S03E03-Kelly in Warehouse

Generic nametag Kelly Watson Cloud 9 Superstore logo Sales Associate

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Kelly Stables
First Appearance: "Part-Time Hires"
Nicknames: Tiny fool, Half-pint
Episode Count: 21


You tiny, little fool!
— Amy, "High Volume Store".

Kelly portrayed by Kelly Stables.
Kelly Watson was a sales associate at Cloud 9 Store 1217. She starts working at the store the same day as Amy's daughter Emma. She was born in 1985 and is very positive and bubbly. In the Fall of 2018, she leaves the Ozark Highlands store and transfers to the Fenton store. She is portrayed by actress Kelly Stables.

Character History

Season Three

In the Break Room, Glenn welcomes Amy's daughter Emma as the newest part-time employee. Everyone applauds and exits as Glenn also announces that Kelly has started working at the store. She tries to introduce herself but is ignored. Kelly asks Mateo for advice but he sees Scott and shoos her away so he can flirt with Scott. She then asks Garrett and a passing customer what soft lines are. In the Warehouse, Carol helps Kelly and then tells her creepy plan to steal Jerry away from Sandra which causes Kelly to recoil. Much to her surprise, Glenn congratulates Kelly on a great first day. He then informs her that she won't be paid for the day as she didn't clock in. ("Part-Time Hires")

S03E03-Kelly in Warehouse
Kelly meet Tate's best customer.
On the day the store is robbed, as Jeff gives a talk on what to do during a robbery, a large discussion ensues on what to do if a baby is being stolen and who the baby will grow up to be. Kelly mentions she likes Ellen DeGeneres. Kelly is part of the after-work group that plays trivia which Amy wants to join. As Amy tries to impress the group with her trivia knowledge, Kelly doesn't believe some of Dina's facts. Later during the bullying talk, Kelly mentions that she thinks Hitler was a bully because he didn't get into art school. She also think that someone being left out of social functions is a loser which Amy doesn't like. As Mateo and Cheyenne are leaving and Amy asks what they are doing after work, Kelly interrupts and says she'll see them at trivia which causes Amy to explode. ("Workplace Bullying")

S03E04-Kelly trivial
Let's get trivial!
For Halloween, Kelly is dressed as Miss Petite Missouri and feels sorry for Sal after he is discovered dead (even though she didn't know him). As Jonah is using a dating app on his phone, Amy takes the phone and discovers Kelly on the app. She accidentally matches her with Jonah. Amy tries to get to Kelly's phone and erase the match notification but Kelly finds it. Amy then uses Jonah's phone and pretends to be him. She sends Kelly misleading messages that indicate Jonah isn't available to date now and is ill. Kelly sees Jonah setting up a display and is concerned for his well-being. She calls him strong and brave much to his puzzlement.

S03E05-Kelly on Jonahs phone
Kelly on Jonah's phone.
Amy and Garrett hear Kelly yelling and find her confronting Jonah. She accuses him of playing mind games with her which Jonah denies. Kelly grabs a knife and threatens Jonah which results in Amy confessing to perpetrating the situation. Jonah asks Kelly to put down the knife which enrages her and she stabs Jonah. Amy and Garrett scream but then realize it's a ruse. In the Break Room, Amy, Jonah and Kelly are laughing and Jonah compliments Kelly's acting skills and leaves. Amy thanks Kelly for being understanding while Kelly thanks Amy for breaking the ice for her with Jonah. ("Sal's Dead")

S03E05-Jonah Kelly after stabbing
In the Break Room, Mateo is groaning due to an ear infection. This starts the staff offering home remedies for various illnesses but Kelly says Mateo should go to a doctor. As Jonah proposes starting a health fund to a group of employees, many are doubtful but Kelly is the first to pitch in so the others follow. A number of staff are discussing looking forward to receiving health care and praise Jonah's efforts. After Kelly remarks that Jonah is so smart, Amy mentions that she had a part in the idea. She is at the meeting where Amy and Jonah try to fix the health fund. Kelly is in Group A (who need to pay less) and watches Isaac crash into a vending machine. In the Storm Shelter, Amy and Jonah are hiding from the staff and drinking beer. Kelly joins them which Amy doesn't appear to like. ("Health Fund")

