I like to wake up when my body is ready, you know what I mean?
— Ken, "Workplace Bullying".

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Ken portrayed by Baron Vaughn.
Ken is an employee at Cloud 9 Store 1217. He is a security guard who then becomes a sales associate. He's not very good at either job. He is portrayed by actor Baron Vaughn.

Character History

Season Three

Ken is first seen on the day the store is robbed. He was late for work and should have been there to apprehend the robber. Garrett tells Glenn that he's a terrible guard and should be fired. In Glenn's Office, Glenn tries to fire Ken by saying he'll "have to go" but thinks Glenn just wants him to leave the office. At the store front, Glenn tells Ken he doesn't want him to be a security guard at the store anymore which Ken takes to mean that he'll be a sales associate. Ken is next seen in the Break Room in an associate's vest and gives an example of bullying when Jeff asks the staff for examples. ("Workplace Bullying")

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I think you mean Hermes, not Herpes.


  • Ken is part of a Goof in "Workplace Bullying". As Garrett points out to Glenn that Ken is a terrible security guard, Ken is sitting at a table at Coffee & Bakery. There is no food on the table, then there is a drink cup and food basket, then the cup and food is gone.
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