "Answers". The game is confusing to everyone except Jerry. In the kitchen, Amy, Dina and Jonah scramble to get the food ready. Amy pours BBQ sauce over the microwaved meat to which Dina and Jonah can barely contain their disgust. After Amy admits that the party is a bust and everyone leaves, Jonah comforts Amy at the front door before leaving with Kelly and the gang for a restaurant.

"High Volume Store": As the staff go into a sales frenzy to be re-classified as a "Quad-A" store and get a Pizza Hut, Amy meets Jonah and Dina by the whiteboard thermometer tracking the progress to $80,000. Jonah is suspicious of what will happen to the store if it is re-classified and convinces Amy and Dina to visit the "Quad-A" Cloud 9 Crestwood Store with him to check it out. At the Crestwood store, the associates act suspiciously. In the Break Room at the Crestwood store, the associates are comatose and crying. Amy gathers the staff for a meeting in the Warehouse to convince them not to become a "Quad-A" store and Dina asks Jonah to keep Jeff occupied with his boring stories while they discourage sales. In the Stock Room, Jonah regales Jeff with a story. Jeff wants to get back in the store and to stall him further, Jonah says he thinks Jeff is going through something and he's available to talk. Jonah is surprised when Jeff accepts his offer. Jonah listens to Jeff's woes. Jonah tells Jeff that the store didn't make "Quad-A" which sends Jeff into a tirade as he bought a car with the bonus money he would have received.

"Angels and Mermaids": Kelly asks Jonah which puzzle he'd like to do during their weekend away at a cabin. Garrett is excited that he'll have the apartment to himself as his best friend Randy will be coming over to play video games which makes Jonah jealous. In the Break Room, the staff help Cheyenne with items for a mermaid theme birthday party which prompts Marcus to say he wishes he was a mermaid. The existence and creation of mermaids, unicorns and Bigfoot is discussed but when Jonah mentions angels, he is surprised that Kelly believes in them. Amy and Jonah watch Brandi make Cheyenne shop for Green Day items for the party and Amy expresses her anger towards Brandi. She believes that a mermaid party is objectively better than a Green Day party and walks away in disgust as Jonah says he likes Green Day and that she shouldn't butt in Cheyenne's relationship with her Mom. As they are folding shirts, Jonah clarifies Kelly's belief in angels which offends her. Jonah tells Garrett about Kelly believing in angels but Garrett is more interested in his weekend plans. To convince Jonah of the existence of angels, Kelly recalls a story from her childhood in which she was saved from drowning by one. The staff listens raptly and are moved but Jonah believes the "angel" was a hotel guest. Not believing Kelly in front of the staff results in her calling off their weekend away which concerns Garrett as it will ruin his plans. Jonah again talks to Garrett about his angel problem with Kelly. Garrett forcefully points out Kelly's good points which Jonah accepts over his suspicions that Garrett doesn't want his weekend ruined. Jonah leaves to convince Kelly to go away on the weekend.

"Groundhog Day": Since Dina is relaxing, Glenn asks for a volunteer to be assistant manager for the day. Garrett takes the job when he finds out he can hook up an Xbox in the Surveillance Office and Jonah offers to take over announcements. Jonah tries to announce like Garrett but feels he needs a co-host to riff off of which Kelly is happy to try. Kelly and Jonah banter about tomatoes being on sale. Amy approaches Jonah to ask what rating he thinks she is but leaves when she realizes he and Kelly are happily doing announcements together. In disgust, Amy listens to Kelly and Jonah sing an announcement. Sandra joins Jonah and Kelly on the announcements which has now turned into a talk show. Jonah arrives at the confrontation between Amy, Marcus and Tate. Cheyenne tells Jonah that Amy slept with Tate so Jonah expresses his surprise to Amy. Jonah is shaken by the news of Amy sleeping with Tate and can't get into doing an announcement impersonating Al Pacino that Kelly sets up for him. However, her bad impressions make him laugh and forgetting about Amy, he launches into his own bad impressions.

"Video Game Release": Inside the store, Dina announces the release of a new video game "Barbarians Gate 3" to the staff and asks them to be vigilant so that tramplings are avoided. Amy asks if a game can be set aside for her but Dina says no. Amy still wants the game and asks Dina again if she'll make an exception to the rule that employees can't buy products until their shift is over but Dina refuses. Dina leaves so Jonah encourages Amy to sneak a copy of the game out of the cage. Amy is reluctant but Jonah convinces her. Amy and Jonah are at the cage where the games are stored but can't reach them. They see a small door that leads into the cage and Jonah suggests they find the store plans and figure out how to get into the cage. In Glenn's Office, Amy and Jonah consult the store plans which Jonah reads incorrectly. Amy moves a filing cabinet and finds a small door. Amy and Jonah venture into the bowels of the store and find a ladder. Amy and Jonah are navigating a tunnel when Dina phone calls Amy asking for help control the gamers. Amy lies that she's right near Dina and is busy with a customer and hangs up. Amy and Jonah discover the recall room which is filled with merchandise that is dangerous or offensive. Amy and Jonah play with a lot of the recalled merchandise. As they play a racially offensive board game, Jonah recalls his first day on the job and gets Amy to admit that she's warmed to him over the years. They continue their quest in the tunnels and come upon a small door. They open it hoping it leads to the cage but find it comes out into a dressing room and sidle past Dennis who is trying pants on. The game sold out, Jonah surprises Amy with one that he traded for with a customer. Delighted, she asks Jonah if he'd like to see the game played but he has to meet Kelly. As he walks way, Dina sees how Amy looks at him and asks if she has a crush on Jonah which she admits to.

"Safety Training": Marcus tries to convince Jonah, Garrett and Mateo to invest in human cheese but Mateo is distracted by a customer he likes. Some staff gathers around Mateo as he is icing his wrist. Marcus and Justine both tell Mateo they received a settlement when they were hurt. Mateo doesn't consider himself a good negotiator so Jonah volunteers to help him. In the Break Room, Jeff offers Mateo a $1000 settlement. Jonah negotiates lamely and then says they'll take it. As Jonah and Mateo look through the fine print of the settlement document, they discover that a background check is required which will reveal Mateo's undocumented status so they inform Jeff they are turning down the offer. Jeff approaches Jonah and Mateo and offers a higher settlement figure which he says is the final offer. When they turn him down, he keeps offering higher figures which to his frustration are refused. In Glenn's Office, Jeff's boss is on the phone and Mateo is offered $50,000. When this is refused, Jeff and Mateo argue about their past relationship which embarrasses Jeff in front of his boss. In the Break Room, Dina gathers the staff to show them the video of the sign falling due to Kelly's incompetence. Dina can't figure out how to work the playback and video of when the tornado hit the store is shown including Amy kissing Jonah. The staff gasp in shock, Kelly is stunned and Jonah and Amy are embarrassed.