S03E06-Amy Jonah Kelly Storm Shelter
Amy doesn't seem to care for Yahtzee.
As Garrett and Jonah are arguing about their room mate situation, Kelly interrupts them and implores them to accommodate a father and son that drove an hour to see the store Santa. She watches as Santa Garrett and elf Jonah argue in front of the boy and temporarily stops them arguing by taking a picture. They continue fighting and Jonah stomps off. In the Stock Room, Kelly comforts a frustrated Jonah. They realize they have a lot in common and bond. Later in the Stock Room over drinks, Jonah thinks his gift to Garrett should be a night off from each other. Kelly proposes they go to a dive bar she knows and flirts that if they hit it off, he might end up at her place. Jonah and Kelly leave the store laughing as Jonah jokingly warns her that he went to college on a pool scholarship. ("Christmas Eve")

S03E07-Jonah Kelly leave
A one-nighter awaits.
Kelly posts videos on Instagram which everyone except Amy finds cute and funny. Amy and Justine discover a video shows her and Jonah having breakfast at her house and realize they are dating. Kelly wanted their relationship kept a secret so Amy chides her that she shouldn't have posted a video of her and Jonah then. Kelly is excited that Jonah considers them to be in a relationship. Jonah prepares to clean out the rat traps, having lost the bet to Amy. Amy offers to help but Kelly has already volunteered and she and Jonah begin joking around so Amy leaves in a foul mood. ("Viral Video")

S03E08-Kelly-Jonah cleaning
So many talents.
Kelly attends the Golden Globes party at Amy's house but is uneasy as she's over-dressed and doesn't feel accepted by the staff. She tries to bond with Dina, Garrett and Mateo but doesn't know any of the famous commercials they are referring to and ends up alienating herself. Jerusha introduces herself to Kelly, tells her she's dressed like a prostitute and says she's going to make her a squirrel. Jonah has Kelly explain a game called "Answers". The game is confusing to everyone except Jerry. After Amy admits the party is a bust, Kelly mentions that 2 people died at her prom. She is overjoyed when Garrett and Mateo invite her to a restaurant to watch the Golden Globes after parties. ("Golden Globes Party") Kelly tries to sell a TV but can't answer the customer's question. She accepts counterfeit bills while working a cash register which puts the store under a sales figure which would have seen it re-classified to an undesirable rating. Amy hugs Kelly and calls her a tiny, little fool. ("High Volume Store")

S03E09-Dina-Kelly-others-commercial talk
It takes all 3 frogs to say Budweiser?
Kelly asks Jonah what puzzle he'd like to do during a weekend trip they've planned. In the Break Room, as the staff help Cheyenne with items for a mermaid theme birthday party, the existence and creation of mermaids, unicorns and Bigfoot is discussed but when Jonah mentions angels, he is surprised that Kelly believes in them. As they are folding shirts, Jonah clarifies Kelly's belief in angels which offends her. In the Break Room as the staff are classifying various beings as real, mythical or extinct, to convince Jonah of the existence of angels, she recalls a story from her childhood in which she was saved from drowning by one. The staff listens raptly and are moved but Jonah believes the "angel" was a hotel guest. Not believing Kelly in front of the staff results in her calling off their weekend away. Jonah talks to Garrett about his angel problem with Kelly. Garrett forcefully points out Kelly's good points which Jonah accepts over his suspicions that Garrett wants Jonah away for the weekend. ("Angels and Mermaids")

S03E11-Kelly tells story
Kelly can't swim.
Jonah tries to announce like Garrett but feels he needs a co-host to riff off of which Kelly is happy to try. They banter about tomatoes being on sale. In disgust, Amy listens to Kelly and Jonah sing an announcement. Jonah is shaken by the news of Amy sleeping with Tate and can't get into doing an announcement impersonating Al Pacino that Kelly sets up for him. However, her bad impressions make him laugh and forgetting about Amy, he launches into his own bad impressions. ("Groundhog Day")

S03E12-Jonah Kelly Sandra at mics
The Gnome, Tiny Fool and Midwife Show.
In the Break Room during Marcus' cheese presentation, Kelly says she likes grilled cheese and Amy makes a snide comment to her. Dina warns Amy that staff are going to figure our her crush if she keeps being mean to Kelly. As Kelly is rushing to put up decorations, Amy makes friendly advances towards her. Kelly isn't convinced and while they talk, a large hanging sign falls from the ceiling and crashes into a display. Kelly tells Amy she put up the sign and didn't know she needed to use bolts. Amy takes the blame and when another sign falls onto Mateo, Amy and other staff who've had accidents undergo embarrassing safety training by Glenn.

