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Season: One — Episode: 11
Director: Beth McCarthy-Miller — Writer: Owen Ellickson — Aired: February 22, 2016 — Viewers (millions): 4.68
Summary: Cheyenne has her baby in the store, Glenn gives her paid leave and is fired, the staff walk out in protest.


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This baby is not gonna be born in Cloud 9!
— Amy
Former store assistant manager Dina is ruing her requested demotion to associate with Garrett. Suddenly, pregnant Cheyenne screams that the baby is coming. Amy lowers her to the floor while Mateo runs to get towels. Garrett asks if there is a doctor in the store and then realizes how futile that is given the store's clientele. Pharmacist Tate looks as if he is going to deliver the baby but after asking what medications Cheyenne has taken he walks away. When Amy asks if he's going to do anything more he says he's a pharmacist, not a doctor and delivering a baby would be gross. Glenn offers to deliver the baby and Sandra says she's a midwife but no one hears her. Uptight Lady interrupts Amy with a question on sunscreen and then, the contractions stop.

S01E11-Cheyenne false labor
Braxton Hicks I guess.
The next day in the Break Room, Cheyenne is having difficulty breathing but won't go home as she needs the money. Amy tries to figure out ways Cheyenne can be at home and still get paid until Jonah convinces her they should call corporate and ask about paid maternity leave. They call and employee services says no but when Jonah mentions that other companies with unions do have it, they are immediately transferred to the vice president. He asks them to "step back from the ledge" and when Amy says no one is forming a union or going on strike, that makes things worse and many corporate staff are invited on the call. They are told that someone will be visiting the store first thing in the morning.

Glenns office-S01E11
What's happening?
Steve, a labor relations consultant has a session with the staff the next morning. Steve assures them that Cloud 9 is not anti-union because it has an open door policy and concerns can be brought to corporate anytime. Jonah tries to ask about paid maternity leave but Steve deflects his question and says they are going to have some fun first. With Glenn, he tries to do a role-playing exercise where Glenn is a union organizer trying to get Steve to sign a union card. Glenn is nervous and can't think of another name for himself except "Steve" so the play acting doesn't work out. Steve next recruits Dina to act as the union organizer. Dina is so threatening that Steve is actually scared and calls a break.

S01E11-Steve arms crossed
Corporate cares.
At the end of his presentation, Steve has a whiteboard full of "facts" that are clearly anti-union. Jonah again tries to ask about paid maternity leave to which Steve replies with glib answers and then deflects everyone's attention by pointing out there are more donut holes left and the session ends. In the Break Room, Jonah complains about Steve’s session and gets the staff to air their grievances against Cloud 9. He proposes forming a union but is greeted with shock and apathy. Steve stays in the store to monitor activities while Glenn mutters insults about him to Amy. In the Stock Room, Jonah is showing a sample union card to Amy. They argue about the practicality of forming a union until they realize that Cheyenne is having her baby on the other side of the door.

S01E11-Stock Room Amy and Jonah
Something's happening through the window guys…
Brett is cleaning the floor after Cheyenne has given birth. The staff gather around to see her beautiful daughter, Harmonica. Cheyenne asks Glenn if she can be late for work the next day as she needs the money but he says she should be with the baby. In mock anger, Glenn chastises Cheyenne for disturbing everyone at work and "punishes" Cheyenne with six weeks paid suspension which Steve overhears. In Glenn's office, Amy praises him for helping Cheyenne. Glenn tells her that he's been fired and he is recommending her as his replacement. Amy is incensed, seeks out Jonah and says the staff should walk-out. (♫ The Who – Baba O’Reilly ♫) Word starts to spread until in one mass, the employees swamp Steve at the exit and leave the store.

S01E11-Walk out
I don't need to fight, to prove I'm right.
In the parking lot, Glenn is muttering that he shouldn't have bought a new car as he puts his belongings into the trunk. He looks up and sees all the staff in the lot and smiles. Everyone begins to talk in small groups until Dina climbs onto the bed of a pickup truck with a megaphone. Her talk starts off as a supportive but then she says Cloud 9 will be fine without them, she has demagnitized their key cards and they'll get their final checks in the mail. She indicates that she's now the store manager, wishes them a heavenly day and walks back into the store.

S01E11-Staff in parking lot
Is this going to work?

Running Gags

  • Amy's name tag: This is the first episode in which Amy wear a name tag with her real name.
  • Crazy Customers and music: For all customer interludes and music see Labor (music).
  • Glenn's tie: Realistic clouds.




Have him swing his wiener around a little. Give us a slap on the wrist. A little rap on the knuckles from a big, swinging wiener.Glenn
Amy, you're a leader, and the people here need a leader. Can you do that?Glenn


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