"Amnesty": In the Break Room, the staff laugh at a video on a loop of Amy and Jonah kissing. Corey kiddingly points out where the condoms are to Amy and Jonah. Amy and Jonah are sick of the constant kidding which is made worse when Justine and Isaac arrive and tease them more. Jonah catches Amy eating her lunch in the Stock Room to avoid staff teasing. He relates that if they join in on the kidding, it'll stop. Sandra interrupts them and teases them with a sexual hand gesture which she gets wrong. Corey teases Amy and Jonah that he can leave them alone with a bed but they go along with the teasing and end up accidentally kissing so Justine runs off to tell everyone. In the Warehouse, Jonah tries to explain the kiss to Kelly. A video created by Sandra of Amy and Jonah's kiss which is a parody of the a-ha "Take On Me" video is shown on the store's TVs which Amy admits is impressive. In the Break Room, Glenn introduces Pastor Craig to deal with the souls of the staff. He finishes his session which Glenn is disappointed with. Glenn recalls various things staff have admitted to which causes Amy to protest that kissing Jonah wasn't adultery and, that she thought they were about to die. Pastor Craig says everyone makes mistakes and looking at Amy and Jonah, that all have lust in their hearts. They deny any lust so he counters that he senses something going on with them. Jonah points out he's dating Kelly and admits he had a crush on Amy years ago. Amy admits she had a crush on Jonah which surprises him. They both awkwardly try to explain the attraction away which no one believes. Jonah apologizes to Kelly and tells her that even if his and Amy's crushes had been at the same time, he'd still be with Kelly. They agree to move in together and hug.

"Target": In the Break Room, Jonah and Kelly are looking on a laptop for a place to move in together but Jonah continually finds fault with all the options. At the store, Jonah and Kelly tape a floor plan of their ideal living room but Jonah insists they need to try it out with furniture. The furniture display now has many items which Jonah finds cramped. Kelly confronts him and asks if he really wants to move in together. He says he does and admits that the situation with Amy was part of the reason for his behaviour. Jonah and Kelly re-affirm their commitment while squishing bread loaves.

"District Manager": Justine, Marcus and Sandra watch Laurie work and make negative comments about her. Amy accuses them of misogyny and Jonah comments that many people think women make better bosses than men. He makes an analogy to Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire which angers Myrtle who challenges Jonah to name movies Rogers was better than Rita Hayworth in. He can't but Marcus does while mixing up the title names. Amy tells Jonah that Myrtle is going to fired and after some questioning, admits its her fault. Amy and Jonah convince Laurie to not fire Myrtle if they can find enough savings to make up Myrtle's salary. In the Warehouse, Amy tries to help Jonah find some cost savings. Amy and Jonah enter the Break Room and tell the staff they need to take the coffee machine in order to save money so that Laurie won't fire Myrtle. This leads numerous staff to posit whether it is sexist to call a woman a bitch who is acting like one. Jonah agrees with Marcus on a point but tells him to stop using the word "bitch". Justine rebukes Jonah when he explains to Cheyenne that no one hosts a holocaust. Amy and Jonah present the savings they've found to Laurie but despite impressing her, Laurie still wants Myrtle fired. Leaving the store, Amy curses about Laurie to Jonah. They see the delivery truck truck on its side and Myrtle shouts it was her best day ever.

"Local Vendors Day": Garrett and Jonah browse vendor's tables but Garrett isn't impressed with any. He sees an artisanal beer table which he pans until he sees the cute proprietor Jess. Jonah teases him that he's interested in Jess which Garrett denies. Jonah accuses Glenn of pressuring the staff to buy his wife Jerusha's items. Garrett has Jonah try one of Jess' samples and he believes it's Bud Light too. Garrett won't admit to caring about Jess despite Jonah teasing him. After learning that Amy is dating Alex, Jonah overcompensates and repeatedly says how great Alex is and he arranges a double date with Kelly, Amy and Alex. In the store, Jonah checks out Alex while Marcus rues spending his savings on creating "boob cheese". Jonah encourages him so Marcus gives him a sample and looks at Jonah expectantly. Jonah feels obliged to take a bite, fakes liking it which turns into surprise when Marcus admits he's grossed out by the cheese.

"Lottery": After Glenn announces that the Missouri Lottery jackpot is the most it has been in 20 years, Jonah says his lottery win dream would be to travel but he doesn't mention bringing Kelly so Marcus claims dibs on her. In the store, Jonah sees Amy in a business suit and discovers she plans on asking Glenn for a raise. Amy is reluctant so Jonah encourages her. While stocking produce, Kelly playfully gives Jonah a hard time for not mentioning her in his lottery fantasy. He tries to explain but this evokes teasing from Kelly. Amy tells Jonah about her failure with Glenn so Jonah encourages Amy to talk to Laurie. In Glenn's Office, Amy calls Laurie to ask for a raise but gets her secretary, Skye. Skye says Laurie isn't available and Jonah accuses her of lying which makes her cry. Jonah plans dinner and watching one of Kelly's favorite TV shows which she cheerfully gets him to admit is making up for not including her in his lottery fantasy. Jonah discovers through Laurie's social media that she's playing golf. Jonah talks Amy into going to the golf course and asking Laurie for a raise. She agrees but insists he come along. At the golf course, Amy and Jonah search for Laurie in a cart with Amy driving very slowly. Jonah talks about his past which included golfing, tennis and skiing. They see Laurie in the distance and creep slowly towards her. At the course, Jonah gives Amy some funny golf segues to asking for a raise. As they pursue Laurie, it takes them down a hill. The cart picks up speed and unable to control it, Amy runs into Laurie. A paramedic arrives and advises Laurie that although nothing appears broken, she should remain prone until help arrives. Against Jonah's advice, Amy asks for a raise from an incredulous Laurie. At a putting green at night, Amy and Jonah drink beer and Jonah kids Amy about her failed raise attempt. Amy misses hitting the ball so Jonah moves closer to instruct her. He holds Amy from behind and misses a call from Kelly on his phone. Kelly leaves a cheerful message for him about their restaurant reservation which Jonah has forgotten. Amy sinks her putt and she and Jonah revel in her victory.