S03E14-Amy Kelly sign falls
Duct tape doesn't hold up signs.
In the Warehouse, Kelly sympathizes with Amy and ponders admitting to her mistake but she's not sincere which bothers Amy. In the Surveillance Office, Amy tells Dina she feels she's overtaking the blame for Kelly's mistake. Amy wants Dina to show the video of Kelly messing up to the staff while she pretends to try and stop Dina. In the Break Room, Dina gathers the staff to show them the video of the sign falling due to Kelly's incompetence. Amy fakes that she doesn't want the video shown. Dina can't figure out how to work the playback and video of when the tornado hit the store is shown including Amy kissing Jonah. The staff gasp in shock, Kelly is stunned and Jonah and Amy are embarrassed. ("Safety Training")

S03E14-Kelly reacts to kiss
Kelly sees Amy kiss Jonah.
In the Break Room, the staff laugh at a video on a loop of Amy and Jonah kissing. Cheyenne asks Kelly if she hates Amy now which she denies. Carol approaches Kelly and tells her she supports her over Amy in any troubles with Jonah. She then offers to do something to Amy's car or her daughter Emma which scares Kelly causing her to back away. After Amy and Jonah accidentally kiss, Jonah tries to explain the situation to Kelly in the Warehouse. When Pastor Craig senses something between Amy and Jonah, Jonah points out he's dating Kelly and admits he had a crush on Amy years ago. Amy says she had a crush on Jonah which surprises him. They both awkwardly try to explain the attraction away which no one believes. Sandra verbalizes the situation which causes Kelly to swear at her. Jonah apologizes to Kelly and tells her that even if his and Amy's crushes had been at the same time, he'd still be with Kelly. They agree to move in together and hug. ("Amnesty")

S03E15-Kelly Jonah move in together
Of course I do!
In the Break Room, Jonah and Kelly are looking on a laptop for a place to move in together but Jonah continually finds fault with all the options which Garrett finds annoying. At the store, Jonah and Kelly tape a floor plan of their ideal living room but Jonah insists they need to try it out with furniture. Earl helps deliver a couch for the furniture display. Jonah sits but complains more furniture is needed. Mateo happens upon Jonah and Kelly setting up the furniture display and when they lie that Glenn asked them to set it up, he thinks Glenn is mad at him because of Jeff. The furniture display now has many items which Jonah finds cramped. Kelly confronts him and asks if he really wants to move in together. He says he does and admits that the situation with Amy was part of the reason for his behaviour. Jonah and Kelly re-affirm their commitment while squishing bread loaves. ("Target")

S03E16-Jonah Kelly floor plan
Can't you imagine it?
At "Local Vendors Day" in the store, Glenn notices Jerusha isn't selling much so he tells several staff at the café including Kelly, they should buy one of her items. He later asks some staff if he's pressured them to buy things. Kelly relates how Glenn made her care for his fish even though she couldn't afford it. She's in the Break Room when Glenn yells at everyone to buy Jerusha's items or he'll fire them. ("Local Vendors Day")

S03E18-Sandra Kelly Justine
I had to take out a loan.

After Glenn announces the Missouri lottery jackpot is the most its been in 20 years, Jonah relates his lottery fantasy which doesn't involved Kelly which she teases him for. Later while stocking produce, Kelly playfully gives Jonah a hard time for not mentioning her in his lottery fantasy. He tries to explain but this evokes more teasing from Kelly. Jonah plans dinner and watching one of Kelly's favorite TV shows which she cheerfully gets him to admit is making up for not including her in his lottery fantasy. At night, Jonah misses a cheerful call from Kelly wondering where he is. Jonah has forgotten their dinner reservation and is at a putting green instructing Amy and drinking beer. ("Lottery")

S03E19-Jonah Kelly produce
So I'm dead in your fantasies?

S03E19-Kelly sad
Do the right thing Jonah.

Kelly watches the ultrasound of the baby Dina is carrying for Glenn and Jerusha. For the gender reveal party, she hands assignments to the staff including having Sandra make a melon baby. Kelly and Sandra ask Garrett for the envelope containing the baby's gender so they can put the correct color of jelly beans in a piñata baby but Garrett can't find the envelope. He compares Kelly to a cartoon mouse. Mateo critisizes Kelly's "fortune teller sleaves" and Dallas eye shadow. She's at the party. ("Gender Reveal")

S03E20-Kelly Sandra baby pinata
Why do you sound like a cartoon mouse?
In the Break Room, Kelly hears Amy is pregnant and asks Jonah if he knew to which he lies that he didn't. Kelly holds Jonah during the group photo and tells Dina she can smile so all her teeth show. Overcompensating for his feelings for Amy, Jonah kisses Kelly and they flirt until interrupted by a customer who holds Jonah's hand. Later, Jonah drapes himself over Kelly's back while she's stocking a shelf and says he wants to meet her parents. Kelly watches the staff video. In the parking lot, Kelly tells Jonah their brunch plans with her parents. Kelly declares her love for Jonah but he tells her that they should break up. ("Aftermath")

