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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Natasha Leggero
First Appearance: "Shoplifter"
Episode Count: 1


I'm not confessing to anything, especially not to two minimum wage morons.
— Julie, "Shoplifter".

S01E05-Julie Dina points
Julie portrayed by Natasha Leggero.
Julie is a visitor to Cloud 9 Store 1217. She is attractive and assertive. She is portrayed by actress Natasha Leggero.

Character History

Season One

At the Beauty counter, Dina is stalking who she thinks is a shoplifter named Julie. Dina sees her put lipstick in her purse and moves in to apprehend her. Dina starts grilling Julie in an enclosed room. She dumps her purse and points out the lipstick which Julie says she brought into the store. Dina then plays the security footage which has been corrupted, much to her anger. About to let Julie go, Dina changes her mind when Julie personally insults her. Dina brings Amy in to act as "bad cop" who then grills Julie. Eventually, security footage is found that shows Julie is innocent. She plans to have Dina fired but Glenn plants a Barney DVD in her purse. She's caught by security and makes a deal with Glenn, that in exchange for not reporting Dina to corporate, Glenn won't press charges on the DVD. She leaves the store in a huff. ("Shoplifter")

S01E05-Julie caught
I'm never setting foot in this dump again!


  • Natasha Leggero made a one time appearance on another NBC show "Community" where she played a stripper named Mysti who was responsible for ruining Shirley's marriage.
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