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Damn, when white people go crazy, they really do it up!
Garrett, "Spokesman Scandal".

Daniel Hertzler, best known as Kyle the Cloud 9 Cloud, was the spokesman for Cloud 9. He is extremely enthusiastic and energetic. He was arrested for murdering and eating 14 people and was replaced as company spokesperson by Kelsey. He is portrayed by Nate Torrence.

Character History

Season Two

Creepy even before he murdered.

Kyle is first seen in various signs when the staff return to work after the strike. ("Back to Work") ("Guns, Pills, and Birds") He's first seen in person as the staff watch one of his commercials in which he says he's going to make it rain savings, will give 15% off all dental products and dances to ♫ 2 Unlimited - Get Ready For This ♫. It's then revealed that the commercial is part of a news report in which the reporter indicates that the FBI claims he killed 14 people, ate the meat off their bones, cut the victims into evenly portioned pieces and preserved their genitals in pickling jars. A later report indicates that a secret dungeon was discovered in his house where he would record himself dismembering his victims, often in his cloud costume. A coffin filled with hair and several small bags of marijuana were also found. ("Spokesman Scandal")



Amy dresses up as Kyle right after the news stories on Kyle's cannibalism on a dare from Jonah. ("Spokesman Scandal") During Halloween, a customer is seen dressed up as Kyle but with blood on his mouth and costume. ("Halloween Theft")

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I'm hungry!

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A customer thinks it's not too soon.

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