S03E21-Kelly breakup
Two people are very confused.
Garrett recites his rules for dating and living with co-workers to Jonah while they watch Kelly dump Jonah's clothes on the store floor which Brett rummages through. Kelly is in the Break Room to hear Laurie announce the store will be hosting the town hall which she attends. As Laurie goes over forbidden topics which Jonah objects to, he is burned by Kelly for dumping her. As they stock a shelf, Carol gives her sympathies to Kelly for Jonah dumping her. Carol suggests several dirty ways to get back at Jonah but turning the tables, Kelly suggests retributions that are much stronger which scares Carol into leaving. She's among the staff that Jeff and Glenn approach after the town hall is over. ("Town Hall")

S03E22-Kelly evil face
Evil Kelly is born.

Season Four

Carol approaches Kelly hoping she's upset Amy and Jonah are back at work but is disappointed to find she is fine with it. She hopes Jeff's surprise is a pizza truck. After Amy has a misunderstanding with Noam, Glenn puts Kelly in charge of a skeleton crew of staff to run the store while everyone else is at a harassment meeting. Kelly doesn't understand the work schedule, and starts to lose the staff and can't control unruly customers. The store closed, she cheers the staff leaving for the evening and enthusiastically reports her success to an uncaring Dina. ("Back To School")

S04E01-Kelly and Carol
That's got to be a real kick in your crotch.
In Glenn's Office, Kelly asks for a transfer to a store closer to her home which alarms Glenn. He offers to force Jonah to be with Kelly again and makes an inane comment about working close to home. Glenn calls together a number of staff and presents Kelly with a made-up award, the Golden Vest, hoping this will motivate her to stay. As Kelly asks Glenn if he's signed her transfer papers, he asks her not to go and points out the love in the store just as Sandra pushes Carol and her cart into a display. Glenn holds a toxic workplace talk and has Kelly and Jonah role play as each other to display empathy. Kelly expresses her desire to leave the store but when Jonah speaks, Dina interrupts and makes an impression of Kelly's high voice. This leads everyone to mimic Kelly's mannerisms.

S04E03-Kelly Glenn's office
Makes me feel really good about myself.

S04E03-Kelly gold jacket
One of Cloud 9's highest honors.

In the store, Jonah apologizes to Kelly for being a bad boyfriend. Frustrated that Glenn won't sign her transfer payments, she makes an impression of him. In order to make Kelly happy, Jonah manipulates Glenn into believing that she is the cause of the troubles with the store's culture. As Kelly happily leaves with a box, Glenn and Mateo say goodbye with Mateo now wearing the Golden Vest. ("Toxic Work Environment")

S04E03-Jonah apologizes to Kelly
I'm a man-baby who won't let anyone leave.

Called to the store by Jonah when ICE agents do an on-site enforcement, Amy is surprised that Kelly and Jonah still keep in touch. In order to fill the store with people to sneak Mateo out, Kelly's brought staff from the Fenton store including Joseph and Kristen. She distracts an ICE agent with beauty pageant stories including a contestant that was attacked by a strangler and a rap she did in Spanish of the Central American countries and their capitals. Kelly's among the crowd of staff and customers who watch ICE drive Mateo away. ("Employee Appreciation Day")

She managed to fight him off.

S04E22-Outside store



A new part-time hire, Kelly shows her attraction to Jonah on Halloween and they play a prank on Amy and Garrett. She admires Jonah for setting up a health fund and joins him and Amy in the Storm Shelter for a beer much to Amy's chagrin. On Christmas Eve, she comforts a frustrated Jonah and they leave for a date at a pool hall. She says if they hit it off, he might end up sleeping at her place. It's revealed they are in a relationship when Kelly posts an Instagram video of them having breakfast at her house. Issues develop when Kelly says she believes in angels.

S03E07-Jonah Kelly leave
Off to the pool hall.
Amy and Jonah's kiss during the tornado is revealed to Kelly and the staff. Jonah and Kelly move in together. Jonah misses a date with Kelly to be with Amy at a golf course. After telling Kelly that he wants to meet her parents, Kelly says she loves Jonah but he wants to break up with her. Kelly tells Carol extreme revenge plans she has for Jonah. When Amy and Jonah return to work after suspension, Kelly is over him. In May 2019, Amy learns that Kelly and Jonah still keep in touch.

S03E08-Jonah Kelly kiss
Deleted scene kiss.



Okay, 'cause you look a little bit like a disgruntled Keebler Elf about to shoot up the tree house.Kelly to Jonah, "Christmas Eve".
Why do you sound like a cartoon mouse?Garrett to Kelly, "Gender Reveal".


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