"Gender Reveal": In the Break Room, Glenn and Jerusha show the ultrasound to the staff. In the store, Amy and Jonah watch Glenn and Jerusha and make jokes in an Italian accent about Amy's life is she'd been born a boy. Jeff, now sporting a moustache, surprises Mateo and maintains the ruse with Jonah that he's working for Target. Jeff leaves to shop and Mateo tells Jonah that Jeff is jobless. Jeff continually talks about Target to Jonah which prompts him to ask Jeff to tone down the work talk. Jeff figures out that Jonah knows his ruse and Mateo discusses this with Jonah. Mateo doesn't want to ask Jeff to find a job (as Jeff quit Cloud 9 for Mateo) so Jonah offers to. Jonah finds Jeff talking to Mateo and encourages him to find a job. Jeff wants to find what makes him happy which Mateo supports and so Jonah relents. In private, Mateo is angry at Jonah as Jonah was supposed to be the "bad cop" and insist on Jeff finding a job. In hiking gear, Jeff approaches Jonah and Mateo. Jonah forcefully tells Jeff he needs to stop dreaming and get a job while Mateo play acts supporting Jeff. Mateo continues to tie into Jonah but Jeff stops him and gives in to getting a job. He is so despondent that when Jonah keeps playing "bad cop", Mateo asks him to stop and Jonah relents. In private, Mateo is angry again at Jonah for not playing his role. At the gender reveal party, Jonah and Mateo watch Jeff in a fishing hat talk to Cheyenne and Mateo rues their economic down turn. Amy meets Jonah in the Warehouse cleaning up the trash. Jonah jokingly repeats the Italian accent from earlier but Amy looks deep into his eyes and moves closer. She kisses him and he responds tenderly. Amy pulls back and with tears in her eyes, tells Jonah that she's pregnant.

"Aftermath": In the Warehouse, Jonah tells Amy he doesn't know what to do now that she's told him she's pregnant. He finds out the father is Adam and asks Amy why she kissed him and told him she was pregnant. Amy says she wanted to before everything changes which confuses and angers Jonah who leaves. In the Break Room, Glenn gives morning announcements and puts Amy on the spot when he mentions Mother's Day is coming up. Amy tells everyone she's pregnant. Jonah lies to Kelly that he didn't know. Amy tries to talk to Jonah while he's stocking a shelf but Jonah refuses and walks over to Kelly. Outside at the store front for the group photo, Glenn asks everyone to put their arms around each other and has to force Jonah to hold Amy. Jonah kisses Kelly and they flirt until interrupted by a customer who holds Jonah's hand. At a checkout, Amy again tries to talk to Jonah who doesn't want to discuss their kiss. They are interrupted by Adam who doesn't know Amy is pregnant. Amy wants to talk to Adam later but they are interrupted by Bo who tells Amy he left the baby stuff by her locker and mentions her pregnancy. This shocks Adam who thinks Jonah is the father until Amy says it's his. Jonah is finally able to leave by helping a lost boy. Jonah drapes himself over Kelly's back while she's stocking a shelf and says he wants to meet her parents. In the Break Room, Jonah comments that he and Amy aren't watching the video and he apologizes for reacting poorly to their kiss. Amy says she's had a rough day and doesn't want to discuss it which angers Jonah since Amy has been pressing him all day to do so. Jonah complains that Amy wants to discuss things when she wants. Amy cites the situation she's going through to which Jonah counters that everyone has problems. Amy belittles Jonah's problems to which he counters that Amy loves being the martyr and will give criticism but won't accept it. Amy can't believe her kissing Jonah has prompted such anger while he can't believe he waited two years for her and it wasn't until he was in a relationship and she was pregnant that she kissed him. She wonders why Jonah is still at the store and Jonah challenges her to leave but says she never will. Amy tells Jonah to go to hell and storms off. In the parking lot, Kelly tells Jonah their brunch plans with her parents. Kelly declares her love for Jonah but he tells her that they should break up.

"Town Hall": Garrett recites his rules for dating and living with co-workers to Jonah while they watch Kelly dump Jonah's clothes on the store floor which Brett rummages through. Jonah asks if he can move back in with Garrett. In the Break Room, Laurie goes over the agenda for the town hall and also goes over forbidden topics which Jonah objects to and is burned by Kelly for dumping her. Amy catches Jonah in Glenn's Office looking for Myrtle's employee file. Brett stocks items while wearing a t-shirt from Jonah's bar mitzvah. Amy and Jonah discover that after 30 years with no disciplinary notes in her file, Myrtle was written up many times in the 6 months by Jeff before she was fired. There is tension between them as they both plan to question Jeff. Amy and Jonah talk to Jeff in his car which he's using for ride sharing. He reveals that Cloud 9 came up with a policy to falsely write-up any employee over the age of 70 as a pretext for firing them in order to save money. He offers to help with the situation which Amy takes him up on. In the Warehouse, Amy and Jonah share their discovery with a number of staff. They plan to have Jeff reveal the ageism policy at the town hall and steal Laurie's phone to retrieve an incriminating email on the policy from it. At Coffee & Bakery, Amy distracts Laurie by asking if she's a lesbian while Jonah searches through Laurie's bag for her phone. Amy mentions several prospects for Laurie to which Laurie says nothing until Jonah finds the phone. Amy and Jonah start looking through emails on Laurie's phone. Amy and Jonah find the email on downsizing legacy employees and print it off. Amy and Jonah try to get into the town hall but Laurie won't let them walk in front of the camera. Amy whispers to Jonah they can use the store's tunnels to get into the town hall and they leave. Garrett texts Amy and Jonah to hurry so they start through the store's tunnels. Dina stalls for time until Amy and Jonah arrive and give the email to Jeff. The town hall over, Amy and Jonah bring items including the flower stand with the hidden camera to the Photo Lab and complain about their management's corruptness. Amy can't believe she was naive enough to believe they'd get justice but Jonah thinks things will work out much to Amy's annoyance. Jonah asks Amy about their situation to which Amy suggests a fresh start. They smile at each other in agreement but as Amy turns away, Jonah kisses her passionately. As the Cloud 9 cameras in store are turned off, the camera Garrett hid in the flower stand activates and broadcasts Amy and Jonah undressing and having sex to the Cloud 9 global stores. Staff and customers at the stores stare in amazement while some film it.

Season Four

He's not a psycho. He's just a wuss who's still afraid of his parents.

–Mateo about Jonah, "New Initiative".

Season Overview

Jonah is teased mercilessly by Isaac and Marcus about the sex tape made with Amy. Jonah convinces Amy to enter the store's baby registry which results in a large baby shower and Garrett discovering Jonah and Amy are dating. In order to deflect suspicion they are dating, Amy and Jonah stage several mock arguments. Dressed as "Gerry Mander" for Halloween, Jonah points out a Halloween novelty song to Garrett that drives him crazy. Jonah helps Amy through many difficulties, including Adam not knowing they are in a relationship, as she delivers a baby boy. Garrett and Jonah have difficulty finding a good seasonal employee to hire. Jonah tries to hide that he works at Cloud 9 from his parents Richard and Marilyn. Amy and Jonah attend a Cloud 9 manager's conference where Amy gets carried away trying to fit in with the selfish managers. Jonah tries to help Dina find a suitable new career. Jonah helps Mateo organize an activist group opposing Rodrigo Duterte. Amy, Dina and a reluctant Jonah trick the staff into competing in a regional steps competition with other stores. Glenn steps down as manager but requires help from Jonah and Mateo to deal with money he accidentally embezzled. Jonah causes a series of mishaps at Emma's quinceañera but ultimately saves her from an embarrassing situation. He can't deal with losing the store's "green ambassador" position to Cheyenne, so starts his own environmental action team. Garrett's "Team Yogurt" battles Jonah's "Team Soup" in a scanner duel and Jonah moves in with Amy. Feeling guilty for stopping Sandra from forming a union, Jonah signs up. As Jonah battles with Amy over creating a union, in retaliation for Sandra trying to start one, Cloud 9 Headquarters has ICE visit the store. Jonah and the staff lie that they don't know who Mateo is but he's ultimately arrested.

"Back To School": Returning from suspension, Isaac introduces Noam to Jonah, calls him "J-Bone" and tells Noam to see Jonah for sexual advice. Marcus asks how sex with Amy was and goads Jonah into admitting it was good which results in them dancing lewdly. Amy asks Jonah if the staff are bugging him about the sex tape which he says is happening non-stop. Amy believes she's being discriminated against, is jealous Jonah has a crude nickname and suggests one for herself which she regrets. After a misunderstanding between Amy and Noam, Dina calls a sexual harassment meeting. After it's cleared up that Amy and Noam didn't have sex, Carol asks if it was illegal when Amy forced Jonah to have sex with her but Jonah insists it wasn't forced. Cheyenne and Mateo make Jonah uncomfortable by asking if sex with a pregnant woman was weird. In the parking lot, Jonah meets Amy at her car, kisses her and they make plans to have dinner.

"Baby Shower": In the Stock Room, Amy is planning to take returned baby items until Jonah interrupts and points out she's stealing. They examine a high chair under a black light and finding multiple stains, it dissuades Amy from taking the returned items. Jonah proposes that he sign Amy up for the store's baby shower registry. Amy hates baby showers but when Jonah points out she doesn't have to have one to get 20% off everything on the registry and a free pack of diapers, Amy reluctantly agrees. Cheyenne and Sandra discover Amy is on the baby shower registry and her shower is that day. Angry they weren't invited, they confront her. Jonah tries to explain there is no shower but is cut off. Jonah convinces Amy to have a small shower in the Break Room. At Coffee & Bakery, Jonah orders a cake and is met by Glenn who's heard about the shower. He mentions how much Jerusha would love one and takes Jonah's reply to mean Amy's shower will be for Jerusha too. Glenn starts to plan a full blown shower. At the shower, as Jonah and Garrett comment on the food, Bo congratulates Jonah and believes that Jonah got Amy "double pregnant" since he saw the tape of them having pregnant sex. During the baby shower games, Jonah has a hard time wrapping Amy in toilet paper and and Amy tastes baby food but Jonah discovers it's gone bad. A stripper Bo bought for Cheyenne dances for Jonah which makes him uncomfortable and is some payback for Amy. Garrett asks Jonah how long he and Amy have been dating. Jonah stammers a denial but finally admits it.

"Toxic Work Environment": In the parking lot, Amy and Jonah arrive at work in Amy's car and as they argue who should go in the store first, Dina catches them. As Amy and Jonah wonder if others can tell they are dating, they see Justine eavesdropping so they start mock fighting. Seeing another opportunity to deflect suspicion they are dating, Amy and Jonah argue in Produce in front of Don, Joanna and Roger. In the Warehouse, Amy and Jonah stage a bigger fight, including mock violence, so that Heather, Janet, Gabbie and Ted can hear them, but not see them. Staging another mock fight, Dina intervenes and confronts Jonah over Amy's protests. Glenn gathers the staff for a toxic workplace talk in the Break Room and when he asks what could cause this, Amy and Jonah play up their mock dislike. Glenn has Kelly and Jonah role play as each other to demonstrate empathy. Kelly expresses her desire to leave the store but when Jonah speaks, Dina interrupts and makes an impression of Kelly's high voice. In the store, Jonah apologizes to Kelly for being a bad boyfriend. Frustrated that Glenn won't sign her transfer payments, she makes an impression of him. In order to make Kelly happy, Jonah manipulates Glenn into believing that she is the cause of the troubles with the store's culture. In the parking lot, Amy and Jonah continue mock arguing but once Jonah points out no one can hear them, Amy finds it hard to stop being combative with him.

"Costume Competition": As Glenn announces that a costume competition for a paid vacation day will be held, Jonah asks Sandra what her costume is. Wanting to win the paid day off, Amy changes into a Mario costume which she shows Jonah. He tries to get validation for his intelligent costume which Amy doesn't care about. As Jonah tries to get Garrett interested in his costume, he points out that a Halloween novelty song has been playing over the store's P.A. system constantly. Garrett indicates he's able to block annoying things out and does so to Jonah which offends him. Later, Garrett rebukes Jonah for pointing out the novelty Halloween song which has started to drive him crazy. In the parking lot, Glenn frantically runs around with the cart collector following him. Calling Jonah to witness, he puts the bag with the fob down beside the collector, runs back and forth and is confused when it doesn't follow him. At the store entrance, Jonah brings Glenn his bag with the fob which he forgot in the parking lot. As Glenn walks into the store, the collector follows him inside. As the staff argue about what constitutes a culturally sensitive costume, Jonah can't explain what does and he turns to Janet for help which she declines. At the contest, Jonah takes the votes and talks about gerrymandering. Leaving for the evening, Amy finds out from Jonah that Cheyenne actually won the competition as one of her boobs fell out of her costume. However, Jonah rigged the results so Amy would win, which he points out is ironic given that his costume is gerrymandering.

"Delivery Day": Amy and Dina are in the hospital to deliver their babies, Jonah's brought everything Amy needs and wonders if he should stay or leave. Amy wants him to stay, but not too close. Adam overhears Jonah when on the phone with Amy so she implies that he's one of many from work at the hospital. Amy hasn't told him that she and Jonah are involved. The hospital administrator, Lillian, informs Amy and Jonah that they don't take her insurance. They discover that Dina's is accepted because she's Cloud 9 management. Lillian tells them of a clinic that does accept their insurance. Amy and Jonah arrive at the Sunview clinic which is rundown and over-crowded. Amy's room is dilapidated and her elderly roommate is dead. Amy tries to make the best of her situation but Jonah's had enough and offers to pay to go back to Mercy Vale. When Amy refuses, he shows Amy her dead roommate again which convinces her to leave. Amy is thrilled to be back at Mercy Vale until Lillian visits and asks how they'll pay. They discover the total fees are much greater than they thought which results in them going back to Sunview. Jonah massages Amy while she looks at her dead roommate until the clinic's elderly doctor, Fogler, arrives. Uncomfortable with his age, it's made worse when Dr. Fogler seems forgetful. As Dr. Fogler starts the birthing process with Amy, his question as to Jonah's relationship with her starts them arguing. Amy is still discussing her relationship with Jonah as she's giving birth until Adam arrives. Amy gives birth to a boy and Jonah indicates Adam should cut the umbilical cord. As Amy cradles her baby boy with Adam beside her, Jonah excuses himself and Amy giving him a meaningful look.

"Maternity Leave": A woman, Kimmer, approaches Garrett and Jonah asking for directions to Glenn's Office for an interview for seasonal work. Not wearing any shoes and overly spiritual, as she wanders away they're miffed that Glenn is probably going to hire her. Seeing Kimmer has been hired and is punching a box, Garrett and Jonah manipulate Glenn into allowing them to conduct the interviews for the last seasonal hire position. While preparing for the interviews, Amy walks by and they comment on her disheveled state. The interviews start with Penny who is extremely energetic and demonstrative. She tells them that she has another job offer but turned off by her, they pass. The interviews continue with a man who can't decide where to sit, an unintelligent man, a glib man, a woman with a nose bleed, a vaper, a man with a swastika tattoo and a man with an offensive t-shirt. At Coffee & Bakery, Jonah and Garrett review the bad candidates and regret not hiring Penny. Even though Penny has accepted her other job offer, Garrett and Jonah convince her to work at the store which they say is like a family. They immediately regret hiring Penny as she goofily sings and dances while working, which embarrasses them when Glenn sees her. While doing go-backs, Penny makes train noises which Garrett finds annoying. A young man, Lonnie, asks if he can apply for a position but being all taken, he's turned away. Acting polite and honest, Garrett and Jonah want to hire him, especially as Penny passes by mimicking a robot. Garrett and Jonah fire Penny who has a hard time accepting it and won't let go of her work vest. After Amy screams at Glenn, she tells Jonah and, surprised that he listens patiently without telling her an inspiring story, she teases him and they laugh. Saying that he's never done anything as hard as Amy is doing, she finds it encouraging. In the store, Garrett and Jonah praise Lonnie's work ethic to which he jokes back in a self-deprecating manner. Excusing himself to use the bathroom, Garrett and Jonah congratulate themselves on putting the work in and finding a good employee. However, they then see Lonnie peeing on the floor in the middle of the store.

"New Initiative": Jonah gets in over his head while trying to help a customer with a drill and Glenn tries to convince a customer to buy a printer once she hears that an on-line company has same day delivery. Seeing Amy with the older couple, Jonah panics and tosses his store vest away. Jonah greets them and as Amy is confused how Jonah knows them, the couple, Richard and Marilyn Simms say he's their medical school son. Jonah introduces himself to Amy like he doesn't know her and gives her a pleading look. As Amy teases Jonah by asking how long he's been in medical school, he hustles his parents away. In private, Jonah explains to Amy how he began lying to his parents about being in medical school. Amy decides to take the opportunity to learn Jonah's embarrassing childhood events. With delight, Amy coaxes stories about Jonah from his parents while he tries to defend himself. Glenn catches Amy and Jonah with the Simms and as he starts treating Jonah like an employee, the Simms become confused. As Jonah tries to explain without revealing he works there, he lets slip that the Simms are his parents. As Glenn introduces himself and is about to say Jonah is an employee, Amy yells at Glenn and hits him in the face with a yam. In private, Amy explains Jonah's secret to Glenn. Jonah arrives and further explains that he didn't want to disappoint his parents that he was working at a retail store which concerns Glenn. Amy tries to deflect Glenn's concern by citing the Simms' unreasonable expectations of Jonah. As Jonah leaves the store with his parents, they run into Amy. To show her that their relationship isn't temporary, Jonah admits that he's been working at the store for three years. Marilyn starts to cry and when Richard finds out Jonah doesn't manage the store, he falls to his knees. In Glenn's Office, Glenn tries to fire Jonah, believing he's setting him free to pursue his dreams. Seeing what Glenn is doing, Jonah assures him that he's alright working at the store. At Coffee & Bakery, Jonah explains how his mother misunderstood that he was dating the famous actress. Vowing no more secrets except his relationship with Amy, they then both decide to tell the staff. Amy and Jonah are disappointed in the staff's response to their secret.

"Managers' Conference": Glenn offers tickets to a managers' conference to Amy and Jonah who initially aren't interested until they find out it's in Chicago and they get to stay together in a hotel. Later at the conference check-in, they're denied access as the tickets are non-transferable. Dejected that they can't get into the conference, their former district manager Jeff sees them and says he can get them in. Entering the conference room, Amy and Jonah are surprised at the opulence, food and amenities. Unable to leave the conference since Jeff is hovering at the door, Amy comments that all the managers there are selfish "d-bags" who don't care about their staff. Jonah disagrees and strikes up a conversation with Ted and Kent while affecting a southern accent. Amy is offered a free iPad and realizes that the staff in green shirts are all giving away free items. After getting an expensive coat, she and Jonah start drinking, get more swag and have fun at various booths. Jeff then joins them for a forced fun picture. Having drunk a lot, Amy and Jonah call two managers over to their table and start telling mean jokes about Cloud 9 workers. Amy jokes that a full-time worker could be replaced with two part-time workers to save on benefits. Liking the idea and calling a company lawyer over, Amy realizes she's gone too far and leaves. Amy comments on the low intelligence of the Cloud 9 managers so Jonah suggests that she become one.

"Shadowing Glenn": After Amy asks for Glenn's recommendation for her to enrol in the management training program, Jonah asks Dina why she isn't aspiring to be a manager. Claiming that Jonah humiliated her by questioning why she doesn't want to be a manager, Dina asks for Jonah's help in finding a new career. At Coffee & Bakery, Jonah asks Dina career aptitude questions but she provides obtuse answers. Garrett, Jonah and Justine name several career choices to Dina but she turns down all of them. Out of career choices for Dina, Jonah points out that he spent 200 grand on his education and he still doesn't know what he wants to do. When Dina learns Jonah owes the money in student loans and says he is going more into debt everyday, it depresses him. Jonah interrupts Cheyenne and Mateo's session with Glenn to ask him to lunch to discuss a raise. Unable to keep Glenn in his office, Cheyenne and Mateo follow him into the store where Justine is trying to sell ice pops by suggestively sucking on them. Hearing Cheyenne and Mateo plan their business, Jonah asks to join thinking he might be able to make some money. They confess that they just like to talk about various dreams and never intended to really start a business. They ask Jonah if he'd like to start a band with them but Jonah says he doesn't play an instrument. They have to re-iterate that they just like to make plans they don't intend to follow through on. Jonah agrees to join but after proposing a band name, they kick him out.

"Cloud 9 Academy": In the Break Room, Mateo complains about the difficulties of applying for asylum in the US, while Sayid points out applying to be a refugee is even harder. Looking at the application, Jonah suggests that becoming an outspoken critic of the Philippines president, Rodrigo Duterte, may help Mateo's application. After Mateo shows Jonah some memes he's posted on-line maligning Duterte, Jonah says he'll have to show his opposition in a stronger fashion, such as leading an activist group. Agreeing, Mateo recruits Marcus. Jonah and Mateo hand out flyers for the activist group and recruit Sandra to come to a meeting. At Coffee & Bakery, Jonah and Mateo have a meeting of the activist group which Marcus, Sandra and six customers attend. Suggestions such as a letter-writing campaign and a protest march are discussed. Mateo wants a rally in the parking lot which one of the activists says she can get a TV station to do a news story on. In the parking lot, a news reporter questions Mateo about his opposition to Duterte but scared, he gives neutral answers that Jonah supports. Marcus interrupts and speaking to the camera, identifies Mateo and says that Mateo is going to kill Duterte.

"Steps Challenge": In the Break Room, Glenn hands out SuperCloud Step Trackers and tells the staff that they're in competition with other regional Cloud 9 stores for the most combined steps by week end for a chance to win a visit from the regional VP. Watching a real-time scoreboard that tracks the steps of the competing stores, Amy realizes that a chance to talk to the VP would help with her management aspirations. Jonah tells Isaac that upping his steps per day will increase his lifespan which Isaac doesn't care about and shocks Jonah that he's under 30 years old, even though he looks much older. Seeing they are still in last place on the scoreboard, Jonah suggests that if they trash talk Colleen's store, Bel-Ridge, the backlash might motivate the staff to compete. The staff are gathered at the scoreboard to see messages from Bel-Ridge putting their store down which are actually sent by Amy. Everyone starts moving around the store in a frenzy, cheered on by Amy, Dina and Jonah. Concerned that his steps aren't being counted on his scooter, Jonah tries to give Glenn advice but this results in him going around in circles. Seeing that the store is in fifth place despite all their efforts, Amy and Dina agree that more drastic measures are required to push the staff. The next morning, staff find the store front has been vandalized and spray-painted, seemingly by Bel-Ridge. Jonah realizes that Amy and Dina are behind it but doesn't give them up. In private, Amy and Dina admit to Jonah they were behind the vandalism and dismiss his concerns they are taking things too far. A staff member, Walter, asks Jonah where the Break Room is and heads there followed by several staff with backpacks. As Jonah admits to Dina that he doesn't know who Walter is, they realize the staff are from Bel-Ridge. Running to the Break Room, they are joined by other staff and find it's been totally trashed.

"Blizzard": During a snowstorm, Jonah tries to help Amy convince Glenn to let the staff leave early. Relenting, the staff leave the store but the storm is so bad, Jonah says they should go back inside. As the staff gather in a circle in the store, Dina makes everyone tell how they lost their virginity. Jonah says he lost his to a French exchange student. Seeing Amy and Jonah settling in for the night on a mattress, Glenn is concerned that they aren't married and wedges a long pillow between them. In the morning, Amy and Jonah are greeted by Marcus who is wearing nothing from the waist down. At Coffee & Bakery, bored, Amy asks the most embarrassing way people hurt themselves which Jonah relates that he collapsed at the end of a marathon. Really bored, nerves get frayed and several staff critisize Jonah's mannerisms. Later, Jonah ties into Glenn's story-telling and when a customer, Terry, tries to join in the staff's criticisms of each other, Jonah tells him to shut up. The tension burst, the staff start drinking. Amy and Jonah play mini-golf on an improvised course while Amy playfully tries to goad Jonah into being tired of her.

"Lovebirds": In the Break Room, Garrett reaches through the bird cages with a grabber stick to buy a bag of chips from a vending machine while Jonah watches. Carefully bringing the bag to the front of the cage, Garrett opens the door and while reaching in, the birds escape into the store. Jonah tells Amy that Garrett let the birds out by mistake. Jonah finds Garrett feeling guilty about the bird's escape and is distressed when he learns Jonah told Amy the truth. Amy tries to guilt Garrett into admitting his mistake to Dina. Jonah arrives and Garrett figures out that he told Amy the truth. At Coffee & Bakery, Garrett tells Amy and Jonah what happened at Dina's. As Jonah takes Amy's position that Garrett needs to tell Dina the truth, Amy insists that Garrett should never tell her. Amy leaves and Jonah tells Garrett that they professed their love for each other for the first time.

"Minor Crimes": After Glenn steps down as manager, while helping Glenn clean out his office, Mateo finds a bag with $27,000 in cash. Glenn explains it's unused money from the store's maintenance fund which Jonah makes him realize he accidentally embezzled from Cloud 9. At the Warehouse loading dock, Jonah tries to calm Glenn while Mateo suggests Glenn spend the $27,000 on a coat. Jonah suggests that if they cause enough damage in the store, the cash can be used for it's intended purpose and Glenn won't technically have embezzled it. Mateo brings a shopping cart full of tools into the Warehouse where Jonah encourages Glenn to damage a wall. Glenn, Jonah and Mateo smash items in the Warehouse, dressing rooms and clog a toilet. Glenn tells Jonah and Mateo about the embezzled money that is left and resigns himself to being punished. When Jonah and Mateo suggest more damage that can be done to the store, Glenn rubs a wall affectionately and says no. In the parking lot, Jonah and Mateo console Glenn as he leaves for the day and gets into his car. He then drives his car through the store's entrance way causing huge damage which will use up the rest of the embezzled money.

"Salary": In Amy's office, Jonah unsuccessfully tries to get Amy excited about her promotion. Dina asks Amy for money to upgrade the store security system. Asking for Jonah's opinion, he advises waiting. When Amy accepts his advice, Dina glares at Jonah and sarcastically thanks him. Dina threatens to get Amy to break up with him if he doesn't keep his opinions to himself when she's asking Amy for something. Jonah won't give in and dares her to try and break him and Amy up. Jonah learns that Myrtle has been made her assistant. Dispatching Myrtle to give announcement to Garrett, Amy realizes Myrtle took her contract to Garrett. Dina tries to cause a problem between Amy and Jonah by saying him making less money than Amy is emasculating. Incredulous with Marcus' impoverished lifestyle despite the money he has been making, Jonah is interrupted by an attractive woman, Joelle, who cites an author Jonah likes and then offers to have sex with him. Confronting Dina that she paid Joelle to seduce and record Jonah having sex in order to give the recording to Amy. Jonah finds Amy discouraged over the events of the day. Saying she needs a drink, Jonah points out that she's the boss and they leave for one.

"Easter": In the store, Glenn has difficulty while practising his line with Cheyenne and Jonah for his small part in his church's Passion play. Cheyenne and Jonah get him to tap into something bad he did during his childhood. After Amy spies on the staff using monitors in the Surveillance Office, Amy speaks to Jonah about Mateo lying to her but he's more concerned that the Break Room camera has replaced a smoke detector. He isn't successful getting her to accept that staff always complain about the boss. She asks for details of what else the staff have said about her resulting in Jonah back-tracking. Amy and Jonah listen to the staff make fun of her while Amy takes notes on what she should change about herself. Saying she's going to drive herself nuts, Jonah stops and listens to Garrett compliment his shirt. While making Easter baskets, Jonah tries to get Garrett to compliment his shirt to his face but Garrett is ambivalent. In the Break Room, the staff discuss Amy's behaviour while Jonah nervously looks at the smoke detector and unsuccessfully tries to change the subject. Sayid realizes Jonah isn't comfortable with them making fun of Amy until Cheyenne says that Jonah made fun of her the previous week. The staff mock what Jonah said until he swears at them and Mateo catches Jonah looking at the smoke detector. Jonah pays Garrett several compliments, hoping to get one in return, but is disappointed. Jonah interrupts Garrett helping two customers and yells at him for not paying him a compliment to his face. After shouting several nice things about Garrett, he leaves in a huff. Garrett tells the customers that Jonah is his best friend.

"Quinceañera": Jonah shows Amy various gifts he's bought for Emma's quinceañera and wonders if he should attend. Believing Emma's never accepted him dating Amy and that attending might make the event awkward, Amy convinces him to go. Jonah greets Emma and they are approached by a photographer who mistakes Jonah for Emma's father. Feeling uncomfortable, it's made worse for Jonah when Adam shows up and the photographer compliments his height and looks. Finding Jonah keeping to himself, Amy encourages him to mingle. Calling her parents Ron and Connie Sosa over, Jonah's compliments to them fall flat and he excuses himself to go buy some ice for the party. As the DJ announces Emma's formal entrance, Jonah comes through the presentation arch with bags of ice. Emma bumps into him, he fumbles the bags and one spills open, ruining Emma's special moment. Jonah stammers an apology and leaves. A relative makes a speech on chastity and passes the mic to Jonah whose emphatic refusal to speak makes it sound like he doesn't care about Emma. Amy has to stop him during his long-winded apology. Outside, Amy jokes with Jonah about him leaving but actually, wants him to stay but not be so noticeable. Jonah sits alone at a table until Emma sits beside him and stares into space. As Jonah apologizes, she stops him and confesses that she's high. The DJ clears the dance floor and announces the father-daughter dance. Afraid Adam will discover she's high, Emma refuses to get up until reassured by Jonah. However, walking strangely to Adam, she turns back and Jonah intercedes, saying he'd like to have a dance with her first. Adam, Amy, the DJ and Connie protest, but Jonah refuses to let Emma go. The party over, Jonah apologizes to Amy who reveals that Emma confessed to being high. Thanking Jonah, she says she wants to know right away the next time one of her kids is on drugs.

"Cloud Green": As the store's green ambassador, Jonah reads from a pamphlet which is very outdated. He tries to get Marcus, Cheyenne and Sandra interested in planting trees but once they find out they're not getting paid for it, they decline. Jonah is disappointed to see fake names on a sign-up sheet for Earth Day activities which leads Garrett to kid him that he's the Bono of the store. After Mateo and Sayid complain to Jonah about several green measures he's taken, Jonah gets frustrated and offers to give the green ambassador role up, which Cheyenne accepts. Garrett tricks Jonah into wearing a pair of sunglasses that resemble Bono's while Cheyenne takes Jonah's green ambassador button. Cheyenne starts a "Green Team" meeting while Jonah sits on the sidelines. They critisize Jonah when he points out their scope is too big and they're not really doing anything to help the planet. Watching Cheyenne, Mateo, Marcus and Sayid take pictures to post on social media, Jonah points out they're not doing anything to help the environment. Garrett believes Jonah misses being in charge and compares him to Bono again. Jonah starts his own environmental group up which Marcus dubs the "Green Posse" with Sandra, Ted, Marcus, Earl, Heather, and Roxy. Saying it'll be a "direct action" group, Garrett comes by and guesses Jonah started the group to be in charge. Denying this, Marcus offers to be leader which Jonah quickly shoots down.

"Scanners": After Amy shows the staff scanners that customers can use to pay for items, Cheyenne, Garrett and Jonah are amazed at their range and accuracy in identifying products. In the Warehouse, the staff divide into two teams, "Team Soup" led by Jonah and "Team Yogurt" led by Garrett. Putting a UPC sticker for their team's product on their vest, they plan a duel in the store to see which team can scan the other team "out." Amy tells Jonah she's feeling guilty for Dina taking the blame for the work schedule. Seeing Garrett trying to shoot him with a scanner, Jonah hugs Amy and picks her up, covering his UPC sticker. Garrett unsuccessfully tries to lure Jonah to a department so he can shoot him. As Glenn and Jonah are helping a customer, they hear Cheyenne scream. Running over, she cries she's been bitten on the ankle. Garrett rolls out from behind a display and shoots them both. However, Jonah reveals his UPC sticker is for yogurt, which eliminates a person from Garrett's team. The four argue about which team won. Seeing Jonah sitting outside the store on a bench, Amy sits beside him, exhausted. She informs him that almost all his hours the following week were given to other staff to fulfill Dina's promise. Joking that he'll be evicted, Amy invites him to live with her.

"CLOUD9FAIL": After a defamatory tweet about the store gets the staff more hours from corporate, Jonah proposes he and Amy tweet more in-store problems from fake accounts to get even more hours. Seeing Dina and Justine looking at more tweets, Amy and Jonah fake ignorance of them which Jonah almost blows. After corporate identifies that an employee is sending the tweets, they send Luanne who provides evidence to the staff. While Jonah shifts uncomfortably, Amy tries to get Luanne to back off but she indicates she's not leaving until the identity of the tweeter is found. In private, Jonah tells Amy that if caught, he'll say he acted alone. In Amy's office, Luanne tells Amy and Jonah websites the culprit visited on his phone, which match Jonah's interests. Amy and Jonah both lie that many staff could have done so. Once Sandra is wrongly blamed for the tweets, Jonah tries to take responsibility but the staff's admiration for Sandra supposedly standing up to corporate makes her play the part of the abused worker.

"Sandra's Fight": In the store, Amy and Jonah wonder if Sandra's union stance is just so she can get attention. After being accused of being mean, Garrett seeks solace from Jonah who doesn't given him any. In the Warehouse, Amy asks for Dina and Jonah's help in quietly stopping Sandra from speaking about unionizing which Jonah is uneasy with. Amy asks Jonah to attend the union meeting and ensure it doesn't get out of hand. The union meeting is held in the store after hours where Sandra introduces labor organizer Robin Green. Jonah is negative at the meeting and is accused by Sandra of being anti-union because he's sleeping with Amy. Jonah points out several realities such as retail dying and that the staff have no education. Saying their current conditions are the best most of them will ever get, it puts a damper on everyone's enthusiasm. However, he feels guilty for going against his beliefs. Glenn rues the lost opportunity to Jonah, which makes him more guilty. Amy tells Jonah to give her details of who was most ardent at the union meeting so she can monitor them. Refusing, he accuses her of looking after her own job but immediately apologizes. As Sandra unsuccessfully tries to get Joanna to sign a union card, Jonah completes one and gives it to her.

"Employee Appreciation Day": In the store, Amy announces it's "Employee Appreciation Day" with perks for the staff such as free ice cream and massages. Jonah derides Amy's announcement as an attempt to stop staff from submitting union cards. Amy and Jonah watch the staff get ice cream. Jonah derides the attempts to squash the union while Amy defends her actions. In the Break Room, Amy and Dina show the staff an anti-union video starring MC Cool Cloud. Amy and Jonah argue their positions in front of the staff. Amy points out that unions aren't always the answer but when Jonah reminds her of the lack of maternity leave, she touts she's never having children again, which makes Jonah wonder about their future. When ICE is called to the store, Amy runs into Jonah and says she's done being loyal to corporate. In the Warehouse, Amy gathers a number of staff and asks for ideas to get Mateo out of the store. Jonah suggests they get the staff to call everyone they know to the store and hope that the crowd will allow Mateo to slip out. Amy is concerned to find that Jonah and Kelly still keep in touch. Having reviewed the payroll records, at customer service, Agent Robson tells Amy, Garrett and Jonah they're looking for Mateo. Lying that they don't know him, Robson notices a picture of Mateo on the wall. Amy leaves while Garrett and Jonah still claim ignorance. Outside the store, the staff and customers watch as Mateo is driven away by ICE. As Glenn puzzles what to do, Jonah can't think of anything.



Cynthia is a reporter for Cloud 9's magazine "Stratus" who Jonah had a fling with. She visits the store to write an article but she isn't impressed with Glenn. Jonah is very engaging and has many good ideas that impress Cynthia. Glenn is distressed when Cynthia doesn't remember his name and Cynthia walks off with Jonah. Later in the Stock Room, Cynthia makes advances on Jonah which he reciprocates. Amy catches Jonah in the parking lot getting into Cynthia's car to go to her hotel. ("Magazine Profile")

S01E02-Cynthia and Jonah
You're like a Jewish Kennedy.


Dina shows her attraction to Jonah from the moment she hires him. She continually misinterprets casual encounters as indications that Jonah wants a physically relationship. After learning that the Photo Lab is the most popular place for employees to have sex in the store, Dina prepares a romantic encounter for Jonah in the Lab. ("All-Nighter") Jonah makes the excuse that he can't date his supervisor so Dina asks for a demotion to associate. She forcefully invites Jonah to her house for a date and corners him in a dressing room and kisses him. He plays a refusal explanation he's recorded on his phone. Dina gets over Jonah quickly and rebounds with Marcus. ("Demotion") After the store is robbed, Dina and Jonah wrestle leading Dina to believe Jonah is interested in her. ("Workplace Bullying")

S01E09-Dina and Jonah Bang room
The Bang Room doesn't get used.


Naomi was the first girlfriend Jonah had visit his work at the store. Naomi interrupts Jonah and Amy planning to create their own political pamphlet during the 2016 national elections. She and Jonah met at the farmer's market near his house where she works at the cheese booth. Jonah excuses himself to go help Naomi shop for some towels for her new apartment. Amy seems a bit put off meeting Naomi. ("Election Day") Months later, Jonah says that he and Naomi broke up. ("Ladies' Lunch")

S02E07-Naomi and Jonah
We met at the farmer's market.


Jonah met Kristen when Glenn brought his kids to work to take a family photo. She and Jonah clicked right away and pursued a relationship. Glenn was opposed to them dating since Kristen is in law school and he thinks Jonah will distract her from her studies. After Glenn and Amy meddle in her relationship with Jonah, Kristen settles the matter but Amy cover for Glenn. ("Glenn's Kids") Kristen attends Cheyenne's wedding as Jonah's date. As soon as Amy appears, Jonah is visibly nervous. As Jonah is dancing with Kristen, he asks if she thinks Amy is OK (after Amy gave a bad toast) and he can't take a small joke Kristen makes about Jonah and her. Jonah over compensates by asking Kristen to move in with him. She breaks up with him as she can see he has things to work out with Amy. ("Cheyenne's Wedding")

Yeah, we went to a lot of tent revivals.


See Kelly Relationships.

Amy Dubanowski

See Amy Relationships.


  • He fenced in college. ("Guns, Pills, and Birds")
  • He has no strong feelings for dogs and would rather support hungry children. ("Dog Adoption Day")
  • He has issues with a gambling addiction. ("Seasonal Help")
  • He learned how to drive stick thinking it would impress women. ("Integrity Award")
  • He has two brothers. ("Town Hall")
  • Jonah is part of a Goof in "Christmas Eve". As Kelly comforts Jonah in the Stock Room, Jonah's left arm switches back and forth between resting on two different shelves as the camera cuts between him and Kelly.
  • He's part of another goof Goof in "Delivery Day". At 2:04, as Amy and Jonah are in Mercy Vale hospital, Jonah's visitor's badge is facing the correct way. At 2:13, the badge is backwards and at 2:23 it's back the correct way.


I think it says something about our priorities that we spend so much money on pets when there are literally millions of children without adequate nutrition.Jonah, "Dog Adoption Day".
Jonah the working class savant with a few business school credits. Jonah, where are you going? Together we could solve immigration.Amy, "Health Fund".
If it makes you feel any better, I turned down sex with a hooker for you.Jonah, "Salary